Juan O Savin: We’re Taking America Back to God in Heaven and God’s Children are Not for Sale, Part 2 || Kat

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By the time you’re done reading both Parts, you should be clear about many things happening on Gaia right now. 

Essentially, the war for Planet Earth is between God’s Children of Adam and Goodness, and the dev*il’s Canaanite bloodlines and ev*il; everything after that are facets from that singular struggle.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you read this next Part: 

The disgusting, revolting, vomitus crimes against children are NOT committed by Human Beings. Impossible. Humans have a God Created soul and therefore could not in a million years commit these horrendous acts.

The ped/ophiles and pe/dovores on this Earth are godless, soulless, de_mons. Not of Earth, but, as Gene Decode put it, from the 2D pit. If any started out as “Human” they surrendered their soul long ago. Incredibly many gave away their Divine soul for power, money or fame and will spend eternity serving the de*vil. What a stupid bargain. Seriously.

These dia*bolic aliens have preyed on God’s Creation and Children long enough and God has had it. So now it’s back to the pit for them or worse.

Also keep in mind, the war HAS been won by God. We’re just at the end of it and the de*mons, like the Na*zis in WWII, are causing as much damage as they can on the way to their inevitable demise.

The light factor is rising every moment on Gaia and in Humanity. Our ascension is assured. All things well.Lightworkers came here to be, hold and shine God’s light in the blackest of he*lls and we did, and now we’re returning home to Higher Light, to Rainbow Light—praise God.  

With blessings unceasing,
xo, Kat

31:12 Juan O Savin: The vote is actually quite noble… the majority of the states clearly voted decisively for President Trump.. the handful of states that were in question that flipped the votes over… that digital data that stopped the count and then put in a new set of numbers and algorithms in place to flip it over… 

31:38 In that forensic analysis of the digital data, the digital attack that’s been done, shows clearly that President Trump not just won but won decisively… a mammoth win… including in those states…

31:55 So the Military has to place the lawful person who won the election in office… not do a re-vote…just recognize that true outcome of the vote… and place that person back in authority…

32:15 Does the Military do that for the whole country or just for its section?

32:20 As a first step… lawful civilian authority would be recognized by the Military as the winner of that election, which in this case was Donald Trump… and that win, with them recognizing that… they hand the reins of power…32:42 As Mao said, “All power emanates from the barrel of a gun”… Who has the biggest gun here? Is it Police Departments, is it States even with their National Guard? Or is it the American Military? Who has the biggest gun?



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