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According to one of the main allies, this week Trump held meetings with” cabinet members ” at his golf club in New Jersey. “I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you the following: we would not have met tonight if we had not made plans for real progress led by President Trump,” said one of the participants of the meeting, Mark Meadows. source

White Hats >>moves> cards ♠️♦️

RUSSIA GATE/BEING REVEALED..>>Pompeo investigation into the House Intelligence Committee reveals Swalwell, Schiff , Pelosi connected tlo HRC>\ Obama> cabinet members took INTEL from the CIA (also involved) and gave to reporters to create a Narrative about Trump<

TREASON>>/Haspel/FBI >Comey  named inside several investigations connected to ELECTION fraud < TREASON> SEDITION..
/// [They] are now trying to shut down social media Q ANON FOLLOWERS AND TRUTHERS and lable all as terrorist and or white supremacists fractions who share all this information coming to Light.
Many Election FRAUD Media outlets are taken down and much Patriots and Support across the world of the great AWAKENING is being censored at the highest levels of all platforms…
Stay vigilant PATRIOTS…

White Hats across the World are working HARD…. source

So the Earth is moving through the Galaxy at 62,000 mph (that’s 4X the speed of a bullet … You understand how fast that is???)
And at the same time rotating, spinning on it’s Axis at over 1,000 mph. The Moon is a quarter of a million miles away (240.000 miles) orbiting the Earth at a speed of 2,288 mph (3X times the speed of sound/ faster than a bullet)….>>And
[NASA] is telling you a small space shuttle will leave the Earth’s atmosphere and engage easily with 67,000 mph solar wind velocity (that’s like throwing a one grain of sand out a widow of a speeding car moving at 200 mph)… And at the same time… This space shuttle is going to travel half a million mile round trip on a tank of gas????…. And return to Earth.. perfectly finding an entry point (mind you that we traveling 4X times the speed of a bullet and spinning 1000 mph on our Earth axis) easily ????

You would think traveling half a billion miles there would be asteroids and space debris …..
(50 BMG bullet can penetrate but bullet proof glass and Steel really easily…… But a small space rock.. debris will collide with the shuttle at speeds beyond 67,000 mph)
[Control the narrative][MSM] source


Intervening parties in the case request to Judge Preska to speed up the declassification process of the documents that Ghislaine does not want released to the public.

A small reminder that these docs will include reportedly THOUSANDS of highly recognized names. CEO’s, celebrities, politicians and more.

The Judge already ordered the unsealing of the documents month ago. Ghislaine has been slow walking it to try and avoid release, All while she is preparing her criminal trial she faces.

Let’s see how Judge Preska responds in a day or two.

As I’ve been saying, Ghislaine is also another HUGE bombshell the DS is doing their best to control. This is going to do serious damage to the names involved in these documents when they are unsealed.

Eyes on 👀

August is already HOT 🔥 source

A couple weeks ago we discovered Call of Duty WWII contained secret transmissions, specifically in a map called Gibraltar. This game dropped 11-3-17 the same day Q posted #68…

The voice in the transmissions was French – the French refer to UK monarchy as leopards.

The Swedish Tiger is a Swedish WWII propaganda saying that means “Swedes stay silent.” Wallenberg’s family motto is “Esse, non Videri”  which loosely means “to act, but not to seem to be.”

•  The Leopards = UK Royals
•  The Tigers = Wallenbergs
•  Morse code = UWB…tech used to precisely map ship’s interiors

Ghilaine Maxwell’s husband also founded CargoMetrics, a company for accurately mapping ship’s locations.

This is a transmission of cutting ties once they realize Trump is coming after them. “Viva le resistance” refers to friends they still have in DC, as seen in texts between Kevin Clinesmith and other FBI attorneys… LP? PS?

H/T Digger Pepes source

Well, this snaps the puzzle a bit more into focus for us with EA, Microsoft, COD WW2, games comm, pedo chats with bing, games abusing kids, Minecraft predatory chat news, etc…

The leopard is the UK Crown and tigers are the Swedish families behind them.

They connect at Gibraltar both in the worldwide human traffic geographical global shipping and postal war, and in the game. 2017 hit, Trump/Mil were rolling through SA, the EU, and the Vatican cutting heads of snakes WW with NSA data, the d33pst8 sent a comm out through EA in the Gibraltar map, saying “we who are wealthy must cut all ties.”

The Swedes and the Crown?

It was comms about the current state of the whole operation. Vive resistance was a comm that they still had friends in DC. (LP, and the rest of the F-I folks)

CODWW2 -> Sledgehammer -> EA Sports -> Jeff Huber, John Mueller -> GOOG

Close? source

🔥President Trump says “you’re gonna be very happy” in response to someone yelling that we need him back ‌‌source

New Earth

I woke up at 2:30 this morning and huge loads of energy were flowing through my body. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Then I was lifted above anything I could even describe. I was taken to the future of the New Earth, the age that is being created right now because the New Earth was fully born in 2020. All I can say is that the earth and ancient humanity are indeed at a crucial crossroads, as they have never been before. There will be some who simply will not reach the New Earth and this is their own choice because every soul has free will and choice. Many are influenced by external forces and even by those around them and give in, even against their own inner knowledge. This will lead to a mass exodus of souls and will increase in the coming weeks, months and years. Now it’s your own free decision which way to go. Whether you allow yourself to give in to the masses and let yourself be under pressure and be drawn deeper into the swamp and thus into the disintegration of the Old Earth. Repeat the same old forgiveness, shame and guilt, the same old negative patterns, and so on. Or you can choose to let yourself be purified to the highest degree and then transfigured, and that actually means a daily change and a huge influx of powerful changes every day that will now escalate to an even greater extent, because now we must be lifted above all that has ever been! Now is the time to shed the ancient garments of the old earth and the old you forever and allow ourselves to be reborn in the new and open to receive the new clothes and the whole new life and new beginnings. All this is in your hands. You have free will and choice. source

One protester in #Berlin collapsed “in the course of an identity check” by the police and subsequently died in a hospital. source

_- Ammunition shelves bare as U.S. gun sales continue to soar

_Pfizer and Moderna ramp up #COVID19 vaccine prices in the European Union as demand increases for expected “booster shots,” generating billions of dollars

_Thousands protest in #Berlin against Covid restrictions despite a ban by the authorities. The police try to regain control with punches, batons, and pepper spray.

_YouTube has reportedly temporarily banned Sky News Australia from posting over “Covid misinformation”.

_Science reporter, Alex Berenson, has been temporarily locked out by Twitter for quoting the results from a clinical trial by Pfizer.

_”Powerful” cyberattack shuts down the VACCINATION appointments website in Italy’s Lazio region

_ Transport into #Beijing halted as China reports 350 #COVID19 “cases” in 27 cities across the country

_Myanmar: State of emergency extended with coup leader as PM

_Biden’s Department of Justice just issued a warning to states about performing election audits.

_COVID vaccination suspended after chaos at Karachi expo center in Pakistan. Glass door broken, security guard injured.

_The US Department of Defense issues a mandate requiring all military officials to provide proof of vaccination status or face strict safety protocols aimed at curbing the spread of COVID following Biden’s order.

_AFGHANISTAN – The Taliban have shelled the Shindand Airbase in Herat Province tonight. At least 3 Afghan commandos were killed and several others were wounded.

_CDC admits that “fully vaccinated” Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral…

_FDA document admits “covid” PCR test was developed without isolated covid samples for test calibration,…

_In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new “delta” infections are occurring in…

_Local government in the Philippines declares that unvaccinated people are barred from purchasing FOOD

_Congressional Report Questions “Unusual” Activity At Wuhan Lab Involving “Air Disinfection, Hazardous Waste Systems”

_’Weird making her border czar didn’t work’: Kamala Harris thrashed as polling shows she’s historically ‘unpopular’ VP

_Gates Foundation Is Longtime Partner Of Chinese Communist Group Which Funded Military-Linked Coronavirus Research At…

_COVID-19 Deaths in US Getting Worse but Far Below Pandemic Peak: CDC Data

_mRNA vaccine inventor: COVID-19 vaccines may make the virus more dangerous

_’The Chi:’ ‘People of Chicago Don’t Need Policing,’ Reality: 50 Shot This Weekend

_CBS Slaps Down Fauci, CDC Claim Vaccinated Are Spreading COVID in Large Numbers source

August is hot! Congress is away! source

Holly Monday RV News:

No matter what keep going the distance. We were chosen to be part of this! Stay the course and we will succeed. The greatest transfer of wealth did not come easily to us. It was not handed on a silver platter. We all earned our right at the table. Give thanks and gratitude you have a seat. The RV is a military operation. It is not controlled by China.

Nesara/Gesara will be announced at some point. When it does is when the debt forgiveness happens.

The EBS will go off and disclosure videos will happen.

Be careful who you follow as a lot of misinformation is coming out. source

Augsburg – A JUDGE has released 4000 child PORN recordings. Claus P., 56, got only 3 years and 10 months in prison. Have a nice stay in prison you sleepy, paedophile redhead!!! source
286 arrested in global human trafficking and migrant smuggling
Police rescue 430 victims of human trafficking and identify 4,000 illegal migrants from 74 countries link source

India – Police in Udisha arrested a gang that trafficked newborn babies.
Seven persons were arrested in Rourkela in Udisha when police busted a gang trafficking newborns. The babies were being sold outside the state, especially in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Five of the seven participants were women. link source

BQQM 💥💥 LIVE on Turkish TV
The fake virus, the climate lie and the B1den administration run by the ilumi+nats is said openly.
ATV is one of the channels that also dealt with the Adren+ochrome issue etc.
A channel loyal to Erdo+gan that is not controlled and funded by the US. They constantly talk about the ilum+inates fight against Erd*gan+. source

📌👇 I found it on the German net and translated it

Good evening, Frank,
Today at about 13:00 we encountered a kilometre-long Bundeswehr convoy on the A2 motorway towards Hanover near Gütersloh. There were a total of 17 (!) different vehicles on the road, including a military policeman. Here are some impressions. Maybe you can find some sense of the vehicles. It didn’t look like the vehicles were returning from a flood area, it was too clean for that.

📌📌 Thank you, dear Sarah, dear Jens – great photos. These are Pioniere vehicles. This is a very good sign as they are just about to go into action. When the Pioniere hit the road, it won’t be long…. 🤗🙏
The ones in your photos are from Panzerpionierbatallion 130 in Minden as seen on the vehicles. So the location also matches. Take care and thanks a lot for the great feedback 🥰👍 source

In a 5-minute YouTube video, BILD editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt said:
“Millions of children in this country, for whom we are all responsible as a society, I would like to say what our Federal Government and our Chancellor have not dare to say so far: We ask your forgiveness. We ask your forgiveness for a year and a half of politics, who sacrificed you.”
To victims of violence, neglect, isolation, emotional loneliness. For politics and media reporting that to this day, like poison, gives you the feeling that you are a mortal danger to our society.” You’re not, don’t let that persuade you. We have to protect you, not you us, “admits BILD editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt source

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