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One of the benefits of NESARA/GESARA
is the restoration of FINANCIAL PRIVACY.

The deep state demons have been trying to hack the Quantum for 9 years unsuccessfully.

That is because Quantum is 5D+++ Light-tech & the demons are -3D monsters.

They can’t use Med Beds although they kept that light technology from us in order to keep us sick so they could make    $ & in the endless cycle of death/rebirth so they could live off us continuously.

Praise God
Praise Q-Team 

the demon matrix is KAPUT. source

Simon Parkes has an important 10-minute update today you can see on his new website and he says it’s one of the most important announcements he’s done.

He provides a link to a “foundation statement” he and Charlie Ward have been asked to read to the public now that it’s approved by the attorneys, White Hats, etc.

He says he hopes this will be the catalyst to wake up those who open one eye and keep rolling over and going back to sleep.

Rumble Version of Simon’s video

Perhaps that is a way to reach out to Humanity without alarming the deep state which might prompt them to shut it down. source

Operation London Bridge is a 7 to 9-day Operation

November 28 2019 – December 05 2019 was when it happened. Remember NARWHAL TUSK = PRINCE OF WALES.

But lets see they announced what OPERATION LONDON BRIDGE on all media WorldWide SEPTEMBER 3.
7 to 9 days would be SEPTEMBER 10 to 12.

I will make a big post on this with everything from 2019. source

🇧🇷➡️ Bolsonaro Supporters gather in Brasília

— As preparations for tomorrow’s protests begin, thousands of right-wingers in support of president Bolsonaro arrive and gather in Brasília

— It’s also possible to notice a big presence of truck drivers, always important to remember that trucks are responsible for 60% of the products transportation in Brazil source

September 07th is Brazil’s Independence Day….. if the president of Brazil gets enough support the coup may move forward… also if the Brazilian Supreme Court rules against freedom of speech (which it likely will) we could see a coup…. millions of people will likely be on the streets 👀 source

⚡️German Economy Minister rushed to Berlin hospital. Incident happened during an Economic Committee meeting at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the German capital (BILD)

Peter Altmaier’s status was described as a “health emergency.” source

⚡️Israel STRIKES southern Gaza in retaliation to three fires started by incendiary balloons

The airstrikes occurred in Khan Yunis – reportedly fired from a drone targeting a rocket manufacturing and/or storage facility. source


EVENT 201<
Crimson contagion<

IT’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Promises made. Promises kept.





Lots of famous people being found dead< → The Wire’s Michael K. Williams found DEAD in NYC apartment – possible DRUG OVERDOSE suspected source

EU may withhold cash from Poland over LGBTQ-free areas

The European Union has threatened to block up to €126 million ($150 million) of funds to local Polish councils due to anti-LGBTQ+ areas opened in five regions.

The European Commission allegedly sent letters to the governors of five states warning that cash will not be sent unless the decree is canned.

Towns and regions all throughout the Catholic county declared “no LGBTQ ideology” to stop pride parades and other gay-friendly events in their regions, angering Brussels. source

🇦🇫Afghan people protest in Kabul in support of the Resistance Front of Panjshir, against the 🏳️ Taliban and 🇵🇰 Pakistan.

As you can see in one of the videos, the Taliban are starting to react to what is happening. source


💥 source

Businesses joining together in NYC to fight the vaccine mandates. This is how you do it!!! source

Flash floods Mexico – at least 2 DEAD (Report)

Heavy rainfall triggered flash floods in the municipality of Ecatepec in Mexico on Monday. (Floodlist)

Two people have died, and multiple vehicles swept away, dramatic footage showing a ferocious mixture of mud and water dragging vehicles and debris through submerged streets – with Ecatepec’s mayor reporting 19 neighborhoods were flooded in the deluge. source


NOW HAS WARNINGS ON PFIZER ,MODERNA FOR MYOCARDITIS (Inflammation or Infection of the heart that can cause DEATH)

Johnson & Johnson has Warnings for Guillain-Barré In the neurological system and BLOOD CLOTS

_all deaths of the vaccines were found with blood clots in the lungs caused by spike protein

The Tides are turning source


_#1 & #2 Top head virologist and vaccine experts quit at the FDA
_Top UK scientists reject giving vaccines to kids under 16 and defy WHO and Big Pharma plan
_EU Top Doctors/scientists ECDC (EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL) All reject booster shots!

Sources inside say…>> Military INTEL has reached the ears of the top SCIENTIST/pathologist around the WORLD<<

All three major countries and nations turn on the GOVERNMENT< source

Fauci Lied – New Docs Showed Gain Of Function Research Funded By US In China source

🇦🇲 Former Prosecutor General and ex-head of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, Aghvan Hovsepyan, detained!

The former head of the IC was charged with illegal business activities, bribery, fraud and money laundering:

• Hovsepyan being the Prosecutor General in 2004-2013, as well as the head of the Investigative Committee in 2014-2018 actually engaged in entrepreneurship.
• He received a bribe on an especially large scale of $385,000.
• Theft of property for $ 1.6 million.
• Laundered money – about $2.63 million;
are some of charges under which he was arrested. source

9/11 mentioned again………👀👀👀👀👀👀 source
🇧🇷 Its happening in Brazil right now, for FREEDOM and against Progressive/Globalist agenda. There is an expression in Brazilian Portuguese to define that: “Caraio Bixo” source

🇮🇱 🇮🇷 Israel engaged in intensive military buildup to prepare for war with Iran and assault on nuclear sites, defense chiefs say; government okays project, IDF prepares wide range of battle plans. source

🇨🇳 According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next three days, affected by the cold vortex, there will be more showers or thundershowers in the north-central and northeastern regions of North China. source

⚡️TWITTER has BLOCKED the account of Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s Press Secretary, reasons unknown. source

There are more people awake to the reality of an elite cabal than ever before in modern history. Those who are paying attention have had their eyes sprung wide open, they wait with bated breath for the arrival of justice.
This process has taken so much longer than many would have chosen yet the world slowly moves towards a grand culmination.
There is nowhere to hide.
There is zero doubt.
The Great Awakening is happening on a global scale.
Who can stop it? source

Australian government introduces new surveillance laws that allow authorities to quietly modify or delete Twitter and Facebook posts source

More tanks on the highway in Germany 😉

📍 Yesterday two tanks were seen near Lauterhofen. They were on the B299 Neumarkt road towards Amberg. One of them was at Lauterhofen, which leads to the A6 motorway.

📍 Yesterday I had a report here about a tank on the motorway……. here is an article from 2017 that might explain it: 👉 A6 near Ilshofen/Kirchberg
Bundeswehr cancels emergency runway
If the Cold War turns into a hot conflict, fighters and Transall planes could land between the A6 junction at Kirchberg and the Reußenberg parking lot. Image: drone image showing a section of the A6 that was converted into an airstrip within hours. The Kirchberg wind farm and the motorway junction at Kleinallmerspann can be seen in the background.

📍 It’s pretty busy in Germany 😉 👉 Sulzbach, on the A6 up to Edelsfeld – military convoy source

When we tell you that the military is ready to intervene and that the July 12 speech was only to call attention to the globalists’ plan (originally planned for 2030) and wake people up… The final act of the game.

9/11 is of great significance as we mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks and the turning point humanity has made since then.
It is important because, on the morning of September 11, 2001, NESARA was to be officially signed. Under pressure from the military, of course, but signed nonetheless. This was followed a few hours later by a ghost plane attack. A gem of 7D holographic technology (well guarded by the deep state). The explosions from inside were perfectly synchronized with the planes.
Project StarWars in action.
For those who haven’t figured it out yet or simply forgotten, the heart of this global military operation is the GCR. Revaluation of currencies backed by gold and precious metals. This achieves surgically precise timing for the current global unwind. The goal is to bring abundance and end poverty in the world, security and freedom towards spiritual evolution. And yes, by removing one’s financial problems, each person can forget material problems and pursue spirituality.
Apart from GCR, all other operations are going on and of course saving all the children in the world, mass arrests, cleaning of DUMBS etc. They are all equally important and interconnected. They are all equally important and interconnected. Cleansing humanity of the corruption and darkness that has plagued it for 6000 years. Already over 2,700,000 people are mentioned as having been arrested, tried and largely executed. And globally it could be as many as 1 billion.
So yes, given the number of traitors and sleeper agents in Deep state, it has taken a very long time. But we have reached the end. Never before seen in the history of mankind. It’s absolutely historic.

After the Black Swan event, martial law will be declared worldwide and all the armies of the world will be activated to officially overthrow all illegitimate governments and make mass arrests. All this will be done during the BSE to keep you safe at home. The military will probably distribute food in major cities and maintain order so that panic does not turn into chaos. That’s why Trump is asking all patriots around the world to stay home. Our loved ones will need us then. That’s when our real mission will begin. We have been awakened, prepared and trained.
The world economy will collapse and the consequences will be severe but necessary to bring about the new world we all expect. The old system must be abolished so that a new one can be established. source

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