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Simon Parkes specifically said that the Plan isn’t based on dates, it’s based on a sequence of events that must unfold. They happen when they happen. He went so far as to say the White Hats don’t even know a date.

One of the criteria, as we know, is the state of awakening globally in the Human population. As we’ve heard, events will get more extreme, more outrageous, and more in-our-face until such time as we have 80% of Humanity realizing at least part of what has happened and ready to engage and do something about it.

From what Simon suggested, the military will engage just before it seems all is lost; and in America, Trump or someone will afterwards step in to lead the nation; when people realize the previous administrations were beyond corrupt and just plain evil.

As difficult as it is to grasp how so many can fail to recognize what is unfolding with the degree of tyranny and communistic tactics, many are so programmed they only think what they’re told to think. The media lays out their reality for them and that’s the only spectrum of light they exist within, and it’s barely a glimmer. The lights are barely on in their heads. source

9-1-21 This a.m. Charlie Ward mentioned
some of what came out in this video:
That the deep state demons had 100 suitcase bombs
& buried them all over the world.
They could have destroyed 17 out of 18 people
unless puppet-Bidan was permitted to be in “power.”
Thank God Q-Team now have all the bombs.

According to Juan O’ Savin, the continuity in government condition which is the INTERNAL country DEFCON level
went from 3 → 2.
“It means that certain people are pulled out to go to secure locations.
After the Election we went from 5 → 4.
After January 6th went from 4 → 3.
When you go from 3 → 2 you take higher-level people to secure locations & they function from there.
Things ARE happening & they’re not minor.
This is incredibly huge but nobody’s grasped the magnitude of it.
Monstrously huge things are happening.
It took us 7.5 months to go from a 3 → 2.
It’s aimed internally in the country.” source

I had a lot of people ask me today, “When will we reach the breaking point where physical intervention is needed to save our country?!”

Trust me…IF that time ever comes, you’ll know.

PEACE and UNITY is the ultimate prize.

[THEY] want us divided.

[THEY] want us distracted.

[THEY] want us to become violent. (We’re terrorists, remember?)

We must do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

We take back our country with local action.

State by state, county by county, city by city.

But make no mistake, if Americans find ourselves with no other options…we will do whatever is necessary to save this great nation.

We The People are humanity’s last stand. source

Q & A, children of the evildoers

Q: Queen Romana, trying to follow the rules hopefully I am doing this right. My question is what happens to the spawn (children) of these evil people? If their seed is left can it grow back and attack us again?

A: Those whose bloodlines have committed genocide/crimes against humanity- their entire Family is wiped out and their DNA strain is removed. Permanently gone from Planet Earth. source

Anons are speculating that the expensive US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was for the Taliban to use to destroy the CIA poppy fields. In other words, a White Hat operation. Apparently, the vehicles were all fully gassed and had keys in the ignition. source

I spy with my little eye… source

The security operation for Queen’s death includes social media blackouts source


‘Internet Apocalypse’

(Reported in many websites and Mainstream media//>Forbes breaks the story to fortune 500 members and ELITES)

[THEY] are building the narrative for BLACKING OUT THE INTERNET.


Narrative building, think economy, great reset, forensic audit, patriots know the playbook. source

📌 A few weeks ago you wrote a post about the Dubai earthquake. I took this as an opportunity to delve deeper into the matter. Kyu always reminded us to think bigger. With that in mind, I took a closer look at the earthquakes in Europe, the Middle East and Asia over the last 18 months. He focused on earthquakes at a suspicious depth of around 10 km.
And what I discovered gave me goosebumps all over my body: I found a number of clues that point to a Rome-Israel-Kuwait-UAE-India-Asia mega tunnel! Asia means at least Malaysia. If you look further along this line, you will find even more confirming earthquakes at the “right” depth in Indonesia.
I will send you a series of screenshots in the next few reports. Unfortunately, this search was not so easy because the global earthquake map on does not show all earthquakes despite the clear settings. The remedy is a country-by-country search.

If you take a good look at the line, you’ll see that it goes from Australia through Thailand, India, Dubai, Kuwait, all the way to Jerusalem. It’s all one line, and the earthquakes really are all on it. source

📌 I witnessed a traffic accident. There was a woman as a witness. The police arrived, we didn’t have masks, even the officers in the car didn’t have them when they got out. And now it comes: The witness gave them her private address. The vehicle was registered to her husband, who works for the US Army here. When he came back from the cops, I asked him who the president was in America. She started laughing and said that the whole US-army is behind Trump, that she doesn’t know any Biden supporters. source

📌 Info on military aircraft and helicopters
What do military combat aircraft do in the air? We can de facto only follow the clues and make a general picture. We have traced that since last year, military flight traffic has multiplied and aircraft are much more visible. That could mean two things. Either there was increased traffic before, but the tracking of military aircraft was not turned on, which I think is not the case because we usually only see part of the military aircraft, the others are off the radar, which is not the case in civilian traffic. So this option would mean that the tracking of more military transports is on than before. Then I wonder why that is.
The other option is that there are more military exercises going on. We know there was supposed to be a bigger exercise, but it was postponed because of the corona. It was held this year. But in the interim, nevertheless, the military flight traffic was as high as expected just for the exercise. I wonder then why the exercise was announced as a time-limited exercise but is being conducted on an ongoing basis.

We are also seeing more and more military vehicles on the roads. The explanation may be that people now have mobile phones and can film everything, so there is more to see. But I can’t believe that because there are so many reports of increased military traffic. I’ve seen a lot of them myself on the roads, railways and highways. And I travel less. We’re getting reports from observation posts as well, where they’re reporting increased traffic.

Using the clues, we can conclude that there are things going on in the background. We know that the peace treaties made after World War I have expired after 100 years. It all has a context. We have heard that the German Government has been out of power since May last year. We do not hear anything about this publicly, but at the time we could see various images and reports, for example, that Merkel was being driven away in a very strange bus and so on, all of which can be taken as clues. We see the US army in the streets, we see the troops responsible for the political transition, and so on. So it is only logical that the army is taking up positions.

It is also possible that the US and Russia are having some sort of conflict and the reason is simple, we are seeing increased movement of the navy and air force, so they have probably had exercises and you can tell that they are not friendly groups because they are using hostile tactics. We saw this in the naval altercation off Crimea, where Russia fired warning shots at the English navy who had to withdraw and interestingly two days later all the English naval officers were in C19 quarantine. These little points have to be connected and then one can see that everything is happening at the right time. Of course, it can be said that the wish is the father of the idea, and I would very much like it to be so, but many things say that it could be otherwise. Well, we are in a process of transformation and it can’t all be clear and obvious. I hope that the final dice of this transformation have been rolled and everything turns on the side of the White Hats. All I know is that it will all be more favourable for us humanity. I think the awakening process is going better and better and once it flips, I’ll eat. source

The War on Ascension

It is said we are not fighting a war of flesh and bones but a war against principalities and spirit. This is the big picture unless factored in nothing else makes sense. To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of, all of it, both sides of the coin the agendas goals and the modus operandi of the light and dark. The light side is all about empowerment, service to others, operating under universal law which in its simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. 

Just as there is a light side there is a dark side. There are those off worlders who are technologically advanced yet spiritually backwards, in service to self often referred to but not limited to greys and reptilians, the Grey Alliance. There are masters of the dark, demons, disfigured malevolent people trapped in the astral levels or 4thdimension some call the lower 4th density. Most are there due to extreme attachment, confusion or a history of breaking Universal Law.

Satanic/Luciferian groups work with these dark energies to influence and gain power over others and wealth regardless of any negative impact or how it affects humanity and the Earth. Unfortunately, these people assume authority beyond what is given and gravitate to positions of power and influence. From these positions, they prey on the ignorant and less fortunate. They are replete within the political, religious, and business institutions including the movie and music industry. They own and control the mainstream and social media designed to socially engineer the people to meet their agendas. This will all be made known. It is said a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Watch their actions off stage out of the public eye. The facades and masks are coming down. The truth will no longer be suppressed.

The war on ascension is a war on evolving consciousness. It is a war on your body, your mind and your spirit. The war on the body has several fronts. They have polluted the air with manufacturing and energy-generating waste, “chemtrails and geoengineering”. They pollute the water with a myriad of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, “fluoride”. They have polluted your food with toxic additives and preservatives. The pollution and destruction of the land as well to keep you enslaved through dependency, “oil, coal and nuclear” fit into these categories. We have had free energy, anti/counter gravity and interplanetary travel since the early ’60s. Where is it? Would that free the people, clean up the environment?

It is as if these tyrants are at war with Creation in their unbridled greed and they are at that because the darkness they serve demands it. Now they are going after your DNA.

Those trying to alter your DNA are working against God’s plan, doing the work of the dark forces, pure and simple. Your DNA is being activated in the process known as ascension. The whole planet is ascending. What happens when one ascends or becomes enlightened? They cannot be controlled. What happens to the tyrants when the people and the Earth ascend? Game over. They are hell-bent literally on stopping ascension.

The Schumann Frequency is off the scale with one massive influx of energy after the other. C.M.E.s coronal mass ejections or solar flares are also on the increase. This is exponentially getting stronger. Our solar system is going through a highly energized position in space and the electromagnetic light spectrum is increasing with more bands being added. There is also a massive influx of consciousness and energy due to the higher dimensional beings adding their consciousness and energy to the collective consciousness and energy of Earth. Creator has given his best for these times.

Imagine the impact that will have on this civilization socially, energetically, physically right down to the atomic structure, your very DNA. Did you know cosmic energies create changes in your DNA and cosmic energies according to NASA have increased exponentially? This is the Creator at work. All the Suns are connected to a Great Central Sun, the source of what is happening is beyond this solar system, beyond this dimension. Most cannot even comprehend what is unfolding. source

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