America has been Betrayed!

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America Has Been Betrayed!

Anyone paying attention to the mainstream news in the last year can see that the public is being lied to about this pandemic and that the government’s stated objective to “Follow the science” has devolved into “Shut up and do as you’re told!”

Despite several mask studies that have concluded masks don’t work, and the fact that the Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) just published a report last week on March 5, written by doctors and Ph.D. scientists that admitted:

“Face masks do not provide protection against the Wuhan [Corona]virus (C0VID-19) and potentially worsen the infection risk.” So, why are the Biden Administration and Dr. Fauci still pushing mandatory wearing of masks on us?

Joe Biden addressed the nation on March 11 to discuss the C0VID hoax and not only did he not mention the new CDC report, he doubled down on this mask idiocy! Earlier in the week dopey Joe was seen wearing 2 masks, the question he needs to be asked is, why isn’t he following the science?



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