Gene Decode and Nicholas Veniamin – Strategic Defence Initiative, Nuremberg code etc.

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N: Let’s start perhaps with SDI = Strategic Defence Initiative.

G: The Strategic Defence Initiative was proposed by US President Ronald Reagan on 23 March 1983. In the middle of his second presidential term. Its aim was to create a system to protect the United States from attacks by strategic nuclear weapons, especially ballistic missiles. Previously it was lasers, currently, it is particle-based. Occasionally a laser that bounces off a satellite is still used, but that’s for targeting. You’ll see a red light and then it fires. Particle beams are currently being used. If you remember the fires in Paradise, even the houses with the stone fireplaces were literally vaporized. People also leave plastic trash cans next to the house, these are sometimes only a few feet from the fire site and these weren’t even just melted? Here you can see how precise and accurate these beams are. They only destroy what they target. They might even target an individual and destroy them.

The next thing I want to talk about if there was a nuclear attack. A minute after launch they can identify the fuel in the warhead, not only do they know it, they can identify its signature, where it was mined and where it was refined. If it’s Russia, they’ll know at which refinery in Russia. This is because each one has a certain number of elements that are unique to that particular mine and that particular refinery. They have a nuclear signature for every warhead on the entire Earth! If they wanted to make it look like the US fired a missile, they could do it. They can fake Korea, Britain, Russia. It’s identifiable even through the era, the year of refinement. They have very precise identification technology that can track other missiles and smaller weapons that could be carried in shipping containers, for example. They can track them. They can track a nuclear signature 8 miles underground. They have tracking systems that can “see” through all layers of the earth. They can find gold, caves, if there were people there they would tell how many there are, all the statistics on those people. Is it a human, a reptilian? They can track it. They have this ancient technology. When Star Trek came out and we saw the tech that they used there? They already had this technology before this show came out. That’s why it was shown there. This technology has been around for a long time.

Supersonic and hypersonic weapons can have tactical warheads that Russia, the US, NK own. They are such accurate warheads that they can fly through London and avoid the doubledecker and continue in the direction of the target. They have a parabolic radar system that navigates them. They are incredibly fast that’s why you have to have interceptor missiles which have to be faster. SDI had to be created, had to upgrade their equipment to be able to counter that. I can’t talk about that in-depth or about any other reasons for the existence of SDI and what they do, because I have a non-disclosure agreement on that. However, I do want to point out that it is not about missiles in space or anything like what has been implied. The missiles that the US, Russia and NK have can’t fly there.

N: Right. So, I remember you also wanted to show us a video of DJT and JFK Jr. So, if you could show that now and explain to us what’s going on.

G: So, this video was captured on Simon Parkes’ site, so the credit goes to him. He really gives a lot of great information, he’s a great guy. Thank you Simon.
N: Thank you Simon!

G: So it’s a video from 14.07. You see a lot of vehicles, armoured vehicles, you see an SUV in there that’s called “the Beast” that Trump is driving around in. You also see an ambulance that always rides with him, just in case. And now you see a lot of people coming out of the White House. First the security team, reporters who will show their footage when they can. Regular patrols, behind them Trump and his vice president. I’ll leave everybody guessing as to who that is. You saw two cars drive by, they have U.S. flags out front. When all these vehicles leave, think about how many vehicles you would normally see in front of BD and how many you see there now. You don’t see what you would normally see. Most of the parking lot is actually empty and there aren’t many people there.

N: I was expecting to see Trump and Kennedy! G: You saw, you just weren’t paying attention. N: No, I really didn’t realize. (Laughter) Okay, let’s move on to Nuremberg and vaccines.

G: For all those who think it’s compulsory and you have to have it. A mandate is not a law. A law would violate the Nuremberg Code because all the countries that signed the UN Charter are signatories there. They are part of the UN and therefore have approved the Nuremberg Code. And the Nuremberg Code states:

The judgment of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal has set out 10 standards that doctors must follow when conducting experiments on human subjects in a new code that is now recognized worldwide. Among other requirements, this document states the requirement for the voluntary informed consent of the human subject. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the individual’s right to control his or her own body.

They have to tell you everything that is in something they want to put in your body. That is not happening now. It goes on to say:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned should have the legal capacity to consent; should be in a position to be able to make a free decision without the interference of any element of force, fraud, deception, coercion, duress, or another hidden form of duress or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the elements of the subject matter in question,
to make an intelligible and informed decision.

When it says “should have the legal capacity ” in the legal sense it means must have legal capacity. You can’t give that to someone who is not mentally competent. Further, “capable of making a free decision” means it cannot be required by the mandate. They can’t ask you if you gave it to yourself, they can’t actually ask you. You say because of the sensitivity of this information (a person’s privacy, a medical record) you don’t have the right to ask me this and I don’t have to tell you. You are breaking the law by doing so. They can’t force you to get vaccinated with anything. They can’t say you can’t go somewhere, you can’t be somewhere.

Further: the experiment should be such that it produces fruitful results for the good of society. Fruitful results! Not making the situation worse. The experiment should be designed to be based on the results of animal experiments. When they found that animals couldn’t survive it, they stopped researching it on them and went straight to humans. That’s not how it works. None of the rules they are supposed to follow is NOT happening! Every single one of those points is being violated.

The experiment should be conducted in such a way as to avoid all unnecessary physical and psychological suffering and injury.
No experiment should be conducted if there is a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will result; except perhaps in those experiments in which the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment
– again, not at all the case here. Look at the survival rate of this Sars-Cov virus vs what they are handing people. The results are rapidly worse than what this thing is supposed to protect against.

During the course of an experiment, a subject should be able to terminate the experiment if they reach a physical or mental state where continuing the experiment seems impossible – does it look like we have that option? I don’t think so. It also states that: During an experiment, a responsible scientist must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage if he has probable cause to believe that, in the exercise of the good faith, highest skill and careful judgment required that the continuation of the experiment would result in harm to the health or death of the subject. We are already far beyond that. It is clear that the situation violates each of these points of the Code. What you can do is to issue a legal notice to anyone who would require you to vaccinate them, of a violation of the Nuremberg Code. You are thereby declaring your right to refuse the “gene therapy” that is these vaccines. You can file a criminal complaint.

Don’t get the jab. It’s the mark of the beast, it’s like a little computer waiting to receive a single negative bit to turn on. This bit feeds it a combination of 4 binary numbers = 0110, which when converted gives 666. Why do I say there are three sixes? Let’s look at an example of a bar code. The first part is the manufacturer, the second is the product code. See how they are separated? There are two wider lines at the beginning, middle and end of each code. Each pair of lines represents the number 6, so three pairs of lines represent the number 666. It’s the same with vaccines. Each has its own ‘bar code’. I’ll show a video.

Gene continues: she has a scanner in her hand which, thanks to the chip, the workings of which I have already explained, can identify the dog. It can have all sorts of information on there, even the owner’s phone number. Now they give you free doughnuts and beer to get chipped. Look at what such a scanner looks like today. It shows how the scanner works only on the arm where she recently had the vaccine injected. It shows a number. In two weeks she’ll be able to scan it anywhere on her body and it will have that number there. This nanotechnology, the nano dust, will spread all over the body. Hackers who have gotten onto the dark web have even seen that it can be seen on brain scans of people who have had the vaccine. They were even able to read their vital signs, what stage of sleep they were in. It records everything, it creates a virtual version of a person on the internet. Once this self is created, it turns against you and starts feeding you thoughts and emotions. We have to stop this on the basis of the Nuremberg Code. It must not be legalised, we must say enough is enough.

N: A lot of people are saying that this is actually just like, the White Hats won and it’s just to wake people up.

G: Absolutely, it’s to wake them up and say stop. We’re already seeing it somewhere, we’re seeing people waking up. But a lot of times there are paid people who are trying to show the protests as something they’re not. To denigrate the whole idea. But we can see that there is quite a lot going on. As far as Cuba is concerned, there are protests against communism. There are a lot of people who are waking up to different causes and helping to wake up the whole world. If we all come together, we can stop this.


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