News 02.06.2021


I don’t know how to play chess, but even I can see this 5D match is only for the masters. Hence, SerialBrain2 referring to Trump as “the maestro”. I may become a nail biter.

The rhetoric is incendiary and the cabal is in a panic. It’s hard to believe the media is suddenly so transparent in their angst and agenda.

Dr. Douglas Frank explains one of the strategies to reinstate Trump:

“We need three states, to take back their electors, to recall their electors. So say Pennsylvania, finally comes clean, and says yes, our election was completely corrupted. We’re decertifying our election.

If you can get two more states with enough electoral college votes then Biden will have less than 270.

The Constitution provides for that.

If either party doesn’t have 270 electoral college votes it automatically goes to the 12th amendment. The 12th amendment says each state gets one vote plus the President of the Senate. And, the vote for each state is decided by the majority vote in that State.

So Trump has 37 states with the majority. It would be 37 to 14 and Trump is the President again. That’s what the Constitution says. And, that’s just one strategy.”

Disclaimer: This would be unprecedented, but unprecedented times of fraud call for unprecedented remedies.

…You may have seen the bad news for travellers who got the jab so they could be free to fly. The irony is, I hear, that the airlines won’t be able to let the vaxxed fly due to the blood clot thing. That would be a nasty twist.

Romana Didulo asked another interesting question yesterday:

How do you know that the Whitehats and Federation Alliance have not taken over all pharmaceutical companies and their vaccine manufacturing plants?

She also said this…

MedBeds & latest medical technologies

Yes, we will have MedBeds in all of our Hospitals from Coast to Coast to Coast.

We will replace the old and obsolete technologies the Hospitals currently use.

The men, women, and children of Canada 2.0, will have the best of the best of everything when it comes to health care.

Also, our people will have the option to choose between the MedBeds or going to a Natural Medicine practioner.

And this…

Global Patriots, there are Military Operations, 24/7, in all Countries.  No Country has been forgotten. Many of you will see me arrive on a Military Aircraft.

World’s Largest Meat Processor JBS Hit by ‘Cybersecurity Attack,’ Shifts Canceled

Could it about a meat shortage and more hoarding? All of the above? I believe it’s usually the former, although they never say it. People aren’t ready to hear there’s Human flesh in the food chain. Ronald thought it was funny, didn’t you Ronny? Not so funny now, is it, you creepy clown? source

Just going to put this here. August references all over the place.Also, given the way things are going…CDC Declas?

What if we don’t necessarily need CURES?What if we could stop disease at its ROOTS?

I always wondered from year to year how they knew it was going to be a good or bad season for colds and flu. What if every time you ever got sick, it came from a military bio-weapons lab in China?

Please use your discernment with these two tweets from (Q) The Storm Rider. The first tweet refers to a potential [n]uclear scare event, and the second tweet is about serious flooding in [C]hina near the Three Gorges Dam.

Sidney Powell rocking the Q card on her jacket. source
Scavino 2:22:16

Thank you for your service.
The importance of Anons (Patriots) and your commitment thus far is incalculable.
God bless. source
1 year delta
Pompeo missing [ing]
Law of War Ref page 750
which is 11.3
(Policy is “remain” but grammar is off regardless) source

1 year delta
USACE added [ing]
Law of War Ref page 1001
On Cyber Attacks
Grassley 2:07 Cyber match
Also matches Pompeo tweet from my prior post.

The state of Arizona is bringing back the gas chamber, and the gas they’re going to use is Zyklon-B, the very same poison gas that the Nazis used in places like Auschwitz to exterminate 6 million Jews. source

Trump’s blog has been shut down. The page, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” has been scrubbed from the website and “will not be returning,” his senior aide Jason Miller said. “It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” he added. The statements though are still available in the “News” section. source

More people have died in the last 5 months from CCP vaccines, than died in the previous 20 years from vaccines.

And Counting! source

“The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.”


There you have it folks. The man who admitted to wearing a mask for the cameras, admitted that MASKS DON’T STOP COVID before the virus outbreak even occurred in the US. He also said this publicly, but people ignored it when he flipped his opinion. source
I’ve seen plenty of the Fauci emails being posted all over social media tonight, but nobody is talking about what the redactions tell us!
If you look in the grey (redacted) area, you’ll see a letter and number code assigned to each portion. This code essentially describes WHY the text was redacted. I included two of the juicer emails I’ve seen so far below. But what is most important is the context of the emails combined with the redaction codes.
For instance, these two emails include (b) (4), (b) (5) and (b) (6) redactions, while discussing concerns over a BOMBSHELL study done last year which showed that there were 4 different HIV insertions in Covid. Fauci’s response is redacted with a (b) (5) code.
Per the section of the national archives on redaction codes (link below), this is the definition of a (b) (5) code…
“Reveal formally named or numbered U.S military war plans that remain in effect, or reveal operational or tactical elements or prior plans that are contained in such active plans.”
What does this tell us, folks???
Why do you think they announced their preparation for nuclear war over our investigation of the matter?
Anons have known this (as usual), but confirmation is nice.
Buckle up. source

👉👉 Five-month large-scale operation in Asia: 585 cybercriminals arrested. They scammed people on the internet and robbed them of their money. Police froze 1,600 bank accounts in nine countries and seized $83 million.
👉👉 Europol raids with 700 police officers on human traffickers in five German states and Slovakia. They smuggled more than 100 Vietnamese into Germany. The arrest of the two main perpetrators. Further investigations are underway.
👉👉 The US Coast Guard stopped a mafia ship carrying 2.8 tons of COCAINE.
A major Europol operation in the Netherlands and France. Industrial cocaine lab busted in Rotterdam, international drug gang jailed. Europol: “The lab was run by a syndicate trying to flood Europe with cocaine.”
👉👉 A drug lab was discovered in Mistelbach (Austria). The trio produced kilos of hard drugs for NEW ZEALAND and smuggled them in drinks cans. Two arrests, one on the run source

The Latest multidimensional breaking news.

The galactic core or central sun is connected to all the other suns and consciousness and energy is flowing down those connections becoming exponentially stronger. Did you know there are light beings existing on the Sun, NASA has photos of them and they are replete throughout our ancient history known as the Sun Gods.. Our sun is blasting us with one CME coronal mass ejection after another. Add that to the recent full blood Moon and the eclipse it is a perfect storm for change and changes like never before are unfolding. The Schuman resonance has whited out off, the scale. There are explosions on several dormant volcanoes or mountains, pressure releases and a series of quakes here in America. We are going to see a lot of symptoms, aches, pains, extreme lethargy along with emotional outbursts as these energies continue to come in. Some call this ascension sickness. In the spiritual community it is called energy sickness. To much energy coming in, bottling up in chakras with blocks and not being able to ground. There will be an increase in severe weather, lightning and storms never before seen. There will also be an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity globally. As we speak people are fleeing from new eruptions. On a political scale we are ascending into in the last days of the tyrants. They are not frequency specific to the new earth energies, their deeds are being made known for all to see and their karma is being accelerated. Finally, an event that so many people of moral character and integrity have been waiting for is finally here. The roll out has begun. Although many arrests have already been made and justice dispatched by the military courts it is finally coming to light in the public arena. Those who have been watching the theater with discerning eyes have been scratching their heads. Mr. T has always been in the ring. Why do you think he is still riding on the real Air Force 1, and Marine 1? Why does he still have access to the pentagon, why doesn’t Joe, and why didn’t Joe get the football, access codes to the nukes? What is with all the bad acting, the 3d printed masks they forget to tuck in. This is for those who have eyes to see and to educate those that don’t. Prepare for some shocking news concerning the Election fraud, Child Trafficing, Stay tuned to Scott McCay, Mel K, Charley Ward, veritas is good and other citizen journalist. There are a few politicians and news anchors stepping up to the plate that cannot be silenced. Almost everything you have been told about the demic and the errection was a complete fraud.

…It is all coming out, the jab companies, Gates, Fauci, the plan by the eugenicists lockstep with the Cabal making billions at the expense of humanity carrying out what now can only be defined as global genocide and population control. We are entering the last phase the fall of the Tyrants. Ignorance and denial will be deadly in the days to come. The information has been out there, so many refused to listen in fact many attacked the very people trying to save them. You know those awful conspiracy nut cases we are now finding out were right and ahead of their time. It was said those who are not connected or listening to Creator are getting the jab because they are listening and aligning themselves with another force. In the days to come the world is going to find out listening to main stream and the social medias social engineering was not in their highest and best good.

So what is coming, what are we going to see in the days to come? There are three things you need to know about. 1 Your ancient history and the prophesies, 2. Frequency, cycles and incoming energies the real drivers behind social, economic and physical earth changes, our evolution in general. Did you know the weather is driven by the Sun and the Sun is driven by the central sun? Co2 does not drive the weather. CO2 is .04 % of the air. Humans create less than 3% of the .04%. Our C02 footprint is barely negligible. The oceans are rising one millimeter in the northern hemisphere a year and zero rise at the equator. If you want to know who is behind the Global Warming hoax follow the money, where does the money go for carbon credits? The global elite and their corporations the major polluters. Ask the media where do the billions go for carbon credits? You will hear crickets. This brings us to 3, The goals of the Cabal, their agendas and how they think or view the rest of humanity. None of this insane inhumanity will never be understood until you know the plans of the global elite and their non-human evil seen and unseen overlords. It would also be wise to learn about your multidimensional self, past lives, UFOs, their goals and agendas past present and future. Remember Enlightenment means being in knowledge of, the whole story, both sides of the coin.

…I can give you my image of God gained through endless research and two near death experiences. It is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. In its most unlimited expression it is a pure unconditional love, joy and bliss no words can explain. No book or intellect can capsulize the vastness of God.

…We are finally breaking free of those draconian energies with the help of the benevolent Annunaki. There are also feline beings on the 5th, 6thand 7thdimensions assisting. The 5thare humanoid cat beings, the 6thare upright panthers 12 to 14 feet tall and the 7 D Lion beings are 14 to 17 feet tall. They were once known as the protectors of the Gods. They left and returned to Lyra and Sirius when the fallen Annunaki fell and strayed away from Universal Law. There are the Pleiadians which are usually on the 5th, 6thand 7thdimensions depending on their spiritual evolution. Many drop into the 4theven third on missions to assist humanity. Many have incarnated as Saints, Sages and Masters in service to humanity and the Earth. Starseeds are being initiated, many who have incarnated from very advanced civilizations are waking up and getting on with their work. There are also the Masters, Saints and Sages from every culture assisting in the awakening and healing. There are civilizations billions of years old beyond the 7thknown as the Laka and the Jasai yet few can access them. There are others to numerous to mention observing and participating in the Great Awakening. They are all in service to the Creator within all Creation here to restore Universal Law and assist us in joining the Greater Family of man/woman throughout the multiverse. The ground crew are often referred to as the White Hats, they come in every size shape and color, they are men/women of integrity, they understand Universal Law as best represented on Earth as the original constitution. They are lovers of freedom and are willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain it. Some are aware to one degree or another of the higher forces at play, some are not, just good people doing what is right.

It would be irresponsible to speak of the light side without giving a balanced message concerning the dark side doing all it can to keep humanity enslaved and in darkness. There are ancient ones who fell, shifted into self-service. They are morally challenged, void of love, joy and bliss and have little or no empathy. Although they may be intellectually or technologically advanced, they are spiritually backwards. They are as disconnected to humanity and nature as they are disconnected to God. Satanic/Luciferian groups worship these seen and unseen entities. Some of these entities are reptillians, there is the Grey Alliance mostly responsible for the abductions and experimentation on cattle and humans, a host of other malevolent off worlders along with what some refer to as demons, discarnate corrupted humans in the 4thdimension. This includes some incarnate humans that have sold their souls in their lust for power and wealth to these dark overlords participating in sacrificial and other dark ceremonies. These satanic/luciferian groups are replete throughout the global elite, politics, Hollywood and the music industry. They are master manipulators, experts and social engineering, division, the source behind the disempowerment and social engineering of humanity. They are the war and disease profiteers many of which feed upon human suffering. Those who swallowed the red pill are fully aware of them. They are on a downward spiral no longer frequency specific to the awakening and healing process, earths evolution. There are so many different off-worlders it would take a few books to cover the subject these are the main players.

In the days to come the light shall prevail. What is pressing in on the Earth is an unstoppable force. God/Creator/Great Spirit and the beautiful many servants of the Creator within all Creation is exponentially pressing in along with the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders. Benevolent Inner Earth beings are also participating in the Awakening, Healing and planetary liberation of Earth. The white hats or what some call patriots are the ground crew whether of not knowing where their inspiration is coming from. We all need to get on the right side of the fence and do our part. source


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