News 11.06.2021


It seems like the Arizona Audit is chugging along at the perfect speed to be able to deliver the anticipated results right on (the White Hats’) schedule. On Wednesday they were 80% through all the ballots.

A lot of truth is going to be delivered to Humanity and much of it won’t be pretty. It seems that the conspiracy theories we’ve been trying to bring attention to are not actually theories at all.

…Medical professionals who have caused harm to Humanity won’t have a leg to stand on at the Nuremberg-style trials that are to come. They know what is right and what is wrong and many took money to betray us. Others simply looked the other way because it was uncomfortable to make waves. Many of us have had to step outside our comfort zone to do the right thing and those who didn’t may regret “just following orders”.

The way forward is becoming clearer by the week as those who are dedicated to creating our new world, do what is necessary to overcome the system. source

Senator Marsha Blackburn is calling for Fauci to resign and appear before Congress to explain his connections to Zuckerberg and Big Tech:

 “I think that it is appropriate that Dr. Fauci step aside from his responsibilities at the NIAID and that he make himself available to Congress to find out exactly how was he in cahoots with Mark Zuckerberg and big tech.”

[D]eep [S]tate Pedowood is heinous – particularly because of the way we ALL got fooled by the [s]atanists. Sweet- faced Tom Hanks was a leading Pedowood [s]atanist. The duplicity infiltrated all of our lives. I watched ‘Friends’ for years and loved it. My daughters watched it when they were young. I felt ill when I realized that the entire cast were [s]atanists. The clues were there but we, the unsuspecting audience, brushed over them. There was a lot of porn in ‘Friends’ – and they ate a lot of pizza.

…I have started watching Stargate SG1 Season 10. In the first episode there were several blatant truth bombs. There was a lingering shot of the entrance to a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base). And a main character talked about the Antarctica military base that they used for galactic travel. We now know that such a base exists. This episode was made in 2007.

Finally, a short video of Mexican TV show hosts poking fun at the magnets sticking to the jab site. They were shocked when they unwittingly became part of a truth bomb – live on television. Spoons and cell phones, sticking magnetically to the jab site. Help to make this video go viral.

Hang on to your hats, Light Warriors. It’s going to be a wild ride over the next few months. Keep trusting the Alliance Plan. Our Commander-in-Chief is making his comeback.  source

Na obrázku môže byť text
I suggest everyone look up/research
Magna Carta sect 61
It was enacted in March 2001….

The Magna Carta Article 61

Forgotten Word and The New System Sam Jane Brown
One of the ongoing issues is that the truth is elusive and manipulated by those who maneuver to hold all power. Maybe there is no truth. Brown discusses a dark force behind everything bad in the world and advocates for the people who are tired of not having more control over their own lives. Ms. Brown’s books, Forgotten Word and The New System, have highlighted government enforcement of many laws, which do not have the people’s best interest at the forefront.
“The Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 states the right to reject what is unfairly imposed upon people who are aware that governments are not abiding by the common law,” says Brown. “The only constant seems to be confusion, stress and endless mixed messaging from governments and the media. The United Nations stays silent and won’t speak out against the travesty of totalitarianism after having put its original efforts into peace and freedom for all countries. The Vatican nods at the fear and failures, but does little. There are forces beyond what we can see, forces that are otherworldly and infinitely powerful. The Global Elite have sold their souls to the Devil. The governments have sold their souls to the Global Elite. The media makes its money publicizing and constantly repeating messages of the exhaustive egos, in-fighting and attitudes of ‘ours vs. theirs.’ No one dares speak of solutions that are clear in the Magna Carta 1215 Article 61. In fact, for those influenced by the dark demons the more conflict the better. The bad actors are propelling a final agenda of hell.”
According to Brown, The Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 is the only true law, because it states the right to reject what is put upon the people. She believes that citizens should rise up and demand to be treated like human beings, their divine right. The volume in peoples’ ears is becoming deafening. The angst and pain imposed upon the masses has led people to turn to The Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 and brings to light how governments are not governing at all. They are imposing the will of the very few powerful forces driven and influenced by an agenda just waiting to pounce on the peoples’ vulnerability.
Lawful rebellion provides a simple recourse for the people. How can they rebel and not have it held against them? The governments characterize rebellion of the people as treason, yet people know that these same governments are the ones that are treasonous, fascist and authoritarian. Dissent gets people thrown in jail. The more that the rest of the world sees dissenters portrayed as the bad ones in this charade, the more the distraction away from ongoing, evil leaders and their minions.
Brown is clear that now is the time for all good people to fight the good fight. source

Which DEFCON level would be suitable now?
As for my smoking head: DEFCON 1.
It was already difficult to “inform” for the different levels of consciousness – now it goes into the area of ​​”impossibility”.
So: The AirForce 1 and an AirForce 2 (without an official identification) have just landed in Great Britain at the same time.
A doomsday plane (“Last Judgment”) is also on its way to Europe.
Officially, Biden is on his way to the G7 summit with his entourage, but that’s STUPID!
The ID AF1 may ONLY be used if the REAL elected and constitutionally sworn President is on board.
So ONLY President Trump can be on board this AF1, possibly with the Biden actor.
But who is then in the Unidentified AF2? JFK Jr.?
And who is in the doomsday machine? The Q team?
GEORGEnews had announced that they would comment on Biden’s trip in real time – so far, silence!
It’s going to be a damn exciting REMAINING WEEK! source

Patriots we have to keep praying and fighting. Many of you are tired and weary. The fruit of all of your labor is coming. You are a part of the greatest spiritual war in our lifetime and you are on the front line by sharing truthful information and becoming active on a local and national level. The flaming arrows are coming at us but we have the whole of shield of faith. Remember GOD HAS WON! As I have said numerous times, continue to put on the “full armor of God” Ephesians 6. ⚔️🛡🙏 source

The media outlets just started talking about Durham again 🧐 source

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis announces bill to ban “Critical Race Theory” in all schools.

“Florida’s education system exists to create opportunity for our children. Critical Race Theory teaches kids to hate our country and to hate each other. It is state-sanctioned racism and has no place in Florida schools,” DeSantis tweeted. source

CDC plans “emergency meeting” on rare heart inflammation following COVID-19 vaccines source

Blackout in Puerto Rico following an explosion and fire at a San Juan power substation. source

I’ve seen a post going around about how people are worried that they are holding the G7 Summit on the Michael-Mary line…..
And you’d be right, after I explained how ley lines can work in the favour of whomever accesses them, you’re right to bring this to your awareness. Imagine all the corrupted leaders in one place, on one of the most powerful ley lines that not only connects the whole world but also runs through the belly of the beast it’s self on the cross junction of the Michael-Mary line that crosses over on St. Michael’s Mount and the Michael-Apollo line also known as the line that is symbolic of Michael’s sword as he slays the dragon (Lucifer).
This michael-Apollo line runs direct to the Vatican (belly of the beast).
So you’ve every right to be concerned, this is the most powerful combo of ley lines and no coincidence that now of all times, they hold this meeting at this precise location while we are in the final days of GOoD V’s DEvil.
It was discovered that Alistair Crowley who is what Jesus is to Christianity, he is that equivalent to Satanism. He knew how to access the lines, switch them, use them to influence those that work on the lines and those that are connected to them, namely human consciousness but not for the greater good of all.
Let’s just hope someone of the light new this ahead of time before the summit gathered and took control of the lines. Imagine a group of world leaders full of darkness having to conduct their buiness on a line that is now not what they originally thought it was in terms of feeding the beast so to speak. Their minds, hearts and souls will be filing with energy that is not something they would want, like nor resonate with. Unless of course it switched them from within. Whom knows! Just a Fantasy of an idea I guess.
I guess all we can do is prayer that it happened 😇 source

Who fought for our right to continue purchasing firearms and ammunition during the lockdown?

Who fought for our right to attend places of worship during the lockdown?

Who fought against tyrannical Governors that were heavily abusing their power during the lockdown?

Who repeatedly labeled the MSM as “fake news” and ripped them to shreds on a daily basis during the lockdown?

Who stopped travel from China when they were attempting to rapidly spread the virus on a global scale?

Who proactively took Hydroxychloroquine and pushed for it to be used as the number one treatment of Covid?

Who discussed other treatments that are currently being worked on such as light therapy?

Who took Regeneron and told the entire world that he considered it a “cure” for Covid?

Who put Anthony Fauci front and center to be exposed to the entire country?

Who told the world over a year ago that Covid was made in the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Who rushed the vaccines along and stopped the globalist’s plan to keep us under perpetual lockdown with mandated vaccinations to travel, work or shop?




BIG. PICUTRE. source

One of the underappreciated aspects of this brilliant plan is that the elite have been forced to show their hand in a multitude of ways. They’ve spent billions upon billions in a futile attempt to stop what’s coming and in the end they’re going to lose it all anyway.


“A storm may be coming.” Eric Swalwell 😉🐸 source

THE ORDER The head of the structure order has already been eliminated. What you witness in this present time is just its tentacles flexing about!

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Never has it become more apparent than it has this year that you can be standing next to another person and be existing in two completely alternate realities.“

Europe’s first gold ATM opens in Prague (Czech Republic). The ATM offers three options, but there were only two in stock. One 1 gram gold bar, one 10 gram Argor Heraeus gold bar, and one 1 ounce bar. source

📎Participants from nine state delegations from nine states (total as of Friday) will be given a tour of the historic forensic audit in Arizona. “The cargo train of inspections is a powerful steam all over the country!» – Boris Epstein on the new delegations in Arizona.

📎The Republican legislature of Wisconsin agrees with the results of the 2020 presidential election in its state. This shows how they reacted to the massive fraud that took place in the 2020 elections.

📎House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “It was recently reported that the Trump administration requested metadata on the accounts of members and staff of the House Intelligence Committee and their families.
News of the Trump administration’s politicization of the Justice Department is frightening. These actions seem to be yet another blatant attack on our democracy by a former president.”

📎Two passengers on the first North American vaccination cruise tested positive for Covid-19. They are isolated. Now it turns out whether they infected the others.

📎The Feds have secured conspiracy charges against six men linked to the California Patriots on January 6. In fact, only one of them entered the Capitol.

📎President Trump has said that all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be fired if they believe that climate change is the greatest threat to America.

📎Yoga instructor and” body activist “Jessamine Stanley says white supremacy has “polluted” yoga.

📎Member of the House of Representatives Ilhan Omar is condemned by the leadership of the House of Representatives for comparing America with Hamas and the Taliban.

📎More bad news for megalomaniac Tony Fauci: more than 70% of Americans believe that COVID was created in a laboratory.

📎A rally in New Hampshire for the state’s medical examiner’s office will be held today, Friday, June 11, at the State Capitol.

📎White House officials endorse Biden’s initiative to end Trump’s insulin rebates.

📎Governor Abbott says he will soon unveil a plan to build a Texas border wall along the state’s border with Mexico.

📎The CDC will hold an “emergency meeting” on rare but “higher-than-expected” reports of heart inflammation following the introduction of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA-based COVID19 vaccines.

📎Trump’s senior adviser, Jason Miller, is stepping down as press secretary to become the executive director of a startup that is developing a social media platform for Trump.

📎The Florida Board of Education approves the DeSantis rule prohibiting critical theory of race. source

More than 170 Houston Methodist Hospital employees have been suspended without pay for refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

117 employees responded by filing a lawsuit against the hospital over its vaccination requirements.

The lawsuit alleges that the vaccination mandate violates the Nuremberg Code and U.S. laws that allow Americans to refuse “unauthorized” treatment, according to the law.
The employees sued the Methodist Hospital, the Methodist Hospital System, and the Houston Methodist Woodlands Hospital.

David Bernard, CEO of Houston Methodist Hospital San Jacinto, told employees that they could find work elsewhere, would opt out of the experimental Covid vaccine.

“100% vaccination is more important than your personal freedom. All of you can be replaced. If you don’t like what you’re doing,.you can leave and we will replace you, ” Bernard told the staff.

Houston Methodist’s front-line employees resist the CEO because they don’t want to be guinea pigs.

A registered nurse who works at Houston Methodist Hospital said thousands of people have been denied requests for medical benefits for religious reasons.
Jennifer Bridges also said that doctors are being forced to abandon their practice, and ultimately they have no choice but to abandon their patients.

The full interview is here source

11.6.21 Rome source
11.6.21 Washington DC source

In Washington this morning around 7:50 a.m., the Earth shook again at an undefined depth and strength. Recent DC news regarding newly flooded streets leads to a strong assumption that it is directly related. source

Regarding The Galactic Federation

I am a Christian. I believe in one God who created heaven and earth and all things in them. Nothing in this universe came of its own. They came from God, through God and unto God. Because of the fall of man, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth to redeem us from our sins back to Father God through the Holy Spirit. 

The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever.

These beings who claim to be from outer space never ascribe honor to God, never mention His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe in the ascended masters. These are new age teachings. It’s not from God. No one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. 

God gave us this earth, Satan Lucifer stole it from us.

If this Galactic Federation is doing what God told them to do, then they should say it as it is and not omit God’s name. They are making it hard for true Christians to just believe their words without questioning them. source

Of course not all do, and therefore it is necessary to discern with your own senses where the information is coming from, for as it may be of the light, so it may be darkness in disguise. That is why I have included this text here, to make you aware that not all that is outwardly beautiful is truly beautiful. Never blindly believe anything and question things. Use your feeling and your sound judgment. There are good races and there are evil races that pretend to be good and use tactics to make the spirit insecure and weak… And remember, the source and starting point of everything is God.


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