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Romana Didulo posted the following on Wednesday afternoon. It would not surprise me. When it comes to those who harm children, the White Hats mean business. There is no punishment appropriate for those who prey on children other than removing them from our midst—permanently.

The real Pope Francis + 31 Cardinals all were shot on site!
Vatican was the children sex trafficking ring Master.

As we have heard from President Trump, General Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and others, it’s about the Rule of Law. Law and Order must return. Justice has been elusive, to say the least, but is mandatory.

The People must cease to blindly “obey” and must instead do what is right; just; lawful, and in accordance with our founding documents, constitutions, and charters of rights and freedoms.

THAT is our duty. Our duty is NOT to obey tyrants and psychopaths. We must cease to do the bidding of perceived authority figures. Just because they issue a mandate or “order” does not make it lawful, legal, or binding. Even “statutes” are not “law”. If the instructions sound wrong to you, just stop doing what they tell you. Together. All together as One.

All we need is Natural Law/Common Law. It’s just common sense.

…When we speak of the dramatic changes coming to Humanity like med-beds, healing cancer, age reversal, regeneration of limbs, plenty of money for everyone and abundance of food, clean water, shelter for every soul, replicators for all to manifest our needs, a Quantum Financial System that is consciousness itself and cannot be hacked, the Space Force, free energy… it’s not crazy talk. It’s real, and it’s coming. That and much, much more.

There’s a saying that goes: Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. In this case, whether people believe or not, it’s going to happen. Prepare to be wowed.

Whether the masses are prepared to take a leap or not, we’re all going to leave the evil behind. WWG1WGA. That Q-ism takes on a different nuance when you understand our ultimate destination; as does “Nothing can stop what is coming”.

It’s not only about exposure of Satan and demons, the criminal and inHumane activity, arrests, GITMO, disclosure of the ETs, technology—it’s the end of the satanic regime and their disposition to The Pit. They earned it.

…Q told us a “scare event” is necessary. Part of the reason for it as I understand it is because the Earth Alliance is undoing the trauma and mind control (and spells?) the controllers used to get us to this point. More trauma is uncomfortable, but we have to reach the deeply programmed members of society and a “shock” is required to do so. source

One of the most puzzling questions regarding the deadly [v]ax is why President Trump endorsed it.

This video outlines the reasons for his decision. Watch from ten minutes video

Summarizing the (Q)The Storm Rider tweet…[F]auci will fall…Voter fraud will be exposed…there may be a fake [a]lien invasion…on-going food and gas shortages.
The current timeline is certainly heading in that direction. Let’s add some GOOD news…President Trump reinstated with his inauguration in August…fake virus and [v]ax disappears overnight…John Kennedy returns…RV/GCR…med-beds all round…!
President Trump is scheduled to give a speech on 5th June in North Carolina. He describes it as a ‘Presidential speech’ and says that it will be HUGE.
Dan Scavino tweeted a message at 1043 which translates in military time to Cue drop 2243. We can have great fun speculating on who that VIP Patriot might be. A famous son, maybe…?
Cue drop number 2243:
Watch Trump Live[-10:34]VIP PatriotFront Row.Q source

Learning content for us ‘real’ people:In this transformation process, as I understand it, all real people can consciously learn and experience various elementary content:
🔸The real earthly existence of the divine.
🔸The work of divine power in the interior of ‘real’ people in the form of love of the heart, morality, ethics, conscience, empathy, compassion, personal responsibility etc.
🔸The real existence of the Satanic.
🔸The work of the satanic power outside in the form of structures, networks, ideologies, actors, machinations and seductions, often visible through lies, slander, satanic inversions, intrigues.
🔸The understanding of the statement ‘the devil wears Prada’, i.e. the understanding that Satan is all too happy to appear in the guise of pseudo-light figures, honey-brushes, child protectionists or similar.
🔸The gift of free will for each of us, so that it is only up to us to what extent we turn to the light or the dark side.
🔸The gift of externally stimulated heightening of awareness through which we can more clearly distinguish between light and dark.
🔸The resulting sharpening of contrast between light and dark, which among other things expresses itself in a self-exposure of all dark machinations and actors.
🔸The synonym of ‘being human’, ‘having confidence and trust’ with ‘turning to God’.
🔸The synonym of ‘to be true’ and ‘divine’.
🔸The understanding that we are witnessing a divinely guided process in which the liberation of mankind has long been sealed.
🔸The understanding that the ‘holy people’ will go to the ‘holy constitution’ on ‘holy ground’, like a journey to earthly paradise. source

Oh no …. that’s a thing … “by chance” Fauci’s daughter is a software engineer on Twitter ….. well something. source

Some updates on the news
(don’t look for these messages at
In the mainstream fake news media)

  • A huge military operation is now underway in Europe!
  • Huge numbers of Deep State are being arrested in Europe right now!
  • All Deep State Governments will be removed!
  • The Israeli Moosad has been removed!
  • A clone factory was found during Disney World in Florida!
  • Dozens of Disney employees arrested for child trafficking!
  • Worldwide banking is now being tested on the quantum finance render!
  • Hollywood is now a ghost town, my adrenochrome is ′ ′ dry! “
  • Hollywood is now a ghost town, the adrenochrome is dry!
  • Trump rally on Saturday, June 5th in the great state of North Carolina!
  • The US military is still under President Trump’s command!
  • President Trump has been put back on Facebook and YouTube!
  • June is a huge month for Trump gatherings and boat marches!
  • The media were sentenced to death at the Nuremberg court!
  • John Brennan (former CIA director) has been convicted of high treason!
  • Clinton & Gates Foundation was abolished, it was child trafficking!
  • Federal teams in China eliminate the rest of the Chinese Communist Party!
  • The Dominion voting system has lost its lawsuit against Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell!
  • BLM & Antifa were no longer soldiers of the Deep State, most of them were arrested!
  • In Russia, the Deep State was defeated.
  • The UN was the headquarters of the Deep State.
  • Switzerland was never neutral, Deep State was a fortress.
  • Both the FBI and the CIA are gone.
  • All fake news media assets have been confiscated!
  • Buckingham Palace, the Vatican and the White House are closed!
  • Bill Gates Microsoft is now in the hands of the White Hats!
  • Google and Facebook launched by the CIA!
  • President Trump is now in charge of the world’s banking system!
  • The European Union has gone bankrupt! source

I have a dream

A dream of a peace on earth.
A dream of respect, equality, freedom and abundance for all of humanity.

We may differ in our faith, religion and culture, yet we all live together on the same boat.
On the same planet.
Our beautiful planet Earth.

We are only custodians and not owners of Earth.
Nor its conquerors.
Nor its destroyers.

United we stand.
Divided we fall.
We the people stand strong and safe together.

In this dream we strive to live by beautiful shared ethics.
And we not only bring peace to ourselves, but to others, to animals, to nature and to the world as a whole.
We live in service of others not service to self.

Let us shut down, release and reset what no longer serves us.
Bring light where it is dark.
Unite what is seperated.
Love like never before.

Let this dream begin.
Let us create heaven on earth.
Where we go one we go all. source

Robert James Fischer was an American chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion. A chess prodigy, at age 13 he won a game which was dubbed “The Game of the Century”.
Good one!!! Patriots even in control of the church sign!!!
1 year delta
DJT 8:16
Law of War Ref 8.16

Are Herridge’s pen positions comms?
Follow the pen.
Have you not been following? source
1 year delta +1 & +2
Scavino 26 & 22:34 MIL
Don Jr 4:44
Law of War Ref 11.3
Watch Trump Live (link below)
The Military is the only way. source

📎The audit in Arizona is moving forward by leaps and bounds – 67% or 1.4 MILLION ballots have been verified. There are 700,000 ballots left.

📎Steve Bannon says Georgia WILL conduct a forensic audit, despite the best efforts of party traitors who are trying to block the process. “As we are going to speak in Arizona and especially in Georgia, these three (lost) Senate seats will go back to the Republicans after a full forensic review is done.

📎Attorney General Chris Carr spoke at Georgia’s annual Republican convention and was loudly booed. Carr is another lost Georgia Republican who has allowed left-wing political forces to steal the state from his constituents.

📎Biden’s initiative – raising the minimum wage = more robots and AI. Ten McDonald’s restaurants in Chicago are testing automated movement using AI for voice control without the participation of service personnel.

📎Revealed: The US federal government sent $ 123 million and the Pentagon $ 39 million to the EcoHealth Alliance, the group that funded coronavirus research in Wuhan.

📎A New York psychiatrist told a Yale University audience that she dreams of shooting white people in the head and burying their bodies with bloodied hands.

📎Psaki defends” famous public servant ” Dr. Fauci, saying that Joe Biden will never fire him.

📎Trump: “Facebook’s decision is an insult to a record 75 million people, as well as many others who voted for us in the rigged 2020 presidential election. They cannot be allowed to do without this censorship and silencing, and in the end we will win. Our country can no longer tolerate this violence!»
“The next time I’m in the White House, there won’t be any dinners with Mark Zuckerberg and his wife at their request. This is business.”

📎Nigeria halts Twitter operations in the country after it removed President Muhammadu Buhari from office for ” offensive behavior»

📎Georgia radio host John Fredericks: “Vernon Jones is going to win and become governor of Georgia. It has received widespread support.”

📎Brian Colfage, a veteran of the US Air Force and founder of We Build the Wall, the organization that started the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border: “I was under the gun of the fighting in Iraq, but I never thought that my own government would point its weapons at me for trying to protect our borders. There is a real war going on and we are all watching it right now.”

📎Democratic nonprofits and campaign groups met with the United Nations to discuss the cybersecurity of the 2020 election, and now the same groups are working against government audits in the United States.

📎Mike Pence said at a meeting of Republicans in New Hampshire that he supports his decision to confirm the falsified results of the 2020 election.

📎Political debates in the United States are on the verge of major reforms, including the planned withdrawal of biased moderators and journalists from the debate. “If the CPD does not implement significant reforms to better fulfill this important non-partisan function, the NRC will have no choice but to advise its future candidates not to participate in the CPD – sponsored debates,” the official warning reads.

📎China’s military confirms that it has set up its own UFO task force. The military is using AI to track and analyze the growing number of” unknown objects ” in its airspace. source

TV news stations will become apparent targets in the next cyber attack “We will only be able to communicate through personal phones and text messages,” said an employee at a TV station. source

A millionaire Chinese friend of Hillary Clinton “jumps off the porch with the baby in her arms”. Those of you who have been around for some time know that the “sudden deaths in strange circumstances” of the Clinton friends have numbered in the last few years. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Emerald Robinson Donna Brazile is out at Fox. Juan Williams has been minimized. Jedediah Bila was cut last week. Martha McCallum minimized. Melissa Francis gone. Bill Sammon gone. Chris Stirewalt gone. The Never Trumpers are paying the price for hitting the iceberg on election night“
All Anti-Trumpers leaving Fox News source

Zone 52: Tonopah firing range

The Tonopah Rifle Range is a restricted military camp located approximately 30 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. It is part of the northern fringe of the Nellis mountain range and measures 625 km2.

Tonopah Test Range is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Groom Dry Lake, where the Area 51 facilities are located.

Like the Groom Lake facility, Tonopah is an interesting site for truth seekers, primarily for its use of experimental and classified aircraft. It is currently used for reliability testing of nuclear weapon stocks, research and development of fusion and firing systems, and testing of nuclear weapon delivery systems. The airspace includes the R-4809 Restricted Area of ​​the Nevada Rifle and Training Range and is often used for military training.

John Lear: CIA Pilot

CIA pilot John Lear claims that a clean nuclear device was used to create a giant chamber under Pauite Mesa in Area 52. This particular facility is capable of accommodating 25,000 people or troops while having a large capacity. storage to house “unidentified” or “experimental” aircraft. He says he heard some of this information from a cement truck driver who worked there.

Lear said:

“It took him four hours to get to the bottom, pour out the cement, then wind up again. For some reason he disappeared from the face of the earth after telling us this story ”

Lear claims there is a high speed underground train that runs from Area 52 to Las Vegas. He said in an interview:

“They look down and it’ll be a forest, a desert, or a natural landscape, and all of a sudden it unfolds like that and they see an airstrip, then the landscape folds in and it looks normal ”.

There is evidence for one of Lear’s suspicions, which dates back to the claims of a former government scientist, Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked on flying saucers at a test site called S-4. Nellis confirmed to I-Team that there is more than one S-4 on the range, and that one of them is at TTR.

Workers have claimed that Area 52 S-4 requires a special entrance. Very advanced radar research is said to be a project. Military watch groups deny the existence of a large underground operation.

Mysterious plane spotted in area 52

A mysterious plane spotted at a top secret US military base has caused an uproar in Google’s direction. The image was spotted via Google Maps and, when contacted with this information, Google Maps had “refused” to update its satellite imagery of the area for more than eight years. A mysterious plane located at a top secret US military base has been blurred on Google Maps, opening the area to speculation.

The unidentified object was spotted at a base just as secret as its sister, Area 51. So far, satellite images online show a few dry lake beds in the Tonopah test area.

Overview :

  • Rumor has it that this area is being used for experimental weapons testing.
  • Google Maps appeared to “intentionally blur” an object hanging outside an aircraft hangar.
  • Google Maps normally updates its global imagery every 30 days. Censorship is apparent source

Have you noticed the Sun is Whiter, less Yellow?
Experienced some of these symptoms?
Vertigo, headache, nausea, ears ringing, sleep disturbance
muscle & joint pain, exhaustion, digestive issues, taste changes
mood swings, brain fog, difficulty concentrating?
Congratulations Digital Soldiers, Starseeds & Lightworkers.
We’re being God’s light
Holding God’s light
& Shining God’s light
so that Earth, Kingdoms, Galaxy & Solar System
are lightning up
readying for the jump out of 3D into 5D+++
Ascending into God’s High Light

P.S. I think that’s why deep state demons are so frantic.
Besides losing on all fronts, financial, military, governmental, etc.
they cannot ascend into Higher Light.
✨ Gene Decode said
they’ve known ascension was coming for the Solar System
& tried to hijack it & turn it negative
but they cannot.
Ascension is a done deal 🔥🌟💥✨🔥🌍 source


  1. Roxanne D Victor

    I am so ready. Thank you for these thorough updates.

  2. Michael Frey

    I wish I could enjoy more these most amazing Q events and operations, but I’m surrounded by family and friends who all have been vaccinated … gonna have to watch them all die? And it seems that Med Beds will not help with their DNA having been altered by mRNA?


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