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Every day there is fascinating, relevant news and everything is changing as we take another step in this journey.

We were told Planet Earth/Terra would be rockin’ and rollin’ even more in the coming days. Iceland has been experiencing spectacular lava flows and yesterday this story developed. Today people are leaving with plumes in the sky.

Caribbean island of St. Vincent has declared a red alert as seismologists warned that the La Soufrière volcano shows signs of an imminent eruption. Evacuations ordered. source

[S]atanist Prince Philip is – officially – dead. Many Anons believe he has been dead for a while and kept on ice by the [D]eep [S]tate until a major distraction was needed. 

We Light Warriors will have to tolerate the outpouring of condolences around the world, including a massively fake message from our own Commander-in-Chief. Don’t believe a word of it.

Once again, the world is sharply divided. There are those people who haven’t got a clue who Prince Philip really was, and therefore they genuinely mourn him. Most likely these same people are lining up eagerly for the virus jab. 

Then there are millions of Light Warriors worldwide who note the removal of a top [D]eep [S]tate member – an important marker in the Alliance war to liberate humanity.

This Gab post by Relentless Truth reminds us that things are NEVER as they seem.

Sorry…but I no longer believe in coincidences.

We can see that things are moving forward. This single event reminds us that the Alliance plan is unfolding rapidly now behind the scenes. It is quite likely that the Queen will go into ‘permanent mourning’ and fade away – end of the evil royal family and their power over humanity for centuries.

Keep your Light shining brightly, World Patriots. As the action escalates, we will need to stay calm and positive.
WE’VE GOT THIS. source

Clif High leads a discussion, as only he can about the Breakaway Civilization of self-anointed elite humans, who have convinced themselves of their own separation and eliteness and thereby not needing humanity anymore.

He also works out a theory about mass trauma as a means by which the elites colonize the future with their own agents, as their victims are forced to spend millennia recuperating from the trauma that was inflicted upon them.

Clif says the elite believe they can continue to “hack” the metempsychosis or the transmigration of the soul and that some of their technology around this is bizarre. They seek to circumvent the natural process and to reincarnate within the same bloodlines.

“The hacking has consequences, because it changes who they are on a deep level. They don’t go through a cleansing process…and they reincarnate within their own lineage.” He says this precise process is discussed in Norman Mailer’s book, ‘Ancient Evenings’.

Basically, an old male member of the elite, who has done the required “yoga” will impregnate a young woman with certain characteristics and together consummate a sexual act, whereby she will become his mother, as he incarnates into the body of the fetus formed by their union.

The elite practitioners of this thereby bypass ever being born poor again but in the process, they do lose their intuition.

He says the Illuminati and secret societies exist to collect as many of such people as possible, who can recall their past lives and who see themselves as advancing through incarnations across time, to bring “new blood” into the elite. He calls them “not vampiric” but “life consumers”, who often style themselves as “Royals”.

“The elites are not homogeneous. There are fractures that go through them and some groups will attack other groups, so that they can return and rule all of this mass of humanity, from which power derives.

“The the whole Georgia Guidestones, of whittling humanity down to smaller amount comes from this idea that these people can just subsist without the randomness that is humanity, that is necessary to form the process by which consciousness can evolve, karma can be expressed and we can grow.

“They think they can do it in isolation in a lab. They can just petri-dish it, sandbox the whole thing…

“The idea that you’re going to whittle humanity down to 500 million, you may, indeed do that but it’s not going to be good for these guys, at all. They’ll be wiped out in that process, just because the 500 million will just say, ‘Hey F*** it, all restraints are gone.’

“Some people will rise out of there that are of this group. They’ll take over part of this group and just wipe them out.

Clif explains that the reason why the King of France killed the Cathars and Knights Templar was because  “They were of the rishi or the sanyasans or the awakened and…[therefore] they were his enemies…

“And so the Pope and the King of France, they decide to wipe out a bunch of these guys in this big, big push, because it’s a war, from their perspective…

“They tortured them for a long time and then they burned them alive, because these guys are convinced that by burning these individuals, they can disrupt this process, here and make that ‘long rest’ [in between incarnations] incredibly long, because of the huge amount of trauma of going through being burned alive.

“So the idea was. ‘We don’t want these fellows here to cycle through and come back while we’re still here. We want them to kick out an extra few thousand years, so that we’ll have a few thousand years more to gain power, etc., etc., you know and enjoy ourselves and before having to do this battle through time stuff again… source

Q3924 was posted one year ago on April 9, 2020
This man is Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother.
He has posted more than one thing to make clear what side he is on.

Pompeo’s April 9, 2021 tweet on the 2nd Amendment leads to Q4545, just as the
keyword: EXPANDED lead there in President Trump’s April 6, 2021 emailed Statement.

Na obrázku môže byť text

“Today is one of the most symbolic days ever. The so-called death of Prince Philip is quite significant. It has to do with Zohar and Kabbalah codes. I will get right to the point.

He died at the age of 99. 9+9=18, 1+8=9

April, 9, 2021 is the 99th day of the year. 9+9=18, 1+8-9

4/9/2021= 18, 1+8=9

So, above we have 3 sequences of # 9. That is 999.

Where is DJT sitting in the Masterpiece by John McNaughton (Westminster Abbey)?

WA = Prodigal Church of British Royals (location of Regent Prince Phillip’s Funeral).

John McNaughton/ANAGRAM/Anon Hangout

The Masterpiece = The Great Reveal = TGA

PP – Scythian descendant of Vlad Dracul III, Royal Scion of Dragons, follow the bloodlines.

PP died April 9 (99th day of the year) = 999. source with pics

In the Kabbalah, it states that there are twin messiahs. The one who comes first is the political messiah, House of Joseph, or, in Hebrew, called ben Yosef. He creates war and destruction. His code is 999, and signifies the end of evil.

Next, comes the House of David. He is the spiritual/ religious messiah, called in Hebrew, ben David. He leads us into the messianic Age. His code is 1000.

April 9, 2021 is the Good Friday for Eastern Orthodox Christians. This Sunday, April 11, 2021, is the Eastern Orthodox Easter. This is the TRUE Easter before the Vatican changed and corrupted it.

So, could TODAY be the symbol for the end of evil? The death of ben Yosef, 999.

Could THIS Sunday be the resurrection of Good? Is the Messiah on His way? Is THIS the Easter that President Trump said one year ago would be the end of this madness?” source

NEW YORK POST Prince Philip died on April 9 at his home in Windsor Castle. Anwar Hussein / Wirelmage An apparent confusion on Britain’s government website accidentally revealed the date of Prince Philip’s funeral – on the morning of Saturday, April 17 source

“From high level: My fellow Patriots it’s been a pleasure working with you all! My purpose of this message is to let you know we won the war. Although certain things must still play out in the movie I can assure you it’s all over but the shouting. Best analogy I can give is this, “Imagine your team winning the football game in the 4th quarter 54-0 with 5 minutes remaining on the clock”. Yes, you know with 100% certainty, you’re winning the game but you simply have to let the clock tick to all zeros before celebrating. That is where we stand currently! If the movie was a pregnancy we’d be 8.5 months along. But likely to come early! There are certain facets of the movie that need to “fully” play out in order for all Americans to grasp the magnitude of what really has happened and is happening. This is called the Great Awakening for a reason. So remain patient as things will appear to get worse. My friends this is intentional otherwise you will never truly understand the agenda of the Dee p State if hadn’t gone to this extensive length of exposure! You might not understand it all now but that will change soon I promise. Mr. Trump never will give his hand away. He is the greatest chess player of all time. He knew from the beginning who was with him and who wasn’t on his team. He tested them all folks. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Full disclosure will shock you to your core. Gut wrenching as it may be it was completely necessary for each step to get played out to the maximum for everyone to appreciate what is forthcoming in the near future. What we, as a country, are about to witness is going to blow you away! All those things you heard that you thought sounded crazy and virtually impossible to comprehend as truth were in fact all true and about to be revealed at the discretion of our top leaders via certain communications. So buckle up for a little more turbulence before landing. But trust me this turbulence is peanuts compared to what the special ops endured! These brave men and women are true hero’s! They saved so many children a d adults. Again my friends I reiterate to you with overwhelming confidence we won so don’t lose sight of that no matter what narrative the media pushes. Trust me it’s all part of the script! You will all truly understand everything here shortly. You made it this far on the journey a little bit longer will not hurt you at all. Remain calm, be at peace, trust DJT and company, but most importantly trust Jesus my friends! God bless!” source

Interpol finally doing their damn jobs for once source

Trump must be the most honest President we’ve ever had. He was investigated by Congress, Intelligence Agencies, Muellers Special Council and the FBI, they couldn’t find any crime committed by him. Trump owns hundreds of businesses the U.S., the IRS found no crimes. source

April 8
The “Start.”
Enjoy the show.

Prince Philip dies
Queen Elizabeth takes 8 days to mourn.
Halts all royal duties. Affairs of state paused.
The United Kingdom is expected to go into a period of 10 days of mourning,
and the British royal household is expected to extend its period for 30 days.

10 days.
They are trying to start a war.
Good v. Evil
Chem attack.
These people are sick
Roadmap of big picture is HERE.
Watch news.

“Done in 30.”
1108 days since 3-27-18 (Qp 4770)
“Iran threat to restart nukes” -Drudge Report
Like Clockwork.
You have been prepared. source

Not so long ago, a mustachioed Trump account appeared on the network. The style of communication, the “handwriting” is very similar to the real Trump. He understands the essence of what is happening and always leaves sensible sharp comments.
Jenna Ellis, one of his attorneys, wrote recently: “Why do I like it so much when he retweets me like Trump once did? Maybe because that’s what he is?”
And actually, why not?
One of his recent tweets: “Soon…» source

Trump is not mourning the death of Prince Phillip and he knows lifetime politician Marco Rubio is a scum bag. Game Theory. Optics. This is not another 4 year election. THINK BIGGER!!! Reread these Q drops and think logically… source with drops

Kissinger Warns Washington: Accept New Global System Or Face A Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation source

Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES source

mRNA Vaccines may cause your Body to “Eat your Brain”

POW/MIA flag moved back atop White House source

Newsweek Compares QAnon, Who Never Killed Anyone — To ISIS, Who Murdered Over 18,800 in Iraq alone source

Prince Phillip’s operation name is Forth Bridge. Queen Elizabeth II is London Bridge.
3 year delta on Bridge drop.

Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 1

[OpDis Editor Note: The source of this information originates from the website “Real Raw News” which posts content that can’t be confirmed. Discernment is advised.]

A military tribunal on Thursday morning convened at Guantanamo Bay to decide whether Hillary Rodham Clinton will be exonerated of charges including treason, conspiring with the enemy, destruction of government property, money laundering and conspiracy to commit murder, or if she will ultimately stand before a gallows or a firing squad.

Three U.S. military officers—two males and one female, serving as both judge and jury—listened for two hours as Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps listed eighteen specific charges against Clinton and said he would supply compelling and incontrovertible evidence linking her to countless atrocities against the nation and its population.

The most egregious charges implicated Clinton in murder-for-hire plots against politicians and media entities who were critical of her methods and motives while serving as Secretary of State under Barack Hussein Obama.

Vice Adm. Hannink began the inquisition by linking Clinton to the 2016 murder of Seth Rich, a former employee of the Democratic National Committee around whom many conspiracy theories surfaced after an unknown assailant shot him twice in the back in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Hannink’s evidence seemed to prove many of those conspiracy theories were firmly grounded in reality.

He showed the tribunal a decrypted email sent by Clinton to her advisor and political strategist, Huma Abedin. The email had a brief and ominous allusion to Clinton’s goals: “Arranging a dinner for R.S., will know soon.”

Vice Adm. Hannink asserted the innocuous sounding message was an admission of guilt; R.S.—Rich’s initials reversed, and “arranging a dinner” meant Clinton had hired an assassin to take Rich out. The email was dated July 8, 2016, two days prior to Rich’s murder.

Moreover, Vice Adm. Hannink produced financial records showing that Clinton had withdrawn $150,000 from a Clinton Foundation bank account only days before Rich’s tragic demise.

“She’s as arrogant as she is sloppy. When you connect the dots, there is no other explanation—Clinton contracted a paid assassin to end this man. And for what? Because he might have been a whistleblower?” Vice Adm. Hannink argued.

Additionally, Clinton was charged with accessory to murder in the untimely demise of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who on February 13, 2016 inexplicably suffocated in his bedroom at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. The county’s judge, Cinderela Guevara, pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes, but no autopsy was performed.

In an unexpected move, Vice Adm. Hannink produced a surprise witness, former Clinton staffer Jake Sullivan, her senior policy advisor during her 2016 bid for the presidency.  In exchange for immunity from prosecution, Sullivan recounted a meeting he had attended with Clinton and former campaign manager Roby Mook. Judge Antonin Scalia was the topic of conversation. Per Sullivan’s testimony, Mook told Clinton that Scalia’s “catalyzing conservative values” were a great threat to progressive liberalism.

“Roby Mook told Hilary it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Justice Scalia ‘went away,’ to which Hillary said she certainly wouldn’t mind if he did go away. She then asked Roby ‘can he go away?’ And Roby told her ‘yes, I think he can go away’,” Sullivan told the tribunal.

Vice Adm. Hannink contended the evidence, though circumstantial, was damning enough to incriminate Clinton, given her wanton disregard for human life.

At that point in the tribunal, Clinton, who had remained oddly silent through the proceedings, began trembling uncontrollably as if gripped by seizure. Shackled at the wrists, she fell from her chair and flopped around on the floor like a fish out of water.

Paramedics escorted her to GITMO’s medical ward, and Vice Adm. Hannink declared the tribunal in recess until 10:00 a.m. Monday. source

Some Intel Could Cause Worldwide Suffering

 While the Q Team wants transparency, everything cannot be revealed because it would come at a cost that we could not recover from.

Scavino has put up a tweet with a 11:43 timestamp on April 10, 2021.
It’s not likely a coincidence that it points to two Intel Drops that are about the same subject.
(1+1 and 4+3=Q27) and (11:43=Q1143)
Q27 and Q1143


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