News 11.05.2021


There are tunnels deep underground across the United States with railway systems to transport children. The Military are immediately executing adults working for the monsters in charge. Blowing up tunnels. This is one of the reasons for the delay to go public not election. Many of the children haven’t seen the Sun, women who are expecting are abducted and held until their babies are born then the mother is killed and babies used for evil purposes. So a lot of what’s happening now is still about getting the children out. Also finding leads of elite.The more the Military rescue these children the more information they find or get out of workers as to who is involved and the many ways the children are being distributed. Many troops become so emotionally and physically sickened from what they are witnessing…….

Thousands of children are being rescued across the United States from the elite Satanists who run child sex trafficking networks. And they are mad our military, under the Executive Orders of Donald Trump, are interfering.

Donald Trump dissolved the Satanic Corporation that’s had a grip on all of us for a century. He signed executive orders that rescued possibly millions of children. God must have sent him.

To all the Freemasons who think you have joined a secret society that gives to charity, helps the poor, etc., once you reach the top, the 33rd Degree you learn that it is Satanism in disguise. Where evil is good and good is evil. You hate Jesus, peoples rights and Christianity.

We’re dealing with the rich, powerful and famous who are initiated into a Secret Society that requires members to engage in witchcraft, magic, sex acts with children, eating children, drinking their blood. All to summon the evil that gives wealth, power and fame. Sex traffickers! Celebrities, People in positions of power and wealth are members of this secret society. They glorify evil. It is required. You think ordinary people came in to positions of power through hard work or concern for society or family connections combined with brains and talent that’s not the case. That’s the fantasy. This is the reality. They all go through Freemasonry. To them Lucifer is good. Satanists control everything. Your world is full of it, you just don’t see it hiding in plain sight. The elite are Satanists. They are the enemy of the United States and are fighting to usher in a New World Order where there are no rights or Christianity. They are evil. JESUS WINS

Our guy confirmed that President Trump was in the Pentagon meeting with Marine Corp Gen. Berger on Fri 16 April THE SAME DAY that the Pentagon Force Protection police officers TURNED AWAY the fake Biden from entering the Pentagon

Arrests have been ongoing for months. General Milley claimed that six of the eight joint chiefs 4-star generals had been “helping Trump do what [Gen. Milley] called ‘secret and illegal arrests’ of prominent active and retired politicians”

Panic was everywhere because General Flynn was arresting all the Traitors, Seditionists and Pedophiles around the world.

ARRESTEES WORKING FOR FOREIGN DEEP STATE GOVTS & AGENCIES have been taken to GITMO, Honduras XPL (Sato Kona Honduran military base detention center), Spain’s Santa Cruz Islands—US CITIZENS working for Rockefeller Deep State entities HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO US MILITARY PRISONS: Puerto Rico (San Juan Guaynabo military prison), Fort Worth Naval Base military prison. These arrests have included cabal rats charged with human & child trafficking, murders & assassinations, drug smuggling, RICO money laundering, etc

Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD. If there were ever a maneuver that could be characterized as “unleashing the Kraken,” this is it. source

I believe the countdown has begun. It’s getting exciting now as many signs appear indicating it’s almost GO TIME. (in more ways than one) May is said to be the month—and there are only 21 days remaining so that narrows it down. We don’t like to focus on dates because we’ve been disappointed many times.

At the time of The Event, all our systems are going Quantum and our “reset” will not benefit the satanic cabal. Can you imagine an Internet more than seven times faster than our current dinosaur? Endless, free power from the ethers? It will be Q all the way.

As for the behind-the-scenes activity, there’s intel, and there’s intel. Stories don’t always agree—and that’s expected.

Simon Parkes put out the following update on Sunday which I caught prior to the Miracles Intel Call so I was highly informed when I retired last night. A Miracles caller said there were other sources on the Internet saying Gen. Milley and the head of the National Guard had both been arrested and jailed. I felt like Simon was doing a “massaged” story on Milley because of what he’d been asked to put out. I never read Milley as being a Neo-Con or anti-Trump, but I could be wrong. We know disinformation is necessary.

Simon says the White House etc. are currently being used as a prison; other sources are reporting the WH being boarded up. Any of our intel could be true, but at this point is not confirmed by multiple sources. The DC area is apparently being flooded to become a true swamp. How fitting.

Later on I see this pop up from Q The Storm Rider and we know nothing is what it seems. Link to post.

I don’t know if GENERAL Milley was used to TRAP the other GENERALS and bring the ropes closer to JOHN ROBERTS neck…
Durham couldn’t move forward with out MIL. Courts finishing thier VETTING on.. Generals. Admirals politicians. State officials who were all BLACKMAIL by the Patriot ACT (Who not only took information from all phones.. Emails and computerd but installed pedophilia.. Photos videos, STAGED Videos of top officials.. Money recipes.. Transactions)
.. CABLES,:, are 3 year MiL. Courts done now and many officials cleared off the fake FALSE insertion into their phones and computers
World MILITARY had been VETTING their own Military removing the dark Generals/admirals and people….. And clearing the good MiL Personal

During The Event, we hear the world’s militaries are being deployed during the ten days to make mass arrests. Some areas may see martial law as in Europe those arrests are mandatory to clean up their countries. There may be curfews to keep people inside where it’s safe while that happens.

It’s going to be crazy for awhile, and for some a little scary if they’re totally asleep, but for those of us in the know who have been expecting this for years it will indeed be exhilarating to see only one channel available on television with a streaming loop of brutal truth (positive and negative) for days—all designed by the White Hats and under jurisdiction of the military.

As for the ol’ Chinese rocket, we heard the booster stage has already fallen to Earth but the remainder is still in orbit and we understand the Space Force will be guiding the remnants to pre-determined, strategic locations… such as key dams with power stations like China’s Three Gorges, and Nevada’s Hoover Dam, for example.

Once the cabal’s hydroelectric-nuclear facilities are destroyed and we are on the “free energy grid”, we will no longer be dependent on their expensive power. They also won’t be able to jerk us around on gas prices. (You didn’t believe that “hacking” story, did you?)

There is also a theory some of the “space junk” might find it’s way to the Vatican since Q alluded to the Poop having a very bad May. source

For the past fifteen months military Special Operation forces under a US Interim Military Government have been executing arrests of prominent active and retired politicians, according to another inside source.

Since 2016 US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators have filed over 500,000 indictments in federal courts and held State Grand Juries across the nation. Charges included Treason, human and child trafficking, murder, assassinations, drug smuggling and RICO money laundering.  

On Wed 14 April, US Army Gen Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was arrested and charged with Treason by Pentagon police officers, along with General Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau. The generals were removed to a C-17 transport plane that took both to GITMO to face military tribunals.

Mass Arrests of global and political elites were in full swing. GITMO was reported to be full of those recently arrested, an Antarctic military base detention center was almost full and others had been taken to detention centers set up for the purpose across the globe.

US citizens working for Rockefeller Deep State entities have been arrested and taken to US Military prisons in Puerto Rico (San Juan Guaynabo military prison) and Fort Worth Naval Base military prison.

Indictments against Deep State politicians have been filed across the globe. Arrestees working for foreign Deep State governments and agencies have been taken to GITMO, Honduras XPL (Sato Kona Honduran military base detention center) and Spain’s Santa Cruz Islands.

Word was that President Trump was the only true US commander-in-chief, rather than Biden, who has been refused entrance to the Pentagon and Air Force One. Military commanders were flying from Norfolk to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. There were 866 active military personnel working for the US Interim Military Government in a compound next Mar-a-Lago.

Way last Wed. 2 Dec. 2020 Trump had invoked the National Defense Activation Act (NDAA) due to foreign intervention and Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Military had proven the fraud through an election count of official watermarked ballots that ran in tandem with vote tabulations on Nov. 3 2020. The NDAA covered the dramatic increase of DoD Special Forces military arrests from Nov. to May 2021. source

Israel has ordered its entire army across the land to line up for battle, its high alert by air, land and sea.

  • Hamas condemns Israeli act and calls on Israeli authorities to withdraw from Al-Aqsa mosque unless there are devastating consequences.
  • Israel has opened bomasils in the south and has asked people almost across the country to prepare.
  • Israel says the worst can happen at any time and they are ready for what is to come.
  • Israel has stopped the train movement in southern Israel. * all units have been raised on high alert in Israel

. * The President of Turkey condemns Israel’s act and expresses support for the Palestinians.

  • China has been concerned about possible escalation between Israel and Hamas.
  • Iran condemns Israeli action and supports the Palestinians.
  • UN is concerned about the situation between Israel and the Palestinians.
  • Southern Israel airport has changed its route to potential escalation.
  • ISRAEL: All our army members are in combat preparation is at its peak.
  • hamma telegram accounts and resistors have started setting up photos of missiles fired in Israel
  • Egypt condemns Israeli action against the Palestinians.
  • Many Muslims around the world are calling for a serious major response against Israel.
  • More than 250 Palestinians volunteered for hours against Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  • The cabinet of Israel is currently in an emergency meeting.
  • Joint Resistance Commander: Israel has crossed the red line.
  • Israel says the worst can happen in the next few hours, the next few hours can be critical. source

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) have once again attacked the Al-Aqsa Mosque and this time on the last Friday of Ramadan when the mosque was packed with worshipers. The attack has continued till today. Hundreds of defenseless worshipers have been injured and hospitalized. Al Aqsa mosque have been badly damaged.

The Palestinians at the mosque also came to protest in support of their fellow Palestinians facing forced eviction from their homes by Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah, a historical village strategically located and serves to protect the Al Aqsa. Israeli Zionist want to take over this strategic village by forcing eviction.

NO media is allowed in Sheikh Jarrah, there is massive police presence as hundreds of settlers stormed the homes and inflict horror and violence on Palestinian families. Casualties are in critical conditions, settlers brought explosives to blow up the gates behind which people were hiding and they’ve been suffocated with gas.

The international community, let alone their neighboring Arab brothers have not done anything to stop this despicable IOF aggression. The Palestinians are currently the frontliners protecting and defending the Al Aqsa and they are getting killed and injured for doing so.

Gaza then launched rockets to several areas in Israel. The IOF responded by announcing that they will start targeting the houses in Gaza. IOF has strike a residential building in Gaza. Many including children have been killed. Our friends in Gaza are hearing huge bombardments from the IOF air strikes and they are fearing for their lives. source

Balfour Declaration would be null & void too. source

The 5 Rothschild brothers and their Cabal tried to form a One World Government in 1814-1815 at the Congress of Vienna. They were financing Napoleon in an agreement to gain control of the Bank of France. When Wellington won at Waterloo, the Rothschild’s won in London and captured the Bank of London by leveraging war bonds. Between the 5 brothers they had control of the major banks of Europe, the problem was Czar Alexander I of Russia, they defeated Napoleon and remained in control of their bank, hence they would not join the NWO of 1814 and the idea failed. This lead to Rothschild stating that his descendants would see the Czar’s descendants wiped off the face of the earth, in 1917 that happened by the Russian Revolution which was financed by the Rothschild/Oppenheimer Bankesters, using the Czars own money. It is estimated that their banks held about 68 million Dollars of Czar Nicholas’ personal money.
In 1897 the First Congress of Zion met in Switzerland, their main purpose was to resettle the Jews to “Promised Land”, news of this got out before their meeting which was supposed to held in Munich Germany, but the protest among the Jewish community was so great they moved the Congress to Switzerland (“The Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion”, are believed to be the “Minutes” of the First Congress of Zion). When World War I started the “Promised Land” was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, by the end of the War, England controlled the Promised Land and they also had the Balfour Agreement of 1919 supporting the “Jewish Right” to having their homeland back, this was inspired directly by the Rothschild family, remember whom controlled the Bank of England! The end of WWI also saw the birth of the League of Nations, the “Wild Beast” which ascends out of the “Sea of Turmoil” of WWI.
By blackmailing President Wilson the “Zionist” got the Federal Reserve started (To help finance WWI), They also got the first Zionist Justice of the Supreme Court appointed, think of Rudolph Hess as one of the Justices and it is pretty much the same thing. Zionist support ONLY Israel, no one else, the are the “Goyim Cowboys” rounding up all the Goyim Cattle to do their bidding, plain and simple! The Nazis were a combination of the German National Workers (Arbeit=Work) NA, and the Zionist whom controlled them, hence NA-ZI or Nazi. There is a strong possibility that Hitler’s Grandpa was Barron Von Rothschild of Austria. The problem with the League of Nations was that the USA would not join it, even though President Wilson wrote the Charter for the League, he could not convince Congress to join. The other issue was no Jews were relocating to the Holy Land, they were happy living were they were, incentive was needed! So we got WWII and both Hitler and Roosevelt came to power in 1933 and both countries were prepared for war. The first thing Roosevelt did was make it illegal for Americans to use gold to settle debts and no one could own more then $100 Dollars in gold coin. The Rothschilds bought the American’s gold for $23.67 an ounce and $380 Billion Dollars worth, the next year Roosevelt changed to strike price of gold to $35 pr oz and the Rothschilds made 40% on their investment and Americans just took a 40% hit on their “Federal Reserve Notes”. The Roosevelt Family is the oldest banking family in America the started the Bank of New York back in the 1700’s, you can be sure they had the Rothschilds buy ALLOT of American gold for them.
When WWII was over 6 Million Jews, mostly orthodox, were dead, The United States became a driving force behind the replacement of the League of Nations, the United Nations, and the first thing the UN did was declare Palestine a homeland for the Jews and Israel becomes a State. source

7 things that affect your vibration frequency from the point of view of quantum physics.

Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy. We are vibrant beings on certain frequencies. Every vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the world “Vibrational”, there are only two species of vibrations, positive and negative. Any feeling makes you broadcast a vibration that can be positive or negative.

1ST – * thoughts *

Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and this frequency goes back to origin, so in the case, if you have negative thoughts, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, all this comes back to you. This is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn how to cultivate more positive thoughts.

2TH – * the companies *

The people around you directly influence your vibration frequency. If you surround yourself with happy, positive and determined people, you will also enter this vibration. Now, if you surround yourself with people complaining, gossiping and pessimist, be careful! Indeed, they can reduce your frequency and therefore prevent you from using the law of attraction in your favor.

3TH – * the music *

Music is very powerful. If you only listen to music that talks about death, betrayal, sadness, abandonment, all this will interfere with what you are feeling. Pay attention to the lyrics of the music you listen to, it could reduce your vibration frequency. And Remember: you attract exactly what you feel in your life.

4TH – * the things you look at *

When you look at programs that deal with misfortunes, dead, betrayals, etc. Your brain accepts this as a reality and releases a whole chemistry into your body, which affects your vibration frequency. Look at things that make you feel good and help you vibrate at a higher frequency.

5TH – * the atmosphere *

Whether it’s at home or at work, if you spend a lot of time in a messy and dirty environment, it will also affect your vibration frequency. Improve what surrounds you, organize and clean your environment. Show the universe that you are fit to receive much more. Take care of what you already have!

6TH – * THE WORD *

If you claim or speak wrong about things and people, it affects your vibration frequency. To keep your frequency high, it is essential to eliminate the habit of complaining and bad talking about others. So avoid drama and bullying. Assume your responsibility for the choices of your life!


Gratitude positively affects your vibration frequency. This is a habit you should integrate now into your life. Start to thank for everything, for the good things and what you consider to be bad, thank you for all the experiences you’ve experienced. Gratitude opens the door for good things to happen positively in your life. source

This is how Mind programming works.

Words command your Mind, Body and Spirit by inner or outside dialogue.

What you hear, think, see or say cause how you feel and what you do, see or experience in your reality.

Be very clean with what you ingest. Everything has a vibration. Everything has an effect on you.
Discern and choose what and who you feed yourself with.

Keep your thoughts, words and actions positive. source

All of this had to happen for a reason.
Losing the two Senate seats in Georgia..
Texas getting shot down in the Supreme Court..
I knew when ACB got appointed to SCOTUS she would be a part of this miracle.
When we look back, we will see EVERYTHING had to happen this way. source

Kash Patel Tweet! I see cables! Similar cables when Solemani was taken down! Who went down? 💥🔥 They both look serious! We rarely see a post like this from Kash source

Barrage of rockets fired upon Ashkelon, Israel. All intercepted by the Iron Dome. video

Israel’s PM Netanyahu is heading to HaKirya, the IDF headquarter in Tel Aviv, amid the escalating situation. source

More rockets fired vom #Gaza towards Israel. And Iron Dome interceptions over Ashkelon. video

IDF strikes multiple targets in #Gaza. Operation ongoing. source

Imagine how horrified Democrats are going to be when they find out that instead of Trump building the wall because he’s racist, he was doing so to put a stop to the massive human/drug/weapon trafficking problem at the border AS WELL as putting a stop to the massive amount of illegal immigration being used to dilute the voice and the vote of American citizens.

There’s a reason we were told to watch border states like CA and AZ.

Think “pipeline”.

“California is special”.

Maricopa County is the 2nd largest voting jurisdiction in the country.

In my humble opinion, the audit isn’t going to just “flip the state” to Trump…it’ll be the spark that ignites many fuses all leading to the destruction of the Democratic party through the adoption of VOTER ID laws.

However I also believe that this will all be dealt with AFTER the election is flipped.

Watch California my friends.

Can anybody tell me what happens if 55 EC votes are taken from Biden and given to Trump?

Remember. NO LEAKS. source

Pompeo Israel tweet has 2:58 timestamp match to:

We are saving Israel for last.

Just my 643 Notes: Also MSM press is mentioning “Red Line” did the Rocket Re-entry incident kick this off?
Admission split: Sion sounds like Zion source

President Putin sends a clear warning to the human rights criminals!
His announcements are clear and precise and should calm many doubters.
“There is no forgiveness or justification for those who make aggressive plans again.” (Directed towards the EU and Schwabs Criminal Forum)
At the same time, the Russian head of state pointed out that attempts are now being made to reuse much of the Nazi ideas.
It’s not just about radicals and international terrorists. There are attempts to rewrite history and justify criminals.
Russia knows all too well where this is going.
“Russia consistently defends international law.
We will also firmly protect our national interests and ensure the security of our people.” source

I Said It Is Finished…Long Ago, The Moment Trump Announced His Presidential Campaign. The Military Made It’s Move.
Coup d’ Etat of Foreign Corporation USA Inc. BQQM💥💥💥❤️❤️⬆️⬆️⬆️🙏🙏⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️~ One~
Ghostezra: Get your head out of your ass if you think for one minute Trump and NSA wouldn’t have brought the heat by now? FISA works both ways. GTFOH. Wake up from dream land. Doubles, actors, cgi, movie. It was over in 2016 for God’s sake. 2019 was the year of the boomerang. 2020 Covid storm on Hollywood and DC. 2021 wraps it all up. Welcome to the great awakening. When this is over you just might be looking at your church even your own pastor differently especially if he’s Joel Osteen. source

This new moon moon in Taurus brings some powerful new energies.
It brings in some massive influences from light and major DNA upgrades. The Taurus season has unlocked a powerful portal and more pleiadic energies. The veil between the physical world and the spiritual world becomes thinner and thinner.
Angels can always cross this line to bring us messages and guidance. Now you can do it even easier. Right now, spirituality is opening even more. Look for the patterns and synchronicities and be sure that you will receive full support from the spiritual world.
Your life is always moving in the right direction. This Taurus New Moon influences the direction your life will take for the rest of the year.
Your intentions, which you are currently feeling and living, are so important. That is why it is so important that you always stay positive.
We have Pluto and Neptune influencing this New Moon that really adds the energies. These energies are about healing and letting go of the past in order to step fuller into our dreams. You are encouraged to make your dreams and manifestations even bigger now! source

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest landowner in the world.

The more you know. source

Colonial Pipeline’s website now down amid cyber attack.

Looks like the FBI and authorities do not tell the full story. This seems much more severe than disclosed to the public so far. source

The last steps on our common path we are on the very last stretch of the path of transformation that I have called “phase 1”. In this we were shown the duality, especially the existence, structure and workings of the dark, the satanic side. With the following current overview of what is happening, I would like to give you a little quality of life, based on confidence and understanding.
🔸 The certified channel ‘US Spec Ops Europe’ reports military operations from 10 nations plus 5 guest nations until Friday of this week, May 14th, 2021. This coincides with Veikko’s observations from the beginning of last week.
🔸 A conglomerate of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors have filed criminal complaints against the WHO and world governments in 17 nations for massive human rights crimes and violations of the Nuremberg Code.
🔸 The situation in France is perceived to be worsening. The military are about to take over.
🔸 The mega-election fraud in the USA, which has been well known since November 2020, is about to be publicly exposed in Arizona. All that’s missing is the last tiny scrap.
🔸 In Minnesota, too, electoral fraud is now penetrating the public with all its might.
🔸 In Israel we see countless prophecies fulfilled. The Temple Mount is on fire. The Al Aqsa mosque was devastated. An open war is raging between Zionists and believers in God.
🔸 The IT attack on US pipelines is now already manifesting itself in closed filling stations due to a supply shortage. This, too, was to be expected for a long time.
🔸 We learned from US channels that Israel’s role on the dark side is far more serious than we can imagine.
🔸 Various analyzes of military operations give rise to the assumption that huge DUMBS run from Jerusalem via Ankara to the Ukraine. This in turn also explains the satanic forces that are conspicuously resident in Ukraine and Israele
🔸 The German Michel learns from the ‘Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten’ that the GREENS are based on founding members with an NSDAP past.
🔸 Another doctoral fraud by a ‘Bundestag politician’ (Franziska Giffey) is routinely reported to the people.
🔸 ‘Bono’ by ‘U2’ has been unmasked for years – now it is also being prepared for sleeping sheep.
🔸 Open in England from May 17th. (Monday) all schools and universities without a mask and test requirement. Accordingly, there will be no more ‘pandemic’ from Monday.
🔸 The ‘Federal Government’ itself explains to the German comatose that the curfews ‘were issued without any idea or data basis’.
🔸 The Russian President Waldimir Putin speaks once more plain text, especially with regard to the wars WW I and WW II waged against the German people.
🔸 Horst Seehofer fell ill with Corona despite having been ‘vaccinated’and is at home. Translated: Arrested by the military.
🔸 The Polish Supreme Court has been evacuated due to a ‘bomb threat’. So the arrests are going on here too.
🔸 We are now receiving crystal clear statements from Donald J. Trump, Michael Flynn and Lin Wood, which signal the imminent end of the covert operation.
🔸 Frank Zimmermann from ‘Protecting Children’ once again confirms the understanding that ALL those involved in the NaZi “BRD” are involved in pedo-crime. The satanic plague spreads through “judges”, “public prosecutors”, “youth welfare offices” and “mayors” to the last mercenary of the Constellis. Nothing new – just another confirmation from real practice. source



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