Gene Decode and Nicholas Veniamin: President Trump’s Positive Words and our Prayers Create the Beautiful New

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Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Enclose a transcript from another thrilling Gene Decode and Nicholas Veniamin video recorded 3-1-21. 

The essential theme is that we are constantly creating a magnificent future with positive words, actions, prayers and deeds.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a MILLION TRILLION times from every Master I’ve ever studied, and read it in every Book of Wisdom I’ve ever even glanced at. This single fact has been EVERYWHERE around me for the last 40 years: THOUGHTS CREATE.

Gene Decode drives this point home from both a Physics standpoint and a Spiritual one.

I also include a brief Charlie Ward video where he lets us know that “vac/cine” is code for “RV.” OMG, so exciting.

The bulk of this transcript is a discussion on how President Trump uplifts and inspires and helps us create a beautiful future with his positive words. Gene goes into a riveting analysis of how the words we speak [as well as the thoughts we think] CREATE.

As well, Gene outlines the ongoing miraculous global Military operations by the White Hat Alliance. Lord. Rescuing the children, clearing out the D.U.M.B.s., blowing them up, taking out ca_bal space craft filed with de*ep state demons trying to escape the planet and trying to run the Earth Alliance blockade. They can’t.All the subject threads of this transcript conclude, as every discussion with anyone on this trudge to Freedom concludes, with God. It’s up to God. All of it. As Q put it—Biblical. There’s really no other way to see these moments we are living. 

Know that we are on the brink of everything wondrous. Charlie Ward, Nicholas Veniamin and Gene Decode are all extremely optimistic and filled with Faith. The Best Is Yet To come.

I don’t know how the Genius 6D+ Q-Plan is going to play out, what the order of things is, revelations and then NESARA? Or the RV/GCR while disclosure is happening?Edge of my seat.

One of my favorite people in all Time is Dame Julian of Norwich. She was a 14th Century Anchoress, which is even more isolated than a nun. She was literally walled up in a few rooms in the Norwich Cathedral in England. She had a small garden and a cat. She’d dispense Spiritual counsel through a tiny window that had a curtain, lest anyone gaze upon her face. 

What is remarkable about Julian, and why she is remembered with abiding love by countless, is that she had a Conversation With God that lasted 20 hours. Julian called them “showings” instead of hours. Paramahansa Yogananda would call what she experienced a “Samadhi” meditation. 



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