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Our Cox Internet was out from late Sunday afternoon until early afternoon on Monday, and I hear there was a power outage at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport this morning, as well. Qincidence? We know there are plenty of criminals in Maricopa County that need rounding up.

[VIDEO] Nurse Calls Out The Overwhelmed Hospitals, DESTROYS Official Narrative

[Canadian] Journalist James Corbett tells us the psychopaths have been planning for this scamdemic and tyrannical takeover of the farm for years. We know they plan decades in advance in some cases. Another Globalist “Simulation” Comes True

When the President flies on a plane, that plane is known as Air Force One and will generally use AF1 as it’s callsign until he steps off and it becomes SAM. The callsign used for Joe Biden has been N/A for every flight he’s taken other than his two trips out of the country. Kamala has been using AF2. Jill wants Kamala gone. Kamala wants Joe and Jill gone. I think that’s very odd and telling. Do you think that’s very odd and telling? source

Their silence is deafening. Enemy of the people. source

The> Marker< I was told was to watch Saudi Arabia]]] Bin SALMAN [[[[Sweeping Arrests///If you don’t know already.
Here’s a fast update> U.S. MILITARY Intel Battalion SAVED+45 The Saudi Crown Prince during the Last Vegas shooting /// the las Vegas shooting was a cover to kill The Prince Mohammed Bin SALMAN(Who owns and controls over 2000 of the largest investors in the social media world/Facebook/Google/Twitter/YouTube/and the oil industry)////
After Trump saved his life from the Obama/CIA/Mossad/CABAL VATICAN/ECT ECT…group (his own royal family was involved) ASSASSINATION attempt … The Crown Prince Dedicated his life and Loyalty to TRUMP and gave Trump the Leader’s sword during the Saudi Sword dance ( no other outside person has touched the royal sword within the Royal family)…. >The power of The Crown Prince Bin SALMAN carries is far more than people can imagine….. His back channels and control over the biggest investors in the social media World is unfathomable….. And this power was handed to TRUMP ( Trump is waiting for a PERFECT moment to use this POWER….)///
After Bin SALMAN was saved by 45 and U.S. MiL. He began a purge of his country and child TRAFFICKING and arrested his own family for the ASSASSINATION plot…////>>> THIS WORLD MILITARY OPERATION.. INVOLVES OVER 30 COUNTRIES THAT WILL TAKE APART ITS DEEP STATE CABAL RUINED GOVERNMENTS<<<<////THE[DS] knew they were coming (THE ALLIANCE OPERATIONS) so they released the Bioweapons and started to stress the world into deep control and Mockingbird OPERATIONS<<<_THE HARDEST PART OF THE PLAN IS HAPPENING NOW….///IN ALL COUNTRIES THE PANIC HAS BEGUN IN THE DEEP STATE<<<

The Marker I was told was to watch Saudi Arabia sweeping Arrests>>> These arrests are connected to OBAMA/[DS] Vatican/CABAL and these >>arrests DOMINOS needed to FALL….. They,(arrested) connect the WORLD and were BLOCKING many chain EVENTS needed to happen to move white HATS forward in taking over Control middle East deep state operations MONEY/human trafficking/drug trafficking into CCP>EU/)))//

MUCH IS HAPPENING BEHIND THE SCENESTHE DEEP STATE WILL PLAY THEIR FINAL MOVES…THE NEWS IS THE WAR IS REAL=SINCE the demise of U.S. military in Afghanistan>>>>The world heroin trafficking in the streets across the world are in ruins and Chaos<<<< source

We all know. Governor Gavin Newsom is sick from the Vaccines<<There is no use in waiting for the media to report it..or his family or Newsom himself to tell the truth…The vaccines caused Neurological damage in his Central nervous system ( GUILLAIN BAR SYNDROME)Most likely he will retire in the months to come and start to be less and less in the media>>>In a few days, he should do a fake happy go lucky update<<<(He has to continue promoting The Vaccines ….. This is part of his 33°mason’s promise… When you’re at the 33° LEVEL you must do like the light ( Satan) 33° bible tells you… if not they kill you and your family)////Newsom… Is far deep inside the HOLLYWOOD paedophilia protection ring….. That is connected to Kamala… The vice president>>>> OH the times we live in……. And the [EXPOSURE]…THE GREAT AWAKENING source

Greta Thunberg’s handler, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, is a Rothschild

Luisa-Marie Neubauer, the “coach” of Greta Thunberg, is related to the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his last name to Rothschild after returning to Frankfurt to take over his father’s business. Luisa Neubauers “job” is a climate activist and she volunteers for the ONE Campaign founded by Bono and Bill Gates, which also has ties to Soros. source

☢️☢️ Current from Germany, I translated some comments:

👉Media Markt: We are obliged to maintain confidentiality and are not allowed to comment to customers or the press. Media Markt is closed throughout Germany. Allegedly a virus on the main server in Ingolstadt.

👉 I have received information from very confidential internal circles that the Saturn/Media Markt group is currently the victim of a major cyberattack (via Microsoft).

👉 Delivery of switchboards to 7 underground floors. Switchboards for 7 underground floors for the underground runway. Who believes it.

👉 Audi has been closed for several hours!!! Nothing is working anymore – Audi is currently still not working!

👉I can confirm that. My colleague knows someone from the IT department of Audi Ingolstadt. He just asked him and he confirmed that the systems are down and cannot work.

👉The problems with Audi’s server are as follows… There is currently a massive outage in Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt as part of an update… Reportedly up to 8000 devices are affected (black screen) … At the moment production in Neckarsulm is still running, probably no outages of computers/devices related to production… But the offices are emptying out a bit, you can go home without a computer these days…. Wait and see source

Anons, do you understand the significance of the documentary on the Free Brittany movement just released by Liz Crokin? MASSIVELY important🔥🔥Why? Do you realize how many millions of people are following the “Free Brittany” movement and realize that something terrible is happening to Brittany Spears?

Did you know that the same audience knows what MK Ultra is, thanks to the incredibly popular Netflix series Stranger Things? Is Liz up to something? How did the deep state gain control of masses of sheep in the last century? Among the stars in Hollywood. What if these stars are controlled by means like MK Ultra, blackmail, financial slavery, involuntary servitude, sex trafficking and drug addiction? How can we as patriots regain the attention of the sheeple? Through politics? Did you notice how the documentary connects the dots, from the story of Brittany’s enslavement to Hollywood corruption to labor abuse to human trafficking, from Hollywood “handlers” to media empire billionaires to Kamala Harris to the world’s highest political leaders? This documentary shows how deeply intertwined this network of stooges, lawyers, politicians and paedophiles is. It connects mainstream Hollywood to human trafficking. Inspires “Free Brittany” fans to dig deeper. All it takes is one big influencer to spread it viral. This documentary paints a picture of how MK Ultra and Mossad/CIA use and abuse Hollywood stars to make money and influence the sheep. Many stars are complicit. Some are not. How can we wake up the sheep? Liz Crokin, Mike Smith (out of the shadows) and others give us the script. Look at the slave princess. Ask others to watch it. The new documentary Slave Princess from executive producer Liz Crokin brings all the facts about Lou Taylor’s involvement in Britney’s custody and her vast network of shady dealings that reach into all corners of Hollywood and Washington. She is a well-known investigative journalist with a large following who has been instrumental in spreading the word about Piz*za+ga§te. source

I seriously ask, what is this nonsense? On the one hand, some members of our movement still don’t understand that there are no data predictions, and on the other hand, they keep erroneously referring to NESARA/GESARA.

In my humble opinion, this can only be done after the DS players are finally wiped out. The danger that otherwise the money will be embezzled again is too great. By clean up I of course also mean the known DS banks and their management and stopping the activities of the authorities against humanity. So stay calm, the grand plan is not data-driven. The only days we can be sure nothing will surface are always the predicted dates. This doesn’t necessarily mean that something didn’t happen on that day, it’s just not visible to us. I don’t understand why the anons always bother with these dates. Things are going to turn out differently anyway. source

Depth 10 km 👉 DUMB

📌Around 17:43 yesterday, an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale struck Turkey. The epicentre is located west of Konya near Sefaköy and its depth is given at 10 km! With this magnitude of the earthquake, we have to, unfortunately, count on damage…🙏.

📌The earthquake and the aftershock lie exactly on the line we already know.

📌 Poland has put its territorial defence forces on alert as large numbers of migrants are gathering on the border with Belarus.

📌FBI investigating remains at US Army’s Fort McCoy – WKBT

📌 Dramatic footage from the Belarus-Poland border! Minsk dictator Alexander Lukashenko is sending more than a thousand refugees to the border. The Polish government now fears a mass breakthrough. An emergency meeting will be held in Warsaw at noon. Lukashenko sends refugees: mass onslaught on Polish border – International…Germany, Germany, Germany…. all want to go to Germany🥷🥷 Germany, Germany,” shout migrants on the Belarus-Poland border after they tore down part of the border fence. 🎬🥷 Situation on the Poland-Belarus border – New video shows migrants tearing down a fence on the border with Belarus. source

Funeral of Colin Powell. Seventeen days between Powell’s death and his funeral. Masked actor Pedo Joe shakes hands not with (real) George W. Bush, but with (real) Big Mike and (fake) Barry Obama. Killary is represented by her real doppelganger. There is no American flag over the coffin. No other presidents present – Bill, Jimmy and Trump. Military music: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds “Every little thing is gonna be alright.” (Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds) ABBA – Dancing Queen “You’re a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen years old.” source
MARCH FOR FREEDOM: Thousands gathered outside Los Angeles City Hall to protest the city’s C vaccine regulations. Participants include firefighters, police officers and community leaders who are willing to lose their jobs because of the government mandate. source
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „ @disclosetv JUST IN Federal Reserve board member Randal Quarles resigns. Nov21 Twitter Web App 154 Retweets 34 424 Likes“

This is the new cover of Time magazine, which is shown below. The white hats made the black hats do it! Look at the queen, it’s a cardboard cutout because she’s gone….the storm is here….The last call means informing people in the store that closing time is coming and you better get what you need in the store now or the doors are closed. Means last stand. Do what you have to do, but you’re already done. The doors are closing (for the deep state).

Top Tweets for #TimeMagazine on Twitter. - TwStalker
When Biden mentioned the dark winter, it meant the following for his administration. Don’t forget that Biden is a white-hat-dominated mask at the moment… source

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