News 05.11.2021


The most incredible chess match in history is set up for the final countdown. Places everyone.

Arrests are ongoing as we drain that swamp. We understand “Durham” has multiple meanings and has come up several times in the Q drops, including to reveal that former military attorney Sidney Powell was born in Durham, NC. Is she part of this? She just may be.


And that arrest is a message to those who are fueling a movement to stop waiting and begin taking justice into their own hands. The natives are restless and I’ve seen a pointed effort online to get people riled up and convinced that The Plan is taking too long and nothing is happening and it needs to go faster.

Since when do we just pick a date and decide a war needs to end according to the calendar? This is the biggest, baddest war in Human history and people are acting like they’re tired of watching a serial documentary and want to get to the climax that ends the season’s viewing.

I’ve been watching these crimes for well over ten years and after extensive research into the White Hats, the Plan, the Q Military Intelligence, Sig-Int, the comms, the Anons, our severed spirituality, fake reality, our friends upstairs, the ruthless nature of the predators and the whole ball of wax, I am STILL in favour of sitting tight and allowing the brilliant minds who crafted this Plan designed to end the evil in this realm and beyond, forever, to bring it to fruition. The frustration factor is off the charts and STILL I am satisfied that we are doing what we are intended to do; that we are playing the roles we signed up to play.

Has there not been enough blatant warfare, bloodshed, pain and suffering? The Plan has been considered, re-considered, tweaked, reviewed using technology known as “Looking Glass”, double-checked by time travellers, corrected via manipulation of negative timelines, and scrutinized using the counsel of extra-dimensional elders and wise ones we didn’t know exist.

It’s obvious there is more offensive action than ever before and that justice is being done so why on Earth would we choose now to abort or interfere in The Plan? It makes no sense. We’ve watched the enemy expend their ammunition and their resources are exhausted.

This is a war, and there is suffering. There has always been a war and always suffering. Thousands of years of suffering. Now we are just realizing it.

We’re all suffering in our own ways either directly or indirectly. It’s painful to endure this long process but I can say from years of following the progression of this war that we are light years ahead of where we were a decade ago when almost nothing was happening in the public eye to illustrate it was being addressed.

As some have pointed out, the impatient children can stomp their feet and scream all they like, but the Earth Alliance will not stray from their plan because to do so could open a crack for some infinitesimal possibility for failure that was not foreseen in their painstaking review of every possibility, every scenario that could unfold.

As we’ve been told, The Plan is not hinged on a timetable, but an event schedule. Dominoes. Until one falls, the adjacent one will remain standing but the progression is guaranteed—in slow motion, of course.

Lest we forget the American people still have their guns. LOTS of guns and a civil war would not end well. That was the whole point of the Q Military Intelligence Operation to educate the populace they could reach. They already knew it would be successful. The Great Awakening. The Military: Saviors of Mankind. “The Military is the only way”. These aren’t just trite phrases.

There has never been a public sharing of intelligence like this before. It IS the only way. Are we going to throw away five years on a whim because some people are impatient? Have itchy trigger fingers? Think they can do better? I would hate to see it come to that.

We joke about pitchforks and torches but seriously—that would be stooping to their level and they are far better armed to fight that kind of war than we are. We had to gain significant numbers of aware people for the side of the Light to peacefully win this war—WAR being the keyword. In a war, there are casualties. The casualties have been mitigated as much as possible. Let’s not add to them.

There are myriad ways this could have gone. Many of them would involve a high loss of life—far greater than what we’re seeing. If it’s this difficult to convince people they’re being deceived with all the evidence in their face every day, how do you think they would respond had the White Hats openly and immediately arrested Obama, Hillary, etc. in a blatant coup? It would have been bloody because the cabal infiltrated everything, everywhere. Spies. Lies. Coverups. Betrayals. Not a good plan.

Some very wise and brave people have done as much as possible behind the scenes, covertly, so as not to upset the public who have no clue what is going on, or to aggravate the situation with the ruthless psychopaths who would sooner order execution than look at us.

Failure is not an option and we will just have to sit tight and allow them to execute their meticulous plan for the best and highest good of all concerned—including Beings and places we are unaware of from this vantage point with limited awareness. We’re nearly at a breakthrough so we need to make the best of it, knowing that the prize will be well worth the wait.

It feels ungrateful to me to criticize those who have sacrificed so much for so long to liberate us, and they have done far more than we even know.

Until war and military aggression end, there will be no NESARA/GESARA which so many are clamouring for. We must have peace, unity, and commitment to a new and better way or we have not shown we are ready to move forward. We have to Make Earth Great Again in its totality, not pockets and slivers. The world is watching what is happening in America and North America and we need to play our roles with pride and humility.

What we can safely do is address the problems at the local level and that is going swimmingly. The Great Awakening isn’t only about our physical liberation, but about our spiritual evolution and ascension.

I’m thinking that the lessons Trump and the Patriots have been teaching us and the painful experiences and knowledge we gained are not only freeing us from slavery, but from blockages in the vehicles that will enable us to ascend to the higher realms.

That is how the military and we, too, are the “saviours of mankind”, is my reasoning. What if the “movie” has been about this all along? What if this is indeed the only way to deliver ascension to a race who cannot organically ascend because of their oppressors’ manipulation? What if this truly is the only way out of this matrix of a false construct? source

Faith was the key ingredient for keeping one’s sanity in 2021 during our dark winter precipice moment.
With the rise of Durham: We now have much more tangible victories to hold onto and it’s easier to believe that justice will come. It’s been an honor to hold the line with all of you.
We’ve experienced sorrow together and soon I believe we will all be elated to get to the best parts of this journey. WWG1WGA

Why is Facebook’s new “meta” logo similar to Pfizer’s new logo and CocaCola’s new plant-based CocaCola bottle logo? 🤔 all three are owned by BLACKROCK & VANGUARD.

Pfizer has redesigned its logo to focus solely on DNA. They have moved away from “pills” and focused solely on gene therapy, DNA manipulation, and their logo change reflects that.

“Pfizer has become much more than just a pharmaceutical company. Our new logo signals this shift from business to science. We’ve unlocked the pill form to reveal the essence of our business: a double helix that spirals upward.”

Modifying and updating the “code of life” is the new way forward for pharmaceutical companies. Genetic engineering, splicing the code. Editing human genes. Some prefer the term TRANSHUMANISM. source

If you don’t want a new world order, if you don’t want the medical mafia, global government, socialism, communism, if you don’t want any of that, then you have to decide what you want and you have to start focusing on it, because you are the creators, you really are. We can’t create dimensions, but we can create realities. You should know that you can create anything that you want. We have been so abused and enslaved by belief systems that have limited our thinking. If we remove all of the technology that we use on the planet today and just focus on the psychology of civilization, then for the most part we are stuck at a medieval level in terms of the way we think, the way we treat ourselves, the way we perceive each other, the way we are ruled by governmental structures and other kinds of structures that control and manipulate humanity. All of this is done deliberately to keep us down, to oppress us and to divide us. All of this affects humanity.

Those of you who follow the Schumann resonance know that for 10,000 years it was 7.85 MHz and now the new norm is 23 to 28 MHz and it is not rare for it to peak at over 200 MHz. Whenever it reaches this peak, our DNA, which serves as an antenna, begins to get larger and then smaller again, but whenever it reaches this peak, we learn to hold back more light. The more light and frequency we can hold, the more pressure is put on our DNA and it expands. So all of you, whether you realize it or not, are ascending, even if you don’t believe it, your body is ascending because the Earth is ascending. The Earth is expanding, getting bigger, not collapsing, but growing to support more inhabitants. The earth is not finished with us, we are not its enemies.

So now we come to today’s state. If you look at the situation on Earth as a chess game, a multidimensional chess game, because in this chess game we have third, fourth and fifth density components, so in order to achieve humanity’s liberation we have to make the last four moves. We only have four moves left. The dark side, not wanting to move and not wanting to make its last move that it still has to make to really get out of here anymore, is instead creating triggers such as k_ovid, Afghanistan and other false alarms that will soon happen to create chaos and p_andemic. And the only reason for all this is to try to delay their latest move. The loving powers that be, which include the White Hats, the people of Earth and beyond, and the loving star nations, are pushing them to take the next step, and they want the whole thing resolved by December of our time, which is something truly amazing. But I must warn you that it will be wild, really wild, it will be their fall that will be ugly. The caretakers of this planet have controlled it for over 10,000 years and they have nowhere to go, literally, because if they are removed from power they will no longer exist. The plan is not to imprison them, but to finish them off, which they undoubtedly deserve.

The souls that are now coming to this planet are incredibly evolved, by which I mean their avatars. Their mission is to come and take humanity to the next level. We have to stand up for ourselves, we have to stand up for each other, and of course you have to stand up for your freedom too, because if we don’t, it’s going to set the planet back hundreds of years and we’re going to have to keep dealing with these assholes. source

📌Around 06:50 yesterday, an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale occurred in Poland.
The epicentre is near the town of Glogow!
This is the same area as the earthquake on October 17!!!
📌Report on the earthquake of October 17: Today around 14:20 an earthquake occurred in Poland.
The epicentre is located between the towns of Glogow and Lubin, northwest of Wroclaw. Its magnitude is given as 4.3 on the Richter scale and its depth as 10 km. However, the location is again interesting: Berlin and Odessa are well known to us – DUMB! source

Mr Pool new posts……. follow the pictures and engage your logic and intuition 😉 source
1133 👉 Military Time

404 👉 Error
Funny Money
erehT tsomlA erA ruoY 👉👉 Your Are Almost There

Listen 👇….Germans Agree 👉 it sure wasn’t a workout 😉
We’ve heard it from time to time, but never this late or this long. There used to be a barracks in Schleswig, but it was closed down a few years ago and the area has been built up with apartment buildings ever since. Gunshots could be heard for over two hours today, at the same time fighter planes were taking off from Jagel.
…there are entities underground that were not so easy to defeat. By the way, air traffic in Mainz is unusually heavy at night at the moment. source

The Rampant sexual abuse by the UN and UNICEF is coming to surface. Make this viral so the collective BOYCOTT these fake humanitarian organizations that are a front for human trafficking. source

Colombian gang sold babies for satanic rituals and adoption to gay couples in Europe. source

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