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Many of you live the expectation beyond measure with reference to the planetary transition, everything you feel is absolutely normal. Support this channel objective. Keep the channel on youtube. Thanks for the support, patriots. God bless you all. On the 31st of May 2021, training for the fifth dimension, many of you live the expectation beyond measure with reference to the planetary transition, everything you feel is absolutely normal. There is nothing wrong with you or with others, even if each one supports each other in a different way. Everything is perfectly in the divine plans. No two souls on the entire planet are exactly alike.

That is in the same vibration, in the same experiences, in the same understanding, with the same interpretation of the same fact.

Finally, with the same contiance throughout the successive incarnations, each one obtained and absorbed knowledge according to their needs and within the lessons, they set out to experience. What matters is that each one has made it this far. Each brings in his soul luggage what he created, sewed and produced. Each one crossed swamps, rivers and mountains according to the direction they gave to the long hike, even though at some point you have travelled stretches where others have also passed. In reality, there are not two souls who have taken exactly the same steps or who have followed the same path. Each went through trials and atonement according to their choices. Each wrote his story in the great book of life. All of this is recorded in the central library in the central sun of the Pleiades. The individual and also collective memories of all humanity on earth are archived there for eternity. The experience that every soul has acquired here on this planet in the confines of the galaxy is unmatched anywhere else in the infinite universes. The earth was considered one of the most difficult schools of all in divine creation. It was not enough to be one of the most distant points of the Source where the spirit feels really disconnected, abandoned, without a memory of who he is submitted to the veil of forgetfulness, feeling cast into his own luck, experiencing the hard life and duality. He was still under the yoke of the dark forces that captured the earth and enslaved it for the past 350 000 years.

Yes, beloved. You have been through it all. It doesn’t matter what lessons you faced or lost, but they were exactly the ones you needed. It was these difficult tests that made you a winner. Don’t want to make comparisons between yourself and others. As has been said here before, each one followed the paths appropriate to the purposes of his soul. Your experience at this point away from the source will now be added to your higher soul version. This is your eyes. As for the experiences of others, each one will also have their version updated individually. But among the collective, we all promote the rise of humanity. The earth as a home is rising to a world of regeneration, leaving behind the condition of the primitive world, still of atonement and trials. You are also making your ascend, leaving behind a long road of great tribulations. The pain and suffering you experience will give you the most coveted title among all the categories that the souls of the entire omniverse aspire to. Only the most courageous are determined to such an experience, and you are one of them. Rejoice. The time of the end of tribulations is coming to an end. Yes, we know that not everyone is ready to pass this school of souls but you who are following the unfolding of the final events of the old evolutionary cycle of the Earth have achieved the status of approved. You will be able to share your experiences with other brothers across the galaxy.

With this, you can help other humanities and experiences in the third dimension because you know all the paths of ascension very well. It’s time to go home. You are covering the last kilometres of this incredible hike that has lasted hundreds of thousands of years. It is not the time to give up or give in to discouragement. Now is not the time to compare your walk with that of other people. It is not the time to judge the choices made by the other spirits who also came here to learn. All those who have earned the right to return home carry with them the learning that is consistent with what they sought here, even if it is not the same as your luggage. It also carries the necessary complement for the integration that your soul needs. Do not criticize those who will not pass this final course. They already suffer too much from having failed at this stage. Even if you have other opportunities in other third dimensional worlds, it is always painful to feel disapproved. They need much more consolation than criticism. Have compassion. This will elevate you even more in the concept of divine laws. As each one approaches the tape at the end of the route, the landscape begins to change. Get ready for this new panorama because what was until now will cease to exist. The old portal closes and a new portal opens, showing something that, before even the most fertile imagination could not envision. The new Earth will open up to you soon. You’re ready.

Even if you don’t know, it may even seem a little confusing so there are doubts but you are here. Pinch yourself. Believe it. You are reading or hearing these words. You are not dreaming. You are here for real. So now that you feel more excited, take a deep breath, feel the taste of victory as it is unique. You did it through your efforts and on your merits. Yes, you had a lot of support, but it was the battles won that brought you here. Now nothing else will make you give up because there is still little that needs to be done. Just a little more effort is required and you don’t even have to walk a lot. You just need to understand that you have come this far. Some are so tired and ragged that they included in their soul plan changing their clothes at the end of the walk.

Therefore, they disembark to return in a new guise soon in order to inhabit this promising land that already awaits all ascended ones. Others have not even planned to make this exchange now as they feel in a position to pass through the ascension portal in the old physical guise, regardless of which plan you include, celebrate. Celebrate as the mission is complete. In a short time, you will be among all the other souls that accompanied you during hundreds of incarnations on Earth and also those that were with you in other stars and other galaxies. You will remember it all. You will recognize them and it will be a great galactic celebration. Don’t believe in tragedies. The greatest tragedy will only happen to those who have not made it this far. They will need your protection at some point but that does not stop you from celebrating your victory as you have earned it. The expectation is immense. Every day we get closer to the events that will bring the earth to the levels of the fifth dimension. The energy waves are intensifying. The next wave will always be a higher energy vibration than the previous one. Thus, physical bodies adapt without major shocks. Humanity would not be able to resist the planetary transition if it took place in a shorter time than it is occurring. Even so, with each wave that comes, you feel it because it takes you to the limit of what you can take. So there are days when the various symptoms are really strong.
Each one feels according to the adjustment that is being made in them. They are not the same symptoms for everyone but there are a large number of people who report feeling some discomfort. If you need to release souled negative energies, these energy waves come to sweep your basement, the one who still has the energy of the anger stored even without knowing it the wave brings the tanker out and it manifests itself. It is through manifestation that we discover that such energy is still in our basements. It’s like dirt on cleaning day. We can only remove it when it shows.

If you have anxiety, now it manifests like never before. If you are afraid, now it comes in the form of panic attacks. If you have any old energy stored within you it will present itself. The pains and discomforts of before some even seem to no longer exist now reappear again. Headaches in the limbs, in the spine or anywhere else. Come back to say that there is still something to be cleaned up. We had a week between May 17th and today May 26th which is very important in terms of energy. It was the biggest wave of gamma light that arrived here since earth entered the photon belt in 2012. In the last three days, it was possible to see the intensity of this crystalline light. The atmosphere was so pure and strong that it seemed possible to touch it with your hands. It looked like bluish-white crystalline gelatin. When someone says that nothing happens I’m thinking, how can this person not have eyes to see? It is not necessary to understand much but it would be enough to see because opened eyes can have proof of the energetic changes on earth. A few years ago, the atmosphere that could be seen was always in yellowish tones. Now it is of a very different crystalline purity and it is this crystalline light that is changing the energy of the planet. It brings the energy of the fifth dimension, nature adapts naturally which is why vegetables, fruits, flowers and minerals are already up to date in their essence, when eating fresh food. We are, in a way, also introducing such updated energies by drinking water too as well as breathing. We are refreshing our energies in the same way when we eat the products of the Earth. It is the light of the sun that brings the crystalline light of the cosmic central sun and it is the portal of new energies. The human body is also energy, so it needs to adapt to the crystalline base that is now being formed. But this body is different from other living beings on Earth as there is a different consciousness that organizes it. This awareness is our soul that animates it and uses it for the experiences in this earthly school. Our consciousness takes time to absorb this energy because we have, beyond the limitations of 3D the usual resistance to changes. The man always prefers the comfort zone and the changes are forcing him to get out of it. Humans still have limiting beliefs because it’s easier to do what they’ve always done. New requires profound changes. It requires a deconstruction of the old and the limiting beliefs only know the old. The pains experienced these days are not caused only by the energy adjustment. They are also motivated by this resistance to change non-acceptance potentially increases discomfort and painful symptoms. It is necessary to understand, to accept. It is necessary to accept, to loosen the resistance. It is necessary to enter the flow of new energies. It is necessary to navigate the crest of the wave to feel the smooth and pleasant balance of the changes. But above all, it is necessary to trust because everything is coming for the best of the Earth and its humanity. Nothing will ever be the same. Remember that you have waited for hundreds of thousands of years for this. The expected times are coming. The energetic pulses become more and more accentuated. There is no way back. Everything follows a direction that takes us forward. Either we are going to the new earth 5D or we are going to another planet still of third dimension. The old systems, the old energies, the old earth, the old beliefs, the old habits. In short, all of this is lagging behind. Do not get attached to what will cease to exist. This will only increase the discomfort that is already felt. Remember that you are always very supported. There are those who watch over you all the time. So trust, fear will only hinder what you yourself have chosen to do in this current incarnation. Even those who are not ready for the New Earth can lighten the weight of the baggage they will carry to the other planet to which they energetically tune themselves. Do your best doing this is for you that you will be doing it. Everything is changing. Again, it is necessary to say to those who have eyes to see that there are sufficient reasons to prove the end times of old earth. We are starting to remember things from the past, not only from this current life but from past existences as well. We are having a different perception of things than before. We are even aware of the things that have not yet happened and that will come later. Even dreams are different lately. You dream, wake up and remember the dream. Then he goes back to sleep and the same dream continues. It didn’t happen before. Now you can dream the same dream all night long.

Even if you wake up over and over again, even if they are still metaphors more and more they will become lucid dreams. This is all a preparation of the new human consciousness that will remember your past and also have a sense of your future. Prepare for the new energetic pulses that will come as they will be more and more intense, increasingly stronger and more in a row until the day when the biggest of all pulses will come. The great solar flash, which many call The Event. We need to make better use of the preparations that now arrive. We need to be energetically prepared and updated for this culminating event that will define the line that separates the 3D from 5D. It is important that everyone has eyes to see otherwise, the surprises may not be pleasant. The times are here.



  1. Meanie Chiu

    I would like to offer my appreciation for making clear the experiences we will be going through and what we are currently having. It surely is mysterious yet so real. I have prayed the Lord guide me and give me eyes to see. Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers. it’s very clear to me these are the end times and that the age is changing. I pray so much more these days for humanity. Thank you Lord for allowing us to see, hear, witness the great event that You designed! We Love You! May many more be transformed into Your image from Glory to Glory
    even as from the Your Spirit!


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