News 04.04.2021


We’re expecting a flood of information this month. Much of it shocking, regardless of how informed we are. The great reveal has to come at some point before the Great Awakening and we’re inching toward that.

How do you unite Republicans and Democrats? It’s simple, you arrest both Democrats and Republicans who are guilty for their crimes. Then you bring out some uniters that everyone thinks are dead but are really alive. Now that would be a party like 1999.

The suggestions were: John F Kennedy (Jr), Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson.

As for the hype over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies… anything “virtual” can be manipulated, hacked, and wiped off a screen. Crypto is the cabal’s way of keeping people in a system THEY control.

Let’s say you don’t want to get a vaccine, or a vaccine passport. They can simply block your bank card, lock your account, and you have nothing and no way to fight back. They want to control absolutely every aspect of our lives because if we are uncontrolled, they are in grave danger.

Could the Illuminati pyramid and all-seeing eye be any more prevalent in these ATMs?

This video below is confirming for us—as much as we can expect confirmation—that the soccer ball Putin presented to Trump was chipped. I’m confident it was. I can only imagine the volume of Russian intelligence shared in the device they gave the US White Hats. You heard Putin has been cleared to run for office for an additional two terms, didn’t you? That’s good news because we believe the Trump/Putin/Modi/Xi Jinping team has made great headway in this war to exterminate the virus—meaning the predatory demonic forces on this planet.

We know the control freaks have been experimenting on and manipulating Humanity for a long time. When we talk about what is real, we are calling into question the fabric of society, what we accept as “real”, or truth, or even possible.

When we uncover another layer of the manipulation it opens the door to serious reconsideration about our beliefs and the facts that generate them.

When one is aware of the degree of interference in our reality we are living in a different stratosphere from those who are unaware.

Q indicated that the CIA, which was never created for the purpose the government claims, provide the scripts for their networks every day. They’re known as the “4 am talking points”. That’s when they’re delivered to the news stations so the anchors can reinforce the messages in uniformity all day long to sway public opinion and establish “facts”. All it takes is a few seconds of the video below to see this is true. And people have been conditioned to believe what they hear in the news.

After 9/11 the whole world excepting very few believed planes hit the World Trade Center in New York as well as the Pentagon, and that fire took down Building 7 at the WTC.

This is not a plane hitting the Pentagon. It’s a missile—and the condition of the “crash site” confirms it was no plane. No wing damage to the building, no plane wreckage on site. Pure fiction.

Imagine believing that a celebrity’s opinion about societal issues is worth listening to.
These are people who are literally paid millions of dollars to pretend to be better than you because they can sing or look good on camera.
Most of them BARELY hit triple digits in the IQ department.
When the dust settles, celebs will no longer be glorified. It’ll be a strange but refreshing change. source

The United States is under the government of the armed forces! Information on the situation can be found in the congress archives. source

A country can only participate in GESARA if we are sovereign, that is why we are restoring the Batavian Republic to throw off the burden and be able to make a new start.

All Mayors are sentinels of the Cabal system introduced by the Nazis on May 18, 1940.

Democracy starts from the people, where appointed administrators will shape the will of the people, not the other way around.

The storm has arrived, the whole earth will be rid of the Deep State, Cabal Pedo Satanists.

When the fear of the population turns into anger it is no longer controllable, for all the crimes that politics has on its conscience.

It is precisely to prevent chaos that the military will do the job, so we don’t have to get our hands dirty with the political scum, and limit casualties on the side of the population. source

FDA Whistleblower Claims the FDA is Not Properly Inspecting Plants where Vaccines are Manufactured, Mainly Merck Who Will Begin Producing COVID Experimental Vaccines source

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Ghost Ezra- I got some bad news for those waiting for the storm to begin. It’s begun long ago. We are waiting to wrap this shit up, not start it. True story. Operation wake up stage. Who’s left? Not many.

Get your head out of your ass if you think for one minute Trump and NSA wouldn’t have brought the heat by now? FISA works both ways. GTFOH. Wake up from dream land. Doubles, actors, cgi, movie. It was over in 2016 for God’s sake. 2019 was the year of the boomerang. 2020 Covid storm on Hollywood and DC. 2021 wraps it all up. Welcome to the great awakening. When this is over you just might be looking at your even your own pastor differently especially if he’s Joel Osteen.

Mark Zuckerberg’s and two Facebook co-founders’ phone numbers among the 533 million leaked by hackers source

📎China has introduced a new policy on domestic travel, giving more freedom to people who have received the vaccine. Now Beijing wants WHO approval to launch a global vaccine certification scheme for international travel because it can “help by sharing its expertise and providing technical support.”

📎The Pentagon has approved a third military base to house unaccompanied foreign minors in the wake of the Biden border crisis.

📎Hunter Biden said in his new “memoir” called “Beautiful Things “that he was so addicted to drugs and alcohol that he does not remember his” meeting ” with a stripper from Washington, DC, with whom he had a child.

📎The Republican Governor of Vermont is opening up access to the Covid vaccine to people who identify as black, Indigenous or non-white

📎Basketball player Charles Barkley: “I think the system is designed so that our politicians, whether Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us dislike each other so that they can hold on to their money and power. They divide and win.”

📎Four black men attacked an elderly Asian couple in California. In Charlotte, North Carolina, a man attacked store owners (Asians) at their workplace. This is Biden’s America.

📎Police have interrupted a Good Friday church service in Calgary, Canada, over concerns about Covid-19. The pastor shouted at them: “Get out, Nazis!»

📎BLM terrorist convicted of attacking Trump supporters in Richmond, Virginia.

📎GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan announced that he has ordered his staff to pass legislation stripping Major League Baseball of its antitrust exception. The other day, MLB announced that they are moving the games from Atlanta as a disagreement with the new laws on election integrity. Trump called for a boycott.

📎Kansas GOP lawmakers revoke the Democratic governor’s mandate for the mask.

📎Tucker Carlson on his show about the mad Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Who cares what she thinks?»

📎The half-brother of the King of Jordan, Hamza ibn al-Hussein, said that he was placed under house arrest without being able to communicate and deprived of security.

📎Scientists say that giant chunks of an ancient alien planet may end up under the Earth’s surface. source


  1. Rocco laudano

    Thank you for the update. The movie has been enjoyable expecially Biden. No one could be as unpresidential as him and still I know many people who refuse to believe it is all about waking them up.

    • Daniel

      I mean, the most recent behaviour lol all the shit he says how can anyone still think it isn’t a joke for people to realize something 😂

  2. Johnny Farris

    I’ve been so stressed out trying to figure this out now for over a year some of the stuff I have read and some of the videos I’ve seen I had no doubt were true but some were to hard to believe. So what I’m trying to say is I sure hope all this is true and these crooks get what they’ve got coming. And if it is my thanks to everyone out there that has been apart of this and made it happen for the best country in the world

    • Daniel

      We are slowly going to get to the truth being out in the open. Don’t worry, these evil sick people are gonna get what they deserve.

  3. Diana

    Awesome information!… thank you for sharing the real news!…Dpatriot

    • Scott ivey

      Only GOD could pull this off by God’s guidance the alliance is successful

      • Daniel

        God always wins!

    • Daniel

      Thank you for coming 🙂

  4. Linda Quercia

    I can’t possibly begin to imagine the extent of the operations involved to take the Cabal down. All I have known all my life if living under the Cabal…..not even knowing what the word meant. No movie could ever top the one we have the privilege of living. I always felt the had to be more to life than what I’ve experienced and I have been a Born Again Christian since 1980! I think I’m about to experience that abundant life Jesus told us we would have!!! What a debt of gratitude the world owes to those who have been involved in this miracle. And of course Thank You God!!!

    • Daniel

      We really have no idea how hard this must be for the Alliance. The best is yet to come and we have to really be thankful every single day. Thank God for his love for humanity and for choosing people to help us step out of the cabal and their influence!

    • Susan Brownstein

      Linda, that was perfectly stated iMHO. Thank you Lord God for allowing me to be here during this time in history.

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