Analysis of Pfizer vaccines used in Slovakia

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In this work, a team of doctors from Detva analysed vaccines from Pfizer used in Slovakia until August 2021.

As physicians, we have not yet encountered so much arrogance towards human life and disregard for God’s laws, as you will see in the present study. In advance, we ask all competent authorities in Slovakia and abroad to carry out such an analysis in their scientific institutes and to inform the public. A classical microscope, a drop of blood and a drop of vaccine are sufficient to assess our work. Unconsumed vaccines are routinely collected in vaccination centres were routinely thrown in the garbage.

Figure 1 shows a smear of vaccine on a slide. At 150x magnification, the vaccine contained only visible beads of vaccine gel and no other particles were visible. It was completely dead fluid. No any potential
Fig. 2 shows a photograph where, 30 min after the addition of 3 drops of saliva and one drop of vaccine, the flakes of graphene oxide. The sample showed almost no further activity.
Fig. 3 The situation starts to change dramatically after mixing a drop of blood and the vaccine. Graphene – its
two-dimensional particles 10s of orders of magnitude sharper than a razor blade – will damage, literally cut the erythrocytes and start extracting the haemoglobin from the red blood cells. There is a gradual massacre of the red blood cells, which stick together – they lose the potential to carry oxygen and form coagulates and clots. They gradually lose activity and largely die. On graphene and its toxic effects, see links below
Fig.4 The picture shows a close-up of one bubble of the vaccination gel, where the destroyed erythrocytes, floating haemoglobin in the centre and the edge of the bubble on the right.
Figs. 5 and 6 In this extracted haemoglobin, something very similar at first sight to the human brain and neurons – a graphene network – starts to form gradually within a few minutes. In the white structures, notice something that looks very much like an egg. These are macrophages – the last line of defence of the organism, gradually growing larger and larger.
Figs. 7 and 8 In this figure we see an increasing spiky structure. It is embedded in the tissue as it grows. These are graphene polyhedra on which spike proteins, i.e. toxic proteins that cause severe poisoning of the body. Their production only starts when the vaccine mRNA enters the human cell. In our experiment, they multiplied in white blood cells.
Fig. 9 This picture was a shock for us. After about 90 minutes, such a parasite started to form in the clear solution. Within about an hour it was completely formed. Its growth potential is enormous. Take a good look at the filaments coming out of the parasite’s body. Their growth rate is enormous. It can be several centimetres per hour. The parasite can suck red blood cells from solution to its structures. These, once attached to the fibres, begin to shrivel and turn into mottled erythrocytes Fig.10
Fig.10 This is a clear sign of parasite action. The parasite literally sucks out the red blood cells. Note the blood cells without blood dye. Haemoglobin has been stored in the body of the parasite. That’s where it gets through those fibres. This parasite is artificially created from graphene.

Graphene crystal – a polyhedron behaves similarly to ferritin. It can bind several billions of iron atoms, which make the crystal also e.g. electromagnetically sensitive. In part of the fabricated spike proteins coexisting on graphene sheets become magneto-proteins, which contain ferritin, which contains about 5,000 iron atoms. The spike magneto proteins travel throughout the body and, for example in the brain, they can control nerve cells and processes in the brain. (see studies in links)

In the microscope, it is beautiful to see how the parasite sucks red blood cells from the solution, sucks them out and how quickly those growths grow. It’s important to remember that we’ve been observing all this on a slide. These processes must occur orders of magnitude faster under optimal conditions than on a slide with limited space, dead red blood cells and low temperature. in an active state. It is formed only in the body within a few tens of minutes on the basis of the introduced information from the vaccine.

Fig. 11 A beautiful picture of the parasite after warming up – after the haemoglobin has been washed away and the dead red blood cells have been removed.
Fig. 12 After the application of ivermectin, the vast majority of structures disintegrated.

Conclusion – Summary. This whole vaccine is designed to totally dominate and destroy our civilization. With the fascist Law of Economic Mobilization, the Satanists want to rob the weakened and frightened citizens of their property. The Satanists desire to deprive the people of everything. Mayors and mayors are warned not to allow themselves to be used for such a satanic orgy. As physicians, we have not yet encountered in our practice such arrogance of power, disregard for human life, and an agent designed against humanity, such as the covid vaccine.

We call on the competent to immediately publish the pathological findings of citizens who died after vaccination for covid. The worst findings are in those who previously had antibodies to covid. Our pathologists say that they have never encountered such crap before. The way the organs of these deceased are disfigured is horrible…

Since no one has officially signed the study do not take this article as fact! Thank you for your understanding


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