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We all know nothing can stop what is coming and I think you can feel the tension amping up as the election audits and investigations put the fear of God in the criminal, lunatic left in America.

We’re putting the screws to the cabal and they’re franticly trying to buy time, which is what they’ve always done. Unfortunately for them, their backs are up against the great ice wall. Nowhere to go but prison. We understand they will summon their mercenary black armies but we can handle them.

Dan Scavino posted this Tweet again. I see that gold fringe on the flag which means… the military is in control.

They messed with our DNA
They lied about who we are and our origins
They imprisoned us in this holographic construct and looped our souls into reincarnating here again and again
They poisoned our air, water, and food
They injected us with toxic “vaccines” to give us diseases and further their eugenics programes
They manipulated us with their mockingbird media so we don’t know the truth about anything
They used the education system to dumb us down
They trained doctors to destroy us with pharmaceuticals, butchery and quackery never meant to help
They used drugs and arms to destroy our neighbourhoods
They used sex, drugs, and blackmail to entrap good people
They sent us off to fight brutal, senseless wars they planned and created for their benefit
They kept us serfs and slaves, generating wealth and abundance for their lavish lives
They stole our technologies and kept them for themselves
They abducted people, wiped their minds, and took them off planet to be slaves in their other colonies
They used us as a food and energy supply
They made movies and television shows to program our minds and cast their evil spells
They used Hollywood “stars” and entertainment to give us clues about reality while they laughed at our ignorance
They tortured Humans for their betting pools and sick entertainment
They worshipped and sacrificed to Satan…
I’m sure I missed a few but you get the picture.
And now, their time is up.

Fauci is probably the next to go down—and you know what that means; the Wu Flu psycho-drama is OVER.Check out this short video at Charlie Ward’s channel. He called it one of the best of the year. I have to agree. I think you’ll like it. They say Fauci will be indicted in the next two weeks, and I don’t know when he reported that so, we’re close. “They have it all”, including Fauci’s emails with China. video

3000+ pages of Fauci’s emails have been releasedThey can be downloaded here as a PDF (~360 MB)

All the Universes are governed by laws. We cannot escape it, and it serves us to understand those laws of Creation.

They said this is much bigger than we know. It’s the biggest take-down in Earth history AND the Great Awakening. The war to end all wars. source

Donald Trump’s blog page going dark could be a prelude to the release of a new communication system overtaking our current one

Right now things are really bad in Wuhan & the surrounding areas in China. These video clips 1  2 3 are all from May 2021 — tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods & hail all at once! Rumor has it that there’s much weather manipulation & warfare going on there too. Lots of DUMBS, bio-weapons facilities & crypto mining farms are being blown up & taken out. All the dams are overflowing including the very unstable 3 Gorges Dam. Tornado Hit Wuhan, Yangtze River Basin Flooding | China flood 2021 | Rainstorm At 8:39 p.m. on May 14th, the Caidian and Jingkai districts of Wuhan, Hubei Province, were hit by a Category 9 tornado. source

Over 60,000 native children have gone missing from 80 mainly Catholic and Canadian government-owned native residential schools across Canada. USA Today’s Grace Hauck recently reported on a “recently discovered” mass gravesite where the remains of 215 physically and sexually abused native children were found, claiming that up to 6,000 had died. The site was Canada’s former Kamloops Indian Residential School. source

There has been a HUGE development – over 3000 [F]auci’s emails have been released under the Freedom Of Information Act. These emails are damning when it comes to the origin of the virus and the efficacy of mask-wearing. Arrest [F]auci NOW.

(Q) The Storm Rider has posted some interesting tweets. Look for the tweet about the Daily Mail story on China’s ‘artificial sun’. The tweet features the words, ‘Who owns the sun will own the Earth’. We were warned to expect some extraordinary revelations. Humanity has been lied to for millennia on a scale that is incomprehensible. (unfortunately the tweet was deleted)

Pam Gregory and Bracha Goldsmith are two highly experienced astrologers – it is always delightful when they do an informal chat video. In a recent video chat, they discuss the huge significance of the US Pluto Return on 4th July (watch from 17′ 45″). There will be a whacking fundamental change of leadership or government of the US in the next three to four months…This will be the first domino to fall…the domino effect will be felt across the world.’ (Pam Gregory)Dolores Cannon was a prolific regression therapist – she regressed thousands of people and wrote many books. During multiple regressions, her clients talked about the Ascension time we are in now. Here are excerpts from the book ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth by Dolores Cannon…’This is the big one. This is where you, as a planet, awaken out of the dream of thinking you’re alone. That you’re all that is…All eyes are on Earth right now…Many fought to be here…to carry the identification of having been on a planet that will be known through the multiverse, even if you can be here for a few hours, that you could say, “I was on Earth at the time of evolution”.’The orchestration to create this experience is so much bigger than any human can perceive at this time. This is a big orchestration, not just occurring on your Earth, but with the help of so many. And no other planets have done this before…There are those even from other universes that are watching.’

As I have often said, when the dominos start to fall, it will involve multiple events all at once. Even Pam Gregory used the analogy of falling dominos in reference to the 4th July astrological indicators. I think we can all agree that we are heading into very stormy waters in coming weeks. It has to be done. We have to guide humanity through this storm to find safe harbor on the other side. We cannot stop now – and NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. source

my friend John sent me the following long investigative piece, written by a guy named Blue way back in 2007, re: nano in chemtrails. And so I thought, well, hell! Who cares if it’s in the vaccines, because if Blue is correct, then nano is literally everywhere, given all the chemtrailing they’ve been raining down on us for the last 20 years. link source

6 signs that you are changing levels of consciousness

1. You want to spend a lot of time alone. You are no longer in “harmony” with your old life, your friendships or your surroundings.
2. You feel a strong need to move, quit a job, or move to a new place because your surroundings no longer feel “right”.
3. You begin to experience phases of “manifestation on-demand”, miracles and super-flow as you experience your new vibration.
4. The world around you feels different as if you have stepped into a new reality.
5. New opportunities, relationships, and wealth appear, seemingly out of nowhere.
6. You feel confused and insecure, but you know that something incredible is about to happen.—–Note from me: Point 6 extension – It can also be that you are not confused, but are completely in confidence. Depending on how far you were before this new level of consciousness. source

If the Patriots didn’t have the upper hand, Bill Gates would still have his clean image in the mainstream media intact.
Proof that the walls are closing in on them.
▪Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
With more revelations about Gates Epstein’s relationship emerging after Gates’ divorce announcement, evidence pointing to the beginning of their relationship decades before 2011 continues to be covered up by the media. source

The military coup was actually avoided in 2016 when Donald Trump became president

“They never thought they would lose” is not an empty phrase.

Ask yourself a simple question: with an elaborate military / intelligence plan going on in silence behind the scenes, do you really think they will openly announce their moves to the Cabal in advance?

We as patriots can only hold our positions, distribute the red pills and pray

WWG1WGA 🌎 source

There are rumors that some of the famous people who entered the witness protection program will appear (alive) at Trump’s upcoming rallies. Do you see a Q at the entrance to Michael Jackson’s mansion?

FAUCIGATE🚨Anthony Fauci received the best advice he could have possibly been given on March 14, 2020. He replied “thank you for your note,” and proceeded to ignore every single bit of it.This advice to follow the strategy of “Focused Protection” took into account the 1000-fold difference in mortality rates between the oldest and youngest and utilized this fact to protect those at risk while negating the public health damages of lockdowns.It made perfect sense.And, that’s why 50,000 scientist, doctors, and medical professionals signed a global anti-lockdown proclamation which called for “Focused Protection” started by epidemiologist, public health scientist, and Nobel-Prize winners from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, & the world’s top Universities.If 50,000 scientist and doctors were calling for “Focused Protection” why did the media and big tech work so hard to silence their voices and only lift the voice of Anthony Fauci❓ source

JUST IN – Shahid Tondguyan oil refinery in #Tehran, Iran in flames. source

Opposition leader Lapid notifies #Israel’s president that he successfully signed all coalition agreements, and has formed a government to oust Netanyahu. source

📎Doug Mastriano, member of the Pennsylvania delegation that attended the Arizona audit: “I am impressed with this process. We need an audit in Pennsylvania – and this is a model of how to conduct vote verification.”

📎Tucker Carlson on Fox News:
“Dr. Fauci is just another lying bureaucrat. From the beginning, he was worried that the public might find out that Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (…) Is he under criminal investigation? We can only hope that this is the case. He definitely deserves it.”

📎A man who took a selfie in the Senate chamber of the Capitol on January 6, pleaded guilty to one count, he faces 20 years in prison.

📎Four Portland antifa terrorists are facing a slew of federal charges, including charges of making explosives.

📎Antifa terrorists brutally beat up journalist Andy Ngo on Friday night after he wrote about the riots in Portland. “…I rushed inside the only open building as far as I could see – the Nines Hotel. I begged the hotel staff to call 911, but they refused and ordered me to put on a mask, ” Ngo said.

📎The FBI has identified the hacker groups behind the ransomware attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier. The feds said the Russian-linked hacker groups REvil and Sodinokibi were behind the hacking.

📎Hunter Biden claimed that he did not know the mother of his child, however, it turned out that she was in his company’s health insurance plan.

📎A hacker group linked to the Chinese government has infiltrated the computer systems of the New York Transit Agency. The hackers did not gain access to the systems that control the trains, but found vulnerabilities.

📎”Joe Biden is the first president who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all” – Trump buries Biden and his policy of messy open borders in a new statement.

📎Asked why the U.S. saw two large-scale cyberattacks under Biden, Psaki tells journalist Peter Doucey that he should track down the Russian hackers and ask them about it himself.

📎Steve Bannon on the Arizona audit: “Rachel Maddow can’t stop it, the New York Times can’t stop it, CNN can’t stop it! When Patriots put their hands on each other’s shoulders, good things always happen.”

📎The Marxist leader of the BLM demands reparations in the form of land redistribution from rich white people to poor blacks.

📎Another email from Fauci reveals that he knew as early as March 2020 that 99% of coronavirus deaths in Italy had other causes, but ignored this fact during his hundreds of interviews.

📎Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the country needs to “expand its circle of friends” and work on its image.

📎Arkadiusz Mularczyk, Deputy chairman of the Sejm’s international affairs committee, said that Russia only understands the language of war, and it is time for Poland to arm itself and build up its army.

📎The Czech Senate will discuss the impeachment of President Milos Zeman next week.

📎Some sources say that Benjamin Netanyahu has been removed from the post of Prime Minister of Israel after 12 years of rule – right-wing politician Bennett joins the Islamist and left-wing parties to replace him. source

Something STRANGE is afoot!

We are all starring in a story with no end in sight.

Grimes (Elon Musk’s “partner”) just posted the
Tik Tok below about AI automating communism.

“I have a proposition for the communists…. um… so typically most of the communists I know are not big fans of AI but if you think about it AI is the fastest path to communism so if implemented correctly AI could actually theoretically solve for abundance like we could totally get to a situation where nobody has to work, everybody is provided for with a comfortable state of being, a comfortable living. AI could automate all the farming, weed out systematic corruption thereby bringing us to, as close as possible, to genuine equality. So basically everything that everybody loves about communism but without the collective farm cause let’s be real enforcing the collective farm is really not a vibe.”


We are all starring in a story with no end in sight. (Written on backdrop behind her.) source

‘Leaked Emails are Shocking’: Fauci Email Dump BOMBSHELLS, HE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, Told China They’d “Get Through It Together” 

Pompeo Freedom
10:02 > 20:01
Law of War Ref: page 1002
Cyber Ops source

If the Globalists think feeding Fauci to the wolves will satiate our appetite, they are out of their damn minds.


Israel is last.
Israel election complete.
Election + 1 (massive cyber attacks) = mr pool 03:6 (mirrored)
Q1440 delta june 3 – dark to light. Corpus christie
Mr pool 1033 = 13 – 3 (mirrored 3 – 13) 10 days of darkness including the ring of fire solar eclipse. The “Dams + 34 + project odin + moab (declas + gcr + precious metal standard + quantum nesara/gesara)
June 14 happy bday mr president.
1st rally.
3 or 4 rallies leading up to july 4.
Those in the federal witness protection program will come out at the rallies. + + + source


The pineal gland is one of the greatest secrets hidden from us. The secret is not that the gland exists, the secret is its function. Medical students are told it’s a crooked organ, but it’s not….
The Pineal Gland is our third eye, it is the organ through which we dream and imagine and once it is activated it is also the organ that connects us to other dimensions of reality, that is: it allows us to see beings of other dimensions besides allow us to make astral journeys (leave our physical body to travel with our ethereal body), develop psychic skills such as clairvoyance or telepathy and even the possibility of time travel…

It’s not hard to know why it’s a secret, the answer is in Church. How has the church subsisted? being the monopoly of religion: going to mass is the only way we’ve been shown to connect with the Divine plane but actually the Temple to reach Divine connection is within each of us…

Pineapple or pineal gland has several meanings. For the Catholic religion, it means the Power of God; for Freemasonry, the vision of the Cyclops; within the Egyptian tradition it is known as the Eye of Horus, also in sacred geometry, we can see that the eye of Horus s’ accurately corresponds with all the structures of the brain and in the Asian world as the third eye or centre of clairvoyance and intuition…

In initial terminology, it is known as ′′ The Door of Paradise ′′ and even the French philosopher, Descartes, proposed that the pineal gland was what connects the body to the soul, or contained it. defined it as ′′ The Seat of the Soul “. His proposal arises because the pineal gland is not bilaterally duplicated in the body, and also believed (erroneously) that it was exclusive to humans…

Melatonin hormone produced by Pineal whose deficiency is caused by insomnia and depression is present in some foods such as oats, corn, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, rice and cherries. In the ancient temples of Sumerians and Babylonians, we had the worship of the pineal gland. Even in the Vatican, we can see a monument that they have in the form of pineapple or pineal gland, also ported by the potatoes. Even on the walls of the pyramids are the hieroglyphics…

The secret pineal a substance called DMT (dimethyltryptamine) also known as the spiritual molecule that curiously releases into the fast eye movement phase that is when we are dreaming, is responsible for visualizing images in dreams. When there is no light, the pineal gland produces melatonin from serotonin.
It is related to regulating vigil and sleep cycles and serves to counteract the effects of time zone difference syndrome (jet lag)…

The DMT is so powerful that it can carry man’s consciousness through time travel and dimensions. In the immediate state before death, a lot of DMT is produced, so you are credited with the ability to enter consciousness into higher dimensions ‘ Achieves mystical or interdimensional states, is the most powerful hallucinogenic or entheogenic found in the wild , in all plants and animals (in greater or lesser concentration), it has profound effects on consciousness)…. source


  1. Kelly

    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone had a theory on 5:5 which Q mentions several times. So here’s my thinking:
    Blood Moon -May 26 2021
    June 6 – Marks the date to memorialize DDay.
    May 26 (5 days left in month)
    June 6 (5 days into month)
    Hence: 5:5

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      5:5 is military radio lingo for “loud and clear” as in “message received loud and clear”


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