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Truecirstenw, Gene decode #40 Wuhan = Tornadoes, Flooding, DUMBS, 5-27-21

Gene Decode: They’re taking out D.U.M.B.S in China. Seeing typical 10km stuff. Also Category 5 tornados, hail, driving rain & flooding.

cirstenw: It’s called weather warfare.

Gene: It’s called weather warfare by God. Hello? Are you paying attention? God is not liking what you’re going. But also weather warfare. If it’s natural tornados it called greenidge, but weather war control type it’s brownidge. 

Gene pointed out that this tornado is “brownidge” and therefore man-made.

Gene Decode: (Re lightning) Do you see the beam coming from outer space? Probably a maser microwave amplification. 

Gene pointed out that straight from outer space beam is the maser microwave.

Gene Decode: After that, tornados and hail storms.

cirstenw: Thunder storms, hail and flooding gales all hit Wuhan. WOW 3 things at one time.

Gene: They’re doing this (weather wars) to distract from D.U.M.B.S going down. They gotta release water from the Three Gorges Dam or it’ll break.

Gene is pointing to the tunnels and D.U.M.B.S. being blown up.

Gene is pointing to the 10km quakes all along the left side of the chart, as well as the D.U.M.B.S. which is the little yellow dots of “earthquakes.”

Above is a blow-up of the image from Gene’s computer screen—ALL 10km quakes=D.U.M.B.S

Gene Decode: Every single one of the “earthquakes” is 10km, that’s taking out D.U.M.B.S.

There’s also lots of Chinook Helicopters in Germany.

cirstenw: Pentagon deployed 60k U.S. troops. Lot of arrests.

[Defender Europe 21 U.S. Army-led multinational joint “exercise”]

For those who are wondering if the Three Gorges Dam should collapse, there are dire ramifications if it does. That said, as Colleen and Charlie Freak reported last year, Wuhan was the epicenter on Earth for adrenochrome and every fiber in my being wants that damn dam to go.

However, on 5-12-21 (Q) The Storm Rider outlined some of the terrible damage it would cause should Three Gorges be “taken out.”

After reading ABOUT that single incident, the collapsing of Three Gorges, I am reminded OF what Juan O Savin and Gene Decode have both been talking about for years. This war with the devil is MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER than we can imagine.

It is at this point my gratitude and admiration for Q-Team and their GENIUS 6-D++ Plan knows no bounds. Juan O Savin said, “They game this out 24/7 on Quantum computers.” 

Actions, reactions, moves, countermoves. It’s dizzying. God Bless Q-Team and the mighty White Hats unceasingly.As well, the “official” takedown of Fauci has begun. I think the original Fauci is long gone. This is either a clone, actor, or the man himself playing a part to get a lesser sentence like life in prison rather than execution. I don’t know which he is, but Fauci’s a goner for sure and deservedly so, along with the rest of the deep state demons.

The image of Fauci giving the sign of the devil (next to the Baphomet) is from Juan O Savin’s book, KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, page 21. I didn’t mark it in the post because EVERYONE on anonup knows Juan’s book very well now. Speaking of Fauci giving signs of the devil, here’s another one:

Speaking of politicians giving signs of the devil, here’s a compilation:

So Fauci’s going down. The Emails are out. Just a matter of time.

There are two questions that exasperate Juan O Savin:

1.) Who is Juan O Savin?

2.) Is JFK Jr. alive?Ads by Revcontent

Since he’s been asked those often lately, I post some of his replies. He sometimes repeats himself but I’ve left those repeats in because they’re important. Especially this one:


I suppose the first thing most people would identify as Juan O Savin are his cowboy boots.

Regarding his exasperation at being asked “who” he is, I can sympathize.

On this trudge to Freedom, what I love best is that “personalities” have been removed and we’re left with a pure stream of information.

Who is Q-Team? I don’t know. I won’t ever know. But that doesn’t mean I can’t intuit and sense a great deal about that Divinely special tiny group of geniuses.

They reverently love God. 

They passionately love Truth, Righteousness, America and the Constitution. 

They’re mighty warriors and brilliant tacticians. 

They passionately love our children and are determined to rescue every last one with every breath of their beings. Ads by Revcontent

They’re rescuing Humanity, Earth, Galaxy and Solar System from satan’s demons.

They’re determined to awaken sleeping Humanity out of a demon-made-MK Ultra coma so we can break out of demon-prison and reclaim our Divinity, Sovereignty and Freedom and they’re doing a bang-up job on that front. 

The Digital Soldier-Army has to number in the global millions by now and it’s driving Rachel Maddow, for one, absolutely nuts.

“Every time Rachel Maddow panics, an anon gets his wings.”
~ Pepe Lives Matter, Telegram

Whatever we can sense from Q-Team, it’s all good. There isn’t a negative bone in Q-Team’s information body. Do I need to know if Q-Team has a barbecue every Sunday? No. Do I need to know if Q-Team is made up of only Terrestrials or also non-Terrestrials? No. Do I need to know if Q-Team likes bananas? No.

Both Gene Decode and Juan O Savin have kept their faces off their videos. Both are, ostensibly, U.S. Navy Intelligence. Gene a 20-year U.S. Navy decoder. Juan O Savin, allegedly, Navy Intelligence or Intelligence of some sort. 

Juan is a longtime friend of Dannion Brinkley and Dannion, like Gene Decode, has held High Security Clearance in his line of work. I’m guessing, but don’t know, that one doesn’t hang around the President of the United States like Juan does, unless you have High Security Clearance. Just sayin’.

For both Juan and Gene it’s about the INFORMATION and not WHO they are.

Gene has said, “it doesn’t matter who I am.” He is working with every ounce of his energy to Red Pill the planet and he also is doing a bang up job. He has MILLIONS of global followers who are learning, learning, learning every time he speaks.

Same with Juan O Savin. MILLIONS of followers who are learning learning learning HOW we got here from myriad perspectives, and HOW we can get the heck out of here.

What we know by chance about Juan O Savin is that he occasionally likes a Scotch, a steak and is crazy about cars. He passionately loves America and is doing everything in his power to help bring it and Americans back to Freedom, the Constitution and to God. We know a great deal about Juan O Savin without needing to know the intimate details of his life. He’s a brilliant man and beautiful soul. What else do you need to know?I received this reply on 6-5-21 to a post about Juan’s explanation of the “Breaking the 8” ceremony.

So when he’s asked, “Who is Juan O Savin” I understand his reluctance to talk about himself. 

None of us in Digital Soldier-land talk about our actual lives, where we live, how many children we have, if we’re old, young, sick, healthy, etc. We post our hearts, truths, intelligence, experiences, insights, humor and that is beautiful and more than enough.

As for the second question that draws sighs from O Savin, “Is JFK Jr. alive” again, I understand.

All of us were raised to look EVERYWHERE ELSE but within. It’s the demon construct.

Demons are empty dead things. No heart. No soul. They can ONLY look outside themselves. They can ONLY exist from outside means UNLIKE Humanity.

God creates and we are God-made. 

The devil replicates and the demons are fiends from hell.

The demons figured out a way to enslave beautiful Divine ageless Humanity and use us for themselves.

Many of us were raised during the demon-created cult of personality era—the 1980’s when Princess Diana and music videos were all the rage. Look out there. Look at her. Look at them. Look at that country. Look at that singer. Look at that band. Look at those clothes. Look at that jewelry. Look look look out out out there there there.

For God’s sakes don’t let up on distracting Human Beings so that, God forbid, they look inside.

Let’s have them look here, look there, look at this royal family, look at those movie stars, look at that baseball team, look at those palaces, etc.Distract, distract, distract Humans from going within and connecting to their hearts, to their souls. We don’t want them to remember they are Eternal Beings of Divine Light and can bring Universes into manifestation.

We want Humans to be our slaves and we’ll steal everything from them, including their creativity and memories and make them dream OUR dreams so we can have OUR world the way THEY make it for US, the elite, that we FORCE them to dream it.

We want undying Humans to die and be reborn and die and be reborn over and over and over again so we can survive on their energy, thoughts, emotions, ideas. Slaves forevermore.

We have been forced, from birth, to seek satisfaction everywhere but within ourselves.

Is JFK Jr. alive? 

You’re still going to have to go grocery shopping and do the laundry if he is or if he isn’t. You’re still going to have to decide whether to marry that man or not if he is or if he isn’t. Your life goes on.

If he isn’t, his Spirit is alive. 

If he is, his Spirit is alive. 

If he decides to make an appearance, it would be fun, but if so, hopefully everyone already knows that EVERYONE in your life, starting with yourself, is fun and marvelous and unique and beautiful.

I’ll tell you why I love this photograph:


2:22:22 Nicholas Veniamin: Do you know for a matter of fact, right, that JFK Jr. is alive?

[long pause]

Juan O Savin: Enjoy the show.

Nicholas Veniamin: (Laughing) OK. OK. Is that the best of the clue you can give us?

2:22:50 Juan O Savin: You know… we’re all the product of a certain era. We grew up in the shadow of these events and it’s shaped our lives. All our thoughts, our functions, form of government, have been controlled, manipulated both in the Media and the Government with these events.

2:23:19 It’s called Trauma Based Programming. It’s an MK Ultra program at the Global level, at the Societal level.

2:23:24 We are being pushed to operate, maneuver and think in certain ways. We’ve all grown up in the shadow of these events.

2:23:35 And as I said in my book, we are ALL the kid by the side of the road.

2:23:40 Juan O Savin: Read my book. I think it will help you. I don’t charge anything extra for shipping to go to anywhere in the world, on purpose. I actually pay (laughs) oftentimes for the books to go out to parts of the world cuz I want the message out there beyond what it even costs me for the book cuz I want people to be able to get the chance to read it.

2:24:08 And understand how we got where we’re at.

2:24:12 And understand that people are looking for ONE PERSON as the leader to bring them out of this. The solution isn’t one leader. It’s not one person. “WE’RE” the solution. “WE’RE” all the kids by the side of the road that grew up in the shadow of these events.

2:24:33 We are ALL that person.

2:24:45 Nicholas Veniamin: Well, is he alive? Do you want to wiggle your foot for us?

2:24:45 Juan O Savin: If you folks are operating correctly. If all of us are operating correctly,

2:24:53 And that person, as long as they’re in our memory, they’re never dead. And BTW, when we’re all operating correctly, safety in numbers. It’s a shared identity. Let’s all share the identity together.

Kat: Trauma Based Programming is a crucial point for Humans to understand. 

The deep state demons have kept Humanity in a continuous state of stress with global “events” like the assassinations of beloved Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, the sinking of the Titanic, the 1929 Depression, 9-11, perpetual wars, impossible to climb out of debt, lack, disease, poverty, hunger, poisons, the endless cycle of death/rebirth, death/rebirth, slicing and dicing our DNA, calcifying our pineal, torturing our children, drinking their blood and eating their organs. 

For some diabolic non-terrestrials, Humanity is food. Other types of demons feed on our agonies. This Human emotional sustenance is called “loosh” so in order to feast they make us suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer.

On 4-28-21 Gene Decode described it this way:

“The Bible originally had 777 books.
It doesn’t now because it was torn apart. 
That’s what the Alpha Draco do 
every world they come to, 
they tear apart the Holy Books.
They put em into pieces 
and take pieces out so that you get factions…
So they’re creating factions so they can create wars
They literally will park their ships over war fields
and feed off of the death 
and the carnage
and the pain 
and the suffering 
and the misery.
They need to create these factions
Muslims and Christians and Jewish 
all these different groups 
so they can get hate and discontent and aggravation 
and pain and suffering and misery”

I enclose a second interview with Nicholas Veniamin where Juan goes into precise detail about WHY the Victory of the Light MUST BE about ALL OF US doing this together, and not just about one person or one family.

It has taken MILLIONS of Patriots, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Whistle-blowers, U.S. and Global Militaries, K-9s, Medics and thousands of personnel, as well as MILLIONS of Digital Soldiers, podcasters, videographers, and an awakening global population to defeat the demons. 

Millions are being guided by the mastermind Q-Team, their genius Q-Plan, loyal Generals, Military Intelligence, President Trump, etc.—


So to continually reduce this massive inter-galactic effort to just one or two people or to one or two families does a terrible disservice to all those who have fallen in this Divine Battle with satan and his fiendish forces, and all those who are actively fighting now and losing their lives every single day.

What is the immortal Q-mantra? Where We Go One We Go ALLLLLLLLLL.

That is the point Juan O Savin incessantly underscores. ALL OF US are fighting to defeat these fiends and we ARE defeating the devil. Have defeated. #GodWins.


1:10:10 Juan O Savin: The action on the part of people in office in our government right now… from the legislative and judicial side… THE COUNTRY’S GETTING MORE RILED BY THE SECOND… THEY WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS ENDLESSLY… the stuff at the Border? Granted, they just stopped dead 2 days ago. Somethin’ happened. But prior to that it was absolute mayhem with the trafficking coming across the Border. 

1:10:30 And then the war they’ve been having at the Border with the 2 Cartels shoot-out like you were in Afghanistan or Iraq at the height of some conflict…

1:10:43 The American people aren’t going to put up with that… they will reach a point where they’re just going to come in and say, OK we’re done…  they don’t have to do it with Arms, they don’t have to come against Government… they’re just gonna show up and stand there and say, OK, we’re done. We’re stopping…

1:11:01 You had a million people that showed up on January 6th in Washington D.C…. That million people made their presence known…

1:11:14 They can say it was a riot and everything else… IT WAS NOT A RIOT… there’s a lot of mischief about how it’s portrayed out to the world with what happened on January 6th and the truth will come out at some point in time on that…  

1:11:30 But that was just Washington D.C…. you’ll have people show up and they’ll be in prayer, and they’ll be locking arms, they’ll make their presence known in every Capital in the country… and you’re not going to snooker ‘em or fool ‘em on where we are as a country…

1:11:46 The American people are not going to put up with the mischief including FORCED VACCINES… Look, you want a choice, OK, get a vaccine… the American people are not going to put up with BEING FORCED to have a vaccine and an internal passport just to be able to go to work or school…

1:12:02 That’s not happening… they may not understand that yet, but that’s not happening in America… they’re not going to do it… 

1:12:18 Nicholas Veniamin: Just one more thing… Do you think that JFK Jr. will ever want to do an interview with me?

1:12:27 Juan O Savin: Enjoy the show (laughing)

1:12:40 Nicholas Veniamin: (laughing) You know I did Gematria on that and it came out as something like “JFK alive in the future” or something like that… we just have to see how it unveils… One more thing, why did Robert Kennedy… when he was asked “touch your nose if JFK Jr. is alive” why did he touch his nose? he definitely touched his nose cuz it definitely wasn’t a scratch.

1:13:03 Juan O Savin: (laughing) Well I think he had some hair that was falling off of his noggin and he had to brush it aside… it was probably just coincidental…

1:13:13 And by the way, he has done beautiful work related to this whole vaccine issue… and he was there FIRST before a lot of people even had a concept of the problem on the vaccine issues… 

…1:27:27 We ALL need to be SEEN as that same person in the Spirit of… they shouldn’t be just looking for one person, they should be looking for us all to show up in the Spirit of that same person…

1:17:40 We don’t run a royalty here in America… this isn’t about some guru or the latest royalty to save us from some horrendous fate…

1:17:50 Here in America EVERY MAN A SOVEREIGN… every one of us showing up in the Spirit… we close ranks with those that have fallen in the battle… we close ranks, move closer, shoulder to shoulder… we step forward and we continue to take the battle to the enemy… and we do it in the Spirit of our fallen comrades…

1:18:11 And there’s moments when you don’t allow someone to become highly focused in on… 

1:20:51 This idea 
that we’re gonna have one guru 
that’s gonna save everybody 
and is gonna know exactly what to do? 
That’s a ‘royalty’ mentality, 
it’s not the American way 
it’s not the way that we want to govern
it’s not the way we want to BE governed

1:21:07 This isn’t about ONE SAVIOR… but there is the Spirit of that concerning… why would you want to come back against this? That crowd that goes after THE ONE we need to ALL join forces and go after those… these are small players, they’re small groups… 

1:22:50 In the Spirit of that, we need to decide… DOES EVERYBODY SHOW UP as that kid by the side of the road to take on the mob, this political mob that’s trying to take over America and by extension, the world… WE’RE ALL THE KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD…

1:23:22 Nicholas Veniamin: Is there anything you’d like to say to the listeners before we finish?

1:23:30 Juan O Savin: You know, it may sound trite, but I’m very serious when I say that…

this is a very 


30:50 Juan O Savin: Timing is everything. You have to amass forces. You have to get all your ducks in a row. How long was the buildup to have a D-Day? It took a couple of years to get the materials in place. Get em pre-staged, get things built, deployed, of men, troops, pick the location, do all the logistics.31:21 This isn’t a tiny thing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We didn’t get here overnight. That’s what I’m telling you. A lot of people haven’t fully grasped the magnitude of the conflict we’re in right now. 

31:41 Juan O Savin: Pain AND Victories. People are waking up. They just didn’t understand the issues necessarily. C’mon, there’s a lot of people that have not fully grasped some of this. They believed the bullsh*t that these people were selling. So now they’re kinda’ seeing, “Well, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” You know, you’re gonna change the whole economy?

32:21 But it takes time for that to soak in. For people to grasp that. They haven’t fully grasped it so they’re growing up to what’s really been going on.

32:33 There’s a lot of people in your audience and others. They’re wide awake. They get it. They’re very stressed out. But that’s not on the numbers…

32:40 David N Rodriguez: So we have to wait for more people to get on board.

32:46 Juan O Savin: Nino, you’re not hearing me. It’s NOT WAITING. You’re part of an Army that’s occupying the land. That’s making it known. We’re going door to door. We’re getting more and more people to understand what the issue is.


33:08 That’s what these rallies are about. THAT’S WHAT SCARES THE CR*P OUT OF THESE PEOPLE, is they see a Trump rally after he is out of office, “He’s no longer President!!!”

33:21 He is actually President for life. They haven’t impeached him. A crooked House of Representatives did an impeachment thing, the Senate didn’t agree. President Trump is still President Trump. He’ll be President for the rest of his life and far after that.    

33:40 Juan O Savin: The reality is they’re scared to death that President Trump is going to go out and you’re  going to see turnouts… you think it was big before? You’ll have backups 2 states deep! I’m not kidding Nino, think about it.

34:58 There’s a Trump card I’m aware of that nobody’s even fully grasped with this Southern District of New York. They want to go that route? Look, are we actually sweating it? Take a deep breath.  

35:05 You don’t think we didn’t understand this was coming? Are you kidding me! Let em play their cards and let’s see where this puppy goes. Take a deep breath.

 THAT’S what they’re afraid of. That’s why they have to malign him in this legal stuff out of New York with one little crooked judicial area… You don’t think we didn’t understand this was coming? Are you kidding me?! Let them play their cards & let’s see where this puppy goes.

35:17 David Nino Rodriguez: I’m just getting f*cking impatient…

Juan O Savin: This is part of the point. Nino. This is part of the point. You’re doing critical work. Down the road somewhere, this IS going to all come out and your kids, your grandkids generations from now, you’re gonna have em bouncing on your knee and they’ll ask you, “What did you do in the big war to take back Americato keep it free?”

35:50 You’re doing it right now. You’re going to be able to say, you know…

“I helped as a Digital Warrior.
I fought this fight.
I didn’t give up.I helped people as they’re waking up.”

36:01 When people are under a spell, when people are under a narcotic and they start to come out from under it. When they’re in a Hospitalized situation, you have to be a bit patient because their conception of reality, as they come out from under an induced sleep or coma, it takes a little bit of time for em to get their bearings, to see where they’re at.

36:25 You’re looking at a whole country. A whole world that’s been under an MK Ultra spell.  And they’re just waking up to what was being done and who’s behind it and what it’s all about. They’re getting their sea legs, they’re getting their bearings again.

36:40 And you cannot be impatient with em cuz they wake up… they ARE waking up but it’s a process… you’re part of helping em wake up. Don’t get mad at em, you’ll shock the cr*p out of em. Give em a little room to wake up. We got this. We got this.

37:05 THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE SO SCARED OF… is they see that all of a sudden the whole country is in fact waking up… they will do everything they can to try to spook, startle, re-induce some kind of controlled sleep on the country…    

37:28 But the reality is, in multiple areas, whether it’s the trafficking of the kids and women over the Border, it’s the criminals and this militarized young adult class being spread all over the country, the money coming in from Foreign sources to support a revolutionary group in America.

37:52 Not a civil war, a revolutionary being Foreign fighters being brought in and amping things up in America… 

38:06 They WANT a Civil War… they WANT brother fighting brother… all of your listeners need to understand…

38:26 When you go out and you’re watching a beautiful Boat Rally and it’s got President Trump signs all across it… and people are hanging out, they’re at the beer garden, they’re having some fun, they’re visiting with their neighbors… 

End Kat Partial transcriptions

I’ve been seeing the #17 all over the place. The other day, when I had counted my 6th #17, I looked at a $20 in my hand that I’d received from the bank and it had #17 written on it.

I believe in signs.

The #17 no longer represents Osiris and the demons but Q and God’s angels. The #17 has been flipped into a Divine number again. Where #17 goes, Humanity is sure to follow. 



  1. Judy Nelson

    Thank you for this column, I look forward to reading it every day and sharing it with my 90 yr old mother who is having a hard time dealing with the news every day. Thanks to all of the President, Q anons and our military for what has been a very brilliantly planned operation………may God bless all of you!

    • Ivy

      Thank you very much! I am very glad you find this helpful. God Bless you and your momma!

  2. Janet Gutierrez

    Thank you from my entire being. Some how doesn’t seem like enough. I pray…for God’s will…and the strength to endure!! In Jesus name….a hedge of protection around you and all who do His will ❤ ❤.

  3. David

    I’m on the same page as you


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