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The American patriots have been very calm and orderly throughout the last several years since Q arrived on the scene to explain the situation. They’re fully capable of mobilizing just as those in France, the UK, Italy, Venezuela, Cuba, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other nations have—AND they’re armed to the teeth.

Will they, or won’t they? We’ll see what happens. Mike says under no circumstances should we show up at a protest with weapons of any kind—even pepper spray. The deep state is desperate to lock up peaceful protestors and MAGA fans and we can’t give them any excuse to do so. The January 6 event was a test run. The exercises nearly always go live.

…A massive wake-up call will be heard by all but the comatose very soon when the facts about the 2020 US Election are officially announced in finality.

In the mean time, we can research and see what happened on November 3, 2020 that almost reversed the rotation of the Earth for the patriots paying attention.

I have to agree; once you’ve seen this, you can’t unsee it.


The Great Awakening is gathering steam – 30% of people polled were red-pilled in 2020 and 2021. That number will grow exponentially over the rest of this year.

I honestly don’t think that you need to give much energy to the audits.

Why? Because they are not what people think. All of the politics, corruption & misinformation surrounding them is for show. To show the rest of the World what has happened & the lengths that they will go to to make this all disappear. But that’s not going to happen.

This is for those who are still in doubt. We already know exactly what occurred & what the audits will prove. Also, more importantly, so does Trump & the US Military.

They expected it, observed it & know very well that Biden cheated the US people. This was an Act of War against the US.

No matter how much noise the media makes, the outcome has long since been decided. Biden’s Government will be removed & Military Devolution will occur. The relevant information will be released publicly and, ultimately, Trump will be reinstated as POTUS.

Hoping that a few Republicans will be able to effect the current assault by Biden against the US is futile. Biden’s incompetence serves to shift much of the remaining public opinion against him, to become pro his removal.

The madness ends when the Biden Administration is removed, along with the reversal of all of his destructive policy.

The Storm will be the swift military intervention of the Government. All evidence seems to suggest that this has been set up perfectly to occur when they decide the time is right.

Ensuring this remains a clandestine operation as long as possible gives the Patriots obvious advantages as the threats are neutralised ahead of the Storm. Moaning about why nothing is being done yet probably shows a lack of understanding as to the scale of what is actually being achieved.

I’m a lot more excited than I am stressed about the noise currently being made during the build up to this inevitable outcome.

Nothing can stop what is coming. 🔥 source

Full Scale DUPLICATE WHITE HOUSE Built on Former U.S. Military Base – Fake White House for a Fake President

Many people picked-up on the fraud by noting Hollywood movie-studio-type mistakes were clearly evident in some of the imagery; like walls that came apart, or a parking lot with a truck in it, outside the windows of the Oval Office.

Here’s another photo from a different day:

Here, we see side-by-side images of both Trump and Biden in the Oval Office, but look, the wallpaper is different for Biden, there’s a WINDOW in Biden’s picture that doesn’t exist in Trump’s, and the height of the woodwork on the wall is different for Biden versus Trump!

Then too, the corner of two Oval Office Walls is seen in this photo COMING APART over Joe Biden’s shoulder. Perhaps the stage hands didn’t do a good job wheeling the set together?

What if the reason these things happened is that a major Biden Supporter and Movie Studio guy, Tyler Perry, BUILT A REPLICA WHITE HOUSE for Biden after the November Election?    We found it: The replica White House is built on the Tyler Perry Movie Studio on the grounds of the old Fort McPherson outside of Atlanta, GA!  

Tyler Perry built it, and it’s just an hour flight from Washington, DC to Atlanta . . . far faster than 5 hours to the west coast for their big movie studios!

First, a map with the location of Fort McPherson:

Now, a closer look:

So let’s recap:

  • First, they destroyed the tunnel junction 👉 look at the exact spot
  • And now it’s getting there 👉 This storm cell is getting bigger on its way to the northeast and will reach almost twice the size of Switzerland over Poland.
  • At this size, flooding certainly cannot be ruled out….
  • (Screenshot shows the weather forecast for Sunday evening from 20:00 to 22:00)
  • The third picture is from tonight

YOU NEED SOME DUSKS???? tunnels were scened, cancelled, checked again by scening and now they are flooding 🤷♀️ source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „Hamburg Berlin MIHCK Polen Belarus eutschland Wa schau Prag Tschechien Kiew KиíB ® München Wie Slowakei Ãsterreich Ukr Budapest Ungarn ailand Moldawien Chișinăuo Odess oAec Slowenien ©Zagreb Belgrad Kroatien 6eorpaA Bosnien und Herzegowina Serbien Sarajevo Rumänien Bukarest“
Na obrázku môže byť mapa a obloha

Trump and the patriots planned the transfer of power from the beginning. That means handing over power to the military. The four years that Trump spent in office were devoted to setting the whole thing up to trap the Deep State. And in order to move forward, they needed people behind them. Trump and the Patriots couldn’t just go in there with the military and arrest and lock up all the people working for the Deep State, no one would understand that. Trump would be a military junta dictator and the whole world would be against him. No, the people had to be awakened first and see for themselves who the Deep State is, how connected it is, what their plans are, and what they are prepared to do. How to wake up humanity that has been put to sleep and brainwashed for decades? What better way than to take the people’s vote, rig elections and put criminals in office? Shock them! After four years of a presidency for the people, with no new wars, secure borders, a thriving economy, and the lowest unemployment rate ever, the American people have received the full contrast. In rigging the election, however, the Deep State players were filmed in minute detail. The plan was to entrap foreign and domestic enemies and expose everything to the American people. And that is where we are now. The people have woken up and they are rising up. And not just in America, but all over the world. source

The autumn will not survive many governments and international organisations run by the Anglo-American swamp headquartered in London

This will be the organizing principle of the state administration or political system not only in Slovakia, but all over the world. And it will be a direct consequence not only of the massive purges that will take place, but also of the massive die-off of the population. I should add that I personally have resigned myself to burying a large proportion of neighbours, family members, colleagues and acquaintances this flu season, because vitamin D deficiency, a vaccine that has damaged the immune system and any covid variant is a lethal combination, despite the fact that some people are sabotaging the vaccination programme wherever and however they can.

Why would this be a direct result of the purges and die-offs?

  • Because the mob/people will understand two very simple things about their oppression (I’ll repeat myself, but things will be just like this):
  • the system not only has systematic corruption built into it, but through deceit, it also allows those who want power without accountability i.e. the corrupt and corruptible to ascend to positions of power;
  • the elites have not only betrayed humanity as a whole but have been waging war against it for at least decades on all priorities of governance.

In practice, this will mean that those protests in e.g. France and Italy or here will have much deeper repercussions than the American struggle for independence or the Great French Revolution. Because people are realising, through the actions of governments, that the present governments are not there to serve us, but to serve some po-faced groups that put them where they are. And that, in turn, means that the whole web of lies and the depth of deceit perpetrated on humanity will be revealed. I say this on the basis that it will dawn on the people that it is impossible to put people in positions of power except through lies and deceit, and when one set of lies and deceit is exposed, the other lies and deceit automatically begin to unravel.

Why should this happen?

Because the results of the Arizona vote audit are about to be made public (as of this week, according to what Trump is now putting on the Telegram, but that could change) and this will essentially delegitimize the Biden regime, with the implication that it will not only open up Pandora’s box of audits in other states, e.g. Wisconsin and Maryland where citizens associations have found irregularities and the state of Ohio where Trump may have won but there are still allegations of fraud, but it will also lead to the political collapse of the US and the systematic collapse of the federal government i.e. Washington D.C. (regardless of whether it is a state) to which the federal government and the rest of the USA is/will be limited. Which is basically a recipe for political chaos and rebuilding of the U.S.A. If the American people are up for it, it will be on a hand-me-down basis.

Other consequences?

Well, if the political bomb is detonated by Trump now, many governments will fall in the autumn, including the Slovak one (it’s not ours) because the cadres and elites of the Anglo-American swamp headquartered in London will have to deal with the US and that in turn will drain resources and cadres from running peripheries like Australia, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, etc. with the result that the lack of cadres and political chaos coupled with the collapse of the federal government will result in the failure to pass a budget for the new fiscal year that begins in the US on the 1st. October.

Another thing is that uncovering the web of lies and deceit many organizations will not survive (WHO, WEF, IMF, Open Society Fund etc) and even if they formally survive they will be different in content, the RCC and RPC (Russian Orthodox Church) are hot candidates for this, there are good people/priests there too just the leadership and ideological content is questionable to say the least. source

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    It’s been almost a year since the election. I am beginning to roll my eyes with reports similar to this. Too late.



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