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The biggest soundbite from Trump’s rally tonight in Sarasota was the quote:

‘’Wait till you see what’s going to happen! Great, great things are going to happen for our country. There’s never been anything like it! ‘’ source

We are in the twilight zone, an interregnum of unknown length. First January 20th passed, then April 1, then June, and now July. Some think Trump will return in August; others say November. Who to be-LIE-ve? I’d say no one.

And stop expecting a savior. Just trust your own heart. source

Major explosion in the Caspian Sea near Baku, Azerbaijan.

UPDATE – Oil Company SOCAR has said the apparent oil rig explosion off the coast of Baku is a “mud volcano”.

UPDATE – SOCAR has now removed the part about “mud volcano” from their statement on the explosion. Unclear what is going on here.

UPDATE – Adil Aliyev, Head of the Department of Mud Volcanism of ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics: “No mud volcanos in the area, but an explosion on a ship is possible.” video

*Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, has been hospitalized with COVID-19.
*Pope Francis has been in surgery today unblocking his bowels.
*France just opened an investigation into four fashion giants for covering up “crimes against humanity” in China; one was Zara. source

Gettr = get trapped

“Is Miles Guo (the funder of Gettr) a mason?
There are two major factions within the CCP.

Miles Guo was exiled from China when the opposing faction took over and started jailing political rivals.

Miles Guo’s history is murky and potentially full of disinfo (due to his political rivals taking over and controlling the Chinese media) so i wont be going into the major allegations against him because frankly they could be bullshit and “innocent until proven guilty” etc.

It just takes a second to search the allegations and find them yourself though.”
@CodeMonkeyZ source

Hi, I live in Darwin & confirm what a lot of u are saying is true. There has been a massive military build-up in Darwin in the last few months. I can say over 25, 000 Foreign Troops in Darwin under the pretence of Military exercise. 15,000 are USA Troops, 4,000 Indiana & balance Singaporean/Japanese. Prior to the LockDown on Sunday I only heard the Fighter Jets/choppers @ night, now u can hear them during the day flying out of RAAF in Darwin. We have Military action in Darwin 24 hours a day with jets etc. The USA has brought their big guns here, massive fighter jets & choppers. The Granites Gold Mine where the Coronavirus Outbreak occurred has a tunnel entrance to Pine Gap. The Pine Gap DUMB stretch’s past the Gold Mine in the Tanami to Alice Springs all the way to Black Mountain in QLD. The Alliance is Attacking the Deep State via the entrance of Granites Gold Mine. Alice Springs went into lockdown a few days ago with an outbreak in another mine with Coronavirus. There is another entrance in the mine in Alice Springs where the Alliance is entering the DUMBS. We have had casualties reported but what they said in the media on Sunday was a loss from a training exercise. Pine Gap is hell on earth, a friend of mine is a former firefighter who told me that many who were called there when fire alarms went off, never wanted to go & check & stayed on the Fire Truck. The Reptilians have committed many bad things to the native Australians, as they are spiritual & have an attachment to the land. Uluru is the heart of Gia & this is why the native Australians wanted the sacred rock back in their control away from the Lizards. source

Thai police order evacuation & warn of possible second explosion after massive blast at a chemical plant near Bangkok source

Q & Trump The Great Awakening:

Watch the water also mean watch The Great Wave. It is like in the prophesies every 20,000 years cycle. This time is a big Red Wave to clean up the Swamp from this earth. This big wave is passing country by country from one to another and creating ripples within cities all over the world. Probably you realized that all the variants and lockdowns were first implemented in Asia, then Australia, then Europe, UK, then the USA, then Canada. Exactly like a wave or Dominos like it is well shown in the V for Vendetta movie. During these waves of lockdowns and Fake C19 variants, the good ones (whitehats) were cleaning the Deep States Swamp. They needed to do it in different steps to reveal and show the truth to the public. This helps reveal to see the bad actors and reveal them. Also called the harvest. You let these evils grow so you can see them, then cut them all at the same time in the end. They cleaned up the political, education, medical, nutrition, corporations, etc. The last step is the Financial industry, The Great Reset Phase. So we are entering this phase where Cyber Attacks, False Flag events, communication and internet shutdown will happen. This is the Delta wave, the one just before the darkness and then revelations. The plan here was to let the bad actors (Deep State) do their malefic evil plans and catch them on the spot. You can’t accuse someone of doing a crime before they commit the crime. You need to catch them while, or after they do it. Then you can accuse them of crime against humanity, etc.

Also, you can’t reveal to the public the plan before the then complete operation ends. It’s like saying to your enemy that you are everywhere arresting them. It’s like showing your cards while playing poker. The art of war is to look like you lost until at the very end you win. Same thing in poker, you bluff until at the end you go ALL In and THE ONE winner takes all.
Nothing can stop what is coming, God already won cause we have it all. Like having the Royal flush in Poker. The White Hats and Military are hidden and will not reveal themselves before the end. This is why it looks so long and like nothing is happening. But do NOT worry, they are EVERYWHERE my friends. Yes, SO much incredible stuff is happening. Massive arrests and massive cleaning. Patience is a virtue, so better work on it.

The strange floods and earthquakes are mostly underground Dumbs being cleaned up. The Military often covers these underground explosions with fireworks or lightning and storms so that people think it’s the weather or some fireworks. We can see exactly that happening right now in Florida. The building that crashed was covering some deep tunnels and Dumbs. And now militaries are cleaning underground but we can’t see them and they surely won’t say it on TV period. Can’t reveal the plan to the enemy.
It’s a movie, Remember!
You need to think 3 times. 1st level, 2nd level, and 3rd level thinking. The 3rd level is 5D thinking. 1st level of thinking is 3D consciousness. Think sheople who believe TV and the first narrative they hear in the news. These are the Unawaken people.
2nd level of thinking is the 4D consciousness. Darker, bad evil plan. People who know there is corruption, Deep state, and PLANdemic my friends. These awaken to the dark agenda. Emotions: Fear, sadness, anger. You feel bad on this 4D level.
3rd level of thinking is the 5D consciousness. The best level you want to achieve and stay. This is where you see the good plan, where you can see the good ones are winning, where you can see the light and that God Won! The good and best vibrations are where you feel the best emotionally, mentally and physically. Emotions: Love, Gratitude, Giving, Calm, Strong, Fearless, confident, faithful.

The easiest way to go into the 5D as fast as possible is to ONLY see the GOOD plan. Think of any situation, like if there are three possible thinking outcomes. The 3D and 4D are the bad ones and the 5D is the good outcome. Choose the Good One! Just like three endings to a movie, choose the good and best one.

*Source: HC
This RV snd GCR is something that has never been done before ever in the history of the world. We are paving new roads, forging new paths and taking humanity to a new level of being and living and it has taken an army of men and women almost 70 decades to make this happen.

Many untold people sacrificed their lives so we might have freedom.
The news is all is underway and processing. It might not be instantaneously as we all expect.
The good news is it is happening. The banking system is converted. Money is flowing and the process is underway.
They are going slower to make sure all is running properly and safely.
It could be from now till Tuesday when public GCR money for currency holders takes place.

Just know it is happening and be grateful you are part of it. This is a transition, not a transaction. Never, ever give up source

20K Tajikistan troops MOBILIZED to be deployed on the Tajik-Afghan border as Taliban advances!

The army mobilization instruction from the President of Tajikistan came as their govt confirmed on Monday that more than 1000 Afghan soldiers had crossed over the border – fleeing attacks by the Taliban, as the insurgents gain more territory, now reported to control 70% of the country after the NATO troops withdrawal.

The concern is growing for the future of Kabul as a potential military target. source

Today´s excerpt from Benjamin Fulford´s update:

…There is a consensus now among the military and intelligence agencies of the West that the only way to avoid becoming Chinese vassals is to carry out reforms that will lead to an even better system.  Do not forget it is the West that invented such things as cars, aeroplanes, computers, the internet, etc.  Once we are freed from the Khazarian Mafia, we will leave the Chinese behind in the dust.

However, before this is possible, we need to win the war against these incredibly evil, powerful, and clever gangsters.  White Hat members of the Russian FSB, Mossad, the CIA, and MI6 have provided us with plenty of evidence about what these gangsters are up to and who their leaders are.

Let us start with this document sent by MI6 describing the next planned moves in their fake pandemic real vaccine campaign.  This secret document by Neil Ferguson of London’s Imperial College of Medicine was sent to “Nick Clegg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Sundar Pichai (Google/Alphabet)” among others and calls for…

permanent medical martial law, complete censorship of all pandemic truth, deployment of the army on the streets, the constant release of new variants of “Covid-19” and discusses how to force everyone to be vaccinated, etc.  Please circulate it far and wide. link

MI6 explained why they leaked this document:

“When they [the Khazarian Mafia] realized they had lost control of the Military-industrial complex they turned to Porton Down biowarfare.  This entire chaos is a cover-up and what we call a squid and its ink.  We got stung with the Diana thing we don’t want to have anything more to do with murders.  All sorts of whistleblowers have come to us recently.”

The Russian FSB says the KM plan is “to segregate the people into two groups, the obedient ones, and the ‘rebellious’ types…

The obedient types will accept vaccines that will make them totally controlled by AI and machine programs.  They will feel calm, smart, and happy.  Their owners will gift them money, houses, travel, etc.”

If this sounds farfetched take a look at this article from Rockefeller University (where my brother got his Ph.D.) published in April 2017:

“Jeffery Friedman and his colleagues have demonstrated a radio-operated remote control for the appetite and glucose metabolism of mice—a sophisticated technique to wirelessly alter neurons in the animals’ brains.  At the flick of a switch, they are able to make mice hungry—or suppress their appetite—while the mice go about their lives normally.

Biologists can turn neurons on or off in a live animal at will—quickly, repeatedly, and without implants—by engineering the cells to make them receptive to radio waves or a magnetic field.

It relies on a green fluorescent protein borrowed from jellyfish, a peculiar antibody derived from camels, squishy bags of iron particles, and the cellular equivalent of a door made from a membrane-piercing protein—all delivered and installed by a genetically engineered virus.  The remote control for this contraption is a modified welding tool (though a store-bought magnet also works).”

Spanish whistleblowers have come forth and testified that:

“All the vaccines are manufactured using the same nano-technology.  In Spain it was even described as ‘secret nanoparticles.’  These nanoparticles become magnetic when they reach the same temperature as the human body.  When they remain in an under zero degrees environment, they remain un-magnetic.  [Why do they freeze the vaccines?]

The molecules of GRAPHENE can interact with neurons in the brain in a remote mode using different radio-frequencies (5G could be one of these), they can map the brain and transmit and receive INSTRUCTIONS remotely.”

… There is a similar push in many countries to force us all to take these vaccines.  Make no mistakes, this vaccination campaign is a war crime of the highest order and death is the only punishment that is going to stop these criminals.

Of course, the campaign is going to fail now that the military of the world has finally woken up.  We are seeing health ministers and others resign in the UK, Israel, New Zealand, etc.  There has also been a report published by independent auditors documenting “fraud, harassment, non-compliance to professional standards and sexual misconduct,” under WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus.

This is what a Pentagon Special Forces source had to say about all of this:

“Rest assured the entire leadership of this vaccine crime spree will be hunted down and killed.”

A CIA source for his part says it is possible to confirm from public records large amounts of planes flying from Washington DC to Thule airbase in Greenland.  “These are specially outfitted Cargo planes full of convicts from Gitmo and the military tribunals taking place in the White House,” he says.

The source also confirms John McAfee “made a deal very similar to Jeff Epstein.  He made a deposition against the evil people in the IRS, CIA, and DOJ.  He told everything.  The White Hats along with the Spanish government made the faked suicide to allow them to put him in the witness protection program just like Epstein.  They even put a faked suicide note in his pocket to make it look like a real suicide.”

Of course, the KM is not planning to go quietly into the night.  We are receiving intelligence from multiple sources confirming they are planning power failures, internet shut-downs, food shortages, etc. over the coming months… source

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