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No question, odd and interesting things are going on and some of it’s “cyber”.No other way to describe this. “Boom”..

The White Hats are going in for the kill. Even Fox is outing the Rockefellers’ long range pandemic plan. But don’t listen to us conspiracy theorists. We don’t know a plandemic when we see one. The patented virus is doubtless just hearsay.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… election audits are selling like hotcakes.

Of course the whole world knows the truth. Except for a few overly programmed souls who are a little slow on the uptake. source

Inside the ANoM OperationThe takedown happening at present does not include only the New World Order, but also the drug trade/criminal underworld. Thanks to Suzi.Inside the ‘AN0M’ bust: How fake encrypted app sting saw 4,000 cops sweep through the underworld arresting more than 100 and seizing a trove of 3.77 tonnes of drugs, $45 million in cash, guns and GODFATHER memorabilia

Australia’s biggest ever police bust has seen not only seen the arrests of the Who’s Who of the global criminal underworld, but yielded an extraordinary haul of 3.77 tonnes of drugs, $45 million in cash, guns, luxury cars, motorbikes and watches.The country’s Federal Police released pictures of the wealth, firepower and even taste in gangster movies of those arrested during sweeping raids across the country, the U.S., Britain and wider Europe after the alleged criminals were covertly monitored for three years using an encrypted communication app called ‘AN0M’.They allegedly used the app, secretly developed by the FBI, to message each other around the world, unaware everything they said and did was being intercepted by FBI special agents and the Australian Federal Police. source

But there was just an exercise 😉😎 The 2nd “quake” yesterday near Washington at 6:30 pm!The big cleanup has begun … source

These are extremely tough times for the people on earth. We are going through ascension in a physical body with no context for how we can do it. We are in the middle of a massive conflict over control of human consciousness and the territory of the earth by extremely tyrannical forces, warmongering humans, archonic non-humans and demonic forces. The real star origins of mankind and galactic history are completely concealed from the public. Along with the fact that the human body is designed to undergo a biological and spiritual ascent into higher dimensional frequencies, shifting consciousness through the way we think. This is happening to us right now as all of this critical ascension information is being suppressed, manipulated, and gas-lit by the mainstream media.

Most of humanity travels blindly in a storm of chaos. They look around without seeing or understanding why the world and its people have entered a new stage of crazy, extreme violence. These deviant people draw black energy from the darkest, deepest depths of their unconscious cellular memory. It is dead energy that arises from separation from the mind. Here exist the deepest entrails of darkness, collective trauma, pain, deviance, astral garbage, spiritual sickness and satanism. All of this comes to the surface and is revealed to shed light on so that we can become aware of it and transform it. Right now, whether you know it or not, each of us is in a battle with a dark, shadowy being that we cannot identify as an invisible, silent enemy. All of this Ascension information is deliberately withheld as a split in the Conquest War Tactics used to take advantage of us. Therefore, humanity must come together. We must come together to restore our dignity and divinity, to preserve humanity in a world that has been besieged. Every day we manage and direct these demonic forces that are buried all over this 3-D structure. These forces are designed to hijack, cling to, and control their thoughts. We are witnessing the showdown with the Antichrist.

Not all will fight demons that you can see, but they will fight the demons internally through their personal vices, houses of ego, insecurities, paranoia and personal fears, and feel confused about being uprooted from their reality. As I have said many times before, people do not cope well with change and as the saying goes, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.We are in a battle to break free from alien mind control on this planet. This battle is real and raging on the interdimensional levels. It is this human ascension process that brings this harsh reality to the surface. There is no stopping what is coming. source

Russia formally exits Open Skies Treaty with United States. source

Flotus Comms
BOOM 🙏✨💫

Be ready
All systems GO💚 source

At the very end of DR P video he says you pull back and let the enemy make the mistakes….[CASTLE ROCK] – Julian Assange Chess Move The Event goes down on BiDAn source

US military base at Pearl Harbor on lockdown over “security threat,” personnel ordered to “shelter in place”. source

Imagine if this were Trump’s kid. *Just imagine.*🔻source

Hunter Biden addressed his white lawyer as ‘n***a’ multiple times, used phrases like ‘true dat n***a’ and bantered ‘I only love you because you’re black,’ in shocking texts unearthed days after Joe’s emotional Tulsa speech decrying racism

Cueing it up source

📎Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano said the state could begin an Arizona-style forensic audit by July.

📎US Attorney General under Obama Eric Holder, accused of contempt of Congress, again ignores the Constitution and says that the US Department of Justice should stop auditing the 2020 elections in Maricopa County.

📎Georgia Senator Bert Jones: “We came here with a team of auditors working on an ongoing case in Fulton County, Georgia, and a fact-finding mission. We heard a lot about what was going on in Arizona, so we came here and looked at it for ourselves. What we saw at the Colosseum was a very well-organized, business-like operation. It gave the people working on the Fulton County case some good ideas.”

📎On one of the hacker forums published a huge text file of 100 gigabytes, with 8.4 billion passwords obtained as a result of various data leaks and hacks. It was posted online by a user under the pseudonym RockYou2021. This is the biggest password leak in history. In addition, it is reported that 60 members of the US Congress were victims of a cyber attack using ransomware.

📎Fauci is the greatest mass murderer of the 21st century. A new study shows that various drugs, such as hydroxychloroquine, increased the survival rate of patients with COVID by almost 200%, but the CDC was silent about this.

📎The mayor of the District of Columbia does not want to respond to a letter from Congress about the prison conditions of people detained after the protests in the Capitol on January 6. Many are being held illegally.

📎White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and a New York Times reporter ridiculed conservatives “going crazy” over Kamala Harris ‘interview with Lester Holt, in which the” vice president ” lied about being at the southern border, and when Holt said she wasn’t there, Harris laughed and uttered absolute nonsense.

📎Tanner Cross, an elementary school teacher in Virginia who was placed on leave after arguing during a school board meeting that “a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa,” has been reinstated.

📎The Cleveland Clinic refutes Fauci’s claims: there is no point in vaccinating those who have had COVID-19.

📎News from Georgia: Trump’s lawyers will return to court on June 21 after. This comes after Fulton County officials blocked the audit of ballots – the defence is requesting video footage from the building where one of the polling stations was located.

📎Columnist Steve Bannon: “President Trump should be elected as the next speaker of the House and impeach Joe Biden immediately.”

📎The exact list of fraud cases in the 2020 election shows 87 incidents. Trump and the Republican Party won 71% of the cases in which arguments were heard.

📎Text messages uncovered days after Biden’s emotional speech in Tulsa denouncing racism show that Hunter Biden used the word several times in poking fun at his white lawyer. source

EXC: Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking ‘Fggots’ And ‘Dkes’.

We must be getting close…Mr Pool posts…Get Stocked! 👆👆 source
Dan Scavino 6/7/2021 Tweet! Moving at WarpSpeed??!!! 💥 source

Joe Biden: Hunter is the smartest person I know.


“The enslavement is an illusion, but if you decide to take back your power, the chains will break because what keeps you vulnerable to the physical Ciakahrr, Naga, and Nebu is hidden within your consciousness. If you unfold and elevate your consciousness, they will fear you and they will not attack you. Fear is the illusion. We have many contingents working together with your own contingents, allied to your armies, a thing that you do not know. I’ll tell you now this: to physically wipe out all these beings from the undergrounds of your planet, many operations are going on at the moment as I am speaking to you, and this is our job. Your job is to elevate your consciousness, as fast as you can. Keep your feelings as high as you can. This is difficult to comprehend but believe me, it makes sense and it is your salute.”Val Thor source

Penance is coming.
Regardless of what you think, you are not yet awake.
You do not know how deep this goes. If you knew, you could not sleep. Many of you could never go on.
You need each other. You need every ONE of you. Learn to play nice with each other or be left behind.
If one stumbles, pick them up. If one asks a question, give them the answer.
That is how we grow.
If you turn ONE away, you’ve hurt the plan. If you hurt the plan, you’ll be left behind.
We are watching. We see it all.
There are no secrets.
You would never believe the files kept on everyone of you, for that matter, you’d never believe WHERE they are kept.
Prepare for the next phase. Prepare each other.
You are one. And…WWG1WGA. source

People need to understand.

We aren’t fixing this in 2024, we’re fixing the broken system now!

Correct the corrupt electoral system and everything that is based on it is now fixed. You know the connections to all the companies with voting machines, voting software, etc. The same companies are also currently on the Corona / WEF rail, everything depends on it, you know it, you have more than you need. That means if the electoral systems and electoral rules are fixed and repaired NOW, something will crack soon.

So let it crack

Happy Great awakening, it’s happening! source

➡️ Happiness hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are released when gratitude is practiced. These messengers of happiness help us to regulate our moods, they reduce stress.
➡️ Every time we practice gratitude, new nerve tracts are laid in our brain and the brain is polarized towards gratitude.
➡️ Through gratitude we can gather an inner repertoire of strength that we can use in difficult times.
➡️ Gratitude helps us to bring awareness back to the now. This helps us to regulate the fight-or-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system and to become more relaxed.
➡️ It’s easy to get stuck in old behavior. With gratitude one can distance oneself a little from these less favorable feelings and gain a new perspective. source

It’s official. Over 50% of American voters believe that the election was stolen. BOOM.

Kim Runner at Anonup with a snippet from George News about the Red Tsunami. Cue referenced a Red Tsunami. Future proves the past. It will be a HOT summer.

Veronica Wolski, The Bridge Lady, has some inside intel about the four military helicopters at Capitol Hill:

I checked with a Military contact I have, and asked a few questions regarding the 4 Blackhawk Helicopters landing on the grounds of the Capital the other day….Remaining at ‘full throttle’.I was told that No… Military aircraft do NOT do military ‘exercises’ on the grounds of buildings in the DC area….I was also told that these grounds are ‘protected airspace’ even for Military vehicles.With this information, I did a bit more research.Nope, it is something ‘very strange’ that happened the other day…Yep…. it sent a ‘Message’ throughout the World I do believe.

… Welcome to the elite apocalypse.The collapse of elite rule over this planet is NOT the collapse of human civilization…it’s our LIBERATION.The elites want you to think the world is ending, because THEIR world IS ending. And think, we’re here to witness this, Wow! source

There are bad eggs in every profession.Police officers aren’t the problem.The fact that ANYBODY can become a police officer is the problem. source


This was never just about making arrests.
This was never just about ending corruption.
This was never just about exposing evil.
We needed to reverse decades of brainwashing.
We needed to make a multi-generational impact.
We needed to make sure that this NEVER happens again.
We aren’t just fighting a new type of war…
We’ve reached the breaking point for humanity.
We are fighting for control of the collective human consciousness.
If we continued down the path we were on, the novel 1984 would have become a history book on the human population.
A technocratic dystopian nightmare ruled by Satanists.
This is the storm of the millennium folks. We are now in uncharted waters. However, we have the advantage of watching things unfold from the windows of an ark resembling Noah’s, while our enemies are violently tossed about in the raging seas, pathetically clinging to their tattered liferafts while they blame the storm on climate change, racism and each other.
There are people of all nationalities and ethnicities on the MEGA ark.
Consider it “human privilege”.
We are going to win because our enemy is stupid.
We are going to win because our enemy is evil.
We are going to win because we are God’s children.
Take action wherever and whenever you can.
Never stop spreading the truth.
Pray as much as possible.
Love hard always.

Have faith source

👉 Rakeshwar Sachathamakul,59, hotel chain owner and wife found dead in swimming pool.
👉 Viernheim’s first city councillor Kempf dies unexpectedly at the age of 39
👉 Just a small prick – and a great pianist (42) was dead
👉 Prüm investor Lars Grosenick died suddenly
👉 Political veteran of the Greens’ bastion dies – mourning for “Ulli” Fibitz The long-time spokesman of the district council faction Hans-Ulrich Fibitz died at the age of just 61.
👉 Mourning for broker Annette Weirauch The Hanoverian financial world is mourning the death of Annette Weirauch. The broker, who was the first woman in Germany to practise the profession, has died at the age of 56.
👉 Rumours of the death of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah
👉 Billionaire Mansour Ojjeh changed the course of Formula One history by helping Lauda, Senna, Prost and Häkkinen to titles. Now he has died. Two weeks after the death of Max Mosley, Formula 1 is once again mourning the loss of another of its influential shadow men: long-time McLaren majority owner Mansour Ojjeh, one of the fathers of the great successes of the 1980s, has died. The Saudi Arabian businessman died in Geneva on Sunday morning at the age of 68, the team announced ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

👉👉👉👉👉👉 and I can sit up till morning and write and write who all died 🤷♀️ This is just a little snippet source

South Korean tech designer Pang Min Wook has created a “third eye” to help people who can’t tear themselves away from their smartphones. The mechanical eye is attached to a person’s head and has motion sensors that can detect when the user’s head is lowered. When they approach an obstacle at a distance of one or two meters, the device gives an alarm, warning the person of imminent danger. “Since we can’t take our eyes off smartphones, we’ll need an extra eye in the future,” the developer said. The third eye is really very necessary for all of us. But certainly not mechanical. source

A message to all the impatient, you’re bitching that it’s already unbearable, it needs to end, why won’t this Trump guy do anything to speed the whole thing up, just one piece of info, we’ve been enslaved and terrorized by the cabal, the low frequency alien, for hundreds and thousands of years, none of us did anything about it, we put up with it, we got used to it, we took it as normal, now when someone decides to do something about it, we all get impatient and impatient, yes, it affects all of us and me too, but you have to realize, that the whole world is being cleansed, when you want to paint a house you also have to take everything out, and most of the time we get rid of the old unnecessary things on that occasion and it’s usually not right away, even that activity takes a little time and requires a little effort, so try to translate this into a global scale, the whole world is cleaning and getting rid of old and unnecessary things and schemes and all this activity is taking ONLY A YEAR, which is a very short time compared to how long we have been polluting this world. Personally, I think a year is not that long a time period for all that has happened and will happen in the cleansing, so I know we are all fed up with it and I repeat this applies to me as well, but let’s be a little tolerant and forgiving of those who are doing this unpleasant work around the world, we mostly sit at home and solve local problems, lying governments and vaccinations, Covid passports and other nonsense, but there are people who go into underground tunnels and rescue the innocent, they put their own lives on the line to clean up our world and they don’t sit with their families, they go fearlessly to the front lines, so let’s not rush them. Yes, they’re going in willingly and they’re aware of the risks they’re taking and yes, it’s a job that not all of us can do, we have our jobs at the computers, as Gen. Flynn, we’re digital soldiers, it’s a lot easier for us than it is for them… but our work has its importance too, so please for all the White Hats and the digital soldiers, just for all the lightworkers, let’s not be unfairly impatient, each and every one of us and of them is doing what we can and sometimes what we can’t do to see our beautiful future, but unfortunately it takes time, but it’s running out very quickly and we’re only moments away from the final victory. Please be patient and tolerant of the work of others, we are all pulling at the same end of the rope. Thank you for your work and your time my friends. source

Nikola Tesla and Electrogravitation: Short History

The theory of Electrogravitation (EG) was first proposed by Nikola Tesla in 1899. Since then, multiple researchers have studied the phenomenon, and an unusual number of patents have been granted to those who have successfully investigated the theory. However, in spite of the abundance of scientific and practical applications, the theory of Electrogravitation (EG) is still not widely accepted. Unfortunately, the recent history of EG, which began in the early 20th century, is marked by a series of unsolved mysteries, which have raised the attention of scientists around the world.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Serbian inventor and physicist, was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In his late teens, Tesla moved to Paris and studied under famous scientist Jean de la Vallée Poussin. Tesla is often referred to as one of the most prolific inventors and engineers of the 20th century, for which he was awarded more than 80 patents, including over 30 for wireless transmission. In 1899, Tesla immigrated to the United States, where he immediately applied his remarkable electrical discoveries to electricity generation, transmission, and lighting. Tesla began experimenting with lightning in his bedroom and installed high-voltage electrical equipment in his other laboratories to record the currents he created.

In 1893, Nikola Tesla found a new power source that worked faster than any previous magnetic drive, and so it made him believe that the future was electric and that electricity could be used to achieve teleportation. However, Tesla died before he could develop the theory and exploit it. In 1899, Nikola Tesla sent four test subjects, all of whom were in good physical health, in a wire-wide suspended circle for 15 minutes. The tests were called the Westinghouse Experiment. In the experiment, one subject “quivered” in a relaxed state in the middle of the suspended circle. The other subjects did not quiver at all. The quivering caused by the other subject’s movement was detected by a device known as the disturbance counter.

Some historians and scientists argue that Tesla had a remarkable track record, but that he was treated unfairly by the so-called ‘Tesla machine thieves’ that were not interested in advancing science, but in profiting from his inventions. They are the Russians Albert O. Hirschfeld and James Johnston, for whom Tesla patented many of his discoveries and inventions. These persons were responsible for smuggling most of Tesla’s work to the West, and they kept the secret hidden from him. There was even one instance when these two gentlemen buried Tesla’s laboratory and tools in order to preserve the secret of the final invention.

The chief investigator of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Dr. John G. Fuller, recalls the famous speech of Nikola Tesla at a conference in 1937, which he delivered at a conference held in December of that year. In his speech, Tesla said that he had been traveling around the world, visiting various laboratories, schools, and universities. During his travels, Tesla reportedly communicated with numerous professors and researchers in the fields of physics, mechanics, and mechanics of light. In spite of the fact that these scientists were from all over the world, they all “liked each other.” This could only mean that Tesla had made contact with the leaders of their countries, in which they shared a lot of relevant information.

A new independent analysis of Tesla’s system of 11 Tesla coils (rotating magnets, low voltage power source, transformers) suggests that it may be possible to create an invisibility cloak by exploiting magnetic fields, levitating objects at immense energy. It is speculated that such technology would be able to invisibly transport humans or even spacecrafts at tremendous speeds. According to a recent NASA study, even a small UFO can accelerate to speeds up to 30 kilometers per second. Another plausible explanation, however, says that an invisible source could manipulate magnetic fields, invisibly pushing the object forward. source

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  1. eva mitchell

    I just want to say thank you. The magnitude of this is just overwhelming, to say the least. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you that are helping humanity rid this world of evil. We are here, as long as it takes…we are with you. I could not even imagine the horrors that awaited mankind if the “Reset” had been allowed to happen. For those of you that are impatient, think of that…..and thank our God for his grace and mercy for saving us. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.


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