News 11.03.2021


90,000 Ballots in Largest Nevada County Sent to Wrong Addresses, Bounced Back: Report Source

Trump Statement & Scavino Comms! 🍿

Trump statement includes the word “Unstoppable”.

-Scavino IG Story passing 82 street, Exit 5.
Q82: Things need to be solved to understand what is about to happen.
Q5: Follow the Money.
NY= N =14, Y=25
NY = Q1425: We are in full control, PAIN.

-Scavino vid tweet timestamp 6:35.
Q6: Follow the Money. Military Intelligence.
Q35:POTUS will be well insulated.
Vid rewinds and goes back in time. Many QDrops mention “Going back in order to go forward”. One drop in particular includes “WATCH NYC”. Coincidentally, Trump and Dan just left NY blasting Frank Sinatra’s NY.

-Scavino vid tweet timestamp: 8:26.
Tweet includes WARNING, which ties back to Q552- WARNING: STORM COMING.
Red Button = Red Pill..Release Coming.
Q826: Comms Good, Nice Try. (Kek).
Q8: Military Intelligence
Q26: The Only Way Is the Military!

Richard Grenell IG Pic of Trump: “I think it is time I circle back!” 😉


The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider: The Man Who Revealed The Conspiracy Of The US Authorities With Aliens Source

QIntoTheStorm is produced by Adam McKay. McKay has a comedic partnership with Will Ferrell. Ferrell is on a Q list that fell in 2020 shortly after Maxwell’s arrest. Q drop 4577

CDC Recommends Double-Caging Children At Border For Extra Safety Source

Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, report says

The Obama administration failed to protect thousands of Central American children who have flooded across the U.S. border since 2011, leaving them vulnerable to traffickers and to abuses at the hands of government-approved caretakers, a Senate investigation has found. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, failed to do proper background checks of adults who claimed the children, allowed sponsors to take custody of multiple unrelated children, and regularly placed children in homes without visiting the locations, according to a 56-page investigative report released Thursday. Source

Despite the dramatic intensification of the military’s killings last Wednesday, anti-coup protests and strikes have continued around the country on a daily basis Source

Leaked documents show how UK government contractors developed an advanced infrastructure of propaganda to stimulate support in the West for Syria’s political and armed opposition. The leaked files reveal how Western intelligence cutouts played the media like a fiddle, carefully crafting English- and Arabic-language media coverage of the war on Syria to churn out a constant stream of pro-opposition coverage. Source

  • What’s the matter? Kamala Harris posts, deletes, and then repost cropped photos of Joe Biden celebrating America’s $ 1.9 trillion Covid rescue plan.
  • The California-based Ethnic Studies curriculum encourages students to chant the Aztec deity of human sacrifice and cannibalism, inciting them to “fight genocide” against white Christians.
  • American doctors are calling on the government and commercial air carriers to abandon the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Psaki laughs when asked why border facilities for migrant children are fully open, but schools in the United States are not.
  • Dr. Fauci can’t explain the “science” of why vaccinated Americans are not allowed to travel.
  • Mexican cartels caught up in Biden’s insane open-border policy are caught on camera at the U.S. border Source

Holland tries to normalize pedophilia by exposing 10-year-olds to naked adults Source

  • On Wed. 10 March the Stimulus Bill was passed, which our Military Intel Contact said would provide cover for the Tiers exchanges/redemption. Final rates were not yet locked in
  • Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett’s father was part of Dominion computers that caused massive voter fraud, so why did Trump nominate her and others to the Supreme Court? – To get all the snakes in one basket and take down the total Supreme Court.
  • An hour after the $1.9 billion stimulus bill was passed at about 2pm EST, orders went out to keep bond liquidity moving through trading the ZIM bonds and the various Dragon bonds from which liquidity will be down-streamed to Tier 3-Tier 4A/B. The just-passed Stimulus Bill was providing a cover for exchanges. Signed by B/iden Fri 12 March, the $1,400 direct deposit payments and checks would hide Tier 3-4A groups & SKR holders accessing their account funds and our Tier 4B exchanging. Claims that we could only get bank accounts if we get vaxxines (FEMA camp threats etc) were completely untrue. Source

Michelle (Michael) Obama said that he is thinking about retiring from public life.
In an interview with People magazine, the wife (or husband) Obama shared that the couple plans to retire and is in the process of transferring their powers to other people.
In addition, recently it became known that her name will be included in the National Women’s Hall of Fame.
It was very likely that he and Barak had made a deal with the investigation, the terms of which stated that their names would not be blackened and they would not experience shame. I think they’re gone. At least, neither Michelle nor Barak have been seen for a long time. Personally, they are not present anywhere. Source

UK has started to secretly test a controversial web snooping tool that could log and store the web browsing of every single person in the country (Wired) Source

Dan Scavino, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff & Director of Social Media, sends out three cryptic Tweets this morning, featuring a fighter jet, a whale in the ocean and an American Football touchdown Source

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson & husband Justin Mikita are ‘raising son to be gay until he decides to be straight’ Source

France Threatens To Make Covid Jabs Compulsory For Health Workers Source

Department of Health did £90,000,000 deal with firm listed in Chinese hotel room Source

Leaked Call Reveals Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump Source

“Run, deep state, run.”
-Hammurabi 12:50 PM 3/10/21

“Run, Herschel, run.”
-Donald Trump 5:53 PM 3/10/21

Ten days of “Dan Darkness” over.
Bull Moose (Party) walks on water.

Plays for 11 seconds, reverses and
begins again at 17 second mark.

The impossible is about to occur.
Nothing is as it seems.
Run deep state, run.

Jesus walked on water
during the storm.

Time-Line reversal.
The Storm before the Calm. Source


When someone comes to write the history of this (r)evolutionary period in human history, I think they’ll look upon what’s happening right now as the hidden war. It’s happening in DUMBs (deep underground military bunkers), surface military bases, tunnels connecting Rome and Jerusalem, under Atlantic islands, under Antarctica. We don’t see it. And the Alliance has turned the lockdown around to keep us off the streets, to make sure we don’t see the smoke coming up from under Washington, DC, get in the way of the transfer of power at the Vatican, or witness the closure of Buckingham Palace … and any tunnels underneath.

The Alliance has taken the cabal’s plan and co-opted it in the name of public protection. Meanwhile soldiers are said to have died in the hidden war. I believe it was a whole company that was killed in a recent cabal surrender trap. Tunnels under the world and both sides are sowing seeds of information, misinformation, and disinformation.

This war could very well be won without the public hearing so much as the firing of a shot. Maybe an earthquake or two, as a DUMB or tunnel is blown up. Much gunfire going on below – and maybe above – the Earth, out of public view. We know the galactics will not allow nuclear explosions in space (and most nuclear weapons are missile-launched). We know that total conventional war will also not be permitted. We know as well that world peace is part of NESARA. No peace in that country, no NESARA. For the rest we wait. At some point we’ll know the details of how a deadly but final war for the liberation of this planet took place almost entirely out of the public’s view. That may come as soon as the rumored emergency broadcasts/announcements. Source

Is the Bank of England telegraphing the big reveal of the Quantum Financial System…?? Source

Fetal Cells in the Cosmetics, Food, and Medical Industries Source

Prince Andrew openly groped girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’: prosecutor Source

Seven European countries are suspending the use of AstraZeneca due to fears of blood clots. Norway, Denmark, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg – suspended the use of AstraZeneca vaccines from a 1 million dose sent to 17 European countries due to blood clot concerns. Denmark has suspended all vaccinations with AstraZeneca for two weeks. Source

Emails Show Zuckerberg-Funded Group Overruling Election Officials, Accessing Mail-In Ballots BEFORE Election. Source


Dan Scavino tweeted link to, “Experts Warn Lifting Mask Mandates Could Contribute To Dangerous Spread Of Freedom.” Source

Why the 20th?
Find the 60 day Executive Order
that aligns with the Constitution giving Trump 60 days control of the Military & to Flip the Election from January 20 Inauguration.
I knew this on Jan 20/21.
Then work out why Q gave us 21 day countdown from Feb 26 to March 19. Explains these drops too. Into the Storm

Prepare for Zero day did you say?
And they told us Sunday we were in a Global Cyber Security Crisis & Tuesday they put out an article saying ZERO DAY. umm
Today is 11.3
We know Covid dies the day after the Election is flipped.
We know the day after it is Flipped to prepare for ZERO DAY (Massive Cyber Attacks to shutdown Planet Earth Come) I will lead you there.

The moment when the storm shifts, and all the burden, the weight of the world, is transferred from Those who have carried the Light to those who have ignored the Truth. We will be here for them. God has already won! It is easy now to see how on all the previous occasions that we thought we were ready that, in fact, we were not.
Lin Wood said, “If nefarious actors attempt to overthrow your Country and its form of gov’t, take your time and identify each and every one of them for prosecution. The crime of treason carries serious punishments, including death by firing squad. All traitors face that potential penalty regardless of rank or the level of office they hold. Get them all.

“If you correct the fraudulent election and identify all of those involved, are you done? No. You must fully drain the swamp or its creatures will continue their control games. The CIA, like the Communists, has infiltrated all aspects of life inside our Country. And that is just one of the ‘3-letter agencies’ that make up the DS. It takes time to drain that deep swamp. “After the DS, who must also be identified and prosecuted to avoid further control the DS cabal of the super-rich and powerful, the globalists, entities who own the world’s financial systems and control major companies that make up the world economy. We need to know who all these people are and then take the time to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I am willing to wait, are you? I want to see them ALL brought to justice. Don’t you?”

Regarding the DS cabal and its desire to make even more money, satisfy its members perverted sexual desires, and execute their worship of Satan who gave them fortunes and power in exchange for sacrifices of young children via Child sex trafficking and pedophilia.”We must take the time necessary to locate and save these children enslaved worldwide. They number in the millions. Many have suffered for years with pain and despair. Wisdom counsels me to be patient. Justice is coming. Good will triumph over evil. In the battle between powers and principalities, remember God has already won. God is on our side. We are talking about more than an election and political parties, we are talking about our Humanity.” Source

Small theory lesson. As an Austrian, it is very exciting to see where the lockdown is due to Covid. Wiener Neustadt becomes a restricted zone. (Pretext: Covid mutation)The military academy that was founded under Maria Theresa is located there. This city was most severely destroyed in Austria in World War II. This place must be of some strategic importance. They said on the radio yesterday (8.3) that the closure of Wiener Neustadt would be a logistical challenge.

The armed forces are used for testing/supply. I suspect it is used so that no one is surprised why the military is suddenly so present there. Yesterday we messed around which cities could still be cordoned off, and thought it could hit Bad Gastein, Kitzbühl. The message came promptly that Gastein would be cordoned off. Bad Gastein is after Kitzbühl and Velden am Wörthersee, the VIP city badly. This is where the entire crowd meets in winter. Through the Gastein, there are several levels and is divided in this way, basement/tunnel systems. Above you can ski and things happen underneath that you don’t even want to know. So no wonder if there are operations there too.

Mayrhofen in the Zillertal has been cordoned off for the last two weeks. We know from a good friend that there is an old, forgotten Nazi internment camp up there in the mountains. (Nobody speaks about it there and very few people know about its existence) I suspect that there are tunnels around Mayrhofen that are used for human trafficking/storage. You can get to the Inntal motorway relatively quickly from the Zillertal. So there are certainly good smuggling opportunities there. In general, Tyrol has already been cordoned off. Tyrol is more or less the transit route from Italy to all of Europe. It cannot be ruled out that people may be traded here. The Radstadt district was also a high-risk area last week.

Radstadt is just a few kilometers from the Tauern motorway, which is an important transit route with the Tauern tunnel. Wherever there are tunnels, things get interesting. (Gastein is also nearby)I think that it will start in Vienna in the next few weeks. Vienna has a cellar. Everyone has known this since the film “The Third Man” at the latest. A lot will come to light there. The narrative is already being built up, yesterday the news came that a new mutation was raging in Vienna and filling the intensive care units. It remains exciting Source


(Hammurabi posts,
Donald Trump posts same,
Dan Scavino posts same):

“Run, deep state, run.”
at 12:50 PM 3/10/21.

Donald Trump:
“Run, Herschel, Run.”
at 5:53 PM 3/10/21

Dan Scavino:
“Herschel running.”
at 6:16 AM 3/11/21

10-Nov-2018 12:21:14 PM EST

Do you believe in coincidences?
How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?
Expand your thinking.

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