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MACAULAY CULKIN – The Pizza Underground, his music band Pizzagate | Satanism | Adrenochrome
Joe Biden never helped Kevin find the lobby…. Because Joe Biden is not a nice person.
Remember? President Donald J. Trump did help him to find the lobby. Source

Texas Residents Celebrate End of Mask Mandate in True Texas Style Source

The Library Backdrop Debacle = Clones Filmed in Same Library Room at GITMO Source

After vaccination: Number of deaths in nursing homes explodes Source

NASA admits climate change is natural and caused by the sun Source

Eleven states filed a motion in court challenging the White House’s move to rescind a Trump-era policy that ensures immigrants can financially support themselves in order to become American citizens or obtain permanent residency.
The motion, led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, is part of a lawsuit that his office filed on Feb. 3 against a recent immigration policy issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that halts most deportations for 100 days. Source

A private K-12 school in Manhattan is encouraging its students to stop using the terms “mom,” “dad” and “parents,” in an effort to make the campus a more “welcoming and inclusive” space. In a 12-page “inclusive language” guide (pdf) , the Grace Church School recommends that students, staff, and parents “remove harmful assumptions” from the way they interact. For example, “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family” or “guardians” are considered better alternatives to “mom,” “dad” and “parents,” because they allege the latter contain assumptions about what a “typical” family looks like. Source

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January phone call with U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — in which Pelosi raised concerns about what she described as an “unhinged” President Trump — is now the subject of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. Source

GhostEzra : People ask all the time. What will happen to those who got the vaccine. The answer is, nobody really knows including the doctors who created it. It’s experimental. You are the experiment. All for a cold that’s 99.97% survivable.
The only reason there’s a pandemic is because of the media. The amish never experienced any pandemic because they don’t have tvs.

“It’s Not Funny”: Reporter Angered After Jen Psaki Laughs At Migrant Children Border Question Source

Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter will star in 2 new public service announcements for the vaccine alongside former First Ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter. Source

Michelle Obama talks about recent struggles with depression. “Depression is understandable during these times,” the former first lady told People magazine. [depressed from being in GITMO more like]

Girl, 3, allegedly murdered by mum and stepdad in possible ‘satanic ritual’ Source

No need to wear a mask (per WHO, CDC and congress). Short clip you can share with anyone.

The biggest scam is Biden taking credit for the vaccine’: President is slammed for ignoring Trump’s success with Operation Warp Speed and claiming HE is responsible for speeding up the rollout Source

People are getting rare blood disorders after receiving the COVID vaccine. Source

California’s Department of Education is set to vote on a new ethnic studies curriculum that seeks to “displace White, Christian culture” and encourages chants to Aztec deities. Source

Joe Biden delivered his very first address as US President on the anniversary of the COVID lockdowns. Only 7,141 people tuned in to the White House YouTube page for this highly staged event at the time of writing. No One Is Watching Biden! Source


“I believe things are going to start moving
at an accelerated pace.” – Hammurabi

& THEN things start moving at an accelerated
pace (Dan Scavino COMS+).

7 posts (COMS) in 2 days after 10 days silent!

5 Arrested, Charged With Voter Fraud in Biden-Voting County
Many have been warning about this. Source

YouTube removed 30,000 videos with vaccine misinformation Source

WATCH IRAN!! Qproof!!

Mar9> Iran’s Hardline Generals Line up to Replace Hassan Rouhani as President Link

Mar 9> Israeli Military Goes COMPLETELY Dark
Military assets ***generally*** only do this when an attack against an enemy is imminent. Link

Mar11> Iranian Container Ship Hit By “Explosives” In Mediterranean Link

Another meaning to the ‘Trump Masterpiece’ is he is only showing us a small part of what is there. You see perhaps 20% while 80% is hidden, or covert. This leads to Q144.
It’s GERONIMO time, and there is risk involved.
[Risk This Week for God And Country], for Humanity.

Remember yesterday when the whale surfaced in Scavino’s video? It was signalling that
something Big was surfacing. I believe something may truly be happening.
Dan has now tweeted for the eighth time today.
Link The video length of 54 seconds points to Q54. The timestamp of 9:25 PM, 21:25 MT leads to:
(9+25=Q34 yet again), (2+1 and 2+5=Q37) and (9:25=Q925)
Q34, Q37 and Q925

For the seventh time today Dan Scavino has tweeted. Is Something up?
Link Both the timestamp of 8:14 PM and video length of 22 seconds point to Q22. (8+14=22)
The military time of 20:14 points to Q34 once again.

Dan Scavino has tweeted again today for the sixth time.
This time he posts about ‘Operation Warp Speed’. Some wonder what that really is.
Link Anyway, he posted the video at 16:40 military time with a video length of 53 seconds.
(1+6+4=Q11), (video length = Q53)
Q11 and Q53

Is It All About To Go Down? 

Seeing the Drops we have been lead to in the past few days, it seems it’s about to go down.
Scavino has posted a powerful video about President Trump at 3:14 on March 11, 2021
Link (this tweet has now been deleted or removed)
Both the timestamp and video length lead to Intel Drops about President Trump.
(3 then 1+4=Q35) (video length = Q103)
Q35 and Q103

So many coincidences can’t all be normal right ?

Future Proves Past, let’s take a look.

Everything has more than one meaning.
Well @WhipLash347 started his 21 day countdown from the 26th February.
This takes you to 19th March just so happens to be Marker 1 (Watch)

We then had CPAC on the 28th when Trump spoke, his speech was due 3:40pm post 34 next 7 days, (6th March)
he also gave 77 Comms.
77÷17= 4.5 = 45
77÷45= 1.7 = 17
Link This gives a Green light for the Flynns Land and Sea.
Flynn said 30 days.
Pompeo said 2 days ahead of schedule.
Leaves 28 days.
28 days from 28th February is 27th March.
Happens to be Marker 2 (Watch)
Also on this Watch we have the time
03.06 HRS covert this to month format.
6th March, this is my 21 day countdown.
6th to the 27th is 21 days.

13th March New Moon.

Then Trump said he was looking forward to 1st January to get to this we have to use 3 calendars.
Julian/Gregorian/Old Ancient Roman
Old Roman calendar March is the first Month.
Also know as Month of STORMS.
14th of March is Marked Red, this is the only date to be, On the Gregorian calendar.
This converts to the 1st on the Julian calendar.
14th March = 1st January.
Red marked for Trump card.
Or of course Hunt for the Red October, in this case the 25th Amendment. This puts Harris in charge and she has to nominate a VP.
I’m expecting this to be Rod Rosentein [RR] in the Q posts.
Link This then completes their Treason.
The picture Q with 8 inside is 17+8=25

We then have the 15th this is ides of March
Debt Forgiveness Day, but this could change because of the Julian calendar if so this becomes the 28th March.
If it doesn’t 15th March to the 8th April is 25 days.
Elon musk put out a picture with 42 on the rocket.
15th March add 30 minus 2 is 11th April.
4/11 or 42

17th March 10 Days of Blackout.
Mickey mouse clock shows 10 Hand (Days) and points one finger at 9 (Date) 19th
2 days ahead of schedule 17th.
It also shows the tail on the 2 before the 7 again date 27th.
It has 8 red markers.
8 Booms.
Or countdown 6th to 14th.

We know the EBS should last 7 days.

We know there is likely to be a new vote for Gesara.

We know convert to London time daylight saving 27th/28th Dark to Light.
The clock in the background of the London picture is the same as the watch 04:49hrs
So …..

14th Trump Card 25th Amendment
17th 10 days of DARKNESS
19th EBS/Rods of God
27th Trump in power.
28th could be debt forgiveness. Full Moon Dark to Light

End of financial year.

April showers.

1st April Masks come off

8th April new vote

11th new Leaders Announced.
21st April Queens Birthday possible announcement of new Leaders.

More pictures in the comments below.

This link is well worth the read shows you just how the deepstate became about.

Think About It 

We get lead to certain Intel Drops over and over again.
Some may wonder why we are being lead there, when nothing seems to happen.
If we were just lead to a Drop only right when it was about to be fulfilled, the enemy would know what is happening. By leading us to the Drops repeatedly it serves two purposes:
1. It reminds us and keeps us on our toes.
2. It keeps the enemy confused.

We’ve had to be patient for a long time. Perhaps our patience is about to be rewarded. Source

Check out the spike in searches for Adrenochrome since the South ParQ episode aired.
This is exactly what I thought would happen.

Did you know IBM has a long history of ‘marking dissidents’ for genocide? Link

IBM’s ‘Digital Health Pass’ Link

Logical Thinking:If you get a DEFCON 1 Missile Alert are you going to freakout or smile

Dream TeamWhen you understand the legal and Constitutional implications behind what happened with the Election and the foreign interference and how our laws and protections were set up to protect the people, then you will understand that these are the organizations and people actually running the United States of America at this specific point in time while the Military is quietly removing all of the traitors.FEMA is currently running the show.Look to the laws related to FEMA.Biden is an illusion. A distraction.

Images captured from South parQ special. Usual legal circumstances would entail hollyweird celebs to sue, either south park or comedy central for defamation of character. Unless you’re under arrest. Source

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