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People have falsely claimed that nothing is happening while our predictions, as an entire picture, have all happened, it has just not always been announced. In some cases, things are dragged on but they ARE happening! It is the Art of War. You get more done when you are silent when you distract and don’t always fight the enemy head-on.

Trump is right, something has to be done. Evil forces are trying to jail people of the light, people who speak the truth and people who do good in this world. I have seen corrupt people first-hand in law enforcement team up with criminals, smear you, they are part of the Freemason group. They do anything and everything they can to bring injustices to this world, and let criminals walk. In this new time, this will not be allowed any longer! Fight back! Pray and use positive visualization. Align yourself with good things, do not focus on the bad. Do not buy into the jab scare tactics. Evil forces are losing-and criminals are going to prison on all levels. The times of deception are done! For those who won’t comply in public office, they will be forced out. source

Several Disney employees arrested in undercover child predator sex sting, Florida authorities say.

A six-day undercover investigation into child predators has resulted in the arrests of 17 people across central Florida in “Operation Child Protector,” Polk Country Sheriff’s Office stated.

Sheriff Grady Judd says those arrested intended to engage in sexual activity with what they believed were children, but instead were undercover cops. 

Several people apprehended were employed at Disney World. source

Q & A – Pentagon.

Q: Queen Romana, can you tell us anything about the Pentagon?

A: Empty source

Q and a part 1
1 when will Diana return?
When everything is revealed

2 are we flat earth?
By my research yes

3 when will dead arise?
when all is revealed

4 how did you stay hid all these Years?
Moving a lot until 2011

5 will MJ come out soon?

A yes a part of Q team

6 how many people are in witness protection?

An over 900

7 tell me about numerology

I’m a numbers guy I have several books on them

8 when are med beds coming?

They’re already being used on the children and the military.

9 will the vax be mandatory?

They’re trying but no. Stand your ground.

10 who were the 32 governors who went to meet Trump?

After the meeting, I know 6 didn’t return to their state.

I’m sorry guys and gals if my typing isn’t spot on. I will post more answers later. Over 600 questions. source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa, obloha a text, v ktorom sa píše „Bethel RECENT EARTHQUAKES 2:25 AM PAST YOUR PAST 2HOURS ..... PAST 24 HOURS ALERT DAY TEMP 80* WIND Cordova WAVE SCAN 09 HEWS ME CCம Calm GUST Port Helden Kodlak Sand Point False Pass M7.3“
bye bye Alaskan Underground Bases.
M7.3. 🤨 source

It was a trap!
A magnificent TRAP!
Celebrities and satanic elites you see being diagnosed with the Coronavirus have fallen into a trap because of a special strain put into Adrenochrome in a secret military operation.
Gene Cosensei, privileged and intelligence analyst, appeared on the YouTube news cirstenw channel today and discussed how Tom Hanks and many others around the world, have been exposed for crimes against humanity because they used contaminated Adrenochrome.
“What happened with the P4 lab is that they fielded a slightly different strain that is a little more lethal than [the other]. It’s called prima facie evidence. So, if you end up having COVID and you have that strain; guess where you got it? Adrenochrome. Which are crimes against humanity. So that’s proof that you’re doing Adrenochrome,” Cosensei said.

Cosenei said there are two COVID viruses.
“One is not as contagious as the other one – the other one is contagious the way you’re not supposed to touch surfaces and touching your face if you’re around a mask is more to keep you from touching your face,” Cosenei explained.
“The other is contagious just by injection; sharing liquids like sex and rape in their case,” Cosenei said.
Cosenei said what they did for Adrenochrome is more deadly.
Cosenei explained that Adrenochrome is created by torturing a child which causes blood adrenaline. Cosenei said that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are shown in an NYPD video threading then tackling a child while she screams “why are you doing this to me?” Clinton then placed the child’s peeling face over hers as a mask to terrorize the child and create Adrenochrome.
Detectives who saw the Clinton/Abedin child torture video reportedly sobbed, cried, vomited and needed psychological counseling.
Keep watching the news and observe who is receiving the Coronavirus. You will notice that elites like Hollywood actors and high level government officials are getting the virus.
Q said it will be biblical. source

Na obrázku môže byť text

Like POTUS Tweet and Q says .. Everything will go really fast source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „32 Anonymous 11/01/2017 02:44:10 ID: grTMpzrL 4chan Thread/Post 147433975 147454631 Direct Link: 147454631 Maybe one day but it cannot go slow The initial wave will be fast and meaningful. It will send a signal to others immediately and you'll see the tide turn (not even the MSM can hide and rest assured some will be jailed as deep cover agents).“

There are millions of skyscrapers on our planet, and many of them attract over a billion visitors a year. But in this article, let’s focus on something completely different.
We are dealing with an “upside-down skyscraper” and unlike other skyscrapers, this one is only seen by certain carefully selected groups of people.
The base built underground houses an ultra-occult alien base. It is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and is protected by a robust defence infrastructure. The building is essentially a bulletproof prison that can only be opened with an electronic key.
The underground base is divided into several layers, each with a multitude of corridors and cells.
When an alien is moved, strange sounds seem to appear in cell number 10. There are also women in military uniforms in the hallway.
What you have read is the infiltration of a man who came to a deal with former US President Jimmy Carter and as a result of that deal, a lot of details need to be left out. source

The white hat alliance at control !!!
Q: to wake up is to convince people of evil 😈, you have to show them the truth source

Germany is preparing a new lockdown. BILD has obtained an internal document that even proposes restrictions that would apply only to unvaccinated citizens. source

Na obrázku môže byť 2 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „Verschärfung für Millionen Bürger REGIERUNG WILL NEUE KNALLHART- MASSNAHMEN! Bild +“
Even German 🐑🐑🐑🐑 not waking up 👇👇
TIGHTENING RESTRICTIONS FOR MILLIONS OF CITIZENS. The government wants new measures against C.! The unvaccinated should no longer be able to go anywhere. Source

📌 Hundreds of police officers raided drug gangs in Wilhelmshaven and North Rhine-Westphalia yesterday. Thirty dogs in action, two arrests.
📌 Another search at FC AUGSBURG, this time for suspected BLACK LABOUR. FCA has been already searched two months ago. It was about ticketing fraud.
📌 The Ministry of Health of Calabria (Italy) is completely dissolved. For the third time in ten years! The ‘Ndrangheta Mafia continues to infiltrate the health sector again. This time they have obtained several million euros through fictitious contracts. Yesterday there was a big raid: nine arrests, seven house arrests, including the directors. Millions seized.
In Brazil, a helicopter fell from the sky with 340 kilos of cocaine. Pilot on the run. The helicopter used to belong to a police officer. Officer: “That thing was not airworthy at all. I sold it because I didn’t have the money to repair it.” Many vehicles and aircraft have been seized from the drug mafia in recent months. Now they are looking for replacements.
📌 An illegal cigarette factory has been discovered in Poland. Capacity: one million cigarettes a day. Sixteen arrests. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „U.S. Navy @USNavy #USNavy Photos of the Day: @CVN70 conducts Flight Ops & GQ Drills, #USSAmerica conducts UNREP with #HMASBallarat (FFH 155) during #TalismanSabre2021, #USSSiouxCity (LCS 11) conducts Flight Ops View & download here Preložit Tweet 204“

📌📌 Recently there was a message from Simon Parkes 👉👉👉👉 MEGA BQQM !!! Not in the mainstream yet.
“Australia and New Zealand to lose Commonwealth status.” They will be administered by the US because the Royal Family in the UK has given up all their heritage.
📌📌 Many “former colonies” are still colonies, they just call themselves Commonwealth in keeping with the times. As if there can be a “commonwealth” when it is owned by the reptilians. That is now gradually changing and all these former colonies are becoming independent free nations. A basic requirement for participation in the new Quantum QFS.
Why do you think the Queen and her descendants gave up their entire inheritance (the largest on the planet)?
Because they are defeated, finished and finished! No one has lived in Buckingham Palace for 1.5 years! … or to put it another way: Trump now controls New Zealand and Australia!
📌📌 We’ve had New Zealand and Australia in the spotlight in recent weeks, whose flight activity has been unusual at times.
We felt there must be more going on there from a military perspective than we were shown. Simon Parkes has shown in his report that both countries are under US administration and are thus out of the Zionist clutches of the Rothschilds‼️
📌📌 And this is all topped off by a tweet from the U.S.Navy that U.S. and Australian ships have joint “exercises” 😉
📌📌 The news of the aircraft carrier USS Vinson (CVN70) off Australia just fits. Here we are getting clear signals that we are seeing great progress there, that military operations are progressing appropriately and Australia and New Zealand are already part of the US alliance..
📌 Tweet Translation: #USNavy Photos of the day: @CVN70 conducts flight operations and GQ exercises, #USSAmerica conducts UNREP with #HMASBallarat (FFH 155) during #TalismanSabre2021, #USSSiouxCity (LCS 11) conducts flight operations source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „U.S. Indo-Pacific Command @INDOPACOM A @USairforce B-52 flies with @AusAirForce during #TalismanSabre 2021. #FriendsPartnersAllies 發 12:00 AM Aug 4, 2021 TweetDeck“
Another confirmation of what I wrote about Australia yesterday 👉👉 US Air Force and Australian Air Force together 😉 source

A six-week international large-scale operation against drug traffickers (“Operation Orion”). The German authorities were also involved. Colombia reports a new record seizure of 116 TONS of cocaine:

  • 69 ships and boats
  • three submarines
  • five aircraft
  • many properties
  • 539 arrests! Source

Earthquake in Darmstadt! It occurred this morning at around 09:35 with no information on depth and strength. According to information, the epicentre was in the district of Bessungen! There were at least three helicopters (NH90, Chinnok and EC) in the air this morning. source

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