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Here’s a mass of information to wrap your head around. I’ve stated a number of times that we’re watching various factions fighting for power on our planet and that the war is old. This takes it to the next level. If true, it certainly underscores the fact that nothing is what it seems, and “all the world is a stage”. Characters take on names and identities, live, or die, or don’t really die, come back to life… it’s really wild.

Ready for a brain overload?

Who is Patrick Bouvier Kennedy?

Abraham Lincoln was Abraham Kahlooni of the Druze Bloodline, from the line of the Davidic Kings and descendants of Jethro, the Priest of Median in the Bible and the Torah (Exodus 2:18). They descend from an ethnic minority called the “Druze” , and they inhabit the Golan Heights area of Israel from the town of Qunaitara & Majdal Shams and before that the town of “Kahloonia” in Mount Lebanon [45 Km south east of Beirut]

Abraham Lincoln had 4 children with wife Mary Todd Lincoln – Robert Todd Lincoln, William Wallance Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln and Tad Lincoln two of which were sent to Libya to live – they didn’t die as recorded.

These were William Wallace Lincoln and his brother Tad.

William Wallace was brought to Benghazi – Libya in 1863, they changed his identity, and was raised by The Sanussi Royal family of Libya and living in that Country for the rest of his life.

William became known as “Omar Mukhtar”, the great freedom fighter who fought against The Italian Military invasion of Libya from 1911, until his arrest near Caves Valley (180 Km east of Benghazi), on Friday [11th September 1931] when he was defending those Holy Valleys of Marcus the Evangelist, Valley of The Bible and Mary’s Lake in the region of Cyrene 280 Km east of Benghazi.

He was transferred to face trial on Tuesday 15th September 1931 held by The Italian Military Tribunal in Benghazi, the trial ended in just one day. He was sentenced to death and was hung on Wednesday 16th September 1931, (age 81) in The Town of Solluk 50 Km south of Benghazi “US Peridous”- Libya..

William had 3 daughters and one son. Saidea, Gaillea & Mary. His only son was taken and shot by the Italian military police in downtown Benghazi in 1942.

Mary, William’s daughter met and married a Prince – Said Issa H Kahlooni – from Golan Heights born in the Orchards in Mt Lebanon. The family Tree of Issa Kahlooni is well known in Lebanon Syria and Israel – Issa means Jesus. They arrived at the Port of Derna in Libya in March 1911. They had 2 boys who were both kidnapped from Benghazi, and handed over to mafia boss family Joseph Kennedy and was raised by him and his wife Rose Kennedy. They would later be known as John F Kennedy and Joe Kennedy. John F Kennedy was raised to become the 35th President of the USA. He is not a Kennedy, he is a Lincoln/Kahlooni.

John married Jackie Kennedy and had four children: Arabella Kennedy, John F Kennedy Jnr, Patrick Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy.
Patrick and Arabella didn’t die as recorded.
Patrick Kennedy was flown to Libya
Joe Kennedy was Flynn’s Father
John F Kennedy Jnr is Ezra’s Grandfather
Tad Lincoln was Donald Trump and Elvis’ grandfather.
Elvis, Trump, Assange, Lincoln Kahlooni, JFK, Joseph, John F Kennedy Jnr and Patrick are all Lincoln/Kahlooni and are cousins.

Elvis Presley is the TIP OF THE SPEAR.
Elvis was in the SPEARHEAD Division & also kept a SPEAR TIP on his book shelf.
Elvis told us all on August 15 1977 via the WOW Signal that he wasn’t going to be dying. Ask Howard Hughes.
The HH, John G Trump & Nikola Tesla connection is very important.
Download the TESLA FILES on FBI VAULT from 2019

I’ve cautioned about making everything black or white because this 5D chess and old, old war has been going on a long time. We know that some we thought were on our side are not, and some who may appear to be the worst villains may be White Hats. Let it ride.


One of the core tenets of being a digital soldiers is learning to think for yourself.
Not everyone is going to be right 100 percent of the time yet there are people we learn to trust more than others.
At the end of the day:
We must learn to hone our own discernment and each strive to become walking red pill factories for ourselves. source

The Nuremberg Trials LIVE on Zoom

( Trials 2.0 live on ZOOM July 4th 2021 @ 8AM PST
Live July 4th 2021 @ 8AM PST for 8 hrs

with opening statements and evidence by the Chief Justice & Grand Jury vs Hitler’s 4th Reich members for Coronavirus measures. source

Get this book.
The Secret Life Of Howard Hughes.
Howard faked his death.
He had a 2nd life, this book is all about it.
He invented the Time Machine with Nikola Tesla in the Nevada Desert.( I challenge everyone to look that up @ 88MPH)
Howard Hughes was Elvis Presley’s best friend. He helped Elvis Stage his death.
72 Second Long “WOW”Signal

Then download the Tesla Files on FBI Vault that were released in full end of 2019 and learn how John G Trump established Inter Planetary Communications with Venus.
Learn how Nikola was brought to Earth as baby from Venus. Learn they both made at least 1 trip together to Venus. Quite possible the WOW signal is linked.
80 yrs worth of Nikola’s documents
All of his belongings were/are kept at the Alien Property Custodial Office. See it for 3 on the 1st file is my favourite.

Elvis was Secret Agent in the D.E.A
Had many disguises.
I have a ton of stuff.
Photos, handwritten letters to President Nixon.

Did you catch it??
She was DoD.
Photo of her Pregnant. source
Largest US Flag ever made hangs from Hoover Dam. Each star is over 17 ft high.
…Hoover Dam, interesting source

Following a cyberattack, one of Sweden’s largest supermarket chains said it has temporarily closed around 800 stores. source

Lin said people have to accept that we are at war right now. Today’s wars are not fought by storming the battlefield like yesterday wars.
1) Trump is part of a military operation.
2) The cabal had planned for decades the fall of America. Obama did a lot of damage during his terms. When she didn’t win, they used the virus in Trumps final term.
It was all the cover they’d need for election fraud. It was to get everyone use to the new normal
Trump says that he got the vaccine done at record speed. He anticipated that the vaccines would be approved by the FDA and MANDATED FOR ALL.
So Trump countered…

  • to get rid of the fear narrative
  • to allow America to reopen
  • to expose big pharma, the CDC, election fraud, etc…
  • the vaccine would not be FDA approved, but deemed experimental, and most importantly….. NOT mandatory. That is why you are seeing them heavily incentivize the vaccine.
    America was already in a delicate place… he had to weigh his options.

A) Tell America the vaccines meant to depopulate the world and enslave us.
B) Or endorse it….
How that would have played out:
A) A sitting president, warning America that they cannot trust the FDA, CDC, and all the institutions they’ve come to know and trust… How do your friends and family take it when you tell them these things? It isn’t always pleasant.
B) Allowing a biological weapon (with a low mortality rate) to be released on American soil had advantages.
Allowing a biological weapon to be released did something crucial— For the first time in history, all 50 states were placed under a disaster declaration. Additionally, thanks to Bush Sr., America was already in a state of war since 9/11… we are still in a state of war.
Combine the disaster declarations & being in a state of war and Donald Trump has wartime powers of the president. Look up what he can do when he has wartime powers.
Everything is not as it appears.
Everything is done by THE BOOK.

Covid also provides white hats the perfect cover to carry out operations. As I’ve said before, CGI & prosthetics are amazing these days.
Keep in mind, there are a few very special executive orders that are still active. Two below…

13848 Imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in a United States Election.
13818-Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
Not all is what it appears.
In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options.
The alternative would have been eventually billions of people dying & it would have been hell on earth.
God himself has intervened.
Let’s let him work & do everything we can to help him along the way. source

At least FOUR people dead as “MOST DESTRUCTIVE” forrest fire rages in Cyprus – the country asks EU, Israel for help. source

Sound the alarm
Anons see this phrase anywhere else today? source

Cardinal among 10 indicted by Vatican for financial crimes source

Juan O Savin in Rogue News. Leg pose during interview compared to old photo of JFK Jr. – right leg on table. Also (2nd picture) compared to Juan’s hand w. JFK Jr’s hand – red circle – mark on hand (not wound line) – same distance from wrist and between index and middle finger.

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, interiér a text, v ktorom sa píše „ROGUE NEWS KID SIDES VGuerrill an“
Na obrázku môže byť jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia a náramkové hodinky

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  1. JM

    The info about William Lincoln, Joseph Kennedy etc is hard to digest. Which easily cast doubt on any other intel you post. I would much rather read info that has been verified and known to be facts rather than just intel to fill the page. That my friend is how we got FAKE NEWS and questionable intel, causing people to doubt what’s true and what’s not!

    • Anonymous

      Respectfully: Nothing personal JM but because YOU have not yet verified it, does not mean the info. Is not verified. Many people seem to look to the “Fake News” to verify news even though they call them fake news. You won’t see this stuff in the MSM …. yet! You will have to dig for it.

      Ivanka, (I believe) would it be possible to share more about the biblical connection to this entire scenario (WWIII) ? Or possibly list some sources.

      Thanks for your work and allowing us to comment and ask questions. Your work is appreciated!

  2. Ruby L Schwanke

    The Military. President Trump, and all the others helping him to give America back to We the People is Great. I know the work has been long and hard, but someday everyone will appreciate the sacrafices you have all made. Thank you all for your hard work saving America from the Deep State and the Devil worshipers. You are and have been doing a tremendous job getting rid of many evil people who have taken our country out of our control so they could become rich and work for the Devil. Thank God for all the help you have given these people. I know the corrupt United States was not what you, God, had for the people. Thank you everyone and God Bless you all. Amen.


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