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To say things are extreme on our planet is understating and the weather is no exception. The weather has been weaponized and we never know when it will be normal again. A hot, hot summer is on the calendar again this year. We have the annual eclipse on June 10th, as well, which could prove interesting.

China has been getting biblical flooding from rains significant enough to overcome dams, while the US western states are in a long-term drought.Tornadoes have already caused devastation this spring, and while no recent hurricanes are threatening, they could be any time.

The showdown for planet Earth is a spectacle many are able to ignore, but not us. We’re watching closely for every move.

We may see them setting the stage for coming events and attractions under the big top this summer. source

The controllers do not want you to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit, experience your multidimensional self or have knowledge of the multidimensional world in which you live. They wish to continue in a controlled narrative concerning spiritually and technologically advanced off-world visitors some of which are our ancient ancestors. The game is, keep everything external, in the past, control the narrative through planned opposition, shills, recycled ignorance, disinformation, and disempower the individual. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing claiming we will protect you take care of you, your special, you’re a victim and we are here to help all the while feeding off your energies and planning your enslavement and eventual demise. This includes the environmental agendas which have nothing to do with the environment they destroyed or polluted and everything to do with extracting the wealth from the people and extorting businesses. Need proof? Did you know CO2 is less than 4% of our atmosphere and out of that 97% is natural? Humans create less than 3% of the 4%. The oceans rose less than a millimetre in the Northern hemisphere and zero at the equator. All legitimate scientists will tell you climate is driven by the Sun and its cycles, humans have little or no impact. All the planets in our solar system are undergoing climate change. Islands are not disappearing, in fact, new ones are appearing. The gas, meat, coming food shortages are all engineered by the global elite.

There is a war between Good and Evil and due to morally challenged people who lack impeccable integrity Evil has infiltrated almost every position of power, the governing and guiding forces of today’s civilization. This is not a conspiracy theory it is conspiracy proven or fact. There are still those with a vested interest, socially engineered, critically thinking and research impaired that will continue on this path denying it eventually will lead to their own loss of freedom, theirs and their families, ill health and eventual demise. We have to come to terms with the fact with many this social engineering spell cannot be broken, they cannot be educated or saved and will have to take the downward spiral by their own choosing. We can however be inspired by the upward spiral as examples living a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. The governing and guiding forces need to be cleaned up and infiltrated with those dedicated to the awakening, healing and restoration of humanity and the Earth. A process well underway.

The beast is all-consuming, wants to control and dominate everything. Eventually, the beast consumes itself after which comes the thousand years of peace, reunification with the Star Nations and the planet is healed and restored. We are acting out the same play that caused the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu. The fallen Atlantians worshipped the intellect, science and used that science to surveil, control, and dominate anyone who challenged their assumed authority. They became self-serving narcissistic tyrants. Power without a strong moral compass and impeccable integrity corrupt.

We cannot deny the fact that the electromagnetic light spectrum in changing, the light is increasing. The sun is sending out unprecedented flares and CMEs reacting to the changes within the Galactic Core or Central Sun. The Shuman Resonance has been spiking off the scale. There has been an increase in severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. Society is going through a major transformation, people are leaving the cities which in many cases have become corrupt beyond redemption. The fall in consciousness and energy draws the natural disasters designed to clean up and restore the land. Understand the process. Know the goals of the cabal and the global elite, “The Beast”, which create divisions between families, cultures, religions and gender to divide and conquer. Know who the white hats are, those who stand for freedom, the constitution and Bill of Rights which exemplify universal law. During the Quickening or the Great Awakening your future will determine which side of the fence you are standing.

The polarities are being amplified, the distance between the upward spiral and the downward spiral is increasing. Nothing will remain hidden, karma will be accelerated. It is all part of the awakening, healing and planetary liberation of Humanity and the Earth. We get to choose our destiny, the path we are going to take during this process. I would however choose wisely. One path leads to social, economic, and environmental collapse, the other a loving, joyous, abundant life in harmony with each other and nature. Soon there will be no gray areas. source

General Flynn just compared Dr. Fauci to Dr. Zell, a high ranking Nazi scientist 👀 source

Hundreds of suspects in 18 countries arrested after unknowingly using FBI-run #AN0M app which tracked their messages for 3 years in real time.Countries that participated in the sting operation: US, Australia, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Austria, UK, New Zealand, Estonia, Scotland, Germany, Denmark. source

Confidential IRS tax records obtained by ProPublica show that the ultrarich, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, pay little in income tax compared to their massive wealth — sometimes, even nothing. source

JUST IN – President Macron slapped in the face during France tour. source (It’s important to express feelings 😄

Tonight’s chats from @GEORGENEWS: “Fauci is a distraction FROM AUDITS”“Audits are biggest threat, terror or discovery”“+++ SOON” “RALLIES = REVELATIONS” “Come back will be bigger than the setback” source

The clean-up work is progressing …. 😎
Oh yes, the cooperation between governments and the underworld is a fact!
No wonder that there has been very little movement in the past 😉

Worldwide raid shocks the underworld‼ ️💥

June 7th, 2021 – 3:26 pm

Frankfurt / Wiesbaden / Essen – For weeks, investigators all over the world evaluated messages from a newly decrypted crypto chat. An encrypted messenger service from the underworld, in which thousands of criminals exchange information.

Now the big raid, including in Hesse and in the Essen area (North Rhine-Westphalia) – one of the largest operations worldwide to date. There were a total of 100 searches, 60 of them in Hesse alone! According to BILD information, tens of thousands of investigators around the world struck almost simultaneously in the joint fight against crime!

It’s about the trade in drugs, weapons, people and weapons of war on a large scale.‼ ️💥 source

The Internet forgets nothing [Dr.] Anthony Fauci you will end in GITMO! ️Thirty years ago, Dr Robert Willner accused Anthony Fauci of genocide during the AIDS epidemic. His speech is even more relevant today. Genocide has been their agenda for decades! video

Texas Governor Greg Abbott just signed #SB968 banning private businesses and government agencies from requiring vaccine passports. source

📎Audit in Arizona: 80% of votes counted. A team from Georgia is also arriving at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Maricopa County today to review the process. As the audit draws to a close, the states must have time to see and adopt the process in order to replicate it at home. Let me remind you that the delegation from Pennsylvania has already visited the audit.

📎Yesterday, it was reported that Vandrea Shay Moss was subpoenaed in Georgia for her illegal activities in the 2020 election in Fulton County. Now it’s the turn of her mother, Ruby Freeman, who has also been subpoenaed for throwing ballots into voting machines en masse.

📎Economist Peter Navarro:
“Fauci was the mastermind behind the cover-up, and the cover-up is always worse than the crime itself.”

📎China has rejected Trump’s demand for $ 10 trillion in compensation for the coronavirus pandemic. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Trump’s call is an attempt to shift responsibility for the deaths of thousands of citizens.

📎Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, said rising inflation could ultimately be a net positive for the U.S. economy, and large government spending would not cause it to overheat.

📎The US Department of Justice has announced the withdrawal of most of the $ 4.3 million in Bitcoin (75 BTC) ransom money paid to hackers by the Colonial Pipeline.
Last month, the largest U.S. oil refinery shut down two oil storage facilities in Port Arthur, Texas, after hackers caused a shutdown of a colonial pipeline.
Colonial Pipeline paid hackers $ 4.3 million in Bitcoin.
The FBI said it was able to identify the bitcoin wallet used by the DarkSide hackers.

📎The U.S. Supreme Court has said it will not hear an appeal challenging the requirement to enlist only men.
The National Men’s Coalition has challenged male-only conscription, claiming it is discrimination.

📎A judge is demanding that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot clarify whether her policy of granting interviews only to journalists of color is in effect and how long she plans to continue this policy.

📎”Stay back!” – Kamala Harris echoes Trump and tells Central Americans that they will be “turned back” if they come to the border with the United States.

📎Radio Host John Fredericks:
“At the Georgia Republican convention on Saturday, not only Governor Kemp was booed, but also his daughters and wife, whom he took with him to smooth the blow.”

📎Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency management program, said that the risk of coronavirus transmission can only be reduced if at least 80 percent of all people on the planet are vaccinated. According to him, broad vaccination coverage is very important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

📎A declassified report on the genomic composition of SARS-CoV-2 by the U.S. government’s national laboratory in May 2020 reported that the virus may have leaked from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

📎Former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik: “We have a number of investigations in Georgia and one primary in Fulton County, and I predict the next three or four weeks will be explosive. Everything will come back and confirm what President Trump, Rudy Giuliani and I have been talking about for the past six months. The election was stolen.”

📎New social media research has revealed that LeBron James is now the most hated player in the NBA.

📎A psychiatrist who told a Yale University audience about her fantasies of shooting white people in the head says her comment was taken out of context.

📎International law enforcement agencies have announced a large-scale three-year global operation to break into the encrypted phones of aggressive criminal groups, as a result of which hundreds of people have been arrested around the world. Unveiling the” most sophisticated ” ruse in the world, agencies from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the US said they “manage” the secure phones of criminals in 16 countries source

Hundreds of suspects in 18 countries arrested after unknowingly using the FBI-run #AN0M app which tracked their messages for 3 years in real-time. Countries that participated in the sting operation: US, Australia, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Austria, UK, New Zealand, Estonia, Scotland, Germany, Denmark. source

Cyber criminals target Congress: 60 members from both parties are left UNABLE TO ACCESS data for weeks in latest ransomware hack source

The day the internet broke: Hundreds of websites worldwide including CNN, NYTimes, Amazon and Reddit go DOWN after outage at US server company Fastly source

WATCH: Explosive, Unearthed Video Shows Peter Daszak Describing ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses.

Trump and vaccination.


Why should Trump approve COVID-19 vaccination?

1) This is part of a military operation.

2) The plan of the globalists was that COVID should “break out” immediately after the victory of Hillary Clinton. When she didn’t, the Cabal waited for the end of Trump’s term to approach and launched Operation COVID for several reasons:

A) Concealment of electoral fraud

B) The beginning of depopulation

C) Public intimidation/control

D) Not enough time to develop your own vaccine and introduce a vaccine that will be approved by the FDA and made mandatory for everyone.

3) Donald Trump had to take a retaliatory step to get rid of COVID/fear/control, expose major pharmaceutical companies, and make sure that the express vaccine is classified as experimental, not mandatory.

I had to weigh both options:

A) Tell America that vaccines are a grand plan of the globalists/ pharmaceutical companies to reduce the population.

B) Support the consequences of both options.

If he had issued a warning, the media would have pounced on him, portraying him as a loser, focusing even more on plandemia, demanding a real vaccine, and he would not have been able to expose election fraud, make thousands of arrests, uncover the deep state plan, and make a natural difference while people were waking up. He had to stop the election fraud immediately before it could be seen (it’s happening now). We would have to put up with chaos and civil war, with violent attacks by MSM, increased unrest and public terror.

By promoting vaccination but providing truthful information in alternative media, Trump is making Deep State vaccination voluntary, NOT mandatory, contrary to their plan. If Trump can skillfully change the situation, he will be able to stop it, there will be much fewer deaths, and it will be possible to prevent the consequences of vaccinating sheep with frequency therapy and the like (also, no one has canceled natural selection, this applies to those who take the vaccine for beer, burgers and participation in the lottery).

Sometimes in war, you have to choose between two bad options. With a deep state strategy in hand, Trump and the military chose to minimize casualties. The other alternative would be much worse for people on so many and deep levels. source

Greatest Financial Event in History Coming

Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny predicted in November of 2020 the stock market (DOW) would “top out in May 2021 at around 33,000 to 34,000 and then crash in June.”  So far, half of the prediction is spot on, and we are waiting for the crash.  Polny says, “The greatest financial event in human history is not and will not happen on a Trump watch.  I repeat, the greatest financial event in human history is not going down on a Trump watch.  It’s going to go down under the current, whatever you want to call him.  Trump is a builder.  The builder comes in to fix things.”

What’s the timeline on this “greatest financial event in human history”?  Polny says, “All hell breaks loose next week. . . . There are all these events, mini events, that are all culminating in God’s perfect orientation and God’s perfect timing to create the absolute perfect storm, and then he pulls the trigger.  Remember this:  When the Red Sea opened and closed, that entire event happened in one day.  By the end of the day or the next day, everything was 180 degrees different.  Mark my words, we sit here today, and by the end of this year, everything will be 180 degrees different.  Most likely everything is going to happen in the next 90 days.  We are living in a Biblical year.  It’s the year of Jubilee, and we are about to see acts of God.”

On the political front, Polny mentions the 1878 Supreme Court ruling of UNITED STATES THROCKMORTON. The main nugget of the ruling was “Fraud vitiates everything. . .” Meaning make null and void, and that this landmark Supreme Court ruling will apply to the fraud fest that was the 2020 Election.

Polny says, “Fraud vitiates everything.”  Google those words, “Fraud vitiates everything.”  This is critical to understand. . . . It’s incredibly powerful when you understand what those simple words mean.”  Polny contends this is how the 2020 fraudulent election win of Vice President Biden will get nullified and make way for President Trump to be put back in the White House.

Polny also says, “The stock market cycles show the markets start to plunge next week, and they plunge for weeks.  That is a Third Seal moment where we have a complete financial shift of the economy as we know it. . . . Celebration will happen on the 4th of July.  Evil is taken down.  The ‘wow’ moment happened, and between now and July 4th, we got ‘wow.’  God’s people will be celebrating because God moved his hand.”

This is the 50th year of the U.S. dollar being taken off the gold standard by President Nixon in August of 1971.  This made the U.S. dollar a debt instrument, and it is called a Federal Reserve Note.  The word “note” means it is a debt instrument.  This will be a bad year for the U.S. dollar, and it has already been declining in value.  Look at recent inflation data, and it is clear more dollars are needed to buy just about everything.  In Biblical terms, a Jubilee year is a 50th year where debts are cancelled and slaves are released from bondage.  Polny explains, “If you go to our October interview (2020) after the start of the (Jewish) New Year in September, the dollar would be in the Jubilee cycle.  So, the dollar would be in a downward cycle, a Jubilee cycle, and there is going to be a massive event in the dollar somewhere between September and August of 2021.  That’s September of last year and August of this year 2021.  So, we’ve basically got 90 days left for the dollar to get a major haircut.  A Jubilee is something where you are supposed to follow the word and the Laws of God.  If you don’t . . . God is going to make it happen. . . . The dollar has been in a down cycle since September of last year, and they are fighting to prop it up.  Within about three months, silver, gold and cryptocurrencies are going to rip vertical because when the dollar breaks, everything opposite of it shoots vertical.” source


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