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Gene Decode answers a question about the “Man of God Declaration” and just before the one hour mark the topic of “deals” comes up and he discusses at length the situation with Robert David Steele. Gene may be our most candid insider and is more interested in sharing the reality than massaging the truth. I feel the same way. He confirms my assessment that it was a deal.

Folks may have heard Michael Jaco say obviously there was something but he was not going to speak ill of RDS (which I would expect because he is a leader in the alt news community and has to comply with White Hat requests), and Juan O’Savin said Robert was spiritual. The cabal are very spiritual; they worship Satan! They stole control of an entire planet for Satan.

I felt Steele had been replaced a few months ago when he suddenly seemed to be a much nicer person. Definitely not the same guy, IMO. Different frequency. Imagine the information he could have shared with the White Hats since he was so deeply involved in the ITNJ and Human trafficking victims. source

I know it seems like all hell is breaking loose, however what you are witnessing is evil’s final inhale before it’s dying breath.

This is the moment. The line that shall not be crossed.

After today’s announcement, 10s of millions of Americans will be in a staring contest with their own government.

The Federal sector cannot afford to lose this battle.

Yet they WILL lose. They WILL blink. They WILL cower.

[THEY] are utterly powerless and We The People are about to remind them of that.


Always consider the bigger picture. Biden is showing the stark contrast between the cabal and the Patriots. Dark vs light.
People are waking up like never before and I’m at maximum comfort levels because of God.
POTUS 45 has all the Trump cards he needs in his hands.
Leaps of faith can be exhilarating if you have the right mindset while you take them.
We are going to love the way this journey ends. source

In the end of [GAME THEORY]

Where hope is lost by the good people.. And where the darkness is WINNING<

Just like a movie.. The last ACT and final part the bad people are winning and hope is lost<

Thats why Q told you.. You are watching a 🎥 movie

/////You are inside the Hardest part of the WAR…//

/-THOSE who don’t know Q. Are not informed…. Those who are turning against the vaccines /and the lies(democratic/RINO s and normal citizens) will soon RAGE<<<

They will create havoc< They will seek instant justice< Revenge< And become anger/hate/beyond control\}} [DS] fbi knew this happen and will blame Q /. >> ANONS>> PATRIOTS <<<

_you know this false flag already
//// But in the coming month PEOPLE/VETERANS/DOCTORS/LAWYERS/>>will snap<<<

In every country people will snap<<<

//As much we try not to premote .. violence…. These other Waking sheep will SNAP .. VIOLENCE…. This is out of our control.. They don’t know Q.. the peaceful resistance.. They don’t know he PLAN…/// TRUMP’S SHADOW GOVERNMENT





NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Fight for your countries and join the resistance!!!!!!!..
The time is now source

Rumsfeld stated and said 2.3 trillion was missing and couldn’t account for it on 9/10.. Hours later 9/11 happened and Pentagon was (supposedly hit by airplane/The most secure place in the World the Pentagon was attacked but not one video emerged .. Over 22,000 video cameras are around the Pentagon in and outside monitoring the building… But not one video of an airplane crashing into the PENTAGON was shown ..).. was attacked and the part of the building that contained all the data and servers that was tracking and recorded the missing 2.3 trillion$$$$ was destroyed….. (Is that not amazing how that area of the Pentagon was destroyed///)… 2 days later the Bush administration had 2.5 trillion $$$ to start a WAR!!!!!! …. AND ATTACKED THE WRONG COUNTRY.. The terrorist weren’t even from Iraq… [They] knew Bin laden wasn’t even there…… Months later after the invasion of Iraq …. Bush owned the Iraq oil field with halliburton ( companies his father family invested in)////
Never forget 9/11 was an inside job
Never forget the COVID-19 was an inside job

It’s all CONNECTED!!!!… source

📍 So my dears, this is a blast!!!!!! For months I’ve been writing here about the company raids and now it’s come to the Ministry of Finance ‼️💥 BQQM 💥‼️ I have also written several times that the WIRECARD scandal reaches into the highest political levels of the German government and involves Scholz, Merkel and others. So the big ride begins 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣…
THE 📍 MORNING RAID ON THE FEDERAL TREASURY DEPARTMENT. How explosive is that for Scholz? ► On Thursday morning, prosecutors in Osnabrück arrived at the Federal Ministry of Finance and searched offices and filing cabinets. A monstrous suspicion: Scholz’s ministry obstructed or delayed investigations into money laundering, drug smugglers and terrorist groups! Scholz, of all people! Who sold himself in the election campaign as a pure Hanseatic man. He wants to introduce a wealth tax. And declares war on tax evasion. The reasoning of the investigators from Osnabrück, who also intervened at the Ministry of Justice: “It is necessary to investigate whether and, if necessary, to what extent the management and responsible persons of the ministries and superior departments were involved in the decisions of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).” The FIU – this is a kind of FBI for money laundering of the customs administration (470 officials), which since 2017 is no longer subordinated to the Federal Criminal Office, but to the Federal Ministry of Finance. Since then, prosecutors complain, “the number of suspicious activity reports” from the financial intelligence unit to investigating authorities “has fallen to a fraction.”
and at the end of the article, Bild writes 👉 Another financial scandal! Olaf Scholz again! ‼️💥 BQQM 💥‼️
📍 Jan Marsalek, also Marsalek; (born 15 March 1980 in Vienna)[1] is an Austrian businessman suspected of white-collar crime and a former member of the board of directors of Wirecard AG. He has been on the run from German law enforcement authorities since June 2020 and is the subject of an international arrest warrant for billions of euros worth of business fraud, as well as for particularly serious breaches of trust and other financial and economic crimes. He is considered a prime suspect in the falsification of at least €1.9 billion of Wirecard AG’s balance sheet father Marsalka is of Czech origin and his name is also Czech 🤔🤔🤔 will some threads also lead to some thefts in our government???? 😉 We shall see 🤷♀️ source

It’s already moving 😯
In Austria, the municipalities are putting up leaflets telling people what to do in case of a Black out… And a week ago they said on the radio that the soldiers are having a Black out exercise…
The municipality invites the residents to come together, they explain everything…
Headline: Blackout-power outage changes everything…
Below it says: Information evening of the Civil Defence of the Federal State of Upper Austria to prepare for a prolonged and extensive blackout…
We know and we are ready 😎……………… do you remember how Bild plays with time stamps???? 😂
DIGITAL APOCALYPSE DUE TO A SOLAR STORM? Hence the threat of several months of internet outages – and worldwide!
So I heard today that Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt am Main) has doubled its insurance 🤔 👉 What did the owners of the World Trade Center do before 9/11 ????? 😉 I’ll try to track down the link tonight…we’ll see if anything happens  source
⚠️⚠️ right now I’m on my way from Prague to Karlovy Vary and I’ve never seen so much moving of army equipment… On the way, there are at least 20 trucks, about ten jeeps and one machine gun nest and one field hospital… I don’t like to make assumptions, but I don’t think that this movement is normal, but I’ll be glad for your opinions thanks to all…
Ja Morava-Prerov; such movement of helicopters, fighters and planes for several weeks(not only during the exercise period😉)and now two evenings rumbling in the sky all evening even after 11 pm 🤔👏👏👏👀
I saw about 7pcs of military cars moving this week on the way from work towards CR…before that fighter jets 2 behind, pretty low to the ground flying 🤔
All night long so some nights helicopters fly over Gbely airport so around 2 am they start 🙉🙉🙉🙉
In Germany the same thing, I’ve only been driving for 2 years, but what’s happening now…
about 10h drive to Melnik from the motorway, about 10 trucks and every one of them was carrying combat amphibians 🤔 source

Germany is very busy both on the ground and in the air……. army movements, military police… source

Please look at today’s date. It was the day when the darkness of the past, (9/11/2001 to be exact) wanted to take over our planet. You know how that happened and what happened afterwards, months, years to the present day. Tomorrow it will be exactly 20 years and you know where we have come. If I say it was a process, a time of powerful transformation has begun, I am not far from the truth. Of course, each one of us perceived it, but even now we perceive according to our vibrations, the transformation. Someone was hurt, hurts more or less. We have had these 20 years to change, to purify, to transform, for the light to grow within us, for love to begin to blossom within us, for us to connect permanently with our spiritual helpers, but most importantly with our soul.

The time has come for the darkness to leave. To give way to the light. A new process has begun, just as it did 20 years ago. Beloved ones, please do not put your egos, your expectations, into this process, thinking that it will be from one day to the next as you imagine it now. Let the light gradually do what it is meant to do. It will certainly not be as you imagine it to be, as your ego, your reason would have it. This will be our last test before ascension. And then each of us, according to our vibration, will get to the level of ascension where we belong exactly. There we will find out then who and what we really are, and I am not frightening you, but I am writing truthfully. Each of you has the right to think, to say, to do whatever you choose, whatever you decide.

And now I want to write to you here about the date that will bring us the most beautiful thing.

I have already mentioned the old date and that is 9/11/2001. Today I am writing the new date 9.11.2021 source

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