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Wow. One of Europe’s largest newspapers, Bild in Germany, has issued a formal apology for publishing propaganda about the fake virus and harming society, especially children. The Bild editor speaks in a short video, calling the virus a lie. link source

Massive protest today in France.
The Great Awakening worldwide. source

Q & A – Nanobots in injections.

Q: Queen Romana, can nanobots in human body be disabled?

A: Yes.
Nanobots, can be disabled with specific sound frequency(s) and other technologies. source

Lots of people are asking me why the typhoon still hasnt destroyed 3gd… i think its a strategic move to force ds into spending ammo: False alarms to waste their resources. Red herrings.

As they use up their resources, we are tracking and hunting them down. They have to come out of their hideyholes to communicate and broadcast

Its my same theory on whats going to be the “next trumper social media platform”

Theyre all bait to test their strength and resources. Ever notice how theres a lot of fanfare, millions flock, but trump doesn’t actually endorse or join any? Bc theyre just traps right now…

The more convincing we are that THIS IS REALLY THE DAY, the more they scramble and try to bury it.

Same with all the rv redemption test releases. Each batch test is when arrests are made source

You are going to learn about the Federal Witness Protection Program that goes back further than how it is documented. White Hats & Black Hats have been carrying out these Operations a lot longer see Operation Paperclip for instance. They have all had to change names and doctor up the lineage.

No different from the Russian Romanov family to escape the Bolshevics.

No different from Julian Assange. source

Thousands protest in #Berlin against Covid restrictions despite a ban by the authorities. The police try to regain control with punches, batons, and pepper spray. videos

You want to know the real reason the world is so sick?

  • The water supply is contaminated.
  • The fresh food supply is full of poison.
  • The rest of the “food” is processed and refined (which isn’t even food).
  • We don’t chew our food.
  • We are nutrient deficient.
  • We overconsume.
  • The air is full of pollution.
  • We are scared of the sun and wear sunscreen.
  • We don’t exercise enough.
  • We sit in front of technology all day.
  • We consume too much alcohol and caffeine
  • We are disconnected from our natural human instincts and our natural environment.
  • We discount the knowledge of our ancestors.
  • We are stressed because we live in a slave system, trying to earn money to support a ponzi scheme.
  • Our medicine is based on chemical warfare and petrochemicals.
  • We lather our bodies and brush our teeth with chemicals.
  • We are disconnected from the earth (by wearing rubber soled shoes all day).
  • We aren’t grateful and we don’t practice mindfulness.
  • We have unresolved emotional trauma.
  • We are in a constant state of fight or flight.
  • We breathe too quickly and shallowly.
  • We are exposed to electro-magnetic radiation.
  • Our minds are infected by TV, radio and Hollywood.

It’s just easier to blame a “germ”, rather than addressing the elephant in the room. If your government really cared about you and your health, they would have done everything they could to address all of these things mentioned above. But they have done nothing…

A weak, sick and demoralised population is easy to control. They also accept that a “virus” is the cause of all their health problems.

A healthy, strong, wise population cannot be controlled and that is a threat to the system.

We have the ability to take our power back!
There’s power in numbers folks…STAND UP AGAINST THIS TIRRANY & BULLSHIT and FIGHT BACK!! source

Cannibalism and the Hollywood elite.

Cannibalism is real, and it is one of the deepest and darkest secrets of Hollywood. We are also talking about human sacrifices.
Yes, even cannibalism, in their opinion, is delicious. If you’ve noticed, signs of cannibalism were everywhere all the time, including John Podesta’s enthusiasm for nut sauce, revealed as hell in Wikileaks emails, and reports of widespread use of adrenochrome.
Let me explain that the so-called “nut sauce” is obtained from the pineal gland of people who are terrorized, tortured and, as a rule, ritually killed before its extraction, and adrenochrome is extracted from the adrenal glands by the same methods.
The latter is memorably presented in the stunning controversial film “Adrenochrome”, which was available for a while on Amazon Prime. There is an even more specific and revealing “Adrenochrome 2”, also subjected to a concerted attack to completely block its spread. And the fresh blood of raped, frightened and tortured children contains adrenochrome, and this is their favourite drink.
I do not agree with the fact that the pineal gland produces adrenochrome. If you want, she produces her own elixir. The pineal gland is also a biological expression of the Third Eye, which makes it possible to perceive and realize beyond this reality. By an amazing coincidence, the almost ubiquitous fluoridation of water here in the United States and around the world calcifies it over time. Living with a blind third eye is NOT good.
The truth about cannibalism and the sacrifices of famous people who have fans or political influence is a truth that humanity will inevitably face. What is happening now will seem to many like a warm-up.

The cannibal Club.

Somewhere in Los Angeles, there is a dining club for cannibals, which opened in 2007, where those who are proud of their “enlightenment” dine on a “kitchen” of human meat prepared by their own chef.
On the Cannibal Club homepage, there is a quote by Henry Miller and a drawing of a woman (Eve?) who is going to take a bite from the forbidden apple.

This is how the Cannibal Club describes itself and flatters its cannibal customers:

“Cannibal Club, specializing in the preparation of human meat, gives refined tastes to the cultural elite of Los Angeles through advanced experimental cuisine. Our chefs come from all over the world to get the opportunity to practice their skills without compromise and without restrictions.
Our exclusive clientele includes famous film directors, intellectuals and celebrities who have adopted the ideals of Enlightenment-free expression and rationalism. In the evenings, our guests are entertained by avant-garde artists, famous literary figures and innovative musicians.
At the Cannibal Club, we celebrate artistic excellence as a natural and inevitable expression of the unrestrained human spirit.
Chef Sophie Laffite regularly updates our menu with new bold culinary experiments. The meat that we serve is selected from the young and healthy. In accordance with the practice of cannibalism in many primitive societies, we consider anthropophagy as a tribute to the dead, who are reborn in the bodies of their consumers. Thus, each dish is a sample of taste and elegance.”

And here is the Cannibal Club menu for one of the weeks:

  1. Penne pasta with meat sauce: “Delicious meat sauce made from fresh tomatoes as a family heirloom, served with multi-grain penne noodles.”
  2. Fillet Steak: “8-ounce grilled fillet steak, seasoned with fresh garlic, fried onions and our own Worcestershire sauce.”
  3. Pies with liver and mushrooms: “The Russian version of dumplings, rather baked than boiled, with a spicy filling of wild mushrooms and liver.”
  4. Placenta Lasagna: “Traditional lasagna with a single layer of cheese, replaced with chopped placenta in a family tomato sauce, seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano.”

And so on.

A document uploaded to Scribd on January 10, 2018, claims to be the “November Cannibal Club VIP list”, which lists Chelsea Clinton, openly gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, snake-tongued actress Meryl Streep and pop singer Katy Perry (who admitted that she sold her soul to the devil, and whose recent single “Bon Appétit” talks about cannibalism) as VIP visitors. source

What is the point of focusing on raising your energetic vibration? What does that even mean? Think of your vibration as the emotional quality that you are experiencing in each moment. When you feel the emotion of powerlessness, your vibration is much lower than when you feel the emotion of joy. Music is a vibrational sound frequency that can affect our emotions. Heavy metal music can have us feel tense and angry which has us vibrate at a lower frequency. In contrast, Indian flute music can expand and uplift our emotional body causing us to vibrate at a higher frequency. There are many ways to intentionally raise our vibration.

Quantum physics has shown that everything is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more potential and creative power that energy has. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we feel better, we are calmer, and our mind is clearer. Our bodies and minds are more responsive to incoming information and we make more holistic, integrated decisions. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we have access to information and ideas that are vibrating at that same frequency. Albert Einstein said that we can’t solve the world’s problems with the same thinking we used to create them. This means we must raise our vibration to a higher frequency where those types of higher vibrational solutions can be accessed.

It’s up to us to do what is best for ourselves including setting limits and honouring them for ourselves. We can do this when we clear out our old limiting beliefs about not being enough or that something is wrong with us. By doing this, we release the ideas that generated the lower vibrational emotions in the first place and settle into a higher vibrational state as a focused habit. When we do this, we find that other people and their drama don’t affect us as much. It’s much easier to stay inside of ourselves even when others are behaving badly.

You can begin the process by identifying where you tend to spend the most time vibrating. How does that affect your behaviour and the story you tell yourself? What does it feel like in each of your major relationships, at work, and with family? Get a sense of where you are and make a commitment to begin to move up the vibrational chart. One approach you can use to actively do this is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), often called ‘Tapping’. There are many great videos on YouTube to learn this simple and fast approach to recognizing how you are feeling while at the same time, acknowledging that you are fine just the way you are. Expressing how you feel without making anyone bad and wrong – including you, is the way to release the old limited perspective and the lower vibrational emotions that go with it.

All the time they were sending us signals 🤷♀️ 👇
1. Horse without a rider at JFK’s funeral…………….a and in the photo 👉 soldiers
Q-shaped, with a riderless horse in the back and JFK jr.
2. Little JFK Jr. at his dad’s funeral 👉 Tiffany Bluecoat
Melania at Trump’s inauguration 👉 Tiffany Blue costume (Melania
communicated with us using Dress Code) 👉 Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis favourite colour was Tiffany Blue 😉 source

Na obrázku môže byť 6 ľudí a text, v ktorom sa píše „alan König Ludwig der aus Bayern. Sebastian Kurz aus Österreich, Kurz König Ludwig Ur Ur Ur Enkel???“

Nürburgring (Formula 1) => Armada ……….. is close to the Ahrweiler (government bunker), about which I have already written a lot source

We live in extraordinary times and the seriousness of our situation cannot be underestimated. It is likely to get worse before it gets better. But it will get better in time.
Try to take time each day to enjoy the people, pets, activities and things you love. Keep a sense of humor.
Remember, the devil hates it when we ignore him and laugh at him.
In the time that Almighty God has chosen, we will be 100% focused on the enemy and not smiling.
We will fear God and remind him that he has already lost.
Those who do not support God but instead support the enemy can only be described as gluttony.
God has already won the battle we are now fighting for him.
We are on the side of VICTORY.
Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸 source

Vaccinated people should not hold a mobile phone near the brain or even the body!! Watch as the “thing” comes to life!! Graphene oxide is the key ingredient in the mystery needle! source
Na obrázku môže byť 2 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „...wir zeigen auch die Hintergründe. X 0:30 17:25 BLACK GOO Hintergründe und Bilder- Harald Kautz Vella“
Translated video about Black Goo.
📌 A film about the true cause of the Falklands War. The thesis assumes that there was oil there that could transmit artificial intelligence. The British wanted to do their own military reconnaissance there. That’s why they instigated the Falklands War. This oil not only transmits consciousness, it actively does so, so it can’t be misused.
They took 23 healthy people from this lab, all the others had some kind of ailment, joint pain, and through affirmation, they got back to a healthy state. They connected with the collective consciousness of the planet. Telepathically channel to every plant, every animal, learning an alien language within 2 weeks.
So I googled, searched, and came across an international diplomatic channel protocol that talks about pumping abiotic oil. All the countries were trying to get this oil. Only the French managed to get it from the source. But their technology onboard failed completely and people went crazy about the oil. The Americans wanted to seize the French submarine to take the experiment away. The Chinese, Brazilians and other countries tried to get this submarine. That’s why a lot of harmful chemicals were poured in to destroy this oil.
My son has a friend from the south of England, you rarely see a person with such a vigorous expression. How many times have I looked at him and he’s been able to connect with me, he knows what I’m thinking. I told him about Black goo and he laughed and said he was in stable connection with the core of mother earth.
Black goo came across my desk during my research in an extracted form, exactly what the English described. Stable liquid crystals. It responds to a state of consciousness, to thought. We’ve been watching what black goo will do to me. We found that I had reptiloid consciousness. And that’s where all sorts of contradictions begin. We’re talking about a cold black goo that’s filled with all kinds of pain. And in contrast, there’s the black goo that’s loving, empathetic, affectionate… The black goo came to the surface from the interior of the Earth many years ago and gained reptiloid consciousness at that time. My theory is that life originated from the interior of the planets, that it was created by the synthesis of co2 and water at high temperatures. Water must move properly, in resonance etc. And it begins to transmute. Black goo is created. The particles are like antennas of consciousness, connected to the black goo inside the Earth, to light waves, to biophotons. That’s how we can connect to the Earth. We are connected, we can create a collective consciousness. Everything we think, what we think and how we do is stored in this collective consciousness and affects our ascension.
All churches are always connected with water, black stones, they appear at Templar, at Mecca, everywhere. They are and have been associated with reptiloid consciousness. And we have to remove these remnants, people have to think positively and open the missing chakra. The reptilians have connected the black goo to only 3 chakras and thus trapped us in this 3Dimension, that was the purpose. Blackgoo connects us to the original consciousness of the Earth. But many people are still connected by dark ties to primal and lineage etc, only some have new abilities, clairvoyance etc and can use black goo. Permanently connected to Earth. I tried it on myself, it was an emasculating process that started with sleepless nights, migraines and later I felt as if the Earth itself was permeating me.
They played with cold black goo in the 3rd Reich, there was a heart block, the SS abused it.
We are currently trying to get black goo on the market in some form to make it available to everyone.
The Event Chronicle – Evil Black Goo Used in Mecca & the Vatican Black  Magic (Alarming Videos) – Rob Scholte Museum
Venom' (2018) Review - ReelRundown
In the movies, they always told us about everything..

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