News 11.12.2021


There are powerful cosmic forces at play at the moment that guarantee the next few weeks will be energetically tumultuous. The energies are volatile, fast and unpredictable as the fabric of our material world is breaking down. As a result, time will seem different and strange as we move between the old and the new. We will feel these energies more and more as we approach the 12:12 portal and then the solstice on 12/21. The cleansing effects of last week’s eclipse may have left you feeling like you’ve been through the wringer. At this time, however, subtle energy currents are helping you not only to clear the past, but also to strengthen your personal energy and restore the balance of elemental forces within you. It may not be an easy process, but if you put your mind to it, it can be a cathartic, liberating and exciting time. Be gentle with yourself, for what rises to the surface to be cleansed is deeply rooted and complex. (Kate) source

Too much public pressure: the Australian state wants to abolish compulsory vaccination.
The Corona dictatorship in Australia inflames the minds of citizens. After attacks on shops over questions about vaccination status, more social unrest is feared – compulsory vaccination in the state of Victoria, which was only decided in November and under which the unvaccinated can only enter primary care shops, is soon to be abolished. source

📌 Jeffrey Epstein had $77 million worth of CDs and photos of naked women in the closets of his New York townhouse
📌The photos were found to be from CDs that an FBI agent viewed as part of the Maxwell investigation. Testimony ended yesterday that CDs were found in a raid on Epstein’s New York home in 2019, including in his safe. source

  • Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines, has just resigned.
  • Chief of the Indian General Staff and India’s first five-star general, Bipin Rawat, was killed in a helicopter crash.
  • Found in the woods: the police chief of Pfaffenhofen has died. Helmut Fink, head of the Pfaffenhofen police station, was presumed missing. He has now been found badly injured in the woods. He died at the scene.

Cyberattack on the Brazilian Ministry of Health – data on vaccines disappeared.
A major ransomware attack targeted the data of millions of Brazilian citizens and destroyed the Ministry of Health’s website, including the ConecteSUS system that supports Vax digital certificates.
Fifty terabytes of data were removed from official systems and subsequently deleted. The hacker group Lapsus$ claimed responsibility and made the allegation public:
“If you want your data back, contact us,” Lapsus$ said, providing details of the authors of the attack. source

According to Professor Mattias Desmet, a leading psychological expert on tyranny and totalitarianism and how crowd hypnosis takes shape:

🔴30% of people are deeply hypnotized

🔴40% are not, but go along with the crowd – if these 40% stop hearing the dissenting voices of reason, they will join the hypnotized
🔴30% can’t be hypnotized (that’s us) We have to keep speaking up‼️

🔘If the 30% of us who are awakened unite and stand together, speaking out against the narrative every day to everyone we meet – the mass will dissolve and the crisis will end.
You don’t have to say a lot – say little things, like:
“none of this makes sense”.
“the data says something else”
tell it to the treasurer
Tell it at the petrol station
Tell the repairman
Do whatever you have to do to say it.

This is the art of resistance; spread the seeds of doubt – voice your disagreement‼️ source

A damning photograph that strongly links [E]pstein and [M]axwell to the British royal family – and not just the disgusting Prince Andrew. source

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on vax mandates: We ask why the vaccine passport? Why this collar they want to put on the Brazilian people? Where is our freedom? I’d rather die than lose my freedom. source

🙈 Live fraud…. I don’t need to translate, you will understand 😄……… inauguration of the new “government” 😉
It’s 12.00 pm in Berlin and the rest of Germany is 2.00 pm 👇 Miracle source

A mega raid with 2,200 police officers in 12 federal states. The human trafficking gang employed more than 1,000 illegal migrants from Ukraine and Moldova in Germany. The leader was an American. Fifty properties were searched, millions were seized. source

There will be no war!…. Don’t forget, I’m showing you what would happen if the “Elites” of today stayed in power Loud agitation, quiet calm. NATO is flying heavily armed planes to the Russian border. Western bombers are on the move almost daily. At the same time, NATO chief JENS STOLTENBERG says Russia should “refrain from its provocations”.NATO is expected to soon unleash a war in which many Europeans will be killed. February 2022 has already been mentioned in the press as a possible start date. Many people have lost hope for peace. Some are preparing, most are looking the other way. The once strong peace movement in Europe has died down. source

By the way, a Saudi passport was found in a safe in Epstein’s New York apartment. The document turned out to be genuine, which means it was issued to the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein by Saudi Arabia itself. Epstein had a special assignment. Epstein was to blackmail members of the world’s pedophile elite on behalf of Israeli intelligence. His connection to Saudi Arabia is evidenced by the fact that he had a Saudi passport. The relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia has grown increasingly close in recent years and in the end was never truly hostile. The axis between Israel and Saudi Arabia has existed in the past, and the Saudi dissident Naser al Said revealed in the 1970s that the Saudis were in fact Jews.
The House of Saud could not bear to see this truth spread too widely and had al Said disappear, apparently thrown out of a plane in 1979. This is why the Saudis have always remained allies of the deep state in Washington and Israel. The Saudis are closely aligned with Zionist power and have never lifted a finger to help the Palestinians.

That was not their goal. Their goal was to facilitate Israel’s expansion in accordance with the Rothschilds’ original plan. This alliance between the Saudis, the American “deep state” and Israel seems to be the key to understanding the centers that control international pedophilia.
International paedophilia. Epstein’s pedophile group started in New York, moved to Tel Aviv, and finally ended up in Riyadh. These three locations form the main backbone of international pedophilia.
Another thing. Which trip was Donald Trump’s inaugural visit?……..👉 House of Saud source

Advertisement Vodafone… 🧐 Also a drop of blood 🩸 ?? I don’t need to add more, you already know their symbolism 🤷‍♀️ source

A number of different earthquakes and as always it is a “coincidence” 👉 they all lie on the DUMB lines source

Earthquake in Germany! This time the fake earthquake happened right in Erfurt! The epicenter is located in the city center, information about depth and strength is not available. source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „D468 Efringen-Kirchen Rosenau D66 Binzen Schopfheim Steinen Maulburg 317 317 zheim Hasel Herrischried Lörrach 317 518 Weil am Rhein Saint-Louis Hésingue Wehr Görwihl Rickenbach Rheinfelden Hégenheim Allschwil. Basel 316 Schworstadt Grenza Grenzach-Wyhlen Binningen Röthekopf Bad Säckingen Riburg Möhlin Rheinfelden Albbruck Oberwil Muttenz Kaiseraugst Pratteln Zeiningen Laufenburg 98 Murg Laufenburg7 herwil Reinach Mettauertal BASEL-LANDSCHAFT Frenkendorf Eiken Buus SOLOTHURN Gansingen Liestal Aesch T”URN SEL-LANDSCHAFT Zwingen Frick Gipf-Oberfrick 10,00 Sissach Gelterkinden aufen Wittnau Seewen Bubendorf Zunzgen Epizentrum Effingen Breitenbach Herznach Zeihen Wolflinswil Jurapark Aargau Busserach Densburen Nunn ngen Reigoldswil Geissflue Oberdorf Schinznac Wisenberg Vogelbera Hinteri-Egg Kuttigen Erlinsbach Aarau Buchs Lenzby Schafisheim“
The earthquake struck yesterday shortly after midnight near Bad Säckingen. Everything shook briefly, the windows rattled properly. But it was more like a shock wave. Again around 2:30 a.m. There’s supposed to be a tunnel system under the psychiatric clinic in Bad Säckingen. I haven’t seen it myself, but several people told me about it before the pandemic. They are not pleasant stories.The epicenter is only about 20 km from Bad Säckingen.! source

📍 Some earthquakes have a really strange structure, like this one that seems to follow a line, starting on the island of La Palma and ending right in Caen, France.
📍All the earthquakes marked here (Figure 2) occurred at a depth of 10 km…… DUMB (tunnels). Connecting them is one thing, but seeing WHERE they occur is always scary because you realize the magnitude of it all…..
📍 One of the earthquakes reported today in China has a strange occurrence: It is located in the middle of nowhere, near the Gobi Desert.The following objects are found in the vicinity, which immediately become apparent when approached. Again, it is apparent that Google is extremely obscuring and retouching….
📍 Earthquakes are piling up in Monaco!…. from the right immediately disappeared from the web source

👉 It’s a third world war like no other. A hidden WW3 disguised as the pandemic, politically correct bioterrorism of the real enemy of the people, the New World Order, the blood elite, governments, mainstream media, Big Pharma, the Matrix against the masses, the final showdown.
👉 In the trilogy in the third act you find out what was a lie from the beginning, so in the plandemic secret third world war we find out who is the real enemy of the people, who are the real terrorists and that history was a story, this is the last act of the new world order. source

👉 And here we go again with the bombs. In Krefeld and in Düsseldorf (Germany)… as I wrote, it serves to evacuate the population without panic…..then various operations can be carried out: clean-ups….etc. And even the staging was not missing 😉 And here I found a comment and another opinion, we can’t rule that out either. 👇
📌 Something about bombs being found comes to mind. Sure, they’re not all bombs, but they do happen from time to time. I used to know a bomb disposal expert, and he was always busy. I’m wondering… couldn’t they actually be bombs, but not WWII bombs, but bombs installed by the DS in recent times, e.g. to cause the most collateral damage, distract or bind the forces? As I said, this is just a train of thought, and while I don’t find it completely absurd myself, it could be quite different. source

Why they will never mandate the quaccinations though they want us to believe it becomes mandatory…


Why in the world does this mandatory quaccination only start on February 1, 2022 ??

If these tyrants are already planning to implement them, there is nothing in the world that can stop them from doing so tomorrow. No one could stop them anyway. But why wait so long?

There is only one logical explanation for this question. The psychological pressure on the population has to be tremendously increased again in these almost two and a half months. In other words, the masses of the hitherto indomitable quaccination refusers should be forced to “voluntarily” walk into the needle. But why is this “voluntary” so important to them?

The answer is extremely simple. As long as a person undertakes something “voluntarily,” they themselves bear the liability and responsibility for it. In the second case where it is really done by official state coercion, the person who issued the order bears the legal liability. Legally an incredible difference and given the possible impending Nuremberg Trials 2.0, it could be life-changing.

The gods know whether or not this mandatory death shot will actually come to Austria in February. The tyrants are only interested in forcing as many people as possible to use lethal injections without liability.

We are in the end game, it is just a matter of holding on until the whole edifice of lies collapses. Which will undoubtedly happen, because the combination of “vaccinated infections” and extreme quaccination deaths and damage can no longer be kept secret, not even the lying and corrupt mass media are helping anymore. Knowing this in the back of their minds, the criminal elites have no choice but to push the gas pedal to the limit. Persevere and don’t give in is the motto now! They are running out of time, we are not…

Please share this text everywhere, ignorance and panic among the population are the most powerful weapons of the elites. Our backbone and perseverance are ours. If we prevail and do not give in, this whole criminal system will fall worldwide.


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