First state court in Germany, the Bavarian Administrative Court, declares 2020 pandemic curfews retroactively unconstitutional. link source

Clergy in France may have sexually abused more than 200 thousand children.
I repeat. 200 hundred thousand.
And they call us conspiracy theorists. source

Some are suggesting that the blackouts were about Starlink coming online. I think they were multi-purpose, involving all the reasons given by Simon Parkes, Romana Didulo, etc. I believe the Earth Alliance did want a dipstick for how something big and public like that would register with the Human population. Also it was a rap on the knuckles to the cabal; a “final warning” that if they persist in blocking and fabricating news, the White Hats have the ability to unleash hell and take them down as easily as a hot knife through butter and there’s nothing they can do. I had a feeling it was temporary and took a “wait and see” attitude so wasn’t surprised to hear FB was back up. source

California MASS>>EXODUS continues}} new California laws cause biggest exit in months \
R. Kelly agrees to [EXPOSE] HOLLYWOOD
Pentagon A.I. confirms vaccines shot killing people
Cargo ships across the World experiencing halt source

SPAIN… All enter Energy crises and sound alarm ⚠️

GERMANY Expected to issue public ⚠️ next week source


Earthquake in South Africa: With a magnitude of 3.2 on the scale, it is not particularly strong, but its depth is all the more interesting: 10 km!
Another earthquake has again occurred near the Sandwich Islands, clearly pointing to DUMBS towards Antarctica.
This topic will always be very topical, because there is much more under the icy continent than they tell us.

Australia will not rest! 3 more earthquakes around Melbourne, ALL with no indication of depth or strength.

This line seems to have been confirmed again! This is exactly the line E3 scanned centres on yesterday, east of Brittany, another was not visible on radar, 20km south of Morlaix. source

Czech Republic – Poland

👉 frequent tremors near Katowice, Poland are common, but this time the depth is 10km ‼️

👉 around Katowice

👉 scanning Czech Republic

👉 Chocen tremor source

Every season is important in God’s eyes. He doesn’t waste any moment. This stretching of faith is not in vain.
The world may be walking in a dark valley but make no mistake:
God is working.
We aren’t alone in our journey.
Not for even one second. source

Your perspective is so important. You can choose to only view the negative of what’s happening in the world and become distressed or you can accept the challenges, put on the armor of God, and believe and fight for a better world. You can choose to see from heavens point of view.
It makes a world of difference. source

NEWS/Quick reads

A US special operations unit and a Marine contingent have been secretly operating in Taiwan to train the army there for at least a year _China’s military has deployed its new J-16D fighter jet designed for electronic warfare to an eastern airbase near Taiwan. – SCMP Erdogan hold talks with Putin on the border crisis in northern Iran, caused by Israel and Azerbaijan, the Russian Navy in the bordering Caspian Sea
_ Israel warns all its embassies around the world for fear of Iran
_Over 40 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed
YDF ambushed a military convoy of 50 vehicles with 14 landmines on the Gangaw-Pale Highway.
_Tensions at the India-China border continue to grow. With China increasing troop build up
_SYRIA – Battlefield Report: Russian Aerospace Forces warplanes launched an air strike on the Basankul village in the west of Idlib
_Serbia forces build along west and south borders, EU worried about Serbias major build up
_Iranian state TV: Revolutionary Guard boats intercepted a US Navy ship
_Russian Forces heading to Belarus border build up continues. Reports of Russian military moving through villages to the west.
_China real imminent threat Taiwan diplomat warns
_WUHAN Global Energy Crisis [SWAN]
Xi Jinping will deliver an important speech this Saturday emphasizing reunification and resolutely opposing external forces’ interference in the Taiwan
Largest MILITARY buildup in the world taking place with over 162 exercises in the past 6 months//) Not reported in the news>> ALL COUNTRIES ON HIGH ALART///
TENSIONS INCREASING<<<civil unrest source

I know for many of us it feels as if the EBS is like Waiting for Godot or waiting for Christ to ride in on a chariot in the clouds, however, we must remember that we are viewing this impending great shift from an individual perspective, or from a linear, rather than a multidimensional point of view.

It could be that there is no EBS employed, or not the one that we are expecting, with all media shut down and 8-10 hours of footage shown on a loop to all. Simply shutting down the Media itself for 10 days would be a world-changing experience for all. Perhaps, that is the only window we need to have a collective unified experience of ourselves as One, which is the gateway to our entry into 5D, or the New Era of Humanity.

Watching the political world seemingly tick along as ever on its corrupt tracks, and the Media, Hollywood and Sporting Worlds still industriously serving up their Bread & Circus, one would think that we were no closer to this meta-historical moment than we were before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President. 

And yet, we also know that there has been a great battle taking place behind the scenes that also persistently peeks its head out from behind the Wizard’s Curtain and whispers to us, or sometimes outright nudges us with a pointy elbow, insisting there is something big, something inevitable that is about to occur, and the signs are everywhere and all around us.

We are about to yank back the curtain on the Wizard of OZ and realize that his control over our perceptions and his power over us has been not only a sham, and not only a petty technological trick, married to the voodoo of occult magick, but it has also been something that we have been developmentally complicit with. In some way, we have both asked for and created it ourselves, and ceded our internal power over to it, as some kind of necessary learning experience that was always going to happen in the schoolroom of Gaia. But no one stays in first grade forever, not even Billy Madison. The time has come to graduate this class. In 2012 the test to move to our next, beautiful grade was put on our desks. 

We all desire this transition moment from Dark to Light to take place for the collective, just like the Patriots of the first American Revolution desired the Freedom proclaimed in their founding documents, inspired by the Creator, to be proven correct and inevitable, even if they had to die for it. Their commitment to that was absolute and true. And thus, it became a reality, against all “logical” odds.

By our Faith we will move mountains.

Revolutionary war Patriot Nathan Hale: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”         

Today, we are not asked to charge into a field of waiting bayonets or to witness musket fire destroy the sanctity of our human body. While some kinetic warfare does yet exist, We the People for the most part have only to express our Truths without fear and stand firm in the Light in this spiritual information war. 

We already have the Armor of God to withstand whatever is left in the demonic realms. The days of black magick are fading fast into the shadowy halls of a misty old haunted house that will soon collapse upon itself and become one with the soil beneath it. source

the guys who are travelling in Germany confirm everything the Germans write about ‼️ 😊
📌 Highway A27 from Bremen towards Hannover the first one had a blue flag on his car source

A major crackdown on a drug gang in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. Twenty properties searched, a huge cannabis plantation discovered, large amounts of cash, six arrests. The investigation is still ongoing.

Police raids on the Austrian Chancellery and the ÖVP headquarters. Three close associates (advisor, media representative, press spokesman) of Chancellor SEBASTIAN KURZ are involved. The party speaks of “fabricated accusations” dating back five years. Evidence has been seized.

👉 While German restaurants went bankrupt by the dozen, Italian ones had a magic trick. Europol’s Financial Crimes Centre (EFECC) tracked down 300 Italian restaurants in Germany that may have manipulated their cash registers through a central server in Italy. So far, 93 searches have been carried out and 23 main perpetrators have been identified.
👉 Drug kingpins caught in southern Austria. About a hundred kilograms of drugs, ten arrest warrants, thirty preliminary proceedings.
Crackdown on a smuggling ring
Bavarian police have busted a smuggling gang in Romania. Eighteen Afghans loaded migrants onto trucks and brought them to Germany for several thousand euros.
👉 A huge raid with thousands of police officers in Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. During a check on the motorway, the officers accidentally stumbled upon a terror-financing network via a sports bag with 300,000 euros. A large-scale raid was carried out today, with 80 searches and ten arrests so far.  source

It is now happening in and around Japan. All the earthquakes there so far have been at much greater depths than the predicted depth of DUMBS!
Today, several occurred right at 10 km depth. And now look where…….😉 source
The US government reportedly brought none other than Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein (†76, discoverer of the theory of relativity) as an expert and Princeton University professor to the crash site – accompanied by his assistant and later doctor of physics and chemistry Shirley Wright (85†). In a 1993 interview, Wright recounted a visit to a secret military base, a UFO wreck, and the living and dead crew members source
South Africa, a hotspot of adre+nocr+ome production and large quantities of DUMBS!
See where the next two earthquakes occurred!
All 3 at a depth of 10 km……
Very interesting what you find around the epicentre in Africa….. Interesting and scary… source

👉 Earthquake in Croatia. Yesterday evening around 22:00 an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred near Split. The epicentre was located north of Split near Krivodol, about 26 km off the coast.
The depth is also indicated here as 10 km!
A tunnel to Rome is more than likely!

👉 There was another fairly strong earthquake in Pakistan tonight. The earthquake has a magnitude of 5.8 on the scale, depth of 10 km !!! source

📌 There is more and more information coming out of Ahrweiler, but it is not verified – I cannot cite any sources and can only pass on what I have observed/read and what I have learned from interviews.
It has been officially reported by many channels that 600 children’s bodies have been found in some of the cellars. People are still talking about it because it was never clarified, it was covered up.
Some of those who found something are said to have had to sign a confidentiality statement and are undergoing psychological treatment because what they found and saw must have been very horrible.
Children’s bodies with inhuman body parts, body parts of both human and non-human species.
The media spoke of 140 dead, the Ahrweilers and their helpers speak of a much higher number of the dead!
Countless stories are now being told about the Ahrweiler and the organization of helpers, both official and unofficial, and they are coming to light more and more frequently. Houses were to be demolished that were not actually demolished. The construction workers said: ‘I opened the door and looked 40 metres into the ground, into a hole!’
The bottom line is: SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!
Yes, we know about the bunkers and columns there, but everything that is happening and has happened is in many ways most strange. There are countless voices and dissenting voices. It is hard to know what to believe, but I am now certain that this is no longer a “story” with body parts of children and non-human individuals.
Who is covering what and how much!
The Ahrweiler Mystery…. I’m going to keep doing this… even though many people are acting like this is a disaster that needs to be fixed, I think there is much more behind it… source

Some news about army movements in Germany
👉 A2 Hannover. The whole column was much longer. At least 30 vehicles. Definitely Dutch, see the national flag.
This morning in Hamburg shortly before Elbtunnel
A whole pack of helicopters! CE-135 around Munich. source

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