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The Global Currency Reset rollout was a military operation, meaning no one would know the exact timing of an Event that would cause tremendous chaos and invoke Martial Law around the globe. High Military DEFCON readiness was being maintained in anticipation of this Event. The US /Mexico Border was closed to all nonessential travel (a gradual shut down until The Event). A flurry of military aircrafts were still flying regularly overhead.

The Event: Whether The Event occurred because of the White or Black Hats, it would be a jolt of massive proportions with worldwide implications. It could be a Stock Market Crash, Trump Clone Fake Assassination or arrest, Massive Cyber Attacks, Nuclear Holocaust False Flag or any, all, or even more disconcerting events.

The Event would be followed by massive global chaos, the RV Rollout and a takeover of the Main Stream Media, followed by education of the masses. We could expect a major disheartening False Flag, Stock Market and Bitcoin crashes, resulting in global Martial Law to help the general public shock and disbelief  = Pain! source

We’ve experienced many different kinds of war on this planet, and the majority of people only recognize one or two unless they’ve been awakened.

The controllers have waged war on Humanity through toxic food, air, and water, senseless bloody wars in foreign lands with troops and mercenaries, and they may recognize the irregular warfare like the fake news propaganda, but they don’t know about the space wars, the degree of infiltration by China and the Zionists, and they don’t know they’re being poisoned by Big Pharma’s drugs.

They don’t understand our minds have been hijacked, that our thoughts are not always our own, or that our children are bought, sold, traded, groomed, brutalized, tortured and consumed by pedovores for profit. They don’t know Humans are sacrificed to the evil “elites’” god, Satan. They don’t know the world is literally run by psychopaths who want to exterminate us.

I believe this next story is the beginning of the campaign to reveal the endless illegal surveillance and spying the globalists engage in, and have for a long time. You probably heard that Tucker Carlson found the NSA was spying on him.

Here’s the thing. While it’s illegal for a government to spy on its own people, these despicable creatures enlisted the help of their partners in crime in other nations to do it for them and turn over what they found. They are incapable of being honest about anything and no moral boundary is too high or too esteemed to escape their trickery.

This is how they were successful in controlling everyone of consequence in the world. Surveillance—and on the dirty, disgusting end—entrapment and videos of powerful and influential people engaging in sexual acts—usually with children—they couldn’t afford to be public. That’s where Jeffrey Epstein and the like came in. The Chinese have already shown us how honey pots or red sparrows were used to access politicians and diplomats. It’s all going to come out.

The “Five Eyes” nations, mostly British Commonwealth countries but actually more like “nine eyes” from what we’ve heard, engaged in this reprehensible activity for a long time. Edward Snowden was correct, but no angel.


President Trump’s Alabama Rally Cancelled Just Days Before His July 3rd Speech — Park Commissioner Cancels the Event After 45th President Was Invited as Guest Speaker source


There are roughly 74 million children in this country.


For those who aren’t great with math, that means OVER ONE PERCENT OF OUR CHILDREN ARE TAKEN EVERY 12 MONTHS.

For every 100 children you personally see, on average at least one of them is destined to be kidnapped, raped, tortured, trafficked or even worse.

Human trafficking is the most profitable industry on the entire planet.

A woman or child can be sold and “used” by countless people over and over. Many of these women are continuously impregnated to produce more “product”. They are treated like nursing cows and then eventually murdered. Oprah knows all about it.

A portion of these children are victims of Satanic ritualistic abuse ceremonies where they are purposely terrified until their blood becomes adrenalized and can be extracted for consumption using violent and inhumane methods. This is considered a wonder drug by the elites…and…”others”.

“Bigger than you could possibly imagine…”

I have personally spoke with a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and her story shook me to my core.

I know this subject is difficult for most people to discuss, but it is BY FAR the biggest problem we face as human beings and we MUST fix it.

Why should God protect us if we can’t protect our most innocent from experiencing hell on Earth?

Worst of all is that a large percentage of these children are SOLD to these monsters by their OWN FAMILY.

None of this should be surprising, given that we allow the murder of hundreds of thousands of God’s miracles every year before they even have a chance to breathe fresh air.

There is no way to sugarcoat it folks. We have let Him down.

Greed, ignorance, selfishness, complacency…

If we are going to change our ways and grow from this, we can no longer ignore our faults.


Read that again.

Our country needs to get its priorities straight and it has to happen soon.

Unfortunately that can only be accomplished once we’ve drained the fiery swamp and rid the United States of Satan’s minions.

It also can’t happen until Americans WAKE THE HELL UP, begin dealing with our own self-inflicted issues and accept that we have a massive amount of lessons to learn and growth to achieve as a nation, as well as individualistically.

The goal is UNITY.
The goal is PEACE.
The goal is PROSPERITY.

We’ve been exponentially progressing towards those goals since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated.

I used to believe that saving the children was our President’s mission here on Earth.

However I’ve come to realize that Donald Trump always aims as high as possible.

God is using him to orchestrate the liberation of the entirety of humanity from the grips of evil.


“You can do all you want, but ya know…you still need help from the Boss!” -DJT

Thy will be done 

Welcome to The Great Awakening. source

Donald Rumsfeld, former two-time US secretary of defense, has died at the age of 88. source

THREE YEAR DELTA 🔥NO Coincidences. source
Alison Mack singing like a canary source

… I log into Ghost Ezra and what do I find? At that time I don’t know if the news was already known. And note that he appears at the Pentagon, with a military man (certainly a traitor, like General Miley). The phrase below (“sunken battleship”), which I had not seen, confirms my intuition: “sunken battleship.” I can confirm: Donald Rumsfeld is the first of the real September 11 terrorists to be executed. (Which means the upcoming 9/11 will reveal the truth.)

▪Wreckage of the warship.💥💥 source

Elon Musk’s Starlink to Deliver Internet Nearly Worldwide Within Weeks source

China is facing its worst power shortage in a decade. That’s a problem for the whole world source

Pennsylvania’s supreme court has overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction after finding that an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged. The 83-year-old comedian has served more than two years in prison. source

I am sure this Delta is just a coincidence 😏 source
Golden ParachutesRainbowGold shall Destroy The FedRainbow Currency Nesara Gesara

Some stations running out of gasoline ahead of Independence Day source

Scrubbed yesterday last second because supposedly an aircraft entered the restricted zone, and FAA issued no-go, a ridiculous 60 mile wide area, that same aircraft shows a confirmed flight landing at GITMO. An E55 Phenom small jet registered to a known black ops contractor in use by US Special Ops, (good guys) many fights to GITMO. All info available online on flight radar. source

What I find funny is Trump appointed all of these people. Now we are finding out how corrupt the 3 letter agencies are. But hey. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence and none of it was planned… 🎯 source

Hurricane Season “is upon us” source

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. A group of the Russian Pacific Fleet’s ships held missile and artillery firings in the Pacific, repelling a notional enemy’s air attack and striking a sea target in drills, the Fleet’s press office reported on Wednesday. source

Universal Law decrees that everyone, including the dark forces, must make their intentions known to humanity to honor the freewill aspect of this Universe. For hundreds of years, the [D]eep [S]tate perfected the art of hiding their heinous crimes in plain sight. However, all that has changed. Lately their dwindling resources means their evil plans are being revealed almost instantly in real time.
We cannot say anymore that WE DID NOT KNOW.
As the doctor points out in the video that you didn’t get to see, the information about the deadly nature of the jab – including the FLU jab – is freely available on the drug company websites. The virus jab companies make it VERY clear there is no liability for injury or death related to their virus jabs. NO LIABILITY! Yet the sleepers line up eagerly for their chance to play the deadly game.
I look at my double-jabbed neighbors. I think, ‘You are lovely people, what a pity you did what you did.’ Then I think, ‘Hold on a minute, why didn’t you do a little research…?? Why didn’t you ask some questions about the incredible rapidity of the [v]accine rollout…?’ Staying mind-controlled because of MSM is no excuse. Social media is over-flowing with stories about the deadly nature of the jab. source

These are not fireworks!!! This is an explosion in L.A. source

Over 8000 results for Donald Rumsfeld in the wikileaks archive. Happy digging. source

6th Church today in Alberta

Terrible and tragic: Century-old Catholic church in Morinville, Alta., destroyed by fire source

All planned

(For new folks: this is most likely comms and not even a real story) source

I identify as a righteous and freedom loving alpha male.

I am anti-communism.
I am anti-satanism.
I am anti-transgenderism.

Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Banking are my enemies.

My mission is to expose and defeat evil.

I kneel only to God.

I trust His plan source

VICTORY: Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Election Integrity Laws Dealing Blow To Democrat Fraud Attempts. source


german writes “this is how Princess Diana could look today”! It is being written about her more often … why ??? 🤔😁👍💥

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