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The awakening that occurs is usually perceived as something that happens outside of us. However, most people do not understand that in order for this great change to take place, it must first take place WITHIN. This is the real reason why our consciousness is under attack to prevent this great transition. Unity, newfound community, love, light, support of others, all are threatened.
Because low vibrational energy cannot live where there are high frequencies. It cannot sustain itself. So while the dark forces are dying and trying to be stopped, we must continue in the light. source

Your last chance: give us your names!
Guilty on five of the six counts of the indictment – that was the verdict on Wednesday in the Ghislaine Maxwell (60) abuse trial. The confidante and former girlfriend of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (†66) faces up to 65 years in prison.
But she still has a chance: a plea deal could bring Maxwell significant benefits. source

Today with a brief assessment of the current airspace situation and the significantly declining number of earthquakes. In recent months we have seen a significant increase in military flights, both in Europe and in the US. Thanks to good research, for example, we have discovered that there are now two groups of aircraft carriers likely to be in the Mediterranean. The question then arises: what are two US aircraft carriers doing in the Mediterranean? The troops are probably not only there, but all over the world, particularly in Europe and later in Germany, where they are to be stationed. For example, we have now very often seen military tankers and trucks carrying el units that are probably not yet in service. However, I would also like to point to the German Government’s report on how many power stations are shut down. It is quite obvious to me that there will be a blackout because if 10 power stations are shut down, I wonder how the remaining electricity generators will absorb the blackout. They want to absorb the outage, because it is just a whole series, and when I look at how many power generators the armies in Germany have already built, it is clear that they are counting on that.

I have also noticed that there have been almost no earthquakes for several days now. Three days ago the Spanish government officially announced the end of the eruption of the La Palma volcano. I actually found it quite funny because they have the audacity to declare the eruption over. The volcano is certainly not ending its eruption because they say so, and they are not following any government declaration. Unless it’s not an eruption at all. There are some indications that the volcano erupted for certain reasons. Yes, it has been mentioned several times that there are several entrances to huge underground facilities in the Canary Islands that lead further towards the US mainland. In this respect, I do not regard the volcanic eruption as a phenomenon that is of natural origin, but was deliberately used, for example, to close these tunnels with lava. If the thing is sealed, and it is, all the earthquakes we have seen before are also, in my opinion, not of natural origin, but have served to blow up underground facilities that have essentially spread or are still spreading out like a giant spider’s web beneath our earth. That is why I believe that we are now in the eye of the storm, not in the calm before the storm, but in the eye of the storm. source

That’s very interesting. During the transmission of Bergoglio’s Angelus prayer, a British TV journalist (perhaps the BBC) says in reference to Bergoglio that “his death has been announced”. Once he realizes his mistake, he apologizes. One gets the feeling she was reading from a newspaper she shouldn’t have been reading. Does anyone realise yet what will happen to Bergoglio? But we should also look at Bergoglio’s appearance. He looks rather bloated and holds his stomach before looking out. We will continue to watch the Vatican. For the Masons and the New World Order, control of the Catholic Church is crucial. If they lose the Church, they lose the fight for good. source

Large-scale Christmas operation against the Ndrangheta mafia in Germany and Switzerland. Fourteen Tons of Cocaine were discovered. The control centre was in Zurich. Seven arrest warrants. source

I’ve translated several comments
👉 Holland – We are located about 30 km from Amsterdam on the North Sea. There are many old bunkers from the war. A lot of the area is closed…nature reserve!!!😳 Yesterday there was another loud bang, the windows were shaking. Even in the night, many shots were heard. At the moment, not everyone knows about it, because they are probably already setting off fireworks… There is a bunker closed at the moment (I can’t say why).
When we were in the woods with the dogs, a man of about 70 was lying by the road. His wife and another couple were with him. I asked if I could help. But help was on the way. I wondered if he had been stung. Anyway, I’ve never seen anything like it… probably a coincidence.
👉 So there’s a war on. The night is clear. Gunshots and detonations were heard for about 50 minutes. There’s something green in the sky from the exact direction the noise is coming from. Like it’s gonna give the boys some light? It’s moving slowly. Is that possible? I think it was happening in DUMB. Further confirmation that the active military is slowly losing its mind
👉 I would like to point out at this point that the military is very active even at Christmas time and I have received similar reports from all over the country.
Particularly in the last two nights, there have been rumblings (keyword detonation).
For example, two tremors were also reported to me yesterday. One in Switzerland and one in France. So it’s still going on. In addition, it seems we can’t see everything on the radar at the moment. We assume that they will now have more active missions or that the number will increase.
These are observations from the last two days and nights. (Alex)
👉 As for Ryanair, I can tell you that as of this date they are not flying out of Nuremberg. A friend of ours is a Ryanair pilot and confirmed this to us. source

Amazing to see only 1 US plane even over the US all detections off‼️
Although the movements are still there, we don’t see anything on the public radar anymore. Which is obvious when it’s time for active missions.
Even the number of total aircraft movements has dropped from the usual 10,000+ on average on the 24th to about 7,500 last night, down to only about 6,500 last night, and is trending further downward today. There’s more to come… source

A warning has been issued today for a significant increase in earthquakes across Europe, even in places where the probability of an earthquake is very low. Residents in northwest Croatia were woken up today by an earthquake and residents in the town of Porrentruy in the Swiss Alps near the border with France were woken up by a 4.1 magnitude quake, the SDA said in a statement. The 4.1-magnitude earthquake struck Crete, just 30 kilometres from the city of Heraklion, at 19 minutes past noon today, and Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula was also rocked by an earthquake measuring more than 4 on the Richter scale. Icelandic scientists have read from satellite observations that the lava flow beneath the Earth’s surface is moving again, although several days ago it was announced that the months-long volcanic eruptions in southwest Iceland had ended. source

Earthquake in Cern and at a depth of about 10 km….. and you already know that there are DUMB (tunnels) at that depth 😉
Quite likely it was the end of CERN, the CIA headquarters under Lake Geneva – 5 seconds before Christmas Eve. THE BEST TIMING OF ALL TIME
M4.1 – 1 km west-west of Blamont, France
Mag: 4.1
Depth: 9.51 km
Date and time: 2021-12-24 23:59:55 UTC source

New movie on Netflix – the truth is coming!
“Don’t Look Up” source
C. – Militarization: generals take the lead at the international level
Not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Portugal and Italy:
“There was a time when the Social Democrats were very sceptical about the military. The army was only allowed to engage outside Germany; all activities such as border protection or police support were constitutionally forbidden. Especially in 2015, military support at the border could have ensured the stoppage of approximately two million illegal immigrants. However, the political will was lacking. Now, suddenly, it seems to be there. Indeed, there is no other explanation for the appointment of Carsten Breuer, an active two-star general in the Bundeswehr, as head of Crisis Staff C, which was set up by Olaf Scholz in the Chancellery. Generals are also used in Austria and Portugal to lead the C dictatorship.”
When the army is deployed at home, something big is planned. source
News from Ecuador
📩 Hi Martha, I just got a text on my mobile screen saying Test transmission, then a few seconds later again Test transmission and then the text Test techniques. Now when I was typing a message, it froze about five times and then the screen went black, it seems that the preparations are in full swing…😉
📩 Hi Marta, I’m reporting an earthquake from Ecuador (Tena), it was much stronger and different than last time (about a month ago), first there was a bang like an explosion and then the whole house swayed for a few seconds. Last time they said we were 6,5, my cat didn’t react, now I have two more kittens and all three of them were frantically running for cover. So far it looks like nothing fell, the houses survived…
City of Tena, Napo province. Always the roof vibrates first and then the house sways a little, but this time there was a big bang and then the house swayed a lot, that’s not normal. It sounded close…
The locals say that there is a lot of stolen Inca gold hidden in the mountains, but they don’t know where… Let’s see if we can find out anything, some sources are talking about a tunnel network of two kilometres… My slightly clairvoyant friend has been talking about the local tunnels for about a week now, that they are coming into her visions, strange synchronicities…source

McDonald’s loses a lawsuit against chef Jamie Oliver, who proved that the food it sells is not fit to eat because it is highly toxic.
Chef Jamie Oliver has won his battle with the world’s biggest junk food chain. Oliver proves how to make hamburgers.
According to Oliver, fatty cuts of meat are “bathed” in ammonia hydrogen and then used in the packaging of the meat “pie” that fills the burger. According to the presenter, the meat was not fit for human consumption even before this process.
Oliver, a radical activist and chef who is waging war on the food industry, says: “We’re talking about meat that is sold as dog food and then served to people. Apart from the quality of the meat, ammonium acid is bad for your health. Oliver refers to it as ‘the pink manure process’.
What sane person would put a piece of meat soaked in ammonium hydroxide in a child’s mouth?

In another of his initiatives, Oliver showed how to make chicken nuggets: after selecting the “best parts”, the rest: Fat, skin, cartilage, optics, bones, head, feet, are subjected to a mec-split smoothie canica – that’s a euphemism used by food engineers – and then the blood-pink mass is deodorized, bleached, refreshed and repainted, coated in flour and fried melcocha, that’s left in the usually partially hydrogenated oils, or toxins.
The food industry uses hydrogen ammonium as an antimicrobial agent, which has allowed McDonald’s to use meat that is not fit for human consumption in its hamburgers.
Even more worrying, however, is the situation where these ammonium hydrogen-based substances are considered ‘legal parts of the production process’ in the food industry, with the blessing of health authorities around the world. Consumers will therefore never know what substances are in our food. source

Quietly and without media attention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has withdrawn PCR as a valid test for the detection and identification of SARS-CoV-2.
“After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the emergency use authorization (EUA) application for the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR diagnostic panel with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). test, which was first introduced in February 2020, for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 only.”
The CDC acknowledges that the PCR test cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. source

“Q is a psyop”
Of course, it’s brilliant.
How else could the whole world be retroactively brainwashed?
How many people blindly believed the MSM before Covid?
How many people blindly trusted the education system before Covid?
How many people blindly trusted the government before Covid?
How many people blindly trusted Big Pharma before Covid?
How many people were unaware of the illusion of choice before Covid?
How many people were aware of the vast amount of evil and corruption on this planet before Covid?
How many people knew who George Soros, Anthony Fauci or Klaus Schwab were before Covid?
How many people took to the streets and protested for freedom before Covid?
How many people before Covid believed that the United States could never fall into communism?
How many people took their way of life for granted before Covid?
The enemy’s game plan was known and was brilliantly used against him to bring about the Great Awakening.
Not all psychological operations are bad. source

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