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What most good people don’t know about Hallowe’en is that like many “holidays” and dates of note, it symbolizes a satanic ritual period. We’re talking Human sacrifices, as gruesome as that sounds, but it’s true. The satanic global controllers rigged it so that we are all  unwittingly celebrating and giving power to their dark agenda by funneling our energies into it—and do we have energies!

They play on our desire to be “scared” for fun and gladly share their horror films and campy thrillers while amping up the blood, gore, and violence in our daily television programming and movie entertainment. I can’t even watch some of the stuff on television any more—and I always loved scary movies. Programming is everywhere but most people don’t realize what it is.

Some say we are living The Book of Revelation and there are some intriguing interpretations, I must say.

After the masses learn the truth about Human trafficking and the satanic predators and their nasty habits, I suppose when all is said and done Humanity will have to decide whether they want to continue their traditions of ghosts and goblins, trick-or-treat, and the witching hour, or Christmas and Santa/Satan Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc.

It would seem a shame to abandon all the anniversaries that have brought us so much enjoyment over the years, provided cherished memories with family, etc. but we’ll see what happens.

The children and dogs are helping us to remember our mission.

In the interim, we need to be vigilant and know that at this time in the past we have prevented abductions of children prior to All Saint’s Day. Collectively we need to be aware of our surroundings and watchful at all times, particularly for our children but not exclusively. As the military say, “maintain situational awareness”. If you see something, say something.

At this point in the war we don’t have the luxury of turning our backs and pretending we don’t know what’s going on. Who will fight for the innocent, defenseless children if we ignore the truth?

Many have been hard at work behind the scenes to liberate us. The Unknown Light Warrior brings us an update on the mass meditation efforts of the 144K in the nether realms. The tide appears to have turned.

Airlines are having their problems and it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving industry. “High winds”. Snicker, snicker.

Is The Media Programming Us To Normalize Strokes & Heart Attacks In Children And Young Adults?

There is nothing normal about being sick, be it cancer, strokes, heart attacks, autism, eczema, autoimmune disorders, or anything else. It’s all contrived and derived from a poisonous environment and the Big Pharma solutions. Programme the mind too, and who knows what will manifest? They are continually shaping the minds of Humanity with their lies and propaganda. Healthcare reform is coming—but not soon enough.

It’s time to get back to basics, folks. Clean food, water, and holistic health care. Clean fuels and air, free of electromagnetic toxins—and bioweapons. Care for the avatar effectively and watch the pain and suffering fall away. source

If you’re looking for a one-stop truth site that spells everything out for you, good luck with that. In times of war, that is not a reality or a realistic expectation—and this is largely an information war so…

You will have to rely on your own discernment when you digest the material available. The enemy lies and massages the truth, and so do the good guys. They have told us for years what is happening via backchannels like the Q military intelligence drops, President Trump, his administration, and others.

They can only tell us so much, and it’s up to us to research and connect the dots.

We have provided what we consider the best sources for you, like Q, President Trump, coded messages from Mike Pompeo, Simon Parkes, Lin Wood, and patriots who have their own sources like Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot, Scott McKay, Phil Godlewski, Cirsten W, Charlie Ward, and others.

If you want to go off the reservation and find all kinds of videos and websites with other info that’s your choice. Most of it is not vetted or reliable but if it resonates, that’s up to you. Is it true, or is it simply something you want to believe? That is the challenge we face.

The cabal has infiltrated the alternative news and every organization. That’s what they do. They try to control our reality by putting out the messages they want us to believe. They will provide a lot of truth to win your trust, and will mix in lies, disinformation and propaganda. They will also attack the White Hats and patriots. Many of them are very obvious yet people don’t want to hear that they are the enemy and refuse to believe it. That’s on them.

I think we have illustrated effectively over time that very little is what it seems and that this “war” is far, far bigger than most realize. It IS a spiritual war, fought in realms we cannot perceive. It’s not only about our planet. It’s considerably more far-reaching. It’s not only a physical war in our 3D world, it’s a multi-dimensional war. An epic battle on so many levels.

Evil has distorted and perverted all things good for eons and it’s time the pendulum swung the other way. We are nearing a tipping point when a lot more will be revealed and the blinders will be pulled from the eyes of the unsuspecting living in the dream world. It’s more like a nightmare but Humans are highly adaptable and can adjust to almost anything. We are survivors.
We were intended by our Creator to live joyful lives of ease, grace, beauty, and dignity. We were never meant to work our fingers to the bone to eek out a living and put food on the table. What kind of loving God would do that?

It’s been a long road because even when you tell people they are prey, they can’t see it. You have to show them, and that is what this bloody circus is about; showing the ones under the spell that they have been used and abused and have to wake up and take their freedom back. They’ve been asleep at the wheel and giving their power away in exchange for a few gadgets and toys they were brainwashed into thinking are valuable or status symbols.

People don’t want to hear the warnings, so it persists and they go on living in the land of make-believe where “they would never do that”. We are our own worst enemies and it’s time we recognized that. It’s not being “negative” to state the truth. If you can’t recognize a problem you can’t correct it, and on it goes while the Human race goes down the tubes, falling on their swords because they believe suffering and fighting these battles is honourable.

To survive, Humanity must wake the hell up, and they are about to get a rude awakening. The grace period where they get to choose to hit the snooze button is about to be revoked. The crimes against children and our beloved dogs are having the desired effect and the most reticent, apathetic among us are willing to sacrifice all to protect them and end the slaughter.

Once the necessary changes take place we will find our world to be unrecognizable. It will be new and improved; light years ahead of where we were chained in the dark by our oppressors. The Light will return, joy will return, beauty, truth, wisdom—and freedom. source

Expect these Celebrities to come out against VACCINES>>
Jenny McCarthy
Jim Carrey
Kat Von D
Lisa Bonet
Jessica Biel
Rob Schneider
Alicia Silverstone
Kristin Cavallari
Toni Braxton
Robert De Niro
Ice cube
(Word) is they have all met with
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ….
And [EXPOSURE] is coming…

With more sports stars joining..

White HATS pulling strings behind the scenes and using even [DE NIRO] and other gray hats source

If Biden was the real president he would have shut down The Spa (aka GITMO)///

Your inside Devolution plan
And Biden is a puppet…. He was one of the major keys to [INFILTRATION] to WORLD [DS] CABAL cables/threads<<<

When Biden won {given] the ELECTION. The deep state across the World CELEBRATED..



Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Mobile Connectivity, Sudan- SD, Zain (Mobitel), AS36998: 2021-10-22 to 2021-11-01 100% 75% NETBLOCKS™ Brief . mobile internet restoration on Tuesday 50% 25% 0% 10/22 10/24 Mobile network offline 10/26 10/28 10/30 11/1“
The Internet has not been working in Sudan for a week. source
👉 Jason Momoa tested positive for C in the middle of filming Aquaman. source

The Highwire/Del Bigtree put a link to an important discussion on Twitter which I caught a late portion of and it bears sharing. Various participants told their stories of how the jab and hospital protocols harmed people and changed their lives forever. Victims, doctors, politicians provided their input and acknowledged that some were wrong about the decisions made, ie. Operation: Warp Speed. You can watch the whole thing here at The

I once wrote about it here in connection with the Museum in Prague
Billionaire Gordon Getty is behind these traitors. Ignore the puppets, destroy their master.
A large number of children have been found in the tunnels of the Getty Museum. The military alliance said it was the worst and most horrible tunnel system. Thousands of children have been rescued from under the Getty Museum, some 18 floors underground.
Expensive art objects are brought in shipping containers and can evade inspection and customs. Art is not only a money launderer, it is also a major method of human and child trafficking. It’s all connected to Epstein, Ghislan, the Clintons and the usual suspects. The sneering media ignores it, Big Tech erases the information, and the matrix fact checkers say it’s not true. The public revelations on this matter will continue to leak out. source
Through my trusted contact with a retired Marine, we have received confirmation that the massive military redeployments in this country are 100% a WH operation. They are related to the pending GESARA agreement, which Germany has joined.
And he also confirmed that the real Angela Merkel (not the current one we are being played) resigned long ago.
Here is another very interesting snapshot of the former Marine’s correspondence:
👉A new day is truly dawning for humanity. When we finally see the official announcement of the death of the Queen Lizard of England, which I say is funny because the real House of Windsor, as we will learn, is actually German, when the MSM announces it, you will know that the pace of things will pick up quickly for Gesar and shortly thereafter the world will see that President Trump is the real winner of the 2020 election. source
Today is Election Day. Tomorrow is 11-3 Election Day + 1 , THE START? let’s see what happens 😎 source
At the Rust theme park (Baden-Württemberg)
the third largest theme park in Europe. None other than Prince Albert II (63) arrived for the Halloween weekend with his six-year-old twins, Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabrielle.
Europapark owner Roland Mack (72) invited the Monegasque royal family, Mack was for many years a member of the jury of the famous Monaco Circus Festival. And Mama Charlène (43)?
Of course, there was no sign of her. The princess has been struggling with health problems, suffering from an ear, nose and throat ailment, and has been in South Africa for several months.
📌You’ll know them by their symbols….
Panda eye has babies in her arms…
Dutch flag (vertical?)
Rotterdam HRC/Evergreen?
Many masks in the background….
It’s standing in front of the “Waterworld Rulantica” hotel (could just be a sign/advertisement).
Follow the water….
And Rust – priming Alec Baldwin ?
Rust near Freiburg is not an unknown quantity among aerial observers… source

FAA warns 5G signals may interfere with airplane electronics (Reuters)

The Federal Aviation Authority alerted plane manufacturers and operators’ action may be needed to address possible interference with aircraft electronics caused by 5G technology, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The Federal Communications Commission also issued safety concerns over plans to begin using additional 5G networks starting December 5.

The FAA said Tuesday operators “should be prepared for the possibility that interference from 5G transmitters and other technology could cause certain safety equipment to malfunction, requiring them to take mitigating action that could affect flight operations.” source

Nobody’s telling the TRUTH< Saudi Arabia almost out of OIL < Russian running out of Natural Gas <…/)/ Investors being lied too.. Major companies don’t know how to break the news and don’t want to lose investors MAINSTREAM media staying clear of this news>>>>

(Sometimes I read the comments sections of other posts…… Very interesting to see so much PATRIOTS /ANONS still don’t believe they are inside the [CRASH]…….. )




(If you still don’t understand your INSIDE the Worst [CRASH]
in human history taking place… and your not prepared << I wish you the Best of luck>>> )////




Môže ísť o snímku obrazovky z Twitteru, na ktorej je 1 osoba a text, v ktorom sa píše „Candace Owens @RealCandaceO Protect your children at all costs. I cannot say this statement enough. If you need to move, if you need to lose your job, if you need to pull them out of school...whatever it takes, keep them safe.“
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Weitergeleitet aus Qtah Not all people may understand that Biden is a massive Redpill and he IS waking up sheep aster than ever before. Yes, he is destroying our country. Yes, our country is strong because of its foundation (the constitution) and can endure. This is all part of a transformation our country must go through. We're getting a taste of something we are all spitting out and never want to try again. It had to be this way. This country will never allow what is happening to happen again.“

Record 3,000km of goods stuck in 70 container ships outside LA and Long Island ports

A shortage of drivers and dock workers has left some ships stranded offshore for weeks, threatening the Christmas retail rush, and it isn’t just the US suffering from such problems. Bloomberg stats show 22% more ships than usual are anchored off Singapore, with manila and Jakarta also hit by higher congestion.

Is the global economy on the verge of a traffic jam big enough to bring it down? source

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