News 07.07.2021


The future is so much brighter than people can imagine.
Nothing about what we are going through is normal and the reason for that is this:
We are on the precipice of a new era.
This is why you are experiencing so many challenges, this is why you have been tested and trained.
The cabal had nearly unchallenged authority before this generation. All that is changing and we aren’t going back.
Keep this in mind whenever you struggle. These birth pains are not in vain. source

You may have seen this photo on your social media.

Mount Susitna, Alaska – The Sleeping Lady

A lot of effort has gone into convincing us that image is “digitally created”. The CIA’s Snopes, too, of course. If it’s fake, then why do they care? Why do they need an army of “fact-checkers” doing damage control to steer the narrative? Who believes their fact-checkers/trolls any more?

There are plenty of things on this planet “they” don’t want us to see because they are in opposition to the history they created for us. What if the sleeping lady has always been there but it wasn’t until drones became accessible to the common man that we are seeing things from the air like this and with the now well-established social media can make them widely known?

The Nazca Lines, Peruvian dessert

Beautiful things like this can only be seen from the air so who made them? I think it’s obvious but there are wild theories about how it was done. Why would they spend all that time and effort to make something they couldn’t possibly see or appreciate from the desert floor? Didn’t they have better things to do—like food production and hunting?

These fables are as elaborate as the ones about how the natives of Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) carved the monolithic Moai and moved them miles away from their birthplace on the side of a volcano—standing up!—to the coast using palm trunks as rollers. Really? I’ve been to Easter Island twice and I don’t believe it.

And there are also typical stories of the giant skeletons and how the photos were entries in a creative “Photo Shop” contest. They don’t tell us they’re all over the world and confiscated by the Smithsonian along with most of the other valuable relics that belie the fibs they’ve told to cover up the fact that we weren’t the only ones living on this planet and our “history” is a complete fabrication.

Anyway, the Indigenous people of Alaska named the mountain across from Anchorage “the sleeping lady” long ago so… it’s not something dreamed up in the last week. Were the images enhanced a little to indicate the intent of the artist? Possibly. We can investigate if we choose. source

When people say there is no Constitutional process for reinstating a “former” president who was ousted by a coup on election night, inform them we are not under Constitutional Law right now we are under Military Law. The script has been flipped. source

Pentagon sees “increased potential” for nuclear conflict source

Who saw Israel blacked out in the last week of December for 30 mins?
Then 2nd week of January
10 countries at once blackout?

Testing and Ops no doubt.

Yes, the ENTIRE PLANET will blackout.
To change over to FREE TESLA ENERGY.
See Texas Tesla Tower. Can power the Entire World for Free.
Many cities have installed Tesla Batteries..
Q64 Should the lights go out please know we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.

Iraq:Smoke raises at the Muthana Airport central of Baghdad. source

Florida: Hurricane warning issued for Florida coastline as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches

Cities between Tallahassee and Tampa are urged to prepare as Elsa picks up strength.

Tampa International Airport will close in the coming hours. source

Drop 26- 11.3 verifies. The only way is the military. Fully controlled.
3-2-1-0 Countdown. source

Saudi Prince Under Investigation in France for Keeping His Maids in Modern Slavery source

🇺🇦 Ukraine: Reports a massive cyber attack hit Ukrainian governmental internet sites today 

Web pages of Presidential Office, SBU, anti corruption agency NABU, State Bureau for Protection of Communications, State Investigation Agency and others were down. source

17 10.0km Earthquakes TODAY!!!


John’s McAfee Wife Janice Issues Lengthy Statement, Rejects Suicide Story source

Media and tech moguls descend on Sun Valley in fancy private jets for exclusive “billionaire summer camp” to stick their minds together and discuss their next moves. Gates and Bezos set to attend. source

Iraq: Attack on Erbil Airport hosting US troops. Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia-linked channels reporting 20 rockets and 3 suicide drones used. Sirens heard from the U.S. Consulate. Airspace closed. This is the third attack in three days. source

Simon Parkes: All US and foreign troops have left Afghanistan.

The reports I have received make no doubt that Bagram airbase will fall to the Taliban soon and all Afghanistan will be recaptured by Taliban forces.

So what was it all about ? source

The Great Awakening is the healing of collective trauma, when the unconcious becomes Concious.
The ones who have gone through there own process of awakening and transformation by resetting, reconnecting and recreating your Self to the inate beautiful divine human spiritual being, can be there for others to support and heal trauma.

Awakening is the proces of making that, the Source, the Creator, the Light that lies dormant within in your unconcious, Concious, alive.

It is breaking through the linear block of believes that forms the veil over your eyes to see, feel, hear and know your Source.

It is waking up layer by layer, uncovering truths in your conciousness, when you connect more and more to the infinite power and knowledge that lies within you.

It is a proces that is on going and never ending, expanding you on the path of life.

It is the turning point in your descending on the earth plane, after you realise you have a choice to take control over the steering wheel towards your highest good that is the ascension.

All along the power, the answers, the authority, the love, the creation, the Source, the God was there inside. It never left.

It is finding your self and your God force to merge in the moments when small awakenings click into the great awakening of you, me and us all together.

Enjoy the unraveling of your path in life and the growing ability of translating awakenings in the creation of your life.

Find balance in the inner and outer world perspectives.

Use your own guidance and your own inner guidance only. Your intuition is your soul whispering the word of God.

Don,t let anyone define you.
You carry the inate blueprint of your divinty and purpose inside you.
All else covered this blueprint up with layers of external definition.

It is up to you to uncover your true self by expanding your definition in the life lesson and challenges that the universe presents.

Enjoy your path
Find your self
Be the light
Be the Love
Wake up
Shine source

Biden: “We need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and often times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors” to get the unvaccinated vaccinated. source

Dear “whoever thinks they’re going to come to my door and demand I inject this poison into my body.”

I will kick the shit out of you on my front lawn and claim my right to self defense. Have a great day! source

Any liberal who still thinks that Donald Trump was the cause of any single one of the problems of the last four and ½ years…

…clearly has zero idea what America’s problems really are.


+”Border Security” being an empty ‘political football’ promise pushed every 2-4 years
+Mainstream Media and Big Tech having a clear biased and un-American agenda counter to the American People
+Communism & Socialism infiltrating our entire society from politics, to science, to education
+The depletion of our Military by past leadership
+The calculated & systematic erosion of our manufacturing
+The importance of our energy independence and production not being limited, especially by those who are the world’s worst polluters
+The WHO, CDC, CCP, NIH, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wuhan, Fauci, Harvard, Epstein connection and global depopulation Agenda21
+The inflation of our money supply and devaluation of the wealthbase of our currency being the next biggest threat.
+Rampant Hollywood Satanic Pedophilia with the Q information discernment movement
+The politically biased & weaponized FBI
+The politically biased & weaponized CIA
+The politically biased & weaponized DOJ
+The politically biased & weaponized State Dept
+The politically biased & weaponized IRS
+ Entrenched unelected tax payer funded bureaucracies serving no one the elite
+Epstein/Maxwell/ Water Island / Biden // ???

…and he’s just getting warmed up. source
ROMANA Didulo:
It must be quite difficult to plan a meeting when 99.9999 % of the most #prominent_members and #proponents are all 6 feet below the ground. 🤣
Certain cities and countries are back into full lockdown or preparing to do so. What purpose could this have but keep everyone safe at home while the Alliance does the final cleansing of the DS…? We know the Alliance is in full control. I cannot imagine any other explanation. 
We also know there is MORE darkness to come before the blazing Light of the Golden Age descends upon humanity, bringing freedom, peace and prosperity.

The US Embassy in Haiti is on lockdown following the assassination of Haiti’s president

The President and First Lady of Haiti have been executed. US citizens are trapped as Port-au-Prince International Airport has closed.

The US government is monitoring the situation. source

Trump to announce class-action lawsuit today against Twitter CEO Dorsey and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg on behalf of people who have been canceled by social media source

Pennsylvania initiates full forensic audit of 2020 election. Requests info from several counties. If info denied, committee vote to issue subpoenas to follow. source

John Coale, On Trump’s Legal Team in Class Action Lawsuit Against Tech Giants:
For 200 years, it’s been the Supreme Court who has decided what’s hate speech. We can’t let it be in the hands of unelected people or unappointed justices. We don’t need any panels, we don’t need any oversight committees. We need the Supreme Court and judicial system to come into the 21st century. source

Update!! Martial law imposed and airports closed source

CONFIRMED – Trump to file a major lawsuit against the Big Tech giants Twitter, Facebook, Google, and their CEOs over the censorship of American citizens. source

Tokyo declares a virus state of emergency just 2 weeks before the start of the Olympics in the Japanese megacity. source

The number of people joining the lawsuit will be in the millions by 5 pm est.
If there was ever a day to shut your internet off, this would be it. source

7 Presidential Messages On
7-7-7 👀 source

Join the class-action lawsuit here:

21,000 CIA Agents in the world
15,000 CIA secondary Agents (who work privately for the CIA)
Over 2. Million informants worldwide//

OVER 60,000 black ops Soldiers
From 14 different Privately owned MILITARY companies in the U.S.

18 U.S. Intelligence AGENCIES
_Close to half a million Agents together…

///Many are fighting each other’s agencies.. Many are fighting amongst themselves in their own agencies…..


+DONG JINGWEI gave the keys
Much is happening behind the scenes ..


This is a photo from our country (Slovakia). Recently, lockdown and blocked border crossings were reintroduced in our country. This is a photo from a protest at one such crossing and look at what one of the soldiers was wearing on his uniform…

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