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I can scarcely believe half the year has gone already.

From time to time it occurs to me that if I sat down with someone who knew nothing about what has happened on this “planet” to explain it, I would fail in the first five minutes. It’s unbelievable on so many levels. It’s the opposite of what we’ve been raised and trained to think. How do you ease someone into that?

182 unmarked graves located on Ktunaxa Nation territory in B.C.

Whatever people believe about life in this place, I’m pretty sure that the massacre and mutilation of children is not okay with most people. I must point out that the article below is the THIRD different account of its kind in as many weeks.

Are you detecting a trend here? You should be. These three articles tell of 1,148 innocent souls whose bodies were dumped unceremoniously in mass, shallow graves in some cases.

Worse, the articles don’t speak of this as a crime whatsoever.

Let’s not beat about the bush concerning the diseases and death that occurred within the population of the North American First Nations people. We have heard accounts that the early explorers gifted the natives with blankets laden with small pox which decimated their numbers.

I would not be surprised if we learn that these little kids siphoned off to Indian Residential Schools by the Canadian government were purposely given the diseases mentioned in these articles. They experimented on them and tortured them.

Some of the remains dug up in various mass graves at institutions involving children across the planet have had mutilated bones in them. Some skeletons were decapitated. This is pure evil, folks. There is no other way to state it accurately and they don’t get to just say they’re sorry and offer the families cash to forget about it. Acknowledging it is NOT equivalent to an apology, nor does an apology suggest remorse.

This is mass murder.

Is this a case of the criminals trying to hide the evidence of their crimes? Whatever is prompting these grisly revelations, this is The Apocalypse—but not the apocalypse the control freaks want to talk about.

They have changed our language just as they have changed our history. If you look up the meaning of “apocalypse” online you’ll likely see the meaning as the end of the world by catastrophic event.

My trusty Pocket Oxford Dictionary printed in 1962 says it means, “revelation”. What is unfolding is the revelation of all that is false—which is pretty much everything. No subject remains intact.

We’re going to rip the shrouds from our shadowy world and show Humanity the real deal, as shocking as it will be. We’re exposing the satanic “elite”. This apocalypse is the end of their world. In a sense, it will mean the end of the world as we know it, because the revelation of the truth will shred the reality we thought we inhabited.

If you don’t think something is desperately wrong with this reality, you need a checkup from the neck up. Stolen elections, people mysteriously dying after uncovering incriminating evidence about key political figures, censoring the social media of the President of the United States, pandemics that were created out of thin air by the lying, treasonous media, the suppression of treatments for the “virus”, people dying from vaccines, putting people in jail because they won’t wear a face mask when they’re not sick, butchering people for their organs… we’re talking the depths of depravity, my friends.

How bad does it have to be for Humanity to get it? Has the slide down this slippery slope been so gradual that few noticed?

A brilliant and courageous attorney, Reiner Fuellmich updates us on the largest tort lawsuit in history. A massive class action suit is in play to prosecute the lying, manipulative demonic entities on this planet who orchestrated a fake pandemic and shut down the entire world. Learn of the outstanding work on behalf of Reiner and his team from many countries who are exposing the scamdemic for what it is. 49 minutes.

Update from Reiner Fuellmich on the Scamdemic Tort

A guy going by the name “Mr. Pool” posts intriguing but vague photos on Twitter which subsequently wind up on Telegram. I’m not the best at decoding them, but we have some interesting ones to look at through the eyes of some “anons”; one of whom said Mr Pool referenced a “pole flip”. The capture below clearly relates to JULY if you rearrange the letters

Romana Didulo brings news of coming events in light of the fact that July 1 is actually a satanic ritual day for the psychopaths.:

Dear Canadians 2.0,

Since July 1, 1867 each year Canadians celebrated this day #innocently and #jubilantly with their friends, families, and loved ones.

Unbeknownst, to them all the real meaning of July 1st to the Satanists/Demonic Entities/Worshippers.

Canada, today, as a Country and as People is at #War as we continue to uncover the heinous crimes committed and perpetuated by those in power, authority and influence and covered up by Governments from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Canada 2.0, will have her very own True and Real Independence Day Celebration AFTER our Special Forces and Allied Special Forces have cleared out all unwanted Guests in Canada.

We will have a new Canada Day #date. A day that is NOT linked to Satanic Rituals and Calendar.

Please, use today to pray for all of our:

1) Special Forces/Military,

2) Global Allied Forces,

3) Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces,

4) Our Intergalactic Special Forces protecting planet Earth and Humanity.

5) The Whitehats and the true and Ancient Royal Families Bloodlines. Majority if not all of Whitehats come from Ancient Royal Families Bloodlines.

6) Honour the Indigenous Children whose remains continue to be discovered – these children never had a chance at life in the hands of the evil doers.

Today, set your individual energetic intentions. Start by saying thank you God/Creator for the liberation of Canada and Canadians, and the whole of Earth.

And, thank you for Peace and Prosperity reigning around the World source

A brilliant new Cue proof from President Trump. Don’t you just love this man? He knows we Anons are watching.

Here is an interesting excerpt from James McConnell’s latest channelling of One Who Serves. It discusses the [v]accine and how the Alliance has neutralized as much of the toxins as possible – but the effects of the jab still depend on the level of your vibration.

Guest: We were discussing earlier this morning about the vaccines and how some people have had serious reactions, and some have even died from the vaccines, and some don’t seem to be affected at all. We were wondering if some of the vaccines have been protected or altered by either the Galactics, or the White Hats, or the positive Military to make them inert to some people. Is that at all true? And then I have a little second piece after that.

OWS: You have to understand that it is always about vibration and consciousness. So those that vibrate at a higher rate will not be affected by these so-called vaccines, or anything that the dark forces put out there, because they are not in fear. They are not responding to the old three-dimensional playbook here, if you will. So there is no reason to think that those that are at that higher vibration will be affected by this. 

Now, can they get the virus? Certainly, yes they can. They can get the flu. They can get a cold, and things like that. But if their vibration is high, they will not get it, you see? So those that are at that higher vibration, and even if they did take this so-called vaccine, it will not have the effect that the dark ones want it to have here.

Now, is it true that the Forces of Light, the Alliance, did those things that they could to minimize the effects of this, again, so-called vaccine? Yes, they did. And they are still doing that.

Do some, though, get through and are undetected and get to those that have the lower vibration? Yes, they do. And those are the ones that we have spoken of that have their exit point planned ahead and knew that they were going to come here and be a part of the expression of consciousness that raises consciousness here in terms of the Great Awakening. So as more people realize that they are being affected by these vaccines and these types of things, then they will find that they are awakening more and more here, you see?

This might be the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

Britney’s boyfriend pointed out that Don Jr misspelled her name & wrote “EVEN SENIOR KNOWS…” in his next post. 😉 KEK! 🐸 source

💥Judge approves unsealing of documents linking Ghislaine Maxwell to Clintons💥💥💥 Here we goooooo!!!! link source

Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech plan to ask for FDA emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 5 to 11 by fall (Daily Mail) source

White House to deploy “Delta variant” response teams across the United States. source

New Twitter-like social network called “GETTR” launched today. Trump’s former spokesman, Jason Miller, is leading the platform. source

Masonic Grand Lodge formed in 1717. Total Solar Eclipse that year was April 16. Delta of Titanic & Notre Dame burning. Notre Dame is Nostradamus, who died July 2. July 2, 2020 is delta of Maxwell arrest. April 16, 1717 to July 2, 2021 is 111111 days. source

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20210702_080006_854-1024x446.jpg

Masonic Grand Lodge formed in 1717. Total Solar Eclipse that year was April 16. Delta of Titanic & Notre Dame burning. Notre Dame is Nostradamus, who died July 2. July 2, 2020 is delta of Maxwell arrest. April 16, 1717 to July 2, 2021 is 111111 days. source

1 year delta
Facebook censorship source
Washington DC/Arlington Virginia: Reports of widespread outages with tens of thousands without power, widespread tree damage, and potential injuries due to strong winds up to 60-70 MPH or even a tornado. source
What is going on in Dallas tonight? 👀 source
Earthquake in Turkey 😳 source
👀👀 PHOENIX IN THE Sky source
Who died in the crash? Or if they lived, why were they so important? Or what was on the plane?

Is this “crash” pointing us to the other famous Hawaii crash? The one of Obama’s birth certificate expert Loretta Fuddy that was the only person to die in the crash. I mean [they] couldn’t have someone with the truth of that knowledge walking around can they? source
The Simpsons strike again!!
“JFK still alive” source

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