News 07.05.2021


We still have to red pill the ostriches about Humans as a commodity. We probably don’t fully have the worst of it ourselves and it may never all be made public, but we know there will be difficulty with the average person accepting some parts.

It may be difficult to watch and participate in this war sometimes, but it would be worse to finally wake up and realize you missed the whole damn thing. source

By the way: life insurers do not accept customers if they are vaccinated .. so you can read and hear it here and there on telegram. I wonder why? What do they know exactly? .. AHA. Banks also do not give loans to vaccinated people. So what do they know exactly? Okay, banks and insurance companies are saying goodbye anyway, but the news was interesting. source

Na obrázku môže byť luster a text, v ktorom sa píše „IBM @IBM Goodbye Twitter Crop 2:30 May 2021 Sprinkir“
IBM posted on Twitter “Goodbye Twitter Corp” source

Is he trying to say something? 👀
Lin Wood: The US Department of Justice reaffirmed last year that firing squads are still used by the federal government. In my opinion, the death penalty by firing squad is a viable legal enforcement method for individuals guilty of treason or crimes against humanity. Anyone who conspires with a foreign entity to interfere in the United States elections (such as the election of our president) is guilty of the crime of treason. Anyone means anyone. Anyone who participates in the trafficking of children, especially minors, with the aim of torturing, sexually abusing or killing them, is guilty of a crime against humanity. Anyone means anyone. No person is above the law. No one includes elected officials, such as governors and legislators and state and federal officials, members of the propaganda media, business men and women, judges, lawyers, Hollywood celebrities and even neighbors down the street. America does not tolerate acts of treason or crimes against humanity. I believe that justice is inevitable in America. Many people do not sleep well at night these days. source

For European criminals against humanity ?!
I’ve racked my brains for weeks – now I’m almost certain:
Otherwise these frequent flights to the coastal town of Keflavík could no longer be explained.
The vacant US AirForceBase in Keflavík was my main indicator from the start. A huge area with bunker-like buildings around the former military airfield.
And there was also the fact that only civil military aircraft and European government aircraft commute there as in regular services.
And today I got the crucial tip from America from friends Anons.
They discovered a 2010 report in the Financial Times.
Of course, it doesn’t definitely say that the plans were ever implemented – but hey – we can all add 1 and 1 together. source

At least 40 states creating legislation that would ban vaccine requirements

Deep fake technology will make you believe the dead are alive and shown on TV. Now anybody can be faked without even a mask source

The Economist’s cover from today: Govcoins, “In TECH We Trust,” and featuring the all-seeing eye. source

Opis fotky nie je k dispozícii.
Nancy Drew does a great job documenting what’s going on in DC. It seriously looks like a ghost town. Very few cars. Little activity except for cranes and bobcats. Looks like the corporate cabal is gone! source
10 days…? source

Corruption is getting exposed daily! 💥Big Banks showing signs of desperation. MSM is in freak mode. 👍REMEMBER, these corrupt elites that abused Humanity (like Gates) had their assets seized as per Trump’s EO 13818. 🔥 So if you see news about shares of stock transferred/ sold, etc. White Hats are in Control. Under President Trump’s version of GESARA, is about the good for Humanity and Equality and Constitutional Justice. 🦅🌎Please have faith and if you are watching TV…watch a clean comedy or something that feeds your mind with love and joy! PEACE IS THE PRIZE!!! ❤️🌎❤️ source

The phrase “Conspiracy Theorist” is doublespeak for “THINKER”.

Do you think?
You might just be a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Don’t follow the narrative prepared for people who can’t think for themselves?
You might just be a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Why are they quick to label their enemies “conspiracy theorists”?
They are scared of people who think.
They are scared of people who don’t follow the narrative they are told to follow. source

Scientists give new ant species a gender neutral more inclusive “they” name for the first time. source

That’s a nice head of hair. Just saying. source

67% of Servicemen and Women surveyed recently said they support President Donald Trump as leader of the armed forces. Said they believe Trump administration policies made the military stronger.

Source: The Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington, D.C. source

What’s going on in U.S. Capitol?

Citizen Journalists are being detained and told to leave the area so no one can see why there are so many military personnel and vehicles, black gov SUV’s and ambulances in view. source

Trump is not at the center of military events. He must have knowledge about it. But the military has been planning for years. source

Trump is coming back. He’s not done. But a lot of what’s taken place, and taking place now can be laid bare. The public really didn’t know what we were dealing with but now we see it. What’s the real plan of Trump’s administration? To expose the deep darkness. source

Well now. Someone in AZ is now directly saying on the record that the Maricopa county supervisors did not have control of or the administrative password to the equipment being used in their county in the 2020 election. It turns out just DOMINION had control of the election equipment through sole possession of the administrative password. WHY did it take SIX MONTHS for this fact to come to the surface? source

It looks like the Gates are trying to shape the narrative and get ahead of this story before all of the stuff comes out on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their relationships with the elite. The Daily Beast cannot be trusted at all. Here is the story:
Melinda Gates Warned Bill About Jeffrey Epstein source

Twitter Blacklists Account Mirroring Posts from Donald Trump’s Website source

Na obrázku môže byť 2 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „NEW YORK POST New York Post @nypost Bill Gates transferred $1.8B in stock to Melinda on day of divorce news“

Pompeo’s 3:41 timestamp on May 6, 2021 matches that of Q4426

📎Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, plans to step down in a year. “I think that in about a year, another person will take over this post,” she said.

📎Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan says “there are votes” for ousting a frustrated and bitter Liz Cheney from the GOP leadership.

📎Biden relies not only on the prompter, but also on notebooks. That’s what happened when he came to New Orleans. This “president” does not know how to do anything by himself, without outside help. Nor does the” devout Catholic “Biden mention “God” in the proclamation of the National Day of Prayer.

📎South Carolina has agreed to reinstate the firing squad in accordance with the state’s execution procedures. The law, passed by 66 votes to 43, would require death row inmates to choose either execution by firing squad or electrocution if lethal injection drugs are not available during their scheduled execution.
“I will sign this law as soon as it gets to my desk,” Governor McMaster tweeted after the vote.

📎BLM fighters paint AR-15s and AK-47s on Portland vehicles. No police on the scene, as the reign of terror of the left here continues in full swing.

📎Psaki admitted that she advises Joe Biden not to answer impromptu questions from reporters.

📎None of the supporters met Biden, who received 81 million votes, when he arrived in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

📎”There must be a new trial” – Attorney Alan Dershowitz on the Chauvin case after a defense attorney filed a motion for a new trial, arguing that the jury’s conduct was improper.

📎Dirty partisan professor Pamela Carlan, who shared a crude “joke” about Barron Trump last year, wrote a threatening letter to the Arizona Senate this week.

📎Windham residents organized a fundraiser to hire their own auditor, Jovan Pulitzer, to audit the votes in their city’s presidential election.

📎Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer borrowed a billionaire private jet for a secret flight to Florida during a surge in Covid and lockdowns.

📎”If they really intend to stop us, I see a big problem with that!” – Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett talks to TGP’s Jordan Conradson after Biden’s Justice Department threatened to interfere with the audit of the state election.

📎The Arizona Republican Party is now also claiming that the Justice Department is trying to interfere with the Maricopa County audit.

📎Another organization behind the attempt to stop the audit in Maricopa County – ETG National Election Crisis Task Force-has been revealed.

📎Biden mumbles about his “Infrastructure” bill, falsely claiming that his $ 3 trillion in tax increases ” don’t cost anyone anything.”»

📎A massive scandal is brewing in the Bellingham School District in Washington, where a first-grade teacher recently read a book about transgenderism to a first-grader.
The uproar over the book prompted parents to contact the school board and it became clear that the school board president owned a sex toy store “for all ages.”

📎Philip Stark elected as the third and final member of the Windham Court Audit – a California mathematician who made headlines after leaving a confirmed vote.

📎The Biden administration announced that it is suspending intellectual property rights and providing patent information on COVID vaccines to China and the world.
They believe that giving the study away for free will help end the Chinese virus pandemic.

📎Details: “External devices” with up-to-date voting results were removed from the site every night during the election by Maricopa County employees or Dominion “specialists”.

📎A sixth-grader opened fire at a school in the United States, wounding two students and one employee.

📎Marine Le Pen to the French generals: “Join me in the battle for France.” source

New DJT BLOG Post’s TIME STAMPED for a reason:

11:57 AM = QD 1157 = POTUS validating drops via Twitter (NEW BLOG) per plan/timing. Future proves past. Comms understood?

QD 4802 = what happened regarding 2020 election (in advance), what’s happening & what’s going to happen (past predicts future, future proves past).

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA = RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA = Mathematical probability of C19 event = perfectly timed IMPACT on NOV 3 Presidential Election.


Has POTUS made a statement found not to be true? Nothing stated should be discounted.

Allowing the FIX was part of a carefully crafted plan to expose illegal, seditious & treasonous activity by corrupt politicians, Big Tech, MSM & self serving international Plutocrats (etc). Now they can be (legally) removed from the Washington DC (world) narrative/political spectrum and election integrity post DJT & Q is ensured (genius).



2013 TV show UTOPIA correctly “predicts” COVID-19 flu like pandemic that sparks the need for a universal vaccine containing the real virus inside it.

“Now we have what we want… hundreds of millions of Americans lining up offering us their arms.”

“Global warming, mass extinction events, food & water shortages… all of these problems can be boiled down to one thing… overpopulation. We don’t only have to kill to accomplish our goal,
we need to sterilize.”

“Humanity is the real virus and by slowing the birthrate in addition to killing off millions we can achieve the inevitable long term species saving goal of population control.”

How much evil has to be done before you do good?

They put the real virus in the vaccine for the
mock virus (Trojan Horse Greek Warfare 101).

Revelation of the Method (if you don’t know, look
it up). Welcome to the grand social experiment…


🔰 “Why are you working so hard to shut the audit down? what are you hiding” –TGP reporter confronts AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — Katie Hobbs runs!

● Earlier this afternoon The Gateway Pundit reporter confronted far left Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs following her interview with local news.

● Hobbs has been working day and night to interfere with, slander, and attempt to shut down the Senate Audit of the Maricopa County ballots and voting machines. source

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says the new coronavirus may have been created in a laboratory to wage ” biological warfare.” source



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