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Lighting The Match For Others 

I had heard of Q before November 2018, but I was confused. When I casually heard ‘QAnon’
I thought people were talking about the Anonymous guy who wore the Guy Fawkes mask.
It wasn’t till I saw someone write WWG1WGA, and asked about it, that I realized it was a different thing. I started watching Q videos that day when that person was nice enough to answer me and point me to a couple of channels on YouTube.
This is why people should try to respond to at least some of the people who ask questions.
You never know what kind of fire you are going to spark. source

GhostEzra says… “If you still think Hillary Clinton is roaming the earth you are the reason the movie goes on. Find the mirror and say it’s because of me. I am dead asleep.”

The Earth Alliance is pushing the snoozers ever closer to the precipice.

If  you’re keeping an eye on the WW3 Info – Battleground Research channel on Telegram you can see them setting up the chess board for conflict in the Ukraine, and involving USA. As some have said, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but on the other side it will be incredible.

If you believe that someone else is going to do all the sacrificing and you won’t be inconvenienced or have to do anything at all to liberate this planet then your ride will be all the bumpier. If you accept the reality, embrace the challenge and commit to doing whatever is necessary to benefit the ALL then you will be elevated by the rest of the Lightworkers and will share the glory.


The Mossad satellites were shot down by Trump-military-Space Force assets in order to stop Deep State interference with Alliance communications (including the Starlink quantum internet 123 satellites and their comm’s) during the RV/GCR release.

The rats were still trying to start WWIII in Ukraine but Putin and Trump were saying NO.

The rats tried to move a massive weapon of mass destruction (WMD) on the Evergreen tanker in the Suez Canal 2 weeks ago that was stopped and confiscated by Navy SEALs at the same time that children being trafficked were rescued from the shipping containers on the Evergreen.

The rats were always at their stupid chasing-their-own-tail evil activities, and the CIA after being kicked out of North Korea, have taken up their rat nest of resistance in Guatemala trying to push the caravans of Latin American illegal aliens to the southern USA border including the odd sprinkling of Deep State Muslim terrorists like the known Yemeni terrorists caught recently trying to cross the border with Mexico.


Prince Philip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Is Dead at 99

Hmmmm…. so he died on the 9th? At the age of 99? 

 9 9 9 <> 6 6 6
#ThinkMirror source

When this Intel Drop was posted three years ago on April 8, 2018, it was in reference to
Syria and the false flag chemical attack.

I don’t know if has ‘future proves past’ meaning to it, but there is a lot of commotion stirring up
around the world.

Jenna Ellis is part of the Trump Team.
Keep that in mind as you read her tweet that @ilDonaldoTrumpo retweeted.

Navy Comms?! 

Why tweet about the (irrelevant) Hunter-Killer program from WW2? source
Am I the only one whose seen the movie “Hunter Killer” from 2018?
I’ve had a theory we are living out a similar life plot to the movie…
Needless to say, this tweet blew my mind!
The Russian president works with the US to stop a flase flag causing WWIII.
Great movie btw.

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „MAP VESSELS PHOTOS FLYING FOX Yacht PORTS NEWS SERVICES Search Ships Alismailiya Ras 3Cairo-Fayed 3Cairo Fayed Details Track EVER GIVEN Add Photo Add Fleet Suways ATA: 10:21 UTC Course: 270.0° report: Fayed 34 ARRIVED Draught: 5.1m 18:58 Suways (Suez) Anch., Egypt ATD: 10:05 UTC PORT CALLS WEATHER POSITION VOYAGE DATA Tonnage: Built: 9022 2019 Deadweight: 50M Suez Road IMO jumber: 9829394 136/21m 319133800 Suez AlAdabiva 외 FLYING FOX minutes ago Musa JEFF BEZOS/FLYING FOX /FLYING lleeo embed 11m“
Day 8
EVER GIVEN Still anchored
It’s really bizarre
Jeff Bezos’ yacht, Flying Fox, arrived in Egypt this morning and is anchored in Suez south of Ever Given.
Thoughts? source

GEORGE = John.
On July 4 2019.
Vice President Pence flew out on AF2.
Something happened. The plane changed call sign too Sam239/329
From there GEORGE was sworn in secretly as the New Vice President.
In the Shadows shall we say.
Right after that GEORGE “Official” WhiteHouse twitter page appeared.
He would share POTUS schedules at 3am for the following day & many other things.

GEORGE was aboard AF1 last January when they flew too Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.
Ever since July 4 2019 you have seen a different Mike Pence. source

There is so much that we Anons can still find and work through. That Princess Diana never died is probably no longer a secret …We have found a very interesting fact that can clearly substantiate our thinking and “wishful knowledge” about the alleged death of Diana …Your Mercedes-Benz “death car” was not the “accident car”!There were two cars. … and an accident researcher who dissolves the worldwide MSM reporting in thin air … (slide left) source

In December 1970, Elvis brought a handwritten letter to Nixon at the White House asking and offering to be named FBI agent!
Do we think something like this happens “by accident”?
From around 1971 Elvis was very likely an FBI agent in the sub-department / section for “Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs”!
The question immediately arises, what did Elvis know and how could he help?
FACT IS: The CIA inundated America with drugs and weapons of all kinds at the time.
Pablo Escobar was Hitler’s son and the FBI has always worked against the machinations of the CIA!
It is a logical conclusion and therefore also directly answers the question: “What will you do with your remaining life if you are declared dead in 1977”?
Working for the common good would be a nice occupation …
Even if Nixon stumbled upon his Watergate affair, it shows what sentiments he basically belonged to. The WhiteHats.
Some may or may not believe it yet, but it is highly likely that Elvis (now 86) is very much alive and was just as protected by the WhiteHats as the other important people of light. ‘
The bang will go around the world when these people reappear in public:
Michael Jackson
Kurt Cobain
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
By the Way: DJT 45. subsequently honored Elvis Presley with the “MEDAL OF FREEDOM”, the medal of freedom, for his extraordinary life’s work!
The medal is on display at the Elvis Museum – Graceland. source

One of Britain’s richest men, Sir Richard Sutton, was found dead with stab wounds on Thursday evening at his estate in London. source

Colombian Historian Has ‘Proof’ Pablo Escobar Was Adolf Hitler’s Son article

Hearing Ghislaine Maxwell claim her cell is filled with mold and rats will help me sleep a few extra minutes tonight. source

At this point I’m fairly confident that anons know the Globalist’s playbook better than they do. source

Policy is the lowest form of requirement (An exercise in Free Speech)

Code is not Law and the second lowest form of requirement (man made legal fiction)

Law is the highest form of requirement (any violation of Law is unconstitutional)

The function of the Law (Constitution) is to restrain the Government (employees) not the People.

Governors, Mayors, State / City Attorneys do not make Law or Code. Their policies and orders if Lawful only apply to employees. People are not slaves (servants) of Government.

Is your Policy LEGAL or MEDICAL advice? Do you have a LICENSE to practice Law or Medicine?

Informed Consent (Law) means I have the RIGHT to reject any Policy, Code, or Law which violates my well-being. No one has the authority to compel another to harm them self. 4th Amendment; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons…”

Legal Definition:

Informed consent is the act of agreeing to allow something to happen, or to do something, with a full understanding of all the relevant facts, including risks, and available alternatives. That full knowledge and understanding is the necessary factor in whether an individual can give informed consent. This type of consent applies to many situations in life, including making decisions about medical care and legal issues, as well as entering into contracts.” – Legal Dictionary

Medical Definition:

Informed Consent Law covers the legal aspect regarding an individual’s right to be informed of and consent to a procedure or treatment suggested by a physician or professional. This written authorization can limit professional liability issues for the individual providing the service.” – HG Legal Resources

California Code of Regulations 9 CCR § 784.29. Informed Consent to Medical Treatment.

(b) Informed consent must include a verbal explanation by a physician of the client’s right to refuse or accept medical treatment. It must include a written consent form signed by the client indicating the above information has been given. The signed consent form is to be obtained and kept in the client’s record as specified in Sections 851 and 852.

Extortion The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official authority.

My body (person) and labor (time) are my property.

  1. A mask is to a virus what a chain-link-fence is to a housefly.
  2. No Virologist has claimed isolating a unique virus to call COVID-19.
  3. Virologists wear a full body pressurized suit as protection from a virus.
  4. Fauci did a paper exposing most people died from masks during the 1918 flu. (Look for it!)
  5. Jews in Germany before WW2 were forced to wear stars to go out (Forced discrimination).
  6. Otto Warburg received the Nobel prize for discovering the cause of Cancer; “Oxygen Deprivation”.
  7. America is at war with corrupt government (Deep State), and the criminals (Cabal) are using masks to divide America against it’s self. It’s called Fascism and Civil War.
  8. Stop fighting with your fellow American and stop the Fascism and Slavery.
  9. The CV Jab is a Bio-weapon making the recipient a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

Peace, love, blessings source

From the patriot: I can tell you that this is the largest number of decodings I’ve done in a short period of time, and they’ve all been linked together. Indeed, April rains!
Military launch.
Big month.
Everything matters.
April rains.

These interweaves are breathtaking, but the most important thing here is what we see – the operation goes according to the script, the plan works. April will surprise us. source with decode pics

General Flynn for the first time officially said something that we all know very well, but it is important for sleeping Americans (and not only) to pay attention to it. The” storming ” of the Capitol on January 6 took place under a false flag, that is, all this was staged by the Democrats in order to impeach Trump. Why is Flynn only now making such a statement? Are we close to a denouement? source

Ron DeSantis Announces Major Lawsuit Against Biden source

Twitter will not allow the National Archives to store Trump’s tweets on the platform.
The National Archives and Records Administration is not allowed to create saved versions of former President Donald Trump’s tweets available on its platform. This rule was first applied to a former president.


From the patriot:

Why now do they want to keep us from the old Trump tweets as well? This is unprecedented, so why now? Is it because everything he warned about is coming true? Every prediction was accurate. They don’t want the sheep that once bullied him to see that he was right from the start? Heh. You can’t stop the light. Deepstate. NCSWIS. PANIC! source

Joe Biden Declares ‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute’ in Gun Control Speech
● Joe Biden declared Thursday that “no amendment is absolute” while unveiling a series of executive actions targeting American citizens’ Second Amendment rights.
● “Today, we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health crisis,” Biden announced in a speech at the White House’s Rose Garden, claiming: “Nothing, nothing I am about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment.”
● “No amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” source

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has signed on with Fox News Media as a paid contributor, as the network continues to snap up prominent figures from the Trump administration and the former president’s own family source

No mention of thetrumparchive? @POTUS45 is still active? Check out their last re-tweet.
WATCH the countdown
Light ’em up! source with pics

3 year delta today. CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS ARE VERY EFFECTIVE. Is this what Stephen Miller’s new role is all about? source

IBM Set to Develop Vaccine Passports With Moderna source

Nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children were picked up crossing the US-Mexico border in March, the largest monthly number in history source

President Trump, Dan Qomms! 🍿

-45 Statement + Decode.
They are trying to start a war (playbook known) 3y delta for 08.04.
Statement, News, and QDrop all April 8, and all tie back to one another. Coincidence?

-Dan TS 10:15pm/2215 MT
Myanmar embassy in London seized by Army
House to vote on admitting
Q22: Who Controls the NG?
Q15: Soros targeted

-Dan TS 10:17/2217 MT
Iran produced 20% Uranium since Jan

-Dan TS 10:36pm/2236 MT
Q22: Who controls the NG?
Q36: Mil Intel

-Dan: Hole in One, Trump WH.
TS 11:00/2300 MT
Q1100: Drain the Swamp
Q2300: Red October. DECLAS.
Suicide phone #.
US Army posted same # same day.

-Dan FB: All he #’s from Chart tie to QDrops that include Alice & Wonderland or Snow White, and mention HRC/SA. Coincidence?

-Set the Stage. Russia flexing missile tech.

-17 Storms? Kek.
Dan FB Trump back in the WH! 😉 source with decode here and here

At 7:00PM on All went down????

Playstation network
Call of.duty.
Pokemon go.
Speed test.
Tom Clancy rainbow siege.
ABC comcast.

All went down globally source

NESARA/ GESARA Debt relief Jubilee would be implemented worldwide over the next three months. source

Scavino’s tweet of the golf shot that seems impossible represents Trump’s return to the White House, that many would think is impossible. source

According to an internal study by Health Human Services and Harvard, less than 1% of vaccine side effects are reported to government vaccine injury reporting systems. This means the actual Deaths in Europe from the experimental Covid injections are about 99% higher than what’s being reported. source

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