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Working theory:
I expect the decertification to fail. Perhaps they will arrest a few. Perhaps we will get some satisfying small to medium players in cuffs. But what do we have going for us? Durham was Q’s second to last post. Durham has now proven to be verifiably moving up towards the bigger players. We have the Devolution theory (which I subscribe to wholeheartedly) and we have the coming military storm. Some have a hard time believing these things can come about. As anons in our research we always focused on sauce(proof) but we were presented with a new challenge as 2021 began. One could refer to this as the dark night of the Patriots soul. Therefore, Faith and insight from God has been so crucial this year. That’s why I have no doubts and why I do my best to express that faith to all of my frens.
When you understand that God is personally dealing with the cabal then you know that He can’t fail.
You know that [their] time is coming and nothing can stop it. source

Anons are more prepared than most to endure the coming turbulence.
While many will be in shock: We will be rejoicing in unadulterated joy when that day of justice comes.
Make sure to comfort and console those who will be devastated by the crimes against humanity and children that will inevitably be exposed.
We haven’t endured the mental
anguish of waiting for justice without purpose.
Seatbelts fully buckled.
We are prepared for the storm. source

The Jesuit Rituals/PsyOps have been in our lives since before WWI…..They have permeated everything in our lives….Politics, Hollywood Deaths, World Wars, ALL SPORTS, ALL Scare Events that have been done to us!!  and I do mean ALL…..NFL and TOP College Sporting Games are still being RIGGED Today. They were done by the NUMBERS!!  So, the Q TEAM has been reversing these Rituals by doing the same thing back……This is NOT an opinion….THIS IS TRUTH!!!  Just wait until all those coaches and players are brought to light for all the years of RIGGING….Why do you think Vegas gets the betting line right so many times??  These people will NOT be able to walk down the street!! 

THEORY:  Mr. Trump was Jesuit educated and I think it was DJT’s turn to gain power….AND…THEY thought he was one of them….Little did THEY know that he and the Q Team would take them out from the inside…..JUST LIKE THEY WERE DOING TO US……FROM THE INSIDE!!  That is why it seemed he was just going along with the status quo for so long….It’s why for so long we were at times mad at him…..and it’s why so many of us thought he was just one of them…..He WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! source

From what I hear… These papers LEAKED.. Are from DEEP STATE<<<
That’s the reason Google, BBC , MAINSTREAM MEDIA YouTube Yahoo and many countries are pushing this story so HARD</
The EVIL CABAL ARE GETTING READY TO ROB THEIR OWN/,<<<and throw these bad actors under the bus …. DOG EAT DOG [DS] WORLD<<<<<<< source


[THEY] are planning to Rob certain ELITES and blame them for the TRILLIONS of missing money before the Market [crash]

[THEY] [DS] are planning to come out as heros in many countries as savers of their countries and EXPOSING the little puppets and cause >> DISTRACTIONS<<<

IT’S ALL DISTRACTION.. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

[MSM ] is sharing this Pandora Paper story in Almost every country…[THEY] are plastering this story in all major social networks and news station and radio……. It’s a>>> FALSE FLAG



Simon Parkes:

QFS in South Africa


I watched it live on my phone filmed from the steps of our governments head office on a Youtube livestream via Australia. The sound was windy as it was all mobile phones but they read out the 120 page damning document proving the existence of the White Spiritual Boy and Swissindo stolen gold from Africa and issued a press release here and here.

No doubt MSM will cover nothing of it and it’s difficult to say what will happen but we cannot deny SOMETHING big is going down. source

“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”

– RFK source

Some tell me “who cares” about any elites.
Trump was an “elite.”
Mel Gibson is an “elite.”
There are those who have or had cabal ties that I believe will turn around or have turned around to be used by God. You can’t always think of life in such black and white terms. Some growing up were tormented/brainwashed but there can be a window of opportunity where God can provide freedom. So yes… I care about what happens with influential people because I want to see the world influenced for the good and for God. source

I want to make something very clear for the people who think our country’s problems will magically be solved if Hillary, Obama, Biden and Fauci go to prison.


You know what putting them all in prison does?

It makes us feel good and puts a TINY dent in the global cabal which they will fix with ease.

A global cabal which happens to be made up of many different moving parts that all have their own special interests in mind.

A global cabal that would laugh if HRC, Barry, the Resident and Fraudci went down.

Do you not realize how quickly and easily they would be replaced?

Do you not realize that they are just lower level puppets?

Do you not realize how unbelievably complex this cabal truly is and how much power they hold?

The Israeli mafia, the Islamic mafia, the luciferian Clinton mafia, the central banking mafia, the Soros Nazi/Communist agenda, the military industrial complex, big Pharma, big Tech, secret societies…

Virtually every major country has a deep state.

All of these evil groups around the world have recently banded together into one Globalist Satanic Technocratic death cabal with one common goal.

Ultimate power and control.

Arresting their henchmen years ago would have only provided them more time to recover, rebuild and reestablish their goals.

This is for all the marbles. Centuries in the making.

White hats aren’t concerned with making you feel better by sending Hillary to GITMO. They also aren’t concerned about your perceived timelines. Sorry.

They are fighting for the future of humanity.

This has to be done PERFECTLY. No loose ends. No traitors can be allowed to remain.


The entire fucking diseased corrupt temple must be burnt to the ground.

It’s gonna be biblical. source

Anons are quietly excited that Attorney General Durham has finally surfaced and is dishing out subpoenas to [K]illary Clinton’s law firm. It means the Alliance is tightening the noose on the big [D]eep [S]tate players. Going after their law counsel is usually a precursor to going after the person. This story even featured on mainstream CNN. link source

Special Counsel John Durham issued a new set of subpoenas, including to a law firm with close ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign (Fox) source

As for “waiting”… we are not waiting for anything, we are moving full steam ahead toward many events in the background. In the foreground, we can see the People are not waiting; nor are they asking permission. The global movement to restore our sovereignty as a free Human species is exploding in most countries, as evidenced by the surge of protests and demonstrations.

Some, as in the Netherlands, are more like celebrations. The other extreme is Australia where hired thugs literally beat civilians for just being out on the street or on the beach. Some are hauled off to jail and the entire world is watching the American election situation, in particular.

Some say America must get on the streets en masse as we see in other nations. What we are seeing, is opposition to the current satanic, fascist regime in the form of town hall style meetings, parental addresses to school boards, political rallies, and bills and edicts to block the blatant communist agenda we see unfolding in the nation leading the charge.

While the Covid scamdemic has been tragic, it has also been the needed catalyst for awakening the masses and it took mammoth death and destruction to get the attention of the most deeply hypnotized. Many of the most reticent are still able to rationalize and minimize what is unfolding, but they won’t be able to do it much longer.

Humanity as a whole will have to get informed, get off their duffs and begin participating in life. Revolution is not a spectator sport and we will not be permitted to watch from the sidelines forever. We must all choose our team and get informed and involved.

It’s difficult for those of us who innerstand the scope of the problem and the carefully crafted “Plan” to address it to watch what often resembles a circus but sometimes it takes outright absurdity to break through the veneer of disassociation in many people and get their attention.

The New World Order’s puppets are master performers and skilled at using Hollywood, the media, actors and technology to pull off their deception, however the White Hats use the same tactics so it can be challenging to construct a reasonable facsimile of the true situation.

Fortunately, we have a few patriots entrusted with keeping us informed of the most important developments. For the rest, we need to use the utmost in discernment because the information war is raging. Nothing is what it seems. It’s not what it seems and for national security reasons we civilians will not be told everything. We are given clues, however, and we are free to make our own determinations about what we see and hear and deduce for ourselves.

If you can’t read between the lines you will miss a lot. The Q Team told us “learn our comms” and because interpretation is required, there are varied opinions. Each of us will have to discern for ourselves what we feel the situation is. 

Queen Romana of Canada reminds us that those who put out fear porn to scare us are themselves terrified and showing it. Why would we be afraid of martial law? THEY should be afraid of martial law because if our law enforcement and troops are deployed publicly it’s because the hunt has just taken on a more public role. Mass arrests, probably, of the cabal’s puppets. source

It was fun watching Telegram notifications this morning as everyone began reporting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down, Facebook stocks dipped, reports came in about AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon services in big cities interrupted, Facebook domain name up for sale, FB employees unable to gain access to the buildings because their badges didn’t work… then Telegram began behaving erratically and someone suggested the FB and Instagram users might be coming over to Telegram and swamping it.

Amazon and Tik Tok are now reporting issues, as well.

Simon Parkes posted this:

Urgent – Social media down over 75% of the planet.

Don’t panic white hat operation.

Be calm.

There will be no real war.

These are the actions that so many of you have waited for.

I warned during my last podcast.

I gave the dates so hopefully you have all prepared.

Unless the plan changes dramatically, expect US and UK to lose all communication soon. source

Trump said that Project Veritas was doing great work.
Then he specified that he got the Pfizer vaccine.
Shortly after Veritas exposes Pfizer.
There’s gotta be something to that. source

Over the last several weeks, Romana Didulo’s Telegram channel has been intermittently preparing people for the EBS [Emergency Broadcast system] and Martial Law.

I’m not saying these things are DEFINITELY going to happen, but if they do it’s good to have an idea of what to be prepared for.

The below are from several days of my anonup posts:


10-2-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada
During EBS there won’t be social media except Signal & perhaps Telegram.

When the Movie Marathon begins the whole series goes for 8 hours 3 × a day.

[Kat Note: David Wilcock talked about this last year. Q Team have prepared a presentation during the Blackout period where there won’t be anything available to “watch” except what the Patriots stream on all apps: TV, iPad, laptops, computers, iPhones, etc.

What they have prepared is exactly what I have been hearing about for several years: 8 hours of TRUTH information to be streamed 24/7 for however many days Patriots need.]

Romana Didulo cont.:
EBS preparation check
Clean Drinking Water
Food for family & pets
A few tips in dealing with those in Shock / Trauma.
1) check in with yourself first before helping others

a) ask him / her if they would like something to eat or drink

b) IF no response is given it’s fine
The brain is overloaded & many cannot or won’t talk.

c) If you can, try to get him/her to walk with you for fresh air

3) Expect a range of emotions:
Denial, confusion, anger, blaming, sadness, acceptance, etc.


The Pissositos are in full blown panic mode!
They have their minions circulating videos
portraying Martial Law (Military Rule) as something bad
Martial Law is ONLY bad for Pissositos

During Martial Law
Military & Special Forces are there to take out the Pissositos.

It could mean our Military Personnel
are hunting down Pissositos in your area.

When the Power is cut off at night during Martial Law
IF someone knocks at your door – do not open it –
it could be Pissositos looking for a place to hide.

Let me make this very clear
A bioweapon designed to annihilate
children, women & men on Planet Earth is NOT a vaccine.

[Kat note: The mRNA Gene Modifier masquerading as a vaccine is the bioweapon.]

Romana cont.:

I have mentioned this several times before but as Martial Law and EBS are immanent I’ll mention it again.

These unmarked (no flags) Military Aircrafts/Helicopters/Space Crafts are ours.

These Aircrafts and Military personnel belong to the Alliance “Earth Defense Forces”.

The nonsense narrative about another planet colliding with planet Earth is a Deep State / Cabal fear mongering pornography.

There will be Military Working Dogs with the Special Forces.
If you have some extra dog food or treats
it might be nice to help them out.

10-1-21 Romana Didulo, Head of State, Canada

The Deep State/Cabal are out of ammunition.
Their Nuke briefcases scattered around the world
we have them all & they have been deactivated.

That was their last ammunition –
they threatened to Nuke Planet Earth
if we didn’t negotiate with them.

The Cargo Ships not permitted to dock at your Ports
were boarded & inspected –
for hidden Nukes, Adrenochrome, cocaine,
trafficked Children, women & men from around the world, etc.


10-2-21 Whiplash347
WW3 Scare Scenario.
All Lights off.


I don’t believe Patriots have anything to fear from Red October. We are ready. That said, Juan O Savin said it’s going to be tough because the people who aren’t awake need to be awakened and “scare” tactics seem to be what Q Team has decided on.

9-29-21 Juan O Savin

All October, Red October
is going to feel like it gets worse every single day.
October is about seeing red in every category:
Stock Market
Conflict with Red China.
McAfee disclosures on Telegram is legit.
The same crew that’s been running
the 17th letter of the alphabet.
The stuff that’s going to be released
is gruesome.
It’s bloody.
It’s red.
October for both White Hats & Black Hats
is going to be red.
What would be the one glimmer of LIGHT?
The 2nd part of The Book of Esther
is the flip, the Reversal of Fortune.
President Trump is calling the Biden Administration illegitimate.
Why wait till ’24? I’ll be back!
The 17 stuff is about everything gets turned on its ear.
“We have it all.”
There is a moment on the Purge Day
that’s the actual flip.
At first glimmer of sun over the horizon
the horns blast, it’s go-time.
What would be that in most people’s minds
that signals a reversal?
An arrest, say?” source

📌 Also unusually large coconain finds around the world.

France: 700 kilograms of cocaine seized while inspecting a lorry
Honduras: 3.3 tons of cocaine seized burned
Ecuador: container and sailboat, 2.5 tons of cocaine. source

The earthquake in the Atlantic means the end of the curtain for me!
DUMBS from Australia to Central America must be extended:
Demonstrations across the earthquake in Costa Rica / Panama and the Virgin Islands, across the Atlantic to La Palma.
All earthquakes at a depth of 10 km!
“Virgin Island” not only takes on new meaning but is associated with a disgusting person: JEFFREY EPSTEIN, who had his estate there!
But let’s remember the news of what the FBI found while searching the island and its estates around the sea: Countless numbers of human bones…

📌 Yesterday, the motorway in Germany to Austria shortly before the Kiefersfelden border crossing.

📌 Denklingen Bavaria. K heli. An armored car is connected ……… note. at the end of last year I got a video from a friend from Germany, it was shot at night. But the sound was exactly the same. In the last profile, I called it 👉 combine harvester in the air. He flew towards the Alps, where there are also large tunnels source


A10 Werder… motorway junction. Definitely an American combat helicopter AH-64 Apache Longbow, a heavy twin-engine combat helicopter of the United States Army with a masthead. It is not seen every day. source

Last week, I had information here that all Credit Suisse ATMs will be out of operation from 1 to 4 October. And now another searchable bank. It was CREDIT SUISSE’s turn yesterday. The banking sector is currently very busy. One tour follows another. Up to 90 per cent of all banks are expected to go bankrupt in the next few years. A police visit to Credit Suisse was linked to the March bankruptcy of Greensill Bank.
‼ The connection with the bankruptcy of Greensill. The Swiss prosecutor’s office is searching the offices of Credit Suisse source

Disruption of the internet banking of the German savings bank Sparkasse.
Sparkasse is one of the most widespread banks in Germany, especially in the countryside !!!
Outages have now arrived in 🇩🇪❗️

Bank of America reports disruption of its online services in connection with the collapse of Facebook, which could bring down the entire US financial sector. source

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