News 02.05.2021


Whiplash347 says, “How about a little Internet down time?” What a delectable thought.

This sounds trippy. Read between the lines and don’t get your knickers in a knot. An Internet outage suggests the new QFS is going live. We have been eagerly awaiting the “10 days of darkness”, which doesn’t mean absence of Light, but rather MORE of it—as in TMI – too much information for some, but we will deal with it in real-time. The truth must be told, it must be known, and never repeated.

Just how influential is the media? It’s not just “news” or “opinions” it’s brainwashing, mind control and psychological operations. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it a long time. Are your thoughts your own?

There is always good news, and most of it is hidden due to the preponderance of activity that must remain behind the scenes for now.

Trump told us long ago. Of course they’re better prepared than they let on. Under-promise; over-deliver. That is Trump’s style. source

Let us breakdown the things that don’t make sense:

  1. The use of the presidential aircraft not showing as AF1; yet the AF2 callsign is used
  2. The increased presence of military around the White House and Capital building
  3. The continued implementation of security fencing around the White House and Capital building
  4. The use of modified media production (like greenscreens) to present false information
  5. The use of Park Police to fly as security to Delaware and other locations
  6. The USSS looking like a ruffle-dressed, mid-grade security team
  7. The White House lawn unmanicured with brown patches and weeds
  8. No State of the Union
  9. A president that doesn’t engage internationally and certainly doesn’t travel much even domestically
  10. No real questions by the media on any policy – foreign or domestic
  11. The sudden push for DC to become part of the 50 State Union

The list is endless and I could certainly keep going…

All of that said, I would like to key in on two things that have caught my attention. First, the use of Federal Park Police traveling to Delaware and back every time Biden (flashbang) travels home. Granted, they are indeed federal so they really don’t have any jurisdiction, but why them and not Homeland Security, US Military or one of the Secret Service teams?

Now, my understanding is that Trump also used the Park Police to run the traps locally around the White House, which makes sense, if that is ALL they are doing. Typically, you would size the asset based on the operation. If these guys are really running a security detail, they are nothing more than spotters.

Medical Bed Technology and Tesla Chambers

Trump on june 14 said to the nation, “within a year’s time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.”

Every city will have many medical beds and tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing dna along with curing all ailments.

Age regression (up to 30 years)
No more cancer
No more autism
No more fibermialga
No need for vaccines
No more alzheimers
No more joint pain
No more deficiencies
Proof is in the executive orders he has signed.

Med beds have the ability to regrow organs that are missing, such as a gall bladder, kidney or lymph nodes etc. Etc. Through the use of light spectrums and frequencies.

The Holographic Medical Pods or Med Beds are automated Stations where a medical expert Healer selects the type of procedure to be done from the computer database, then the patient lies down in the Pod or Bed and the Machine performs the medical operation or procedure. then the lasers close up the points of entry from where the procedure was done. These types of Holographic Med Pods or Beds have features such as an airtight operating shield, comfortable limb restraints, a laser scalpel, laser mirror arms, liquid spray anesthetic and vital signs sensors and all of these features are mounted on an adjustable titanium base. The Med Pods or Beds allow users to diagnose, treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures with ultra fine-laser incisions that are guided by 3D anatomical scanning. The 3D scanning has refractory lenses that take live scans of the body in order to do various medical procedures.

Med Bed technology has been ‘suppressed’ and hidden from the public for a long, long time. Fortunately, due to the planetary shift from 3D to 5D+ happening at this time, and the increasing demand for transparency by the human collective consciousness, an increasing number of courageous people are coming forward to disclose what they know has been hidden for decades, even centuries, and most likely for thousands of years. source

Whiplash347: All US nuclear tests are done on 2th May.

Reuters: Kabul on high alert amid ‘deadline’ for U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan source

The final phase of the American & NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan is now officially underway.

The military has been taking inventory, deciding what is to be shipped back to the U.S., what is handed to the Afghan security forces and what is sold as junk in Afghanistan’s markets.

In recent weeks, the military has been flying out equipment on massive C-17 cargo planes.

The U.S. is estimated to have spent more than $2 trillion in Afghanistan in the past two decades, according to the Costs of War project at Brown University source

May 2
Israel TV begins Transmitting in 1968
U.S Nuke Tests are done
10 Yr Anniversary of Operation Neptune (Osama Bin Laden) source

The mastery of energy

If we want to expand our well being, we need to find acces to our own personal life force.

Instead of feeling like we lose grip, slidding deeper down a rabbit hole where we can not see light anymore and feel trapped in a reality that does not feel like our own.
We can undo this negative vibration loop, we all get stuck in sometimes.

We have acces to our own positive pure love source of life force energy, that is available to us at all time.
We have just forgetten our inate and divine creative manifestation proces of our human design.

Stuck in the reality of thinking and doing, in a dimension that is ruled by filling in the external conditions to survive in daily life.

So many people feel lost and out of balance in this energy sucking way of life, that seems to become more and more difficult to life in with more and more rules and conditions to comply to.

We pinch ourselves of this life force with our own negative thoughts and believes and the ones from institutions and people around us in our lives.

As a result this lowers our vibration and we experience negative emotions, in contrast of the positive emotions and life experience we all long for.
Our thoughts and feelings become separated just like our energy flow becomes split.

The body doesn’t know the difference between an emotion created by an experience you’re having in the outside environment and experience you are creating internally by enjoying this new, self created elevated emotion.

So when you practice feeling elevated emotions and think thoughts that are greater than the self-limiting ones that keep you stuck in the past, your body begins to prepare chemically for the future (because it believes the future is happening now).

These elevated emotions have a higher (and faster) frequency than base emotions, like guilt, fear, jealousy, and anger.
And since all frequency carries information, when we change the frequency, we change our energy.

That new energy that comes available to you can then carry new information-a new consciousness or new sets of intentions or thoughts.

Connect to your heart
Connect to your higher Self
Connect to the heart of the earth
Recalibrate to the frequency of Love: God source

The Vatican is no longer a city or a state
The Vatican is no longer a city or a state. The Italian Parliament has voted with a majority to merge the Vatican with the city of Rome, thus ending the rule of Catholicism over the city-state. In mid-Jan., Italian law enforcement units arrested dozens of cardinals, as well as Pope Francis.
Everyone knew that the Vatican was the center of an international pedophile ring. The operation received the code name Sportlight. The invasion of the Italian military after the police was bloodless. No one was injured. Currently, the Italian gov’t has no clear position on what it will do with architectural wealth built over the centuries. Many of the buildings may be turned into museums. Other assets are likely to be auctioned off and made available to the survivors of the clergy abuse.
This is poetic justice. As the number of child abuse scandals involving the DS cabal continues to grow, it becomes impossible to conceal that these cases of sexual abuse and child exploitation are organized worldwide and are often governed by the same people who have strong influence on society and politics. Child s*ex trafficking has been proven to be more lucrative than the drug and weapon industry combined.
Nevertheless, perhaps the most famous child abuse scandal of all involves the Roman Catholic Church, which has been going on for most of the last hundred years and probably long before. Jesuits took over London in 1825, assisted by the Rothschild family, which has become the most powerful economic power in England. In turn, a company had taken over the economic rule of the Catholic Church since 1823 until this summer, when this empire was destroyed. source

I have been saying this for months now.
You can IMAGINE that every “BAD” Canadian Leader is “Not actually in CANADA”.
If they were here (doing their grocery shopping, driving around, doing life) they would be long “DEAD”.
With so many ANGRY ppl in Canada who have lost their livelihood, these ANGRY ppl have been looking for these leaders. You can GUARANTEE that. You would have seen videos of these ANGRY PPL “EGGING ” the leader’s vehicles. source
Magnet sticks to area injected by the vaccine- are the vaccinated getting microchipped? source
2020: President Trump Nominates Aquilino to Lead INDOPACOM
2021: Change of Command— Davidson Gives Power to Aquilino
Patriots in Control😎 source

Former President Donald Trump plans to move next month from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, a source familiar with his plan said on Tuesday.

Trump has made his club in Palm Beach, Florida, his home since leaving the White House on Jan. 20. But Mar-a-Lago typically closes in May for the summer. source

Explosions, huge blaze wreak destruction in #Iran chemicals plant near the city of Qom source

Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, will deliver an “important” televised speech to the nation today. source

The punishment for treason is death.

The punishment for crimes against humanity is eternal damnation.

Nobody escapes this. source

Môže ísť o čiernobiely obrázok, na ktorom je 7 ľudí
Gnostic Illuminati.
This group originates from old Russian nobility and was actually part of the Cabal a few generations ago. After the Rothschilds destroyed the Romanov dynasty this group has broken off the Cabal and decided to fight the Rothschilds, although they still use the same Illuminati symbolism and part of its ideology. Their purpose is to destroy the Rothschilds as revenge for what happened to Romanovs. They have strong contact in Russian and Eastern European criminal underground and they are also in contact with the Templars. Their spokesperson is Alexander Romanoff. They are heavily infiltrated with Rothschild agents and this group will be drastically restructured and cleaned after the Event. source

Solar storm travelling at 1.8million km per hour to hit Earth

Forecasters expect the stream to hit Earth on Sunday, May 2, and it could affect Earth’s satellite technology.

It has been categorised as a G1 class storm which can lead to “weak power grid fluctuations” and can have a “minor impact on satellite operations”.

Astronomer Tony Phillips wrote on his Space Weather site: “Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on May 2nd when a stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.

“The gaseous material is flowing faster than 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere.” source

📎North Korea said Biden made a “big mistake” by insulting Pyongyang’s nuclear program in his address to Congress and threatened “appropriate action.”
Pyongyang said that the United States is preparing for a full-scale confrontation with the DPRK.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK categorically condemns the US provocation as a clear manifestation of a hostile policy towards the DPRK with the aim of tarnishing its image and a gross violation of its state sovereignty,” the statement said.
Biden pledged in his first address to Congress last week to work with allies to address “serious threats” from the North and Iran through diplomacy and deterrence.

📎Democrats are trying to stop the audit in Arizona, citing the fact that the necessary checks have already been carried out. We know, and soon the people of Maricopa County will know, that $ 100,000 was spent by local lobbyists on two BOGUS inspections, which, of course, did not reveal a single violation. The audit continues.

📎BLM-Antifa rioters targeted an upscale restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, with at least one protester armed. The owner of the establishment went outside, armed with a gun, to stop the attack.

📎The rebels from Portland, in turn, celebrate May Day by destroying what is left of the city center (videos will be in the following posts).

📎The company selected for the audit in Windham, New Hampshire, was accused in 2019 of downplaying the security risks of voting machines and providing cover for unreliable companies.

📎Jill Biden has been called upon to restore the mansion’s garden to the condition that preceded former First Lady Melania Trump’s remodeling in 2019.
An online petition calling on Biden to return the Rose Garden to its “former glory” was signed by more than 54,000 people. It says Biden’s predecessor “removed the cherry trees, a gift from Japan, along with the rest of the foliage and replaced them with a boring tribute to herself.”

📎Communists march through Austin, Texas, praising mass murderers, block intersections during a May Day demonstration.

📎Weak and crooked Joe spends another weekend in a Delaware basement with no scheduled public events.

📎On Saturday, the Washington Post and the New York Times retracted false reports published this week that said the FBI had briefed Rudy Giuliani, warning him that he was the target of Russian influence operations. The Post also reported that One America News was also informed. Both Giuliani and OAN deny that the briefings were held.

📎A math teacher is “relieved of his duties” after refusing to introduce students to a toxic curriculum based on critical race theory at Grace Church School in New York.

📎CNN journalists try to interfere with the audit-they harass employees, take photos of their car license plates, and try to show close-ups of their faces.

📎The Tennessee Legislature has approved a bill that would require watermarks to be placed on absentee ballots. The Senate passed the bill 27-0. source

Something BIG is going on.
DS changed his Twitter header
& now following 838 people = Q838 = BOOM.

He also added “Senior advisor,
President Donald J Trump” (PRESENT TENSE).
He’s telling us that DJT is the legitimate POTUS & will hopefully be officially recognized as so soon.

Operation GERONIMO 10 year anniversary TODAY.
Who stole Geronimo’s skull (WHY)?

BIG things are about to Occur/Shift.
Change of narrative will be required. [+4][+5]
Who’s in charge? Who’s really in charge?




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