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Dr. Albert Schweitzer went in 1913 to French Equatorial Africa to found a hospital and for seventeen years not one cancer patient came into his hospital as Africa was not plagued with cancer but when the western processed foods came in the cancer rate rose to European levels. Thus, the cause of cancer was the carcinogenic diet and not a germ to be killed. Dr. Max Gerson in collaboration with Dr. Schweitzer developed a new diet for the cancer patient that was totally organic and dissolved the cancer in the bodily system. He called it the “Gerson Therapy”. The good doctor called cancer a form of defence mechanism for the toxins from the bad food for the body.  Once the inorganic food was replaced by organic food the cancer would dissolve as soon as the body was no longer exposed to carcinogenic foods.

Here we come to what they call the c0r0navirus today which “germ” has never been isolated so the vaxxination has been developed for a disease that has not been proven to exist. We have presented evidence of this before and can again for any reader. This does not mean people have not become sick. What it means is that they do not know what is causing the disease in the first place and it is charged that this disease is being used for a political reset. What appears to have happened if the statistics are accurate is that the vaxxine appears to merely a symptom suppressant on what will surely be a temporary basis. This is the case with most modern, inorganic medicines. It does not cure a disease but suppresses them appearing to be a cure. A friend of mine developed leukemia of the blood and I asked him what inorganic medicines he was taking and he said a blood thinner for twenty years. I told him that is where your cancer came from and his doctor immediately took him off the blood thinner. He later died from the chemotherapy with my copy of Dr. Gerson’s book by his bed.  

However, in the case of this genetic vaxxine applied to the c0r0navirus today, all previous tests ended in failure on a five year basis and was proved to be highly dangerous. This new genetic vaxxine has not been completely tested as the longest test was about two months so it is purely experimental. That nation states are attempting to coerce their entire populations to be vaxxinated on an ongoing experimental test violates the basic laws that were established at Nuremberg against the actions of Dr. Josef Mengele who was called the angel of death for killing so many patients in experiments that they were coerced or forced to participate in as is happening now.  

Now there are experts who are linking the rollout of 5G, where Wuhan was the first major city in the world to roll out 5G in a total and complete manner, and suggesting that there is here the linkage of 5G to the c0r0navirus as we saw above with nuclear power radiation and cancer.  It is said to have started at Wuhan but the Chinese could not isolate any virus so they did not to this day know what it is.  The following article suggests a most interesting logical progression from the Spanish flu linkage to electricity to the linkage of the c0r0navirus to 5G.



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