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“Awakening can be a lonely road and you will often find yourself journeying alone. There is no way to sugar-coat it- Awakening to realities of this world is brutal. It will have you running through the entire gamut of human emotions.
You have to master the art of diving down the darkest of rabbit holes only to come out and still function in daily life, and that is a skill people do not talk about enough.
Some of you are struggling with feeling disconnected from family and friends, it as though they exist in another world.
Please know you are not alone, and not only are you not alone, you have an entire tribe standing by you. We may be separated by miles, but we are deeply connected; in purpose and in spirit.” – Anon

So look what is writing about 👉 drive hard German MSM ‼️
👉 EPSTEIN’S “BLACK BOOK” IN COURT FOR THE FIRST TIME. The number leads straight to the White House!
Which powerful and important names appear in the book
Director of the largest pharmaceutical company in Bosnia and Herzegovina arrested source
  • Resignation of Fritz Zurbrügg: the Swiss National Bank faces an important change of course
  • Günter Jauch “VIP” presenter of German TV 👉 the end of his Show…. had a C. 😉
  • Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt, 66, died after a brief illness (Washingtonian)
  • Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines, just stepped down.
  • Alec Baldwin is listed on page four of Epstein’s black book. source

📌 A Vatican source told Newsmax’s John Gizzi that “Pope Francis is dying”, and insiders believe the Pope will not survive 2022.
📌 Vatican prepares for conclave as ‘Pope dies’ source

The more I learn about the Truth Social app, the more it looks like it won’t just be a social networking app. It looks like Trump is securing an online platform where he will be able to release the long-awaited DEKLAS in full. Devin Nunes as CEO is just another solid confirmation that Trump intends to use his platform as a space where the world can gather, discuss, process and not censor information. Truth Social will be an important part of the future.
We’ll see what happens. source

Trump Media & Technology Group
Congressman Devin G. Nunes, a member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, has become CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group
📍 The primary purpose of the DEFCON warning system is to warn the public of the possibility of a nuclear attack. All information that DWS publishes, good or bad, is related to this mission.
📍 NO. This. The ZERO DELTA is interesting. source

🩸 Official justification: protection against bewitchment. But they wear it to show that they respect Satan….thread: blood Adrenochrome ↓ source

Wow. When a minister stands at a pulpit and tells his congregation NOT to get the jab, you know the world is changing irrevocably. This man is a Light Warrior hero. source

BRD – flag with golden border / fringe – thus martial law in Germany. source

You can feel it, the swamp has lost control of every narrative; note that you can talk to almost anyone about these issues these days, just a year ago people thought we were crazy….. Writing social media posts is getting exciting again. THE BATTLE ISN’T OVER YET, BUT THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. source

👉 The “earthquake” occurred in the French capital at around 12:26 pm with no indication of depth or strength. The epicenter is in the middle of the city! Paris, like Rome, has a basement. A park, a national veterinary school, three hospitals. If you draw two lines, everything is connected.
And then there’s Sydney… The “fake earthquake” happened about two hours ago, also without magnitude or depth. However, the epicentre is again in close proximity to several schools…..
👉 Earthquake near Salt Lake City! We know what’s there: the underwater tunnel center! source

OMICRON< was used as film titles for two films produced in 1963 and 2013

_The 2013 movie Omicron is a comedy and science fiction. In the movie Omicron, an alien comes to Earth with a botanical virus and this virus threatens the whole world. A brave woman living in Arizona wins the alien with the plants in her garden and tries to overthrow the government.

_Meanwhile, the plot of the 1963 movie Omicron is of an alien taking over the body of an earthling in order to learn about the planet and threatens the human race. Omicron is a 1963 Italian science fiction comedy film directed by Ugo Gregoretti. So, thankfully nothing about the pandemic that threatens the world.

OMICRONIAN invasion<
_’ When Aliens Attack” is episode twelve in season one of Futurama. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 7, 1999, Omicron Persei 8, a thousand light-years away and a thousand years later Omicronians launch an invasion fleet.
Thanks to the activities of New New York’s supervillain governor the Omicronians begin to invade. Lrrr ruler of Omicron Persei 8, demands that the Earth produce the President. The president fearing for his own safety, orders Zapp Brannigan to lead an assault against the alien invaders. However, they only succeed in blowing up the Hubble Space Telescope while suffering heavy casualties: the fleet stands no chance against the actual alien mother ship. After the attack predictably ends in disaster, Earth’s government hands over the President. Lrrr announces that he is the wrong president and vaporizes the President. The Omicronians demand the broadcast of television, or they will destroy the Earth. Unfortunately, most were destroyed in 2443, during the second coming of Jesus.
The Omicronians spare the planet, though not good enough for them to give humans their secret to immortality. The episode ends with the aliens departing Earth. Ironically, the camera pans out to a view of New New York burning in ruins.

_OMICRON Persei (ο Persei, abbreviated Omicron Per, ο Per) is a triple star system in the constellation of Perseus
The system consists of Omicron Persei A and a third companion Omicron Persei B.[9] A’s two components are themselves designated Omicron Persei Aa (officially named > ATIK < the traditional name of the system

20-Sep-2018 2:25:34 AM CEST


Are we alone?


Highest classification.
Consider the vastness of space.

A deep dark world is being exposed.

The truth won’t be for everyone.

Have faith in Humanity.

Q Left crumbs in post #2222

/Ant ATIK (A)\
arctic (adj.) late 14c., ARTIK
Pronounced (Ah-TIK) (ATIK) in early 14 CENTURY

ATIK_OMICRON Persei (ο Persei, abbreviated Omicron Per, ο Per) is a triple star system in the constellation of Perseus
The system consists of Omicron Persei A and a third companion Omicron Persei B.[9] A’s two components are themselves designated Omicron Persei Aa (officially named > ATIK < the traditional name of the system








P.S. And don’t forget, Jason,
what Gene Decode reported about Space Force.
even via Antarctica
unless there is somewhere else they are being sent.
Tom Hanks was arrested in Australia last year
because he was trying to get off Earth through that Portal.
[Gene Decode & others reported he was executed March ’20.]
The White Hats have got this.
FAITH! 🙏😼💪🚀

2-11-21 Gene Decode
“The deep state are living high & mighty on technologies
that’s what they’re hiding.
I’m looking at Space Force that Trump put in
as soft disclosure
& the reveal of the Secret Space Program
cloak ships are being taken out from the deep state
that are trying to leave from the underground facilities
they’re trying to run the Earth blockade
& there is no way to run the blockade
they’re being taken out airborne.” source

Jeffrey Epstein’s homes of horror revealed in Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Prosecutors presented a series of photographs of the late sex offender Epstein’s home in New York and Palm Beach, during the trial of a former girlfriend

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.

One of the photographs in a marble room in the Epstein House in Florida shows Maxwell posing for the camera

The pictures provide a sobering look at how the convicted pedophile lived and all the things he held dear. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „@TrackerTrial Account suspended Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules“
The TrackerTrial account was the largest Twitter account following the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein trial.
According to Twitter’s rules, the account was apparently “artificially” spreading information and was suspended indefinitely.
The account gained over half a million followers in a matter of weeks. The account had an abnormal engagement. It received hundreds of millions of impressions.
Make no mistake, big tech companies are directly responsible for child trafficking and paedophilia
. source

👇 Germany, Chemnitz, Rabenstein source

I got an email this morning from one of the executives at Parler saying that something big is about to happen on their platform. A verified account was created today under the name Melania Trump.I emailed the manager back with a few questions. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. source

Na obrázku môže byť ‎1 osoba a ‎text, v ktorom sa píše „‎ק MELANIATRUMP MELANIA Melania Trump @MelaniaTrump Following Joined Dec 7, 2021 1k Followers Following Melania Trump's official Parler account. All Parleys Media Melania Trump @MelaniaTrump 11h Today marks the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our Nation is eternally grateful to those who sacrificed all to protect our freedom. 177 120 468‎“‎‎
  • In particular, many earthquakes occur repeatedly in these areas at a depth of 10 km. They are marked and always have the same structure and line!
  • And in Germany the earth is already shaking! This time in the Saale-Unstrut-Triasland nature park, about 50 km from Leipzig. The strength is given as 3.4 on the scale, the depth as a relatively shallow 2 km! source

A series of earthquakes occurred off the northern coast of South America at a depth of 10 km. at the same time as the Virgin Islands earthquake that we know all too well from Epstein!

There are really only 3.4 billion people on the planet. Breakdown: 1.3 Billion Humans, 1.4 Mankind Humans (The Annunaki Bloodline, the Illuminati bloodline) 

0.3 to 0.7 Billion are Shape-Shifters. 

Most of the upper levels of the Illuminati or Cabal like the Rothchild’s, Pastures, Rockefeller’s are very evil or have no soul whatsoever.

God or Prime Creator gave us Charkas, seven for 3D and five more with 5D to get out of the 3D matrix. Pink is the highest next for 5D, healing and compassion. 

The Jab is a Cabal experiment. China and Denmark may be a “control group”. 

Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries DUMB’s are big storage areas for stolen gold and other items. Big, Big Money Storage.

There are many histories of Mer People or Mermaids People in the sea or oceans. This is true. Many undersea cities, that one cannot see, 4D or 5D vibrations. The Earth Oceans are less explored than Space or our Solar System. source

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