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I mentioned recently that the UN and UNICEF are not what they seem, and most of our readers know this but for the sake of those getting up to speed on what the hell is and has been happening on our planet at the hands of the global crime syndicate, we offer the following.

Remember as kids we used to take little UNICEF boxes with us on Hallowe’en to collect money for them? Doesn’t that make your blood boil? it’s all about the kids, alright.

The crew will also have made note of the numerology; the Mason’s “33”. The soldiers of fortune (theirs) wear a badge and a uniform and act with impunity. Whistleblowers are fired or “silenced”.

“There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with paedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to.

Report Finds UN Employees 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years

We know what the climate hoax is all about. Enjoy the show. The existential threat is to the satanic New World Order. We understand their numbers are dwindling rapidly.

What do innately evil psychopaths do? They decide who lives and who dies, and even how and when. They control everything. This is an exceptional exposé of the demonic activities of the New World Order covertly but deftly executing their depopulation agenda. Watch this revealing video with Dr. Bryan Ardis and Stuart Wilkie at the link. See more at

Look at the drugs hospitals and mostly nurses have been using to euthanize our beloved seniors. Executions, people. And then they crow out their astronomical numbers of “Covid deaths”. These “angels of mercy” need to be held accountable and the swift sword of justice needs to be leveled on these creatures. It’s not only happening in the UK and the US. source

Hey Whip,

I found the final one…

General Electric (GE)

As you’ve said:

MedBed/Tesla Cure Companies:

Vyaire Medical
Royal Phillips
General Motors

And to complete it:

General Electric

Trump also mentioned Ford (so that is 2 Large Car Companies + 4 or more Medical Companies + 2 or more Electronics Companies) Trump has ordered to make “Ventilators” 🤔

Sounds more to me like the perfect recipe for making MED BEDS ✅👍

Hey Whip,

I found another asset you might want to share with your followers:

General Motors (GM)

This one is interesting because remember Trump already had Hillrom, ResMed, Medtronic etc (all medical companies) building Ventilators (or MED BEDS??🤔)

But he’s also DEMANDED that General Motors build 30,000 Ventilators (or MED BEDS??🤔)

And GM are not even a Medical Company… so why would Trump ask a Car Company to build small breathing devices?

He wouldn’t.

I’m now 100% convinced
Ventilators = Med Beds and Trump issued GM (who would have the large manufacturing facilities required) to help build them. source

Navy SEALs attacked a cargo ship full of smuggled children. Navy SEALs raided one of the hundreds of cargo ships, a Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier called the Morning Star that was docked off Long Beach, California, at dawn Tuesday and rescued 200 alien children who were trapped in a dilapidated cargo hold, a military aide said on condition of anonymity. Sadly, SEALs also found the bodies of 12 dead children, our source added. source

📌For all those who write to me now and say it’s only going to get worse.
For your peace of mind! YES, it will get worse for a short time if you think lockdown is bad. It will come because the system will collapse and the financial system and food supply will not hold. As a result, some will still get vaccinated briefly out of panic. We can’t stop them.

The 👉 military is the only way 👈… we’ve been seeing daily movements for a long time, in every country the military is positioning itself…..

👉 NESARA 👈 for about 2 years now there have been repeated posts from subscribers of various channels that their student loans, mortgages, loans have been paid off overnight…..

👉 GESARA 👈 … Reports of bondholders being paid off are piling up….. so GESARA will be announced soon, very soon, as all old debts will now be cleared.

Operation London Bridge 👉 The “Queen” is in poor health, her death (very soon) will set everything in motion – Operation London Bridge Down….

The 👉 stolen election in the US is becoming more and more visible….

👉 the actor who artfully plays Biden is now taking everything to the extreme very quickly and artfully (wonderful 😊)…..

👉 Currencies are balancing…. Iraq, Venezuela and…

👉 Crash is getting closer and closer, China is on the edge….

👉 DS is on the brink, it has shot its ammo (weather manipulation has stopped, the controlled eruption of the La Palma volcano did not trigger a tsunami), now it has to use solar flares for blackout and virus as a last resort…

👉 DS creatures suddenly resign or get a C. (Arrest!)

… The final moves of the most ingenious chess game of all time are upon us….. source

The picture of horror. Marked yesterday’s earthquakes at a depth of 10 km and linked to the previously “known” DUMBs.
Not unimaginable, but indescribable and beyond the imagination of some……And that’s not all, but most people still think it’s a pandemic… source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „Königreich Terrain Btand ybrid Streets OSM Poleres Bela Deutschland aine Osterreich Frankreich Italien Spanien Portugal Kasachstan ciechenland ürkei Marokko chotsk Tunesien Mittelmeer Mongolei Usbekistan urkmenistan Syrlen Irak Algerien Westsahara Libyen Iran Afghanistan Agypten Mauretanien Mali China Pakistan Niger Japanisches Südkorea Guinea Saudi-Arabien Oman Tschad Sudan Nigeria Indien Ostchinesisches Jemen Myam Südsudan Athiopien Arabisches Meer Golf Beng galen Thailand Philippinensee Vietnam Somalia Kenia Republik Kongo Demokratische Mogadischu Tansania Südchinesisches Philippinen Lakkadiverisee Angola Malaysia Sambia Mosambik Namibia Simbabwe Botsuana Indonesien Südatlantik Madagaskar Papua-Neugu Südafrika Indische Ozean WA 4ለ Australien Perth Bucht“

Michelle Fielding on the Golden Age

Questions about the Golden Age answered by her guides
“You are not yet in the Golden Age because the pace at which you go there is determined by the collective consciousness. There has been great progress in the collective consciousness as the Earth has begun to move into the Age of Love, and this progress will continue and pick up speed to the point where humanity will peak in the collective vibration of love.
Depending on the collective consciousness, you will reach the Golden Age by 2032, no doubt about it, for that is the divine plan.
The world as you know it now will change from within, and the structure of all that you currently know and understand will change at the quantum level, and all matter will evolve as your thoughts and consciousness evolve and as your hearts open more and more.
On the level of practical daily living, your life will be more harmonious, more community-oriented, and you will love your fellow human beings more. People will develop their skills and work for the good of humanity. People will be closer to their essence, more loving, have more faith, be less stressed, and their lives will shift more from striving for something to being. When you wake up in the morning, you will not tell yourself what you need to do, but you will do things according to what you feel and what you feel like doing.
Cities will turn into communities, and trading will decrease in society. Offices will turn into housing and neighbourhoods will become decongested because people will not commute there. Cities will be cleaner, airier, with open spaces and clean air.
Healing towers will be built for healing, which will be placed around the perimeter of major cities and will broadcast healing frequencies. London and New York will be the first cities where they will be built. It will be something like Tesla towers, which transmit and raise the frequency and the cities will become healing. There will be more greenery and less traffic everywhere as streets will be turned into pedestrian zones and there will be more wildlife.
Transport in the future won’t need roads, because high-speed trains will be elevated above cities and will run on magnetic propulsion. It will be fast and clean transport.
The underground transport system that you have in New York or London, for example, will be abolished because it disrupts the magnetic pulsation of the Earth.
There will also be gigantic crystals placed around the cities and everywhere else that will be used to send out healing frequencies of light that will naturally purify nature.
All buildings such as Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament will be demolished and rebuilt.
Technologies relating to crystals and sound will be extended to all homes in the future.
Harmful emissions from transport, from electromagnetic fields and from corporations will come to a complete halt, and any business that is not heart-centred and whose mission is not to serve humanity will simply not survive.
People will be outdoors more, and the world’s weather will stabilize, become warmer and more predictable, and the regular changing of the seasons will return without fluctuations because the weather will no longer be manipulated.
The extraction of resources from Mother Earth will be stopped.
Animals will be free to roam and will no longer be confined to zoos. People will truly appreciate animals and insects.
Just as the nature of commerce and business will change, people will no longer need to work so much and will devote their time more to recreation and entertainment, and in such a relaxed state people will radiate more light and their consciousness will increase as a result.
There will be plenty of food. Food will be organic and grown locally and within their local communities, people will exchange what they grow.
There will be much more happiness, joy and peace everywhere.
There will be no need for leaders because people will lead and cooperate locally on their own.
Laws will change to allow communities to function within the framework of customary law.”

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