Juan O Savin: We’re Taking America Back to God in Heaven and God’s Children are Not for Sale, Part 1 || Kat

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Enclose a partially transcribed 3+ hour radio broadcast from Juan O Savin recorded on 3-8-21.

It’s a masterpiece of a discussion that provides clear answers to the questions “How did we get here? What is this war all about?

O Savin’s scholarly take on Political and Religious History as well as how America’s Government should function but doesn’t at the moment, is dazzling. After taking us through the challenges he ends on a note of exultation.

Charlie Freak once described the Phoenician fiends and their minions like this: “They hate everybody. They hate you. They hate Earth. They hate themselves.”

In this transcript, Juan O Savin reiterated a point he often makes in his videos and book, KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD: The de_mons reverse everything. “They’re into the flip” he says here.

It makes sense that all the de_mons can do is reverse because as Gene Decode always points out, being soulless THEY CAN’T CREATE ANYTHING. 

The monsters need to control and direct Humanity’s Divine imagination in order for us to create their dreams. We have our God Created Soul and can therefore create ANYTHING. Being godless and proud of it they can only r*ape, pillage, destroy, steal or reverse.

Paramahansa Yogananda once told a joke about a man standing next to God surveying Gaia. He said, “This is a very beautiful planet, Lord, but I have a few tweaks in mind.”

God said, “Great! I’d love to see what you come up with.”

So the man reached down and picked up a handful of Earth and God said, “Ah ah. Get your own dirt!”

In other words—EVERYTHING IS THE LORD’S. The de_mons haven’t CREATED a single thing without God stuff. Reverse, yes. Destroy, yes. Create? No.

In Part 1, O Savin gives a consummate dissertation on how the de*ep state de_mons:

1. Reversed the de-centralizing agreements between the American people and the Federal Government as outlined in The Constitution. 

2. Centralized the American Government in Washington D.C. 

3. Then bribed, bla*ckmailed and honey-potted the U.S. Congress and Judiciary in order to control America and Americans and most importantly to the ca_bal, our MONEY.

He also goes into a brilliant historic outline of what the Washington Monument actually represents to the de*ep state’s sa*tanic religion and it’s demonic influence on America.

I agree with Gene Decode, Washington D.C. should be bulldozed and turned into a Bird Sanctuary. 

Every single building in that godless city should come down. No need to create a “museum” with sidewalks soaked in the blood of innocent children and buildings resonant with the vibrations of despair from endless agonies inflicted on the American people by an insane, greedy, soulless, bloodthirsty diabolic de*ep state.

As well, O Savin outlines EXACTLY what this war is about, between whom and why.

I love it when Juan O Savin swears at the de_mons because decent language is totally inappropriate for fiends from he*ll. 

In Part 2 O Savin goes into the political situation. The courts and congress being captured operations by foreign powers, means that the Military is the ONLY option. Once the duly elected Commander in Chief, President Trump, is officially restored, he will direct the Military to conduct all the arrests. And finally, we must protect the children, the innocents. Lord.

I’m sorry to report that I cannot offer you Part 2 of my Gene Decode and Michael Jaco video transcript because utube removed the video along with Jaco’s entire channel.

As well, I continue to receive some revolting replies whenever I post anything from Charlie Ward on anonup. Vile language, vile accusations, really yucky. I block them but enough is enough. As I’ve written, Charlie Ward must scare the heck out of the de_mons in order for him to be attacked so viciously.



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