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Can you imagine how long this overall liberation operation would take if time went as slowly as it did decades ago? There are so many things happening behind the scenes and in other realms and other countries that the choreographed production must be coordinated to perfection before some aspects can go to the next step. We only get one shot, and failure is not an option so we just have to go with the flow and trust The Plan. Every piece on this 5D chessboard must be in place to go forward.

The reality of the lifestyles of the “rich and famous” is coming to the surface and their predatory nature laid out for all to see source

Britney Spears as Tip of the Spear?

Liz Crokin, who was the very first independent journalist to call out the underworld evils of Hollywood, had this to say today, on Telegram.

Checking her astrology (born December 2, 1981, 1:30 AM, McComb, Mississippi): This “celebrity” is a freedom-loving, truth-telling Sagittarian, with four planets in that sign, and an iconoclastic Aquarian Moon. I’d say that her personal fight for freedom, by telling the truth of what captured her, is basically guaranteed to be victorious.

…This star’s long slow breakthrough to personal autonomy may in turn function as the tip of the Spear for the slow eruption of the gunk that lies at the bottom of the collective unconscious. As the detritus of centuries of human slavery and abuse that has held humanity in thrall to Fear moves from darkness to light, so may Love flood the empty space it formerly occupied. source

GLOBAL Cyberattack in over 1,300 locations!

Guardicore, an Israeli research company, says it has discovered a massive worldwide series of cyberattacks which targeted the servers of over 2,000 companies and organizations that specialize in the fields of health, tourism, communications, and education primarily in the United States.

The attacks were focused on Microsoft’s SMB protocol. The hackers reportedly exploited a vulnerability that gave them access to user data to sell on the dark web.

The wide-scale scope of the attack initially made it difficult for the researchers to locate the hackers. source

What does the number 17 represent?

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month.

Noah’s ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month (right in the middle of God’s annual Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles).

Jesus Christ gained a complete victory over death and the grave when God resurrected him near sunset on Nisan 17 (Saturday, April 8, 30 A.D.).

In the book of 1Corinthians the thirteenth chapter, the seventeenth mention of the word ‘love’ comes when the apostle Paul states that it is the greatest gift of all (1Corinthians 13:13). God’s unending love (John 3:16) is truly victorious over all things. Those who stay faithful to God to the end of their lives will gain the victory over the grave when they are miraculously brought back to life (see 1Corinthians 15).

Daniel,s beasts have seven heads and ten horns, for a total number of 17. They represent world-ruling powers from Daniel’s time to the Second Coming of Jesus.

The devil’s end-time system (Revelation 13) will have seven heads and ten horns, which totals 17.

17 Militaries (Elite Forces)
Australia , France, Germany , Poland, Romania, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, N. Korea, and USA

Daniel 7:17 (4 Beasts)

• USA, Can, Aus. Combo of Lion and Eagle.

• Russia – Bear.

• Leopard with 4 heads and wings.
Germany and other Euro nations.

• Beast with Iron teeth and 10 horns – North Korea

17 is the letter Q in the alphabet.

Q is the plan to save the world. source

Just Hours Before Her Tragic Death, CIA Was Listening ToPrincess Diana’s Calls

So many years after her tragic death, we are still not completely familiar with all the details surrounding her mystery…

The latest bombshell report is going to be published by the British Observer very soon. NBC reported that the report contains some extravagant and juicy details that have never been mentioned before! The report calls into question why US intel would “reportedly” be spying on Princess Di, especially just HOURS before her death.

According to the announcing report published by NBC News,

“The Central Intelligence Agency was bugging the telephone conversations of Britain’s Princess Diana on the night she died, a British newspaper reported Monday. But current and former U.S. officials told NBC News that intelligence agencies never targeted the late Princess of Wales… source

  • Epstein sang like a bird 💥
  • Maxwell sang like a bird 💥
  • Allison Mack is singing like a bird 💥
  • Many white hats have copies of Hunter’s laptop from hell 💣
  • White hats also have the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop 💣
  • McAfee had a 31 terabyte dead man’s switch 💣
  • Dong Jingwei gave the DIA EVERYTHING 💥
  • What does Julian Assange have 💣
  • How many more whistleblowers have and will come forward 💣 source
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „That moment you realise microcosm macrocosm អររនដរ T motherboard fboard 1n1 Lyscapex You're just a piece of data carrying information as you move through a circuit system that has been designed to syphon your spiritual energy.“
The library found in Tibet contains 84,000 secret manuscripts (books) that contain the history of mankind for more than 10,000 years.
Sakya Monastery. Perhaps the world’s largest library in the planet’s distant history. It was discovered behind a huge wall. It is 60 meters long and 10 meters high. Why are these secret manuscripts? What is hidden from us?
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text
Newspaper BILD – Delta option is an EXCLUSION for fake corona politics! source

The Space Force logo is part of the Pythagorean PENTAGRAM formed by three triangles, which stands for: Proportionality Perfection Incommensurability GOLDEN NUMBER Does it look like a pyramid in the Space Force logo? What is in the middle of this triangle? It looks like, which is the top/bottom of a toroidal magnetic field. Vortex in reciprocity. Trump rolled his eyes at the pyramid, but we take back the knowledge! From darkness to light. The Pythagorean pentagram denotes the refracted nature of magnetism. So wouldn’t that be a VORTEX of increased inertia and acceleration in reciprocity? NIKOLA TESLA VORTEX MATHEMATICS. The Trump/Tesla connection. The key is the toroidal field. Energy. Wait until most Kyu people realize that the cosmic force cannot exist without manipulating the electrogravity and magnetism modelled by the torus. Wait until they realize that the human body also creates a torus field. Note that President Trump has turned the pentagram on its head.

Na obrázku môže byť text

Delta = symbol of the Freemasons
Delta Variant = Freemasonry is a real virus
Masonic virus = the seizure of power in 1789 by manipulating the people to bring about a revolution and overthrow the monarchy.
Photo 1: the compass and the charcoal-burner, which symbolize Freemasonry. Inside we see a triangle and an eye, which represents the symbol of Delta.
Photos 2 and 3: A building was taken during my trip to Venice in 2018 with the same symbol as Delta.
By all this, I mean that they have been around for a very long time and the virus, a variant of it, is them! Their latest name is proof of that. 1789 is a fraud. According to what I have heard several times, the real popular revolution is the Paris Commune of 1871, but I don’t have enough information about it (I haven’t done the research). Here you go 😊
ps: know that when it comes to brainwaves, Delta represents deep sleep, low-frequency waves.
ps: their symbolism will be their undoing 😊 For we have eyes to see, brains to think, and hearts to act source

Hey, there’s new information. It’s so interesting and exciting and so crazy that I’d like to share it with you. Basically, it’s nothing more than a plan that’s now in motion, and if you listen to it, then suddenly everything that’s going on here will become clear to you.

The main whistleblower is (name incomprehensible), I’ve seen a few videos from him, so I’ll give you a rough summary of the plan. As I understand it, I am putting it in my own words for the German-speaking countries. I have made a few notes so I don’t forget anything.

First of all, it is good to realise that the secret technology of the cabal has taken on an incredible scale, which involves not only free energy but also biotechnology, biochemistry and many other things. For the Germans, it started with writing manuals and instructions, continued with the plasma powered bell, which also had some painful moments, most people, or at least some, knew about it. All the knowledge was later transferred to the US and developed further there. Where did this technology come from? It came from the aliens, in quotes, or the Anunnaki or whatever you want to call them, and they gave the deep state under a secret space program this futuristic technology.

In addition to that, we need to know that there has been a mix-up. It is already written in the Bible that the gods mixed with humans and it is claimed that now three-quarters of humanity have reptilian genetics. In very strong individuals this is manifested by a certain shift, change of shape, etc.

These people with “strong reptilian genetics” have a very difficult time reaching the morphogenetic edge of humanity and connecting with it. They are unable to hear their inner voice and are therefore very programmable. You basically can’t program people with pure hearts, they are also people you can’t hypnotize, or only very hardly. So – these people have a chakra that is closed or they have no connection to it, they are incapable of love and spirituality and they have no access to it.
The plan assumes that these so-called “people” will completely disappear from Earth, which is a very strong statement and now it is getting exciting. You have to know that the Illuminati have agreed that if they have to leave the Earth, they will try to play out a plan to destroy and burn it leaving no stone unturned. For this purpose, a secret army has been built up, consisting of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of programmed ones, who have no idea that they have been programmed.
These are primarily men who are chipped, that is, have implants, primarily soldiers who can be activated all at once by the launch of 5G.

They are mainly in big cities and their job is to hit people and certain targets as soon as the signal comes in. And now the main message. It points to a whole new way, this is a very complicated sting operation, the largest of its kind. It’s an extremely complex operation, I think the largest ever in the world. So the important message in this context is that by vaccinating – and I don’t know how this works – these receivers, these implants that are supposed to receive this signal, these 5G-signal receivers, will be deactivated. And now it’s suddenly clear why Trump and later Putin said that you should be vaccinated, that it should be voluntary, but you should get vaccinated. And in that sense, also the mass immigration of people from Al Qaeda and what everybody calls themselves, into Europe and especially into Germany from cash, has a whole new meaning. And it is also understood now why presidents who are on the side of Trump, like Bolsenaro or Orban or Indian Prime Minister Modi, are getting vaccinated. People with open hearts who have contact “up” need not worry because they do not get vaccinated because they know what is what and therefore escape the program. The whole thing sounds extremely crazy, if I hadn’t been involved in this secret universe for longer then I would think it was completely insane, but this way it is all so coherent, everything fits together and indeed there are testimonies from people who have been interviewed from Kalkar city for example or ready from the Camelot project or Avalon others who say they don’t remember anything.

For example, one person says he never knows what he was doing over the weekend, and that’s the memory loss that lasts from Friday night to Monday morning, those are the ones who were programmed, and partly those are the ones who were programmed in this Operation Milap, which stands for the military update. They were taken by the military, partially abducted by aliens, or a collaboration of both. There are also insiders, like Randy Krammer, who confirm this phenomenon. Of course, we have war and people will die, but if real people are dying, then it has another cause. The plan is all about saving real people. That is the basis of everything and we have to understand that in this operation, that takes absolute precedence.
In this sense, the White Hats are directors who are given orders by the puppets of the deep state, thereby taking themselves out of the game. Many have already been replaced with clones, holograms or doppelgangers, so Biden is no longer Biden, etc.
The operation takes place on several levels, using alliances etc. Until this secret army is all shut down, eliminated by vaccinations that destroy the implants, only then will Trump be president. That is why there is no hard deadline.
This plan must first be implemented, completed, meaning they must have a certain contingent of people inoculated to make sure the vast majority of the mercenaries who were programmed without their knowledge have been shut down.
The higher the proportion of reptiloids among those vaccinated, the more likely they are to die. And the reverse is also true. People with at least partial acceptance of the red pill, who have even double vaccinated, if they can evolve spiritually and change radically, still have a chance of survival. We know from insiders that Medbeds can cure everything but people with disrupted DNA. There is nothing more possible, this has now been confirmed from multiple sides.
That’s the plan. It’s fantastic. Satan is brilliant. God is more brilliant. source

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