News 09.05.2021


The news is fake. The war is real. We are fighting for life, united and strong. They can no longer hide in the dark. Military planning at it’s finest – Military Law vs. Criminal Law. The End is Near. Be patient. A Storm is coming. God’s timing isn’t just good, it’s perfect. Where We Go One, We Go All. Trust the Plan”…Q source

The White hats have found a lot more gold than it was anticipated under the Vatican city. There is a lot more money coming back to people all over the world, than it was originally anticipated.

Trump is in charge and ultimately pulls all the shots. When Joe Biden was in the senate the other day, the senate was almost empty. DC is gone, DC is dead. The DC criminals are arrested. Remember Donald Trump has always been president, since last year, he has never left us. At some point he has given the power to the military to run the country. JFK junior has been VP actually since last fall, after Mike Pence was arrested, he became VP while Trump was still president. JFK junior has been going in and out of the White house like we said it would be happening, while he was wearing a face mask.

Even on Fox news, Hannity and Waters, have been telling us that the Biden Administration is a studio production, a virtual event and a fake presidency.

The clock is ticking now, the EBS is getting closer. I remember at some time when we knew that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many others would be arrested, many (not me) had expected dates in October and November of that year. Whenever something was supposed to happen, we had a shooting hoax or other event, designed to distract the news media from covering any possible arrests. When the series of dates whereas something could have happened, and as a result, the deep state had planned those events, where exhausted, the criminals behind the hoaxes were arrested and in the end none of the actors were left who had planned the counter attacks. These arrests then happened on Christmas and there were no counter attacks as no actors where left. This is no different now.

We already had some shooting hoaxes that were staged and planned events as a sign to counter the EBS. The dates as to when the EBS is exactly happening will not be published in advance, and I also believe that the date is somewhat flexible. What I do know, however, is that we are getting closer and by end of June it will be done.

The fiction the world has become is getting to a breaking point. The world is about to change forever, the New World/New Earth is here, I keep saying. Our world will change forever. What will change? The way we do things for instance. We can say our previous system of courts, schools, government etc. was based on an agreement that was made by Satanists, also called the covenant. We have become slaves of the system and the goal has been control of humans. The new system is the opposite. source

I’m seeing a lot of interesting comms on Telegram today. It sounds like Jerusalem is hopping and Israel is militarily active and on high alert, and the largest ever military “exercise” is on the table. That’s all from memory so I hope it’s accurate. No time to check out every headline.

We’re getting suggestions that we’re at 11.4 and DEFCON 1

There we have a 503. That means Q post #503.

Original [15] min
Revised [1] min

Mike Lindell told Steve Bannon that he and his team have Dominion machines (not from Arizona) and they will soon have some damning evidence to reveal to the public. He said, “We have it all” and “It’s over for them.” source

Pres. Trump is the CEO of all banks worldwide now and will soon begin to repurpose them all after all DS cabal elements therein are arrested and removed!
Hunter Biden is dead, replaced with a clone.
David Rodriquez said, “1,300 CEOs resigned in the past year.”
Looks like Pres. Trump will be at Mt. Rushmore on July 4, 2021 and 40 of the 52 states have shot down the vax passport BS now.
Sindney Powell said, “We are living under a totalitarian communist regime (that’s about to be fully removed in the GESARA Law Elections in Aug).”
Michael Jaco said, “Full US Military gov’t UFO disclosure is scheduled in June.” source

Right now, all of humanity has to collide with its ego and beliefs and learn what it means to give, to share well and to love oneself and others. It is time to surrender to the light.
After the silence, it is a necessary time for humanity to realize the power lies within them. Not with governments. The new government is the people of the world and a new republic that will belong to the new universal solar government.
Soon humanity will be informed of all the slavery that ruled the planet and how they were being prepared by the beings of light for the great transformation on earth.
True power lies in love, what really exists, the rest is an illusion, it is a dream and out of that dream this magic is the place where we all have to wake up in this great moment, the time of the here and now.
144,000 x 12 + 1 fully baptized and crowned human batteries are already prepared. They will serve with love. They will make love a true coronation on the whole planet and help take the next step on the scale of planetary and universal life. source

The storm low FAREGOD and the surrender
On May 8, 1945, the German Wehrmacht surrendered at the headquarters of General Dwight D. Eisenhower in Reims.
Officially, this ended National Socialism after 5 years of war. From then on, the NaZis operated covertly and camouflaged to take control of the whole earth.
The war against humanity and especially against the German people continued for 76 years to this day, May 8, 2021.
Never before have we looked forward to a coming storm with such joy. Not fearful, but reverent, we follow God’s plan and long for the end of this life test.
🔸 Large raids against the Ndrangheta mafia have been reported across Europe, including Germany, Italy, Spain and Romania.
🔸 We are served a downright grotesque story about the largest Chinese rocket in history, which, out of control, is now on its way back to the ground and will possibly collapse the 3 Gorges Dam of the Yangtze.
🔸 We learn fascinating evidence of the survival of the Russian tsarist line of the Romanovs, which the Rothschilds tried to wipe out in the garb of the Bolsheviks in 1918.
According to this, Anastasia Nicolacena Romanov survived by fleeing to Greece. There is some evidence that Melania Trump is Anastasia’s granddaughter.
This closes the circle between the Russian, Greek and German people, along with the presidential couple Trump at the top of the White hats.
🔸 CodeMonkeyZ (Ron), former admin of the 8kun board, on which the “Q-Drops” appeared, is now also on Telegram.
He recalls the magnitude of the US presidential election fraud in which, among other things, in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, between a quarter of a million and a million fake votes were counted for Pedo-Biden.
🔸 The Arizona / Maricopa County manual electoral count is nearing its end. It clearly looks like a punctual landing on the surrender date.
🔸 We follow abundant reports of vehicle accidents in Germany that could represent stopped attempts to escape by pedo-criminals.
🔸 The number of both media and real human military sightings is increasing rapidly.
🔸 We have received news from all corners of Germany about the uncovering of pediatric crime and corruption. The satanic building is about to collapse, even if the Zionist media continue to try to maintain a completely lying narrative.
🔸 Topics related to masks, tests and ‘vaccinations’ are only of interest to those who, even after 15 months, did not manage to free themselves from the media-political matrix of lies.
🔸 For a whole year, ALL relevant topics were brought to the public. Including things like DUMBS, Adrenochrome, human trafficking, child trafficking, pediatric crime, corruption, satanaism, networks, etc.
At least in the subconscious, everyone should have noticed the key words.
🔸 At night we saw the existence of the ‘STARLINK’ system in the sky with unprecedented clarity. An outlook on future data traffic (‘Quantum Internet’) and at the same time confirmation that ‘the plan’ meticulously leads to the goal. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Cowboy W2b @cowboyw2b Pompeo tweeted, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" Std vor Prior to the election, Gateway Pundit article said, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" The article ended with: "It is to speak up and stand as soldier! is time to engage and confront those who have casually accepted the evil's that are embraced in the current election by Democratic Party and its ancillaries BLM/ANTIFA." lord-pass-ammunition/ Praise the pass the ammunitione க praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition despila roubie perreda M量 3:00PM May Tuttur hom 45“

Israel to begin the largest military exercise in its history, labeled the “Chariots of Fire,” tomorrow. It will simulate a month of war against Hezbollah and Hamas on all fronts. source

Concerns pointing towards Podesta. Looks like they’re prepping the public for the Podesta arrest. source

Tip of the spear vs Illuminati hand symbols
They are the opposite.
Diamond = Illuminati.
Downward Spear = Against the Illuminati.

I know you’re upset and frustrated…
But guess what?
This plan would have been useless if that weren’t the case.
How do you reverse brainwash half the country?How do you teach people to protect their freedoms?
How do you drain the swamp and expose every traitor without government coming to a grinding halt?How do you accomplish this under the guise of normalcy and keep your country protected during this transitional period?
Freedom isn’t passed through the bloodline.
Freedom is earned.
But first…freedom must be learned.
We got complacent. We lost sight of who we were as a nation. We were ONE president away from losing it all FOREVER.
A multitude of lessons have been learned by many.
Turn your anger into righteous indignation.
Fight for humanity.
Fight for our children.
Fight for the generations to come.
We may engage the enemy on a digital battlefield, yet we are at war nonetheless.
HOLD. THE. LINE. source

Deep State False Flag averted? Were they going to use Rocket as cover for missile strike?
Remnants of China’s biggest rocket landed in the Indian Ocean at 10:30pm EST 5/8/21
Match to Flynn timestamp 7:44 and Law Of War reference 11.3, confirms RR and match for missile discussions from Q.
RR match for Rocket Re-Entry
Pompeo confirms RR as ammunition as well as Ezra Cohen NRO RT misspelling “starring”.
1 year delta
We can help guide once you hit a target with 7:44 match to Flynn source

📎The daughter of Chief of Staff Joe Biden signs a letter to the Department of Justice demanding that the audit of elections in Arizona be stopped.

📎The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting after the Arizona State Senate threatened legal action for failing to provide passwords and routers to the audit organizers.

📎Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett: “It’s very troubling that Dominion has passwords, controls Maricopa County voting systems, and officials don’t have (that capability).

📎The Texas House passed HB 6 / SB 7 on electoral reforms and referred the bill to Texas Governor Abbott. Lawmakers have the opportunity to strengthen the bill with very popular provisions, such as voter identification for voting by mail.

📎Three people, including a four-year-old child, were shot dead in Times Square in broad daylight on Saturday afternoon in New York. According to reports, four men in front of 1515 Broadway quarreled, then one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting three innocent passers-by.

📎Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend: “Everyone knows that you wouldn’t try to stop the audit with the zeal we see if you had nothing to hide.”

📎The Department of Education is facing resistance as Stephen Miller files a lawsuit to defend U.S. history and truth. “America First Legal has officially submitted a comment on Biden’s proposed rule for introducing students to the Critical Race Theory / 1619 project.” The AFL will take all necessary measures to protect our children, ” Miller wrote on Twitter.

📎Biden is spending another weekend away from the White House at Camp David.

📎750 750 COVID victims in New York City are still in refrigerated trucks.

📎New York Governor Cuomo’s public relations director is stepping down, becoming at least the tenth employee to do so in the last few months.

📎CDC director Rochelle Walenski admitted that she ignored the “science” and adapted the Covid agency’s recommendations to give teachers ‘ unions “what they need.” For almost a year, teachers ‘ unions in the United States closed public schools.

📎North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s FACTS Task Force says it is ready to stand up for the future of North Carolina by exposing indoctrination in schools and ensuring that students are taught to develop, not what they need to think about.

📎70% of the residents of Windham, New Hampshire, agree to sign a request for legal auditors.

📎Michigan Prosecutor Matthew DePerno presented new data – 1061 “ghost” ballots were found in the 2020 election in Antrim County.

📎Russ Ramsland, founder and co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group, a global consulting and security firm, former Texas congressional candidate:
“Our nation is currently engaged in a battle the likes of which we haven’t seen in 156 years. But this time the weapons are not cannons, muskets, and daggers. These are words, and the battle this time is for the truth. In this light, it is not surprising that the traditional media try to refute the truth by discrediting the witnesses who reveal the truth. False and misleading accusations are their subject of trade.” source

Created in 1990, the VAERS – Vaccine Side Effect Reporting System – is a national early warning system to identify possible safety issues with vaccines licensed in the United States.
According to a total of 157,277 reviews received, there were 3,837 deaths, 10,715 hospitalizations, and 7,463 cases of severe allergic reactions after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.
The data is updated every week. Data as of April 30, 2021. source

Michigan has requested a full forensic audit. source

The supermoon on May 26, 2021, will be both a Flower Moon and a Blood Moon. Not only will it be the largest and brightest supermoon of the year, but it will also undergo a total lunar eclipse. That means the moon will actually be red. 

Per the Old Farmer’s Almanac, each full moon is given a name derived from Native American or colonial tradition. May’s full moon is usually called the Flower Moon, since many flowers bloom this month.

The Patriot movement, which heralds a return (to the public eye) of the Trump presidency as its clarion call, will blossom now, as the rebirth of this Spring is the rebirth of our Republic. The AZ audit, and the domino effect with the other audits will likely play into this, as well as key happenings behind the scenes in the Quantum Financial System and other moves on the Dark to Light gameboard.

This moon is also called the Corn Planting Moon. And like Juan O Savin has foretold, this election drama = MAGA to the Third Power over Corn (Deep State). 

It’s now time to bury the Deep State in the deep dirt.

Some preacher types view the Blood Moon in apocalyptic terms, but one should note the true meaning of apocalypse is the “uncovering” or “unveiling” of things that could not be known apart from the unveiling. source

Internal preparation – flap, the fifth it is slowly becoming routine – the tips for preparing for raising the curtain. If it should happen this time, there are a few recommendations:
🔸 As long as the Zionist cartel media are still active, it is to be expected that we will be confronted with the most absurd reports. This can include anything from World War I depictions to alien invasion. Simple rule: the media lie, everyone to one another.
🔸 We were told that 34 satanic structures, including dams, would be blown up. At the top of the waiting list is the 3 Gorges Dam. Not surprised.
🔸 The expected blackout would include switching off all media, presumably also large parts of the Internet and cellular networks. The frequently communicated window is 10 days.
🔸 According to notifications, the Emergency Broadcasting System will be used at some point, i.e. the emergency transmission system. Accordingly, there would be three 8-hour awareness blocks on 10 days.
🔸 We can assume that the military will take over all over the world. In our case, the S.H.A.E.F. be, if necessary with KSK and ‘Bundeswehr’. Don’t be surprised if General Laubenthal and / or Brigadier General Kreitmayr appear.
🔸 On the part of logic, if the military were to be taken over publicly, “BRD” would be history in ALL conceivable individual issues. This includes ALL ‘laws’ and ALL contributors.
🔸 Of course, the military are on the side of honest people, no matter what nation they are. We can especially expect American and Russian military personnel.
🔸 There are a bunch of characters who won’t be too happy and may try to fight back or at least rappel down. First and foremost are the armed mercenaries of the Constellis. Avoid ALL places where fighting could occur.
🔸 ‘Troops’ of the Deep States still exist, according to the Soros lackeys in Antifa garb. The declared goal is civil war-like tumults and riots. Please keep your distance here too.
🔸 From the beginning of the public education, we will see huge emotions. From despair to disbelief to panic. The top priority: stay calm, calm and confident.
🔸 From the moment that great understanding sets in, many will experience feelings of hatred, retribution, vengeance, and so on. Please don’t get involved, try to pacify. We are not instructed to judge, let alone execute.
🔸 Avoid malice and smartassism. A ‘I’ve been saying that the whole time!’ really nobody needs in this phase.
🔸 First of all, pay attention to your own inner mental health. You can only help others if you are stable and healthy yourself.
🔸 Shut uptogether in the circle of your loved ones. Give each other strength and consolation. All those who are not that far on the way need your help.
🔸 Follow a clear list of priorities in everything you do, including pastoral care. First your own children, then your partner, parents and siblings. Then friends, neighbors, etc.
🔸 Keep in mind that there is a theoretical possibility of mass death of ‘vaccinated’ people. There is also the thesis that this z. B. could be triggered by electromagnetic fields. So if the first indicators become visible, then behave according to this premonition.
🔸 Please understand all of the above only as a potential possibility – I do NOT know what will happen when (!) source

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  1. Anonymous Patriot

    You share incredibly insightful, well documented and useful stuff. A main issue I still have is the HAARP and ChemTrail projects run by Cabal.UN/NATO and US Mil. Please ask your followers to look at the attached video and then go to and see if THEY can do anything to help.

    I have already written to the (real) POTUS @, and I am awaiting his reply on both issues.

    This link is to a previously UNSEEN video from 911… Amazing revealation.

    [video src="" /]



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