News 08.11.2021


The Great Raid in Middle Franconia and Württemberg. Arrest of a drug network with 230 kilos of weed, 30 kilos of amphetamine and various other drugs. Twenty searches, twelve warrants, seventy suspects.
And: a big raid in Sauerland. Drug lab, cannabis plantation and kilos of drugs discovered. Thirty searches, 19 in custody.
A: Big raid in Hesse. Several searches, kilos of drugs, five arrests.

The world’s largest grow box.
Police discovered a 1.1-hectare indoor cannabis plantation near Almeria, Spain. Eighteen thousand plants uprooted in full bloom! The cannabis grower went to jail. source.

Elon Musk is officially the richest man in the world. Now the UN is challenging him 🔥.
Musk shared a post about child abuse by UN soldiers. Millions of people are learning about the corruption of “aid agencies” …..
The issue of child trafficking is going mainstream, be prepared 🙏💛

Help unite humanity.
“Elon Musk has accepted a challenge from the head of the United Nations World Food Programme. He promises to donate the requested six billion dollars to save more than 40 million people from starvation. But before that, he says, the UN director must explain transparently and accurately how the money will be used.”
“We are dealing with a unique crisis, a perfect storm.” source

🧐⚠️I think it’s going to be a very big selection. A lot of people can’t take the energy physically or mentally and will leave
📌Thursday morning at 8:00 this long train was at Fulda station. I haven’t seen it yet. The sign “Netz Notfalltechnik”(Networked Emergency Technology) after one car of “Transportwagen Nord / Süd” and “Sanitätswagen Nord / Süd”(Transportwagen Nord / Süd “” Ambulance car North / South “) as well as “Löschmittelwagen” (Fire Extinguisher car) and other cars. It is also interesting to note that another similar train was apparently following it – it can be seen between the two cars, and a second locomotive was also seen in front.
📌Comment: it just seems to me like there’s always preparations going on for some bigger event. We’ve already experienced the first solar flares this week. A few weeks ago, my circles indicated to me that there would be even more solar influence. These processes are part of a cosmic transformation, a change in DNA and our consciousness, and they will come. Of course, all of this has nothing to do with WH operations. From this alone we can see that there is not just an earthly event taking place, but that there are very distinct, universal events leading up to the coming event.

Therefore, those who are only looking outward should include this fact in their considerations, because in understanding this context it is clear that merely looking outward can never outline the scope of current events. It is only when we look inward, when we include the higher planes of being, and when we interrelate all these things, that it becomes clear that the mind cannot reach many present events.
In this context, it is clear that the power elites on both sides have always known that this time would come. Both sides were prepared for it and have been working towards it for decades. So we are in the final phase of a cosmic cycle that does not happen every day and cannot be planned in advance with precision. However, it is already clear that frequencies are rising and all creatures will at some point cease to be able to withstand these rising frequencies and collapse….. source

📌In Tholey in the Saarland there was an extremely powerful explosion.
A construction trailer was shaken. Two hours earlier, an alarm siren sounded that I had never heard before. There have been planes in the air all morning, including fighter jets, but none of them are flying at such speed. They fly quite slowly. In my opinion. That explosion was crazy.

There was another loud bang today. Around 11:15, it was very noisy in Lebach. It was also heard in the Schwalbach case. Currently a lot of military planes (our air force) from Rammstein are circling between Lebach and Landstuhl. Some you see on the radar, others not. Today again, as the previous comm. said, I heard only “slow” planes, including the typical large propeller planes of the Air Force.

📌Another comment on the Bundeswehr in Lebach.
In the last 20 years you hardly saw Bundeswehr around the barracks in Lebach. However, you have been seeing them more and more frequently for a few weeks now, whether in their cars, eating in a restaurant or marching through Lebach with assault rifles mounted. Bundeswehr vehicles are also frequently seen. The last time I saw soldiers on this scale was about 20 years ago. source

Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment yesterday of “dossier” source Igor Danchenko revealed the first real evidence of “Russia collusion” and it was linked to Hillary Clinton’s associates, not to Trump or his presidential campaign. source

Igor Danchenko, the main researcher of the Clinton-funded Steele dossier, was arrested by federal authorities as part of the inquiry led by John Durham source

The end game>>>> is done when nato is exposed <<< Nato controls u.N. World banks. Who. Gates. Sepi. Gpmb wef. The five eyes. Cia . World elites. Rockefellers. Rothschilds. Obama bush’s. CCP . Vatican. Ect ect…>> . Every dark deep state government….
Nato is the formation of the cabal…

Durham>>> is much more than you can fathom<<<<<

The world military sting operation…. Is the
Bringing down the >nato <
This is the primary 🎯
Inside the storm

The deep state are playing the last cards. More lockdowns. More fear panic>>> create shortage… Break supply chains<<<

But the people will rise through the hardest moments….. Patriot world is being born… source

🤔Is the media crazy now, or is this White Hats?

Someone on caused a huge WHOOPS! Tweet and link were removed 20 minutes after publication, but only after taking screenshots 😎 source

A number of banks have randomly closed for this same period of time… If you currently have a Bank Account in the world… your details are already in the Quantum System and your funds are to be transferred onto the Quantum System… Every single person that has a bank account anywhere in the world in any country is already on the Quantum System…The Quantum System is a digital system… a blockchain system… but there will still be physical currency as in the U.S. Note and the U.S. Coin.“What very few people know is that Deutsche Bank nearly went bankrupt a few years ago and the Chinese Elders pumped some money into it under the guidance of President Trump…so they kept it afloat…But President Trump will tell them at the right time to pull the plug…cuz the minute they pull the plug on Deutsche Bank, which is the Central Bank of Germany, that will collapse the European Union, or the Nazi States of Europe as President Trump calls it.”

What I can say is that the banksters have been taken to task and a lot of people have reported loans and debt being forgiven, payments rejected, etc.

While the “movie” plays out in real time before our very eyes, as with most wars, the strategy take place behind the scenes. Too many people still can’t handle the truth and a lot of tactical maneuvers must take place secretly.

Many cling to the old programming and belief systems despite knowing we’ve been lied to about everything. They still don’t have faith in the White Hats and the Earth Alliance and can’t discern for themselves who is telling the truth and who is on our side. With those uncertainties tugging at them all the time, some must be in a very uncomfortable situation at this point. Q told us that not seeing anything doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Wars don’t play out in the public eye. The military are in control.What the world must come to accept is that life is a psyop; a skillfully crafted psychological operation. The jig is up, though, and the game given away. Now we know, and now we fight back.

That Insider Paper channel above also says California Gov. Gavin Newsom has not been seen for 10 days since he got his “shot”. Coincidence? Was he one of the ones included in the roundup in Red October- the 10 days from October 26 – Nov 5 that were said to be very dark for the cabal? If you recall, I shared the Tweet of Kamala Harris getting her shot this past week.We heard that one particular convict in recent times got the death penalty for his crimes with just 10 mg. of midazolam, I believe it was. We also heard they were administering 20 – 60 mg! of midazolam and similar drugs to our seniors in long term care facilities. How appropriate for the psychopaths to get a taste of their own medicine. What if that is indeed what is happening? And for them to volunteer on camera to get their jab… priceless. Public executions. If the public only knew…

The Q team told us the Patriots are in control because they are. They cabal no longer has the power to do anything much but sic their lying, treasonous media on us. Unfortunately, their influence has been great for a long time but the awakened should know that it’s all bluster and mind-fuckery. Don’t buy into it.The sun is not going to die and leave us in the cold and dark; the La Palma volcano is not going to detach the western slope and send a tsunami across the Atlantic and take out the East coast of North America; the 5G towers are not going to fry us or take over our minds; we are not going to starve to death and play hunger games; we are not all going to die of the experimental injections—just as we did not die en masse of the fake pandemic or ebola or the zika virus or anything else. Source

Another Masonic ritual sacrifice. Stage contains multiple symbols including a flaming Phoenix, stage itself was an upside down cross and called Utopia mountain. Opening song was ‘Escape Plan.’ Performer opening before Travis says “Don’t die tonight” before leaving.

All present had to be vaccinated. At least 12 people died of heart failure and hundreds of them collapsed. Has 5G been turned on for testing purposes? Why did everyone suddenly break into the stage? Several reports claim that local news in Houston is lying. It’s not just “8”, but rather hundreds. Astraworld: I just talked to a nurse from the emergency room who worked yesterday… She says the news is false. In her emergency room alone, 12 children aged 20 died of cardiac arrest, and many other calls came to the emergency room with the same problem.

The whole Astroworld event was nothing more than a literal satanic event aimed at making ritual sacrifices.
👉 Eight deaths were confirmed at the AstroWorld music festival tonight. 11 cardiac arrests, 17 people transported to the hospital
“We want to give you some preliminary information about what we know now. We know that at least eight people died tonight. We had dozens injured at this event. There were about 50,000 people at the Travis Scott Astroworld festival. All we know is that around 9:00 and 9:15 the crowd started moving towards the stage, which caused panic and several injuries. People began to fall and faint, causing further panic. We, the Houston Fire Department, took 17 patients to the hospital. In 11 of them, cardiac arrest occurred. We do not yet know the cause of death of the eight people until it has been determined by forensic doctors. However, these persons are currently being identified. source

🔥Pfizer Covered Up Link Between Covid Jabs & Myocarditis in Kids🔥Drs. Peter McCullough and Jessical Rose found out why the FDA and Pfizer steered clear of the VAERS database. Drs. McCullough and Rose jointly published an article that revealed how the VAERS database showed a substantial cause and effect relationship between the COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis.Dr. Toby Rogers points out that “Pfizer’s clinical trial in kids was intentionally undersized to hide harms. This is a well-known trick of the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA even called them out on it earlier this summer and asked Pfizer to expand the trial, and Pfizer just ignored them because they can.” source

⚠️BILL GATESjust gave a warning that Terrorist will release the next BIOWEAPON ATTACK<<(This actually means GATES/UN/NATO/ROTHSCHILDS/ROCKEFELLERS/VATICAN/WORLD BANKS. <<CABAL>> DEEP STATE … Actually are getting ready to release the next BIOWEAPON<<<))))////The world is CONNECTED and one…. The people must all RISE….

Deep State is making major moves coming after Doctors/ Politicians/Major Podcaster/And many people who have major following into the Millions who are sharing REAL INFORMATION AGAINST THE VACCINES/EFFECTS AND PLANDEMIC…we certainly are coming into bumpy times….a WAR never seen before///Even soldiers who have touched the Battle grounds have never seen a WAR like this….. INFORMATION WARS ..>>> THE DIVIDING OF COUNTRIES<<<KEEP SHARING INFORMATION AND DEFYING THE MANDATES, VACCINES AND LOCKDOWNS…The spike proteins are real.. And everyday doctors are Warning against VACCINES<<<NEAR< death civilization EVENTTake all the proper precautions and preparations///HAVE FAITH,> RIDE THE STORM{Ask things change}}} ⏰

[DARK WINTER]Now. You understand why BILL GATES is TALKING about a Smallpox terror ATTACK)))>>>>It’s all PLANNED FINAL stages of the DEEP STATE PLAN is getting ready to hit ….. Final Chess MOVES….(more lockdowns, more Bioweapon release /controlled COLLAPSE/ food/gas/, supply chain///…Weather WEAPONS…)///I have WARNED many times of everything taken place and the [COLLAPSE]>>THEIR IS MUCH HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENES>>>> WHITE HATS UNDERSTAND THE LOOKING GLASS<<< UNDERSTAND GAME THEORY…..THE DEEP STATE WILL DESTROY THEM SELVES<<WHEN EVERYTHING IS DONE….. THE WORLD WILL BE AWAKENED and the control of the World will never happen again and lies of MSM, Governments, INTEL<<<<<THE DESTRUCTION OF A 6,000 CABAL IS BEING TAKEN APART……/////……FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, COMPASSION>>>>>MOVES THE SPIRITUAL TIPPING POINT AND VIBRATIONS AROUND THE EARTH……in the END_ there is no Game…. just the Great Awakening and Golden era Keep FAITH. source

Hackers Breach NINE Key Organizations – Including US DefenseCybercriminals have targeted organizations in defense, energy, health care, tech & education. (Palo Alto Networks security firm told CNN) The hackers are reportedly making an ongoing effort to thieve data from US defense contractors, according to research. It’s claimed the espionage groups steal passwords to maintain long-term access to servers, with a senior researcher describing what they have found the “tip of the spear.” Palo Alto Networks claims the tools used overlap with a Chinese hacking group, but the source is still unknown. Source

Child Porn Cases set to OVERWHELM German Police (Report)

During the first half of 2021, reports of child pornography in Germany almost reached the country’s caseload from last year – as federal police authorities warn that its forces are being stretched to their “limits.”

“The number of reports that we receive about such crimes is up, and the number of investigations is increasing,” the head of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) told Bild am Sonntag newspaper, adding that the “significant increase…will increasingly bring the police to their resource limits.” Source


The World Health Organization, the medical epicenter of the depopulation lobby, now considers your child’s presence at school to be an informed consent to the child’s vaccination.

Vaccination depopulation is now completely outlawed and will lead to the sterilization, illness and stupidity of all children in the world, except for the children of depopulation lobby members who do not have their children vaccinated.

Read the full article in an official WHO document

🇨🇵 👍 Demonstrations against the medical passport took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the fifteenth time on Saturday.🇧🇪 Demonstrations in Liège, Belgium, against the mandatory national C. Safe Ticket, which has been in force since the beginning of the week. source
Demonstrations, demonstrations … 💪👍👏 Demonstrations against the medical passport and the government took place in Paris and throughout France for the seventeenth Saturday in a row, while the National Assembly yesterday decided on the possibility of using a medical passport until 31 July 2022. against a medical passport in Trieste, Italy. A large police unit is deployed in the city. They have announced a ban on demonstrations in the city’s main square until the end of the year. (Local team) 👏 Large demonstration in Turin against a medical passport. Already on the sixteenth Saturday in a row, large demonstrations are taking place all over Italy tonight, while a medical certificate has been compulsory at work since 15 October. (Luca Donadel) 👏 A huge demonstration against a health card took place in Milan, Italy tonight. source
Shooting at 22:40 in Hamburg Hamm, from Carl -Petersen -Str.
It’s really scary that it starts everywhere. Scary but also relieving! And he still thinks it’s a pandemic and a virus… .. Those who haven’t understood it in the last almost 20 months won’t understand it in the next 20 months. source

The reason it was so fast: It took us two days to design a vaccine on a computer. Only 2 days ?! WTF! And why? Because we worked on the Mers Corona virus for two years with Dr. Fauci’s team. With Dr. Fauchi? Since 2018 ?! What a coincidence! We distributed proteins and did a lot of experiments on animals. We knew our gates to the C virus, and we just got on with it.

The first convicted mobsters. The first 70 mobsters were sentenced to long prison terms in a megaprocess against the Ndranghet mafia. In exchange for the benefits, they agreed to an expedited trial. A total of 355 mobsters are being tried. For Italy, it is the largest mafia process in decades. For the purposes of the trial, the warehouse was specially converted into a high-security wing. The mafia had its helpers everywhere: in politics, in the state administration and in the police. Most of them were arrested in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and Switzerland. During the trial of the Mega Mafia in Italy, it became clear again that the mafia no longer exists as a separate organization. The important leader of the PANTALEONE MANCUSO clan testified to this in 2013: “Ndrangheta no longer exists. It is now part of Freemasonry. ”A number of Freemasons are also accused in the trial.

Austria plans a power outage in mid-November. Austria is training for an emergency! The “Energy 21” exercise will take place on 12 November. Several Länder, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense are involved. This is to ensure that one is prepared for an emergency. source

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