News 10.11.2021


Along with Internet and power outages in the valley, there was an inordinate amount of sirens and helicopter activity. And our mail didn’t get picked up here or delivered to our box until late last night. So weird. We usually saw our mail guy around 5 when out on our walks. The odd circumstances and headlines seem to be increasing.

We can see the attacks on President Trump escalating and we can also see the reason for it. We also see a concerted effort to discredit “Real Raw News”. Coincidence? If it’s just entertainment or a satire site, why bother?

While the strategy may seem backwards or slow, I believe the White Hats’ tactics for gradually exposing the evil that has simmered just below the surface for decades is working.

Yesterday a shopper remarked on the lack of product we were looking for by suggesting it might well be out in the ocean on one of those cargo ships off the coast of California. People are seeing what is going on despite not yet knowing the full story about what is potentially on some of those ships and why they must be kept off-shore until they can be examined by the Earth Alliance. The truth will be told in Divine time.

We have discussed the situation around Gov. Gavin Newsom and there is interesting reading at Real Raw News about that, as well. I wouldn’t get bogged down in the details and simply take it under advisement that “something” happened toward the delivery of justice for these crime families. We are given enough to satisfy our need for confirmation that the process is ongoing and active.

However, if what we hear is true and the reptilians need to expend energy to keep their Human-looking hologram active and intact, the following might suggest that in a weakened state, Newsom was unable to do that. Just a suggestion for how to take some of the information in articles like this. Pick and choose and don’t take things literally. A solid background and perspective help. source

Why did Pope Alexander the VI want Michelangelo to create a white Jesus …Why did Michelangelo paint Jesus with blue eyes, white skin and paint Jesus as Cesare Borgia (his lover)<< the Pope’s son///Was the Bible the first Mainstream media (mockingbird / controlled NARRATION)Think about it???? Today the media, Facebook, Google, mainstream media can lie at any point and it’s controlled by the DEEP STATE 6000-year-old CABAL who created the CIA and most all INTEl agencies and WARS AND CENTRAL BANKS…But somehow the bible in the hands of the Romans and gay Pope’s and VATICAN somehow managed to be untarnished. Imagine all the Christian WARS. The Templars Knight the creation of the first BANKING SYSTEM through the Bible and Romans //////Don’t get me wrong.I believe in Jesus… And GOD… BUT something is really fishy about the Romans, GAY Pope’s, KNOWN VATICAN CHILD MOLESTATION RING AND THE CONTROL OF THE BIBLE NARRATION????DO YOU REALLY THINK THE BIBLE WAS NEVER RE-EDITED IN THE 2000 YEARS WITH OVER 200 denominations of the bible in the U.S and 45,000Different denominators of the bible exist globally… What if…… The bible was heavily redacted?? And the real 54 books of the bible is hidden under the VATICAN library…Why did the VATICAN in 1964 remove 14 books from the bible? This isn’t about an ELECTION… This is about a GREAT AWAKENING…THE TRUTH ISN’T FOR EVERYONE

The French revolution wasn’t about revolution<< it’s was a controlled depopulation by the 33° freemasons and Jesuits (SOCIETY of Jesus.[ INFILTRATION])>>> who put Napoleon Bonaparte in the power. Who’s nephew Charles J. Bonaparte later helped create the FBI </<<<You think this all coincidence??? You have more than you know+TRUTH FBI IS ONE OF THE WORLD LARGEST HUMAN TRAFFICKING RINGS. WHO PROTECT THE ELITE…THE NEWS IS FAKE THE WAR IS REAL source

Supply Chain Crisis Trucking Along: trailers and shipping costs see record-breaking price hikes Truck trailer prices leapt over 6.6% in October compared to the month earlier, signalling the largest-ever monthly gain in Labor Dept. PPI records. Prices for trailers are up nearly 20% since last year – creating yet another headache for transport companies. The supply chain crisis has not just seen a shortage of drivers, but generally, costs are soaring too. Bidenflation? source

32,000 nurses and healthcare workers will walk out on November 15<Perhaps 10,000 more EXPECTED

Ventilators = MedBeds
Car Accidents = Child Abductees
Border Wall meters = Gesara Countries signed off.
RV Trip with Melania = Revaluation of All Currencies on EARTH = Level Playing Field
COVFEFE = A Telecommunications Act. You aren’t gonna get fried with 5G. Covefefe Magnets. He made it safe. We going above and beyond. source

Evergrande on the brink of formal default: No word yet whether the Chinese real estate giant has met today’s $148 million payment deadline. It’s now 8pm in China. source

👉In addition to several almost normal minor earthquakes, two strong earthquakes occurred in Nicaragua today. One of the tremors just off the coast had a magnitude of 6.3, and three hours earlier a 5.8 magnitude quake struck.
👉Now everyone should understand what I keep writing about. Or is this another “coincidence”? We know there are no coincidences…..
👉Another earthquake has occurred in the Canadian capital of Montreal. There is no information on the depth or strength. Coincidentally, however, it is located right at the airport……And as you know, airports are always located so that there is a direct highway/Highway leading to them. I think you know what I mean….. source

🚢🚢🚢🚢Yesterday at 10pm. Two hospital ships and an assigned cruiser from Spain in the waters off the French Atlantic coast and the Spanish north coast. To me this is a strong indication of military action in the area of searching cargo ships and finding children/people as goods in containers or cabins source

👉My sister-in-law works at the tax office in Bayreuth and she informed us that since yesterday, i.e. since Monday 08.11.21 until now, the servers are not working and there are huge problems, it is impossible to open programs!
👉Information from Austria. Colleagues wanted to donate blood tomorrow (St. Pölten) and got the following information. Due to an IT change at the blood bank, the information transfer and other services are not working. The blood bank is therefore afraid that the donated blood cannot be used and will eventually have to be disposed of.
Hacker attack cripples Media Markt branch network
👉According to insider information from Salzburg AG circles, the outage is expected in January. I am amazed at the nonchalance with which these municipal energy suppliers are endowed. Let’s play blackout with our money. source

In a post that Britney Spears uploaded to Instagram today, a reference to the color yellow and Minnie Mouse appears. In the documentary Slave Princess, I reported on the sex trafficking of children by child predators at Disneyland. The traffickers dressed the little girls in yellow dresses to make them easier to identify. source

The original “Father of Christmas”, believed to be SATAN, was a demonic deity called Krampus who abducted children. Depictions of this demon look exactly like the Masonic goat god Baphomet. In the original Krampus sack there were no presents, but children, and in December this demon would come and steal children. (Krampus runs are still held in early December in the Alpine regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the phallus. The tinsel on the tree symbolizes male sperm and the balls the testicles. The light/5 stars on top of the tree is a symbol of Lucifer. The one who is said to be the “watcher of light”. That is why in depictions of Baphomet a torch is seen on his head. Both are symbols of Lucifer.

Sitting on Santa’s lap and begging him for presents is a paedophilic ritual that dates back to a Roman festival called “Saturnalia”, when rich Romans gave gifts to parents so they could have sex with their children. (The pagan Saturnalia (Christmas) was celebrated with human sacrifice and paedophilia: “By the Middle Ages, the decadent carnival atmosphere of what is now called Christ’s Mass had reached feverish proportions. Common practices included open sex in the streets, rioting, murder, and a series of pagan druidic rituals on Halloween. So out of control was this bloody celebration that in 1652, after the execution of King Charles I, the Christ’s Mass was permanently banned in England.”

The “Christmas minutes” in the hearth are a symbol of sacrifice, where children were literally burned for 12 days and sacrificed by fire. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep a piece of your log at Christmas and bring it until next year.

“Old Nick” is another word for “Devil” in the dictionary. So if you call Santa “Old Nick”, you are really calling him Satan. When the Catholic Church wanted to bring the Krampus holiday here, they just couldn’t present it to us in its true form, so they had to put it in a sweet, pretty box and remix it. Instead of a horned demon aka Lucifer who steals children, it’s now an innocent old man who brings presents to children in the middle of the night while parents aren’t up.
The word “feast” means “holy day,” a day set aside for a god, but it doesn’t specify which god. The “holiday” is a period dedicated to the Masonic god Lucifer.

Santa is known to descend from the chimneys, symbolizing the descent of SATAN from the pit of hell. And the original Father Christmas (Krampus) is depicted dragging children to hell, most of whom thought they were underground. Now Santa brings the children to the North Pole and gives them presents. Here come the “elves” who are actually kidnapped children.
The elves are demonic creatures that the children become after Krampus drags them to hell. The definition of “elf” is “a supernatural folk creature”, usually depicted as a small illusory figure in human form with pointed ears, magical powers, and a striking personality. The roots of the word elf go back to the Germanic language and mean “nightmare”. Elves are described in the dictionary as “mischievous” . The Father of Christmas aka Satan is therefore surrounded by demonic negative entities. ELF = extremely low frequency /
Saturnalia was (and still is) a holiday that lasts from December 17 to December 30.

It is a holiday in honor of the god Saturn/Saturn/Satan.

Crawling out of the rabbit hole

The cabal has many layers and secretly controls everything on our planet. But so many people on this planet have no idea who they really are. Humanity has very little time to prepare for what is to come.
The Cabal is a very carefully structured organization, a hierarchy of non-physical dark matter that feeds on negative energy. This energy has no need for material goods, only more negative energy that draws its power to control and divide for the purpose of destruction. Unreal and too bizarre for many. Real if one dares to see it.

We are currently experiencing incredible turbulence and chaos on this planet because everything is out of balance, and right now everything is coming back into balance. The lower levels of the cabal’s control structure on Earth are dominated by non-humans and humans who are ready to feed their constant need for nourishment, which comes in the form of despair, suffering, disease, war, anger, pain and all negative energy.

These examples are theoretically their batteries. This is why the cabal keeps the Earth in a constant state of destruction. It’s about energy harvesting. These humans and non-humans have infiltrated every organization on Earth, starting with secret societies, and have gradually infiltrated all religions, governments and corporations, which they use to control the surface population.
They are masters of dark magic and deception, hiding themselves and their intentions from the eyes of the people they are most proud of.

They are masters at creating problems and offering solutions that misinform, raise hope, create positive energy, and then delay or destroy that hope by creating negative energy so that they in turn can earn it and maintain control. They do this in their every action. In every broadcast, speech, launch, event, crisis, announcement, report. Everything is geared towards gaining negative energy. If you know it, you will see it.

The Earth is being transformed by a higher light energy that will restore the balance that was intended at the time of creation. Some people call this the fifth dimension, the age of Aquarius. Everyone should prepare for this event now, both physically and spiritually. That is why we are here now. It means that you are able to integrate these higher frequencies into your human vessel of mind and body. I call people who resist these higher frequencies by staying stuck in old fears controlled unconscious resistance. Victims who have unwittingly become perpetrators and perpetuate a system that is now creaking and crumbling. Many are not prepared for what is to come. Resistance can only resist the power of the light temporarily.

Behind the scenes, many good men and women are working tirelessly to liberate this planet by creating light.
The cabal does not want us to believe this, because it wants to take as many of us with it when its inevitable end comes. They simply cannot exist in the frequencies of the fifth dimension and they know it. They know their reign is over, and that is why you can see the incredible desperation on the surface. Their intent is to lower our frequencies so much that our self-concept and ability to trust and think will be damaged to the point that it will be extremely difficult for us to accept the truth when it is revealed to us. We are definitely in a psychological war, a battle for our consciousness. The goal of the upcoming event, the date and time of which is yet to be announced, is to bring about complete transparency, justice and peace on earth and to create equality for all.

Humans have endured thousands of years of fraud, war, abuse, poisoning and destruction of our planet. So ask yourself the question: Can we accept all this negative information, abuse, suffering, etc. coming to light?
Many cannot cope with this event, which means that the transparency of our true reality will come as a shock to the majority of the population. Humanity will have a lot to learn in a very short time, but it is not too late.
Be prepared. Be the light. By coming out of the rabbit hole we have collectively lost ourselves in after years of awakening, awareness and mastery. Focus on the light.

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