Ascension today on the stairs to heaven

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Humanity has been misled to worship God through religion, through modification and translations of scripture by rulers used as a distraction to blind your eyes from the Truth about Christ.

The Christ is the divine essence available in every human being.
A consciousness of the highest frequency.
The Christ consciousness you were part of before you came here and you still are a part of it while you are here.
It is the light that shines through you.
The breath of life that flows through you is the expression of who you are.

The Christ consciousness is activated in the process of healing, the transformation of the Ego self ( Mind-Body) and alignment with the higher Self (Spirit).
That is where Christ is born, to rises up along the 33 vertebrae of your spine.
This is ascension.
The 33 vertebrae represent the double helix string of DNA 🧬 .
The stairs of Jacob.

This is the awakening that upgrades the human body into the full divine operation as God has created it.

All humans should come to understand how to achieve this ascension on the stairs into heaven.
Heaven is a state of being.
Your divine blueprint and birthright.

When the Mind and the Heart are connected, you are Aligned with your Higher Self and the DNA 2 strands 🧬 are not separated but whole: they form the stairs to heaven.
Stairs to ascend upon your divine unique soul path in this life.
Heaven is a place, dimension, experience on earth.

When the Mind and the Heart are separated the ascension process stagnates.
The DNA 🧬 strands are separated, unholy, broken.
You remain stuck in the lower 3D vibrations of Fear, Shame and Guilt programmed to believe you are unworthy.
This has been going on for centuries, generation after generation.
The Elite have used evil ways to keep the DNA strands of humanity separated and stuck in low vibrations.
Via; religion fear mind programming, ley line hacks, MK ultra frequencies, food manipulation (sugar, chemicals, hormones etc.), chemtrails, big pharma, tech manipulation and control, fluoride programs, etc. etc. etc.

When you start to break free from the individual, tribal and collective Mind programming, start healing and learn how to Master your Mind, Body and Spirit.
You repair the chakras from the blocks that allow the divine flow of God to move through you freely.

You heal your DNA mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You become, not only existing linear in 3D on a mental and physical level, but you become your Quantum conscious highest Self connected to all there is.

When the Christ is activated to meet the Father, in the pineal gland, you enter into the kingdom of heaven, when you balance your masculine and feminine polarities and you start to live in gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, service to others, will power.

Jesus was a highly evolved soul, like many others that are here now, that activated his Christ.

The personification of a Divine Principle like the Christ is used to manipulate consciousness so you believe you can never be like him.
Religion taught you he is the son of God and you are born in sin.
That is how the programming and the evil curse humanity has been the victim of works.

False concepts of a judging ruling God outside of you and portals of hell and mortality were programmed into your ancestor’s survival mind.
Concepts that have caused humanity to suffer in unnecessary fear, shame and guilt
projected onto you and your family via the family energy lines that connect you to your ancestors.

Concepts that have changed our perception of who we are as a human and the universe we live in.
Concepts that became federalised and industrialised by changing natural law to maritime law enslaving the human further and further under the cooperations of religion, kingdoms and governments.

Concepts that were programmed with words of warning, judgement and condemnation.
Negative dark spells programmed into the minds of men that work like curses. A curse is an energy with a negative intention that forms a block in the divine creative flow of energy.

Generational curses are what has caused the ascension loop humanity has been held hostage in.

Now is the time to reverse this manipulation.
You are not born in sin.
You are the Son of God.
You can activate the Christ.

Activate your light by transmuting your thought, feelings and behaviours from dark to Light.
Purify your Mind and Body.
Heal your wounds.
Accept your life lessons.
Ascend on the stairs of your path of Life.
Reach for the Light.

Have a beautiful ascension day and remember who you and I truly are.
In your connection to your Source, you experience God in your Light.
Breathe it in.
And breathe it out in the expression of who you are.
In our connection of light with each other we create a web of Light.
The Christ Consciousness of Heaven.
We are the Light.

Sending love into this world



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