News 04.06.2021


Obama predicts that “new religions” could emerge when evidence about extraterrestrials is discovered. No.
Religions have outlived their usefulness. People are waking up to realizing the true spirituality and truth of our oneness with God that has been hidden for centuries through mind control rituals and doctrines created by the elite. You can’t stop the angels and you are in a panic. source

JUST IN – Account of the Informed Consent Action Network reportedly locked out by Twitter after they announced to publish more emails from Dr Fauci obtained via FOIA request, citing #COVID19 misinformation policy. They will drop the 3,000 additional emails at tonight. source

Federal Reserve merged with the Treasury after the Mini Stock Collapse [Dow Jones] last year. March to May last year.That was POTUS, VLAD & KING SALMAN to take out the Rockefellers Oil control. Did you see the Rockefeller Tree get cut down and removed? This then lead to the merging of the Treasury & Fed.There is a 1 yr deal in place for the FEDERAL RESERVE to remain in that merger then they go bye bye. source

This is where EO’s 13818 and 13848 come in to play. They cover asset forfeiture for crimes committed against humanity, and the election fraud. China owns a lot of land in the USA, and they own a lot of the debt. They can confiscate those assets because they committed those crimes. Every country involve will forfeit their assets within the USA. This is part of the 12D chess they are playing. source

RememberIf White hats would not be in control, the Deep State / Cabal under Bidan would have removed EO,sEO 13818:Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or CorruptionEO 13848Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States ElectionAndExecutive Order 13959Adressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military CompaniesTrump and White hats are letting the pyramid implode from the inside out.Breaking the structure to collapse the entire matrix.Slowly but surely.The House of Cabal Cards is falling down. source

City of London… In USA / London Bridge sits in the United States in Lake Havasu City and is a treaty of international water rights for the city of London and the Roman Empire… Think International Water treaty rights…. The dock goes to the water [like trafficking] and it is well defined in the gate system showing that it is a piece of England’s territory… There are post office boxes to mark it off along with a gated fence around it and a plaque stating that it belongs to the city of London. There’s a door that goes into underneath the bridge that would lead into the tunnels… source

The London Bridge is located below the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River…Watch the Water source

The Skull And Bones Secret Society aka Illuminati…aka CabalI Use Numerology, Gematria, Codes and Symbols To Market and Promote Their Satanic Masonic Demonic Agendas without you even noticing. Preferably on the grid ley lines preferably on large events with big crowds….think of concerts, arena,s etc. These rituals used to be performed in churches. Nowadays the Elite use TV programming, Google Chrome, Apple on any of your devices to send out the frequencies of lucifer. To program your Mind and to disconnect your heart from the divine frequency of God…..WOKE YET?

When we get through this storm of the fall of the Kabal and all their systems, we can start – Start shining our Light.Start educating our children to look after healing humanity and this planet with oneness, conciousness and awareness of spiritual and quantum universal laws.Instead of learning how to lead a 9-5 job-mortgage-pension rat race life in fear and constant stress of failure, because of the illusion of separation and death. It is time!Wake up! Our souls are calling. It is time for change and awareness. source

◽️ The WEF of Klaus Schwab portrays Jack Posobetz, the author of, a member of the “foreign propaganda network” and calls for more online censorship, similar to China’s, using artificial intelligence.

◽️Medical researchers from the People’s Liberation Army of China in 2019 designed mice with “humanized lungs” to test for viruses, a few months before the start of the plandemia.

◽️The unidentified flying objects under investigation are not the product of secret military programs. If so, hypersonic research in Russia and China has “far outpaced” similar research in the United States, officials said in a military report to the U.S. Congress.

◽️Russian President Putin signs a law that is expected to be used to ban Navalny’s allies from participating in the elections.

◽️TikTok is changing its privacy policy to collect biometric data about users in the United States, including facial and voice prints.

◽️A Dark Money Group linked to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer helped pay for deceptive ads aimed at lowering Republican turnout in the 2018 general election, newly released documents show.

◽️The US jobs report again falls short of expectations, with just 559,000 added in May against an estimated 675,000.

◽️The legal battle over the counting of ballots in the 2020 presidential race has reached a new level, as MyPillow tycoon Mike Lindell claims that two manufacturers of voting machines, Dominion and Smartmatic, were also engaged in racketeering. The new lawsuit alleges that Dominion abused the legal process by suing Lindell, and they also violated the RICO Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act, as well as federal law.

◽️The Government of Canada asks the Pope to apologize for the mass
graves of indigenous children.
Government officials are demanding an official apology for the role the Catholic Church has played in the country’s boarding school system.

◽️Fauci’s reputation was so badly damaged that Google had to post a link to a video of him and Biden answering pre-prepared questions about the vaccine on the search engine’s home page. source

Nigeria “indefinitely” suspends Twitter in the country source

Facebook suspends Trump for TWO YEARS, effective from January 6th, 2021: Zuckerberg’s Supreme Court gives the president the “highest penalty,” saying it will be only reinstated if conditions permit. source


If keeping the frequency high was important before, now it’s critical. As the Gamma Light pulses increase in intensity, they also extend longer and longer in duration. The physical body is handling the adjustments well, as we know that everything follows a divine protocol. No one is helpless on this Planet; not even those who chose the opposite path of ascension. Cleaning continues intermittently and thoroughly. The High and Medium Orbits of the Earth are already occupied by the Positive Forces and all the escape possibilities of the Dominators of humanity have been nullified. The Portals that were previously used for sending Dark reinforcements to their representatives on this Planet are also closed. The Low Orbits and their Umbrals also undergo final cleaning. Less than 10% of the reprobate spirits still remain in these astral zones. There is a purpose from Above to keep you in these zones while longer, and it is not for us to judge the merits of the matter. We do know, however, that it will be for a short time, perhaps even completing the Crust cleaning, which is also in full swing. The Earth’s Crust is here, right where you are. In the days and months to come, cleaning will be intense. Everyone will have the opportunity to see at least some real evidence of this cleansing. Of course, traditional media works for the dark, who pay them handsomely in order to withhold true information. Misleading news will remain for some time yet. But the revelations will not be long. In this year of 2021, humanity will be informed at least of part of the truth. This part of the truth will be enough for everyone to understand what has always been present in each one’s daily lives. It will reveal who was really working for and also who was working against humanity. The horrors practised by this cold-blooded Breed will come like avalanches and take everything to the infernal abysses, where this Evil Science originated. There will be no stone unturned! All the evils that you have suffered on this and all past lives on this Planet have always been in the programs of this lurid Science. The horrors practised were of such magnitude that not even the most open consciences will be able to understand the point at which the perversity of certain human figures has reached. Of course, not all these figures are human. Many were just humanoid. Others weren’t even physical entities. But the most disturbing thing will be to discover that many wolves have always been dressed in sheep’s clothing and that they have always been living alongside many of you. These surprises will perhaps shock them much more than the acts committed by them. The cleaning of the underground of Planet Earth is also being finalized. Here is another situation that will provoke great horror and nausea in even the hardest of hearts. It is impossible not to feel such discomfort and desolation for what will be revealed. That’s why Lightworkers have been summoned for some time now. The work will be intense in supporting those who will feel the shock most deeply. It has been said before that many will not. Some will go crazy. Others can commit suicide. We will see many important figures removed from circulation. Mass arrests have already started. Even if you don’t see it on the news, they are happening every day. It is estimated that by the end of the cleaning, the number will exceed one million across the Earth. There will be exempt Courts so that true justice is practised. There will be no privileges, as time runs out quickly. Because of what is already happening, and what is yet to come, everyone is asked to KEEP THE FREQUENCY HIGH NOW. You who are having access to such information are a Lightworker. Your time to act has arrived! No matter what you’re doing or what you’re still going to do in practice, the request now is to KEEP FREQUENCY! The higher vibrations will be the fuel that fuels the Forces of Light in this final clash against Darkness. Look around and observe. It is not possible that you do not see everywhere, the tentacles of the black octopus, spreading fear. Fear is still the weapon used by Darkness in order to immobilize humanity. Get out of fear! Trust! You are on the Light side! Nobody can defeat you but yourself! Don’t give power to those who want to hurt you. No soldier of Light is helpless, ever! Remember that when you assume, to be a soldier of Christ, the enemy will come from the infernal abysses. This is reality, but Light always conquers Shadow. Armageddon idealized by Darkness will not happen. The apocalypse you were shown will not be that way, for it is not destructive; it will only be the change of the Planet, that is, from a World of Trials and Atonements to a World of Regeneration. This change is not accepted by the dark, as it means the end of their reign here. The chaos they’re trying to show you isn’t real. It’s holography; an illusion, like everything you’ve been shown for all time. Evil inquisitors know they have lost. There is no longer any alternative in your favour. That’s why they are desperate….and dangerous. Don’t provoke them! Just keep your frequency. Don’t give them power! Don’t survive them! Keep your Light! Vibrate love, as this higher energy dissolves all Dark resistance. Remember that the Light never attacks as it is not necessary. All it takes is to impose yourself as Light. Where Light is made, darkness ceases to exist. Ignite your inner light, and illuminate all the shadows still lingering within you. Enjoy that cleaning is being done everywhere on this planet, and also do your internal cleaning. Let the Light enter you. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of dirt that may still arise. Recognize that they are remnants of the long walk and learning in this World of Evidence and duality. You immersed yourself in uncharted abysses and labyrinths so that you could learn what was needed. It is natural that a little dirt has accumulated. Now it’s time to clean your individual basements. This will be the last part of the long journey. Everything is moving towards the Gran Finale of this Planetary Transition spectacle! It’s time to prepare the popcorn, sit on the couch and watch from your cabin. source


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